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Sun Food Poems | Sun Poems About Food

These Sun Food poems are examples of Sun poems about Food. These are the best examples of Sun Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Blank verse |

long line

The tide shifted 
The sun blazed into the cuddy hatch
Moments later the anchor re caught 
To tip the empty glass to the deck
The eyes opened then squeezed tightly 
Shut to the sudden glare
Awareness filled the suddenly small space
Tide turn two o’clock sun 
Line to tend
Wind picking up
Perfect timing
Lets hope the fish run  as well as  the nap did
Now we’ll see if those hours of baiting
Where worth the effort
Two long pulls on the icy thermos
Then out into afternoon sun

Copyright © Donald Meikle | Year Posted 2006

Details | Haiku |

Haiku 8 - bees and butterflies, ants in action, shimmering pools

what new plant is this
flowering bees this morning
and butterflies too?

running to and fro
a group of ants in action
searching for food

bathed in the sunshine
shimmering pools of water
pulsating with life

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |


Ripe on the branch I'll spy,
depriving from a bee,
the sweetest peach for me!
I baked a golden pie,
and from the hives, deny
the bounty of the trees!

One bite of luscious bliss,
with sun still warm within. 
Sweet juice drips down my chin.
I'm stung by summer's kiss.
A moment such as this
must be a mortal sin!

Temptation wins the game
when devil calls my name!

8/17/15  For Hexsonnetta Contest
Resubmitted for Contest: Favorite poem for August 2015

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |


On a bright day
I will be
Grabbing a drink at the bar
Brighton Beach, it seems so far
Coney Island is where you'll find me
Sideshows and Hotdogs
Where I need to be.

Copyright © Jillian Sabecky | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

Song To Mother Earth

Mother Earth spinning on your centre
while revolving around Father Sun
making day and night on your surface
and the different seasons every one  

Your flesh provides the vital substance
on which trees, plants and grasses feed
and become food for birds and animals
who partake of them as they need

Some of those birds and animals 
feed others higher in the food chain
and become part of the eco cycle
which continues full circle again

All living things decay when they die
and return to you dearest mother 
to become substance that feeds plant life
and start off a new eco chapter 

Rain and snow from the sky bring water
that feeds the lakes, seas and rivers
which have a food chain of their own
among all their different creatures

Water from the sea becomes vapour
and rises as a cloud formation 
which precipitates as rain and snow
and water after condensation

Sun and Earth combine in harmony
doing so since before our birth
Thank you for feeding all living things
Our dearest blessed Mother Earth

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |


It is...within the tiny things of early morning, that moment breaths alive, it is within the tiny whisperings, that a melodye plays...like the very dear and the antelope, play home on the range.

so goes the melodye of heart beat, that plays quietly the songs of soul,

here a rhyme is born of day-light coming so soon, through the early morning eyes of the moon-light, and the starry dreams of twilight's transitioning...

into the light of a love letter written to dawn.

soul to soul conversing, as in this love letter, the letters just join hands with the words and just march across the sky...and at the end of the rainbow, there be plenty of golden time,

way down deep on the inside,

...as the inspired choir, of a bumble bee, or a butterfly, starts to sing, like tiny things that live,

flower to flower,
blossom to bloom,

watered and deeply cared for...

O' Eden.

I say, deep beneath the surface of a wishing well...where the pennies lay,

I wish a sun-rise.

Copyright © Marrio Biggs | Year Posted 2011

Details | Verse |

Eye of the tropical January sun

Exercising belief about unknowns.
Makes sense to take your best guess.
Using history, numbers, extrapolation.
Getting the trajectory right for re-entry.
Few dissenters left for climate change, evolution.
Nuclear power brings a process to earth
that occurs only in space. Dangerous
but necessary? Not a risk-averse weasel.

One among many mammals is the weasel,
not known for its consideration of unknowns
but, for its extreme caloric needs, considered dangerous.
My wife says in England violent gusts
forced a locomotive off its tracks. One interpretation
might reasonably be that the mother, earth,
has stopped mothering man. We're entering
a period of unknowns and must evolve.

What might this involve
and what adjustments are possibly feasible?
Walking rather than riding to the subway entrance,
using less electricity until more is known,
preserving agricultural soils and forest land,
buying fewer plastic contraptions.
My brother's washing his pajamas less often.

None of this may make the slightest difference
in how the earth and the sun and universe revolve.
But we are human and addicted to action,
the probable less attractive than the possible.
Also, there's no percentage in respecting death
unless it's imminent. Better to remain centered,
focused on food, child-bearing, war and the poem.

