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Sun Humorous Poems | Sun Poems About Humorous

These Sun Humorous poems are examples of Sun poems about Humorous. These are the best examples of Sun Humorous poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Once Again Around the Sun A Birthday Poem to Myself

Many times around the Sun,
With many battles lost and won.

A bat and ball are gifts no more,
And no more castles by the shore.

No more running through fields of hay,
And no more flopping upon a sleigh.

No building forts or climbing trees,
It’s doctor’s visits on hurting knees.

And watching cholesterol is what I do,
Along with a shot to prevent the flu.

And it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue,
That “youth is wasted on the young.”

But from me, there is no complaining,
Cause there are many rounds of golf remaining.




Copyright © Jerry Troiano | Year Posted 2016

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The Gift

Deep in the wilde of the Cypress mound on the lower Graburn run
The air is cool and clear by far for the eye of the setting sun

A ride along the turning valleys sight above the plain
The break of eve the sun is sank the day all ends aglow

Made for all by the hands of many of earth and tree and branch
Unwaving hospitality Historic Reesor Ranch


Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Concrete |

The Rising Red sun

                       Inspirational poem.. Rising Golden red sun all its way..dedicated to all 
                               of you  guys..wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

                                          The Rising Red sun

As like the charming moon and  luminous star fades away.
It promises to send the dynamite sun shining in the sky.
Due to which oceano pearl glitters all the day.
Praying god for the happiness in all our way.

The morning sagas made me understand, Me and my vivacious life.
But When I look back and pick up the souvenir of my childhood. Its just nostalgic. Feel like to go back to the teenage. The sustained pain is the only option left that I can’t get those days of my innocence back.
All I could make up my mind and just say, move on. Just move on.

Ray of hope chimed my heart.
Because god gifted me Something and added in my cart.
Provided me and my sincerity towards work can’t depart.
From the very day uplifted to give a quick start.

The moment I realized the magnetising power of the sun.
Felt trust on it and renovated my life again by attenuating my pains.
Rest all I expect peace my thee.
Left with the ray of hope. Bless us  MY god, My lord !!!!!

Wrote by:

Copyright © Madhavi Sarjare pagare | Year Posted 2013

Details | Pastoral |

The Sun In My Face

I awoke this morning to the sun in my face ,
   Quickly I sat  up for I knew it was late .
My sleep  has been so good since we came together,
    The rest I get the peace I feel will be with me forever.
Can't remember when I have felt so good ,
    Finding you has changed my life , I knew it would .
This is not something I would ever take for granted ,
    Because I know the seeds of love have been planted .
It will grow and blossum into something so grand ,
    Always glowing brightly no matter where I stand .
Not a worry or care do I feel on this day ,
    Only joy and happiness will come our way.
I can say this from the bottom of my heart , 
    Never will I feel alone when it's cold and dark .
To be awakened by the sun in my face ,
   To be honest with you , it matters not if I am late .

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

Details | Narrative |

The Storm

The Storm

Black rimmed skies,
Clouds with no lining of silver,
Gusts of wind,
Trees protesting,
With a dance on the horizon.

Rumblings of thunder,
Flashes of lightening,
Animals and humans,
Caught up in the melee,
While scurrying to the shelter,
Of their de-roofed abodes.

A deluge of wetness,
Spattering on the pavement,
Cascading into drains,
Loaded with the debris,
From a disenchanted metropolis.

Steering-happy drivers,
Punishing crying jalopies,
Meandering through the gridlock,
They almost knock down children,
Glorying in the rain.

But the end, was also the beginning,
The damage done: great!
Before any got home,
The sun was up smiling,
In adulation for the rain,
For a job well done.

Copyright © Sandison Jumbo | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |

Summer Snowman

Didja ever feel like a summer snowman?
Out of luck, living on borrowed time,
constructed from leftovers sentimentally 
stored, given birth because Mom decided 
to clean out the freezer.
And so, into existence, doomed from the start;
a pointless life lived for the amusement 
of others, spent wearing black after Memorial Day 
and wool in July, mouthing prayers to St Jude even
as the good saint's boss overrules and the
sun moves into position overhead.

