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Sun Angel Poems | Sun Poems About Angel

These Sun Angel poems are examples of Sun poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Sun Angel poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse |

A Journey To The Pearly Gates And Back Again

Iris sun fades and so does the day
whispers the carried in the silence of night glowing
Wishes floating on silver trails faraway
The image of your face will forever bounded to this world
Angels Brought you to me made a lightening
sparkling diamonds in the misting treasures gems so bright

Ice roses turns into a steaming jungle of quivering glass
Flashing in the distance, in the moon light
and all of its stars, that's where the angels dancing
A beautiful adventure picture sparklers on a winter night

A cold moon dressed in dark velvet 
with a pearl milky white smile beams 
Sparkling jewel crystal lights up 
stars blinking silver awakening 
warm invading darkness your light 
My life has at last found its light and its hope

Soulful cries a wolf dressed in winter clothes 
faraway over ocean waves 
carries in a wind’s  whisper sweet music dances 
A magical night that will set the spirit free
Silently breathes out a puff of magic sweetly 
beauty enchants warmly etching strikes 
frosted fingers cracking ice deeply echoes 

Striking inside bells toll warmly skipping drumbeats 
bouncing of chamber walls loving tunes 
Believing in your love a dream 
Which enchants music of the butterflies dance 
howling clouds out steaming warm sighs fluttering warmly
I closed my eyes at the end of the road
and thought of the stars 
and the reason earth spins around the sun

  A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and 
  Anne- Lise Andresen :) - 28.12.2014 -

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |

Lost In Loves Space

love the style of your morning kiss 
dancing lips deeply dazzling bliss

Catch you after curtain calls my dreams tonight 
until the sun kisses your eyelids with golden light

Beautiful in one's mind weakness sang a dream
just floated to you dancing upon sunshine beams 

Captivating ball of flames burning bright not the past 
radiating golden warm future holds destiny our torch shines a light everlasting

Holding inside believing crowning beauty silently whispers without sound 
Rising as night's tears leave a dew upon the ground 

Crystal blue clear the happiness within joy brings
inside every wish was your desire softly feathers touching wings embracing sing

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

Details | Terza Rima |

- Fight With Dragons And Wolves -

- Fight With Dragons And Wolves -

Take me into the realm of your midnight dreams awakening sleep 
Bring us to a higher level far away from misery and despair
Where waves through oceans are kissed by a salted breeze blowing 

A place where mind can fly upon strong waves, straight lines on white sheets
Trembling currents grasp one breathless moment holding time 
No one will not lead us, even if it blows up to storm force gale 

Circle of twilight's halo under magic spells cast breathing fire starbursts 
Stars living on self produced energy under horizon's steps forward 
A mirror reflection of a faraway kingdom reflecting of the sun 

Faced with light internally stored faithful mercy yields 
We call life a mystery unforgettable the words of faith, hope and love
Crowning angels you came before me a queen 

Defeating the dragons and fighting wolves from preying sacrifice 
We find a personal point of common ground held in between world's 
Viewing life as the canvas we paint upon our memories 

A Collaborated Poem 
Anne-Lise Andresen and Liam Mc Daid
Copyright © All Rights Reserved
unrhymed tercets

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

- Begging Sunlight -

A yellow song about autumn
Leaves falling slowly 
May nature embrace me gently

Birds mixing tunes 
Of such ecstatic sound 
Rising a sweet melody 
Creeds and song carried with the wind
in the highest tempo

Kissing one heart priceless gold
Crossing bridges and mountain majesty of the world
Rustling softly breathless whispers treasure
Most quiet need, by autumn sun and candlelight

Like sweet thoughts in a dream
Dazzling of wonder as magical charms
floating flutters gently on a breeze 
Delightful day it is for all who dwell
delicately blown upon warm sunlight rays 

The sumptuous yearning of summer that left
Breathtaking feeling dance circles around
Viewing elements and seasons as they change
Deeply touches embracing beauty inside 
Into the dawn's early and tender caresses
You stand in front of the sun 
morning dewdrops upon your vision 

Written by L. Mcdaid & A-L Andresen :)  16.10.2015 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Angel In A Sundress

The songbirds are singing 
It's another sunshine day 
A light breeze is blowing 
Spring is here to stay 

Dressed in a flowered sundress 
Underneath the shining rays 
Visions dance before me 
An angel wants to play 

Her skin like the cool of winter 
Her hair is the colors of fall 
With a voice sweetly singing 
I offer her my southern drawl 

The lilacs blossom around her 
Apple trees tease open their flowers 
I watch the angel in the sundress 
Spin in my visions for hours 

I offer her some sweet tea 
To quench her mighty thirst 
She readily declined me 
For the dance, she was submersed 

As the sun went to sleep 
The moon offered up its light 
My angel kept dancing 
With no sundress in sight. 

