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An Old Man Fishing

I watched the old man mosey to his favorite fishing spot.
Ahead of him his faithful dog capered at a lively trot.
No fancy fishing lures for him, just a simple bamboo pole,
And a can of worms as content he seemed in heart and soul!

Settling in the welcome shade of a spreading oak,
He lit his pipe for a pleasurable afternoon smoke.
His old dog lay contentedly at the old man's feet.
What a life!  How could it be any more complete!

At fishing the old fellow was extremely deft.
Why, he was pulling them in right and left!
With all the expensive lures that I had at hand,
Not one consarned fish did I ever land!

As the sun waned he lay back and took off his shoes,
To savor his usual afternoon snooze.
Imagine my dismay as his bobber danced about!
(Why can't I reel in some of those wily trout?)

As the sun settled in the west he called it a day.
(Alas, I still hadn't had a nibble, I must say!)
He waved asking, "How's your fishin' luck been?"
"Not a bite" I replied, much to my chagrin!

Placed No. 1 in Paula Swanson's "The Allure Of A Lure Is Alluring" Contest - Apr 2012

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2012

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A Dog's Life

He presses up against the open door
  where the sun glows and warms the carpet.
Such simple need he has
  that give him comfort and joy as his eyes close
  soaking in the warm sun's rays.
His shiny soft black fur absorbs the light
   casting his small shadow across the floor.
He drops his head and stretches lengthwise
   taking in the radiance 
   and he sighs quiet and soft.
He is toasty warm stepping into the shade
   just momentarily to cool down as he rolls on his back.
He returns again, loving this morning time
  holding onto it as long as he can
  before the sun rises higher and is out of sight.
Life is so simple
  living a dog's life.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2016

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Mischievous Cats

Bella and Shadow nestled in their woven beds on the cat tree Bella stretches out her legs and purrs. “Psst, Psst. Hey, Shadow, are you up for some fun?” “Sure!”, Shadow purred, “What do you have in mind?” “Let’s go tease Peeddie. Let’s see how far he can stretch from his leash. He is always eager to see us come near, a stretch from his leash, whip lash for him.” Together, bolting for the stairs, they waited, looking around. Out the pet door they hurried, down the porch steps and started across the yard. Shadow caught up with Bella. They crept ahead with a mission, staying low, using the bushes for cover Peeddie lies basking in the sun sleepy against a stake driven firmly into the ground, instead of his pillow inside his home. Bella and Shadow creep forward through the mulch beneath the bushes, a twig snapped off to one side Bella stared at Shadow and whispered, “Hush! We don’t want to warn Peeddie we’re close.” Peedie, arose when he heard the snap, saw the two cats, with precision, unleash his position “Uh-Oh!” Bella hissed and spat “W-h-a-t? Oh my gosh! ,” Shadow said, and somersaulted back home For it had rain the night before and the ground became so soft, Peeddie had pulled out the stake Bella and Shadow bolted across the yard back through the pet door up the stairs They found out it was better to sleep like a mouse and let sleeping dogs lie Moral of the story Leave something alone if it might cause trouble.

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016

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At Morning Play

The sun shines gently upon me. 
The birds are busy at play.
The children are sleeping. 
The cats are out creeping.
And the dog has been barking all day.

The birds cackle and chirp;
As they play a round of hide and seek.
The dog watches with excitement, 
as the cat strolls by so frail and meek.

A good morning kiss from the sun to the world.
Its a brand new day.
wake up boys and girls.

Copyright © christie mills | Year Posted 2008