Copyright © Mary Oliver Rotman | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |

Rain Man

we got a lot of rain man's wearin ray bands tryin to shake hands
with baked fans it a staged plan to get carly rea pants in front of a video tape.
stumblin mumblin bumblin fools trying to get paid
To say f this chick and f that one
whatever absurd word that flows right off of this tongue
got a dirty mouth, here is some orbitz gum
im sweatin bullets and i cant even afford a gun
but its so free if i want to abort my son then take his lungs
so i can be one hundred and forty one
and be here to see the thwarting of the sun

mr. obama who've worn out your welcome
But what do I know? I'm this republicun
who thinks all  girls and boys should become
either a monk or nun and never cum
and pay for all of our condoms and pregnancy prescriptions
Or am I christian who cant have fun
because I know hun its wrong to drink coke and rums
till i am drunk and wait for the ring to get buns
then go condemn kids with weed and pokemon

And its sad to think this what our kids believe
cause this what they preach on the MTV
and  their  heart beat beats to each tweet and re-tweet
till a pick leaks online then they move on to vines
whatever better trend setter that stimulates the mind

Copyright © Mike Conway | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatrain |

Where The Sun Shines

It's okay now, for women to go topless
Oh my how the world it has changed
Some boobies are perky others floppy
With the help of gravity some rearranged

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining
The female form is a delightful sight
Yet sometimes I need to shield my eyes
Those white boobies are awfully bright 

Us male drivers, completly distracted
Concerned for safety we have all slowed down
Many come from all over in hopes of a peek
They say kelowna is their kind of town

Please forgive us we don't mean to stare
It's just our way of showing support
When it comes to rights we'll gladly take part
We would have fought to free boobies in court

So ladies I say walk around with pride
You are an inspiration to everyone
Be careful to apply a whole lot of lotion
You don't want them beauties burnt by the sun

In sunny Kelowna it is now legal for a woman to walk
topless down a public street. Sadly no women
have opted to take advantage of this new found freedom.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

Details | Tanka |

Tank Fest Tanka

Tim went to the Bovington Tank Festival...

baking in hot sun
spud boy wargasms like blitzkrieg
contemplating tanks

injustice of war ice cream
chocolate shrapnel sprinkled

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

No Sun, Please

The day the sun shone on the slopes
was not a happy day:
sure not a guest to welcome here.
Oh, would it go away?

The melting started, as it would,
of snow on lower hills.
Jayson, the skier, mopped his brow,
and popped some anger pills.

The snow was to be no more - it
struck Jayson in a jot.
He packed his skis and everything,
and cursed the sun... a lot!

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2017

Details | Couplet |

There are ordinary things under the sun


Let us speak of ordinary things
Such as Thracian wars and ascendancy of kings
Consulting Greek writers of the Second Sophistic
Might provide insight that must be intrinsic
Then we can move to the more mundane
Asia Minor's thousand gods might help to explain
Why there continues a lack of wisdom and intelligence 
Which is sine qua non  for a paucity of eptness

These virtues are lacking in one who purdures to astound 
How a gasbag of hot air can remain earthbound  

He retains characteristics of cosmic black holes
Knowledge falls in but where it goes no one knows

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Moon Argues The Sun

Wake up 3 in the morning
walk over to the window 
Look at the moon, wonder what it is thinking
thinking its the best?
shining so bright only one out there in the sky
thinks to it self
I am better than the sun?
at least people can look at me without there eyes burning
and when they see me all alone in the sky that's when they being to write poetry
write songs, books, and speak great thing about me? 
all about my beauty and loneliness
I brighten the dark cold nights?
the sun, what do you do? 
You make people sweat and bring heat to this world
your beauty comes only when you rise and fall
The moons beauty stays with it from when it rises and when go to sleep 
Have you ever watch the moon set?

Copyright © Anthony Specian | Year Posted 2013