All driveways plowed, all lawns mowed.
Just in time before the first snow, I raked our leaves.
Two eight hour days. What percent of all time is that?
Draw a ray with point A the first pile of leaves
extending to the extrapolating end of universe.
.01 of Aaron. Zero of Zach.
Hawks playing, hunting, mating, canaries in the mine.

Having been too many places to count.
Sex bars, infant formulas, fire crews, last rites, permanent jobs, traffic
      tickets, judges' chambers, out houses, wedding banquets, boiling
      teapots, frantic centuries, facial tissues, presumed innocent, clear
      intentions, stainless steel.
Spiderweb glove. Deerfly earring. Daddylonglegs seeingeyedog.
Memorized songs. Privatized loans.
You cannot know what you're doing until you've done it.
Erudite sweep the floor. Articulate make the bed.
Infrared town hall. Crab nebula. Your last crap.
Eye of the tropical January sun. Slouching toward temperate zone.

Copyright © Robert Ronnow | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse |

The Night before the Eclipse

Look at this poppy-seed bread:
Black stars in a white sky,
Outside, an aloe plant rustles in the wind,
As out of place as dead people whispering.
I am not planning to die, however
Will they write my autobiography,
Listening to Fall Out Boy's 'Centuries'
Remember me...
For small recollections
Of a day-time moon,
This hot-cross bun blazoned across a handful
Of wayward seasons.
And I am not making any promises,
But this side of having a cold, far out stars
Are inextinguishable.

Copyright © Anna Milon | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

Sun Noodles Lake Two - Haiku

     Sun Noodles Lake Two- Haiku

lake, water falls, shaped
noodles spilled, boiled up flavor
sun ladled two scoops

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2015

Details | Tanka |

Tank Fest Tanka

Tim went to the Bovington Tank Festival...

baking in hot sun
spud boy wargasms like blitzkrieg
contemplating tanks

injustice of war ice cream
chocolate shrapnel sprinkled

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Golden Sun Of Spring

As spring's golden sun rises awakening the fog.  Its light reveals fog's gray clinging tenacles all about. A Dove coos softly singing in spaces opened up when the roosters quieten their chorus..The tree's dark silhouettes stand still for no breeze rustles the air this morn. Those Blackbirds are back their voices fill the Oaks with lively music.  Then they go down upon the good earth to feed upon the rich food available.  I don't even see anything there but they seem to find plenty everyday.  It seems they are here to stay this year.  They usually come for awhile then leave until about the same time the next year. I wonder if they are going to pair off and stay around.  Only God knows if they will stay or leave.  He has provided for the troup to have sufficient food everyday.  All they have to do is come and feed.  We His creation only have to come into His Presence each day for a short time, open our hearts and minds to hear His Voice.  He is there waiting won't you come and feed upon His Word(The Bible) and then wait to hear His Voice for it is pleasant to the ears..  

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

510 degrees

pizza and beer, hot summer breezes
marinara flavor, and melted cheeses
sourdough knows how to navigate my soul
pizza pie is my food goddess idol
soft with a hint of warmth, freshness absorbed
one bite and oh lord, a believer is born
out the oven, 510 degrees, cut on the stone
save a piece, foodie lovin, just me at home
i will eat this till none, newcastle havin fun
watch a setting sun, shadows start to run
things i live for, pleasures that keep me awake
refreshing brews, and a homemade pizza to bake

Copyright © Davin Payne | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Do Not Disturb

          Do Not Disturb

While walking through the bush one day
Hot sun burning the planet to a cinder
I happened upon a black mamba snake
When I say “happened upon” I mean stepped upon
The creature had no legs or toes or shoes
It knocked me off my feet with one swift strike
Signs all over nature read, “Do Not Disturb”
If only I could read I would have read them
Instead I’m feeling a little woozy 
Thinking about a nap
Perhaps a cracker with some tea would perk me up
With luck I might make it to supper by three
Or the cemetery

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |

Gransmother's Legacy, Number 2

On a trip to Grandmother's, 
we'd hear Mother say,
"Your next botany lesson 
will soon be on its way."

A visit invariably meant 
an immediate tour of her garden,
while the roast in the oven 
began to shrivel and harden.

Our stomachs would growl, 
our patience would wane,
as she spoke each plant's
 history and worth again.

A friend questions
 my knowledge of flowers.
Stomachache returns briefly,
 recalling all those hours.

