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The Rising Sun

With the rising sun I wake
anger has no place in my soul
I will not stoop to simple revenge
violence is not the answer to pain

My children need food 
their stavation is my suffering 
creating work provide's money
money to feed the staving child

violence create's war 
arms and limbs ripped 
from the broken lives of people
violence just create's more suffering

I stand against suffering
I stand against pain
create a better world learn to smile
and make company's

Instead of fighting 
Instead of creating death
as a world, we should create the work,
create the jobs, to feed our people.

Copyright © Bernard Barclay | Year Posted 2015

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A Woman in the Sun

	Light is kin to vapor, 
	to certain fogs, 
	and the effervescence of ideas,
	yet Edward Hopper’s summer light, 
	when it comes late in the afternoon, 
	is solid, opaque,
	the color of soft butter,
	heavy with heat and remorse, 
	raking low through the window, 
	its yellow rectangle 
	falling across the floor. 
	The woman is nude, 
	standing still, 
	alone in that block of light, 
	the shadows of her legs 
	subtracting thick black lines 
	behind her, pointing toward the door
	not seen through which her lover 
	departed only a moment ago.
	See how the bedcover is rolled down, 
	the sheets wrinkled, 
	the after-cigarette 
	casually held in her right hand 
	while she stares absent-mindedly 
	at the floor as smokers will do between drags, 
	lost in thought and recollection 
	and questions of how did it come to this?
	Her angular naked body, 
	no doubt soft and yielding 
	while in the throes, 
	has become a rough impasto, 
	perhaps Hopper’s way 
	of portraying her authentic self. 
	Oddly, her left breast 
	appears to be an afterthought, 
	forcing her shoulders toward me, 
	while her hips and eyes 
	face the window. 
	Can the human body rotate this way,
	clockwise and anticlockwise and clockwise
	requiring the oddest skeletal geometry? 
	My own geometry 
	is a more modest version
	of this torsion, 
	so perhaps Hopper’s vision 
	isn’t impossible after all.
	Her lover has gone now, 
	the afternoon’s business done. 
	They will go their separate ways, 
	which was the plan all along, 
	of course.

Copyright © Jack Jordan | Year Posted 2013

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Last Dayz

Wha could i say livin i these last in dayz,
I feel like i seen it all i'm no longer amaze ,
This situations tragic, 
Magic Johnson  must of knew magic,
Cause he ain't got  A.I.D.S
And i know he had it, 
And the cghick that passed it still takes a tablet,
So know i walk lke this is my last day on the planet,
 I write like these are  my last words,
The last of What i draw for the Cameras,
Now you can se mind,
The more i write the more bright,
The more you listen,
The closer the closer you getting,
 To words that you say in the wind,
Feel them  like sun rays on you skin,
Yoou mind as well bask in it,
 This might be the last of it,
Cause the sun's done,
The went out with the trash,,
thatsa how it is for living in famine
The sun aint shinning, 
There water fallng out sky,
Oh no thats water in my Eye, 
Im crying, trying to stop they  ^ss from dying, 
Save they ^ss from frying, 
I told em keep putting that work in,
Never stop trying,
Even though somtimes you feel like breaking downand crying,
Just like an orphan thanking G o d they wasnt aborted keep walking

Copyright © maurice sumpter | Year Posted 2008