Slowly, awareness dawns 
of my grandmother's legacy;
a love for earth's harvest 
stems from the gift she gave. 
Her words wash over me, 
the scene before me transposes,
as her voice again expounds
 the virtue and fragrance of

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

Details | Epulaeryu |


A lobster aspic chaud-froid
un petit pate
Beef with gold-leaf spangles
a morel suffle
edible candle *
a chateau

*Louis XIV
*Chocolate truffles to you & me

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2010

Details | I do not know? |

The Tracker

He goes slowly, a turtle in motion
Goes all day long, never says a word
The desert sand is dry and hot, it tells the tale
They are his problem, finding them is his solution
The bird and the breeze plays his song, nothing else can be heard
A sip of water and he is back on their trail

Follows the tracks made by their feet, he can smell their scent
Their tracks tell the story, he know if they are moving fast or slow
The Sun and time are on his side, their ball and chain
His thoughts are miles ahead, he knows where they went
Back packs filled with drugs are heavy, their tracks will show
No food and water, they are feeling hunger's pain

They are walking in circles, seeing an oasis on the horizon
He takes a sip form his canteen, it won't be long for him to wait
The Sun is hot and high, the buzzards circle over head
He know that they will see tomorrow's dawn
No sense of direction, for them it is to late
He will find their bones, but they will be dead

It is the same old story, over and over again
A fish out of water trying to swim in a desert land
Their tracks tell the tale, and that is all they leave behind
The tracker's job is done, but really he did not win
Greed got in their eyes, dying is all they understand
In the world's largest cemetery, for history to find

Many illegal aliens coming over are from Central America, in the jungles.  They  know
nothing or what it can do.  Some are forced to mule drugs, not giving them any food 
or water on their journey...telling them that Chicago is just over the hill.  Then the 
trackers or buzzards come to pick their bones and salvage the drugs left behind?
of the desert

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2010

Details | Rondeau |

Dancing In Mid-Day Sun

Dancing in mid-day sun, in Kansas heat,
was a land of grain tender and sweet.
Over to the east sparkling in the sun,
was piles of corn, picked and done.
Harvest went, along with winter meat.

Winter comes hard in backyard and street.
Not caring if there is enough food to eat,
Before long, winter will be won
Dancing in mid-day sun.

Wildlife hunkers low and travel fleet,
no fresh wet water but a solid sheet.
The earth returns from where it had begun,
Once again the children are having fun.
Playing long on tired hot feet
Dancing in mid-day sun.

Copyright © 2008 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2009

Details | Rhyme |

The Ducks Are Free

   Within my sight of ocean breeze
I see the curve of earth and sea
The little ducks as they walk about
A show of wings for a simple handout.
   White clouds pass, subtle and calm
Giving rest to the sun upon the kiddie pond
The sunlight twinkles as the children play
Together they're dancing within the waves.
   Here comes a duck with questioning eyes
A piece of bread or even some pie?
Bikinis and trunks play in the sand
Not one of them lovers, not one holding hands.
   This all seems distracted as in playful dispute
The beach is so quiet, maybe they're mute
The glare of the sun brings me back to my write
I see the seagulls attacking a kite.
   Although the beach I thought serene
This one corrects me of all I have seen
Only the ducks seem peaceful to know
Their questioning eyes and hunger side show.
   The people are sad or poor I bet
To come to this beach, in silence get wet
If this is the price of the beach for me
I'll come for the ducks, the ducks are free.

     September 14, 2008

Copyright © Darren J McMurray | Year Posted 2008

Details | Sonnet |

Appearance of the sun

Days, weeks, and months no condensation
Months, weeks, and days evaporation
The dry dusty meadows has given up faith
To the minors who covered with water play in gait
Even the plants leaves are upright
Always waiting for the night
Women during heat gossips call the children to shade
Farmers, arms at an akimbo, look at the harm the sun had made
Sacrifices had been made but their god answer not 
Workaholic peasants go to the farm and come back without a nut
They look at their past for taboos or a great sin
They find nothing the priest says the gods has nothing
The sun continues to punish there bare foot till it cuts
They sweat till sun dries it, their body then becomes forts 

Copyright © Hakeem Sotayo Aro | Year Posted 2006

Details | Free verse |

A day of sometime sun

you, a packrat
a luncheon of puckey
meaning leftovers
I, wrinkled hands
date with the dishes

ghosts from the burial ground
are barely noisy
sometimes watching our TV
they tease the cats
who treat them like mirrors
they cannot smell

eight, the number of 
toenails you possess
(and also)
the number of fallen trees

Copyright © John Bertin | Year Posted 2017