She danced into my arms 
All over this country boys heart 
I love that angel in a sundress 
Forever, Until death do us part

Copyright © CT Duet | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |

The sun plunged in the space of silence

The sun plunged
In the space of silence,
The summer has been extended
In a slow wandering ...

The orb has been drunk,
Gradually, by fringes.
> We did not hear anything,
From the fall of the angel ...

The horizon has folded its wings around
Confusing the distants ...
Evening invades what remains of the day
In a jiffy.

Water reflections exchanges
The colors overrated,
With the sky full of oranges,
The trees are just  silhouettes ...

The night the already marks yesterday
This is a timely opportunity,
Where piercing      welcoming clouds
unfolds, shamelessly         ,the moon ...

It will take an earth tour,
And plenty of patience,
For the solar triumph reappears 
In its rebirth  ,

As clarity rises
And progresses slowly
Until the most intense moment,  at its solstice,
To the top of the firmament.

And the celestial body  draws,  now
All things ,        in gold drops  ,
..... -     And this is another day.
It drinks in his turn and evaporates it....

Le soleil a plongé
Dans l'espace du silence,
L'été s'est prolongé  
Dans        une  lente errance...

L'astre a été  bu,
Petit à petit,    par franges.  
>      Nous n'avons  rien  entendu,
De la chute  de l'ange...

L'horizon a  replié ses ailes, autour
Confondant les lointains... 
Le soir  envahit ce qu'il reste de jour,
En un tournemain.

Les reflets des eaux échangent
Des couleurs surfaites ,
Avec le ciel tout en oranges,
Les arbres         ne sont que silhouettes...

La nuit,            marque  déjà  l'hier,
C'est l'occasion opportune,
Où, perçant des nuées  hospitalières,
se dévoile, sans pudeur,        la lune...
 Il faudra un tour de terre,
Et beaucoup de patience,
Pour que réapparaisse le triomphe solaire,
Dans  sa renaissance ,

Que la clarté  se hisse
Et progresse lentement,
Jusqu'au plus intense,      à son solstice,
Au sommet  du firmament.

Et l'astre dessine maintenant ,
Toutes choses en gouttes  d'or,
.....    - Et c'est un autre jour.
Il le boit à son tour,                    puis l' évapore....



Copyright © rene Chabriere | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

Touched by an angel

In the balcony ,she stood,
strong winds blowing  Her way,
as she watched the sun setting in the West.
One sad thought strucking her deepest,
as thunder-light strikes in carcoal black skies.
Would she live to see another sunrise?
Would she still be there?Where will she be?
At that moment the childish gleam, which
florished her face many times,vanished in 
cold thin air,It faded away descending in 
her inner soul,finding more sorrow there,
and not a glimpse Of  smiles...
Void and pain, fed Her tender heart,
tiny  crystal drops ran down,wetting,kissing 
her cheeks,moistening her lips,those soft  pink
lips which once were warm and full of glow.
Those  same lips,today, felt lifeless blue and very cold.
She stood still,as time stood still too,She stared
at the Vast Ocean,at the rough waves crushing
on the rocks,She stood there,still searching for an
answer,an answer to Her many  questions.
A sudden voice whirled in Her Storm,touching her ear,
as she listened to the sounds,to the words echoing
in distance.Who was he?He was the angel Of Love!
bringing a message of hope to her shattered heart,
He had an aswer to all questions,to her Shadows of doubt.
'Little Child,don't feel troubled,don't feel lost,"He said!
in the sweetest  melodic voice ,she'd ever heard.
"Its Cold outside ,and you are shivering!You must not!
From this day on,I willl be with you,I shall never leave
you alone, I shall stay  by your side ,forevermore.
Little Child,you are blessed, and  wherever you breathe,
the Sun will rise".The young lady smiled to His angelic words,
and as She breathed Softly,a Hot fire ball filled the blue,
and there was Sunshine...............................................

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |

My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic monologue |

The Duchess Of Paradise

She's highly sophisticated and full of undefiled wisdom
Yet a crowned Duchess in a paradise kingdom
Quite a beautiful angel flying with black wings
Covered in gold jewelry and precious things
She dresses like the women of ancient Egyptian class
Her wealth is generous and her money grows like grass
She loves orange scented candles with dark room flame  
She rules thirty legions of soldiers and Bune is her name
Her comely warrior voice can wake and relocate the dead
Her armies of soldiers gather around the cemetery
She is brave and deserves a princessly crown on her head
Her facility of speech and flair for words is legendary
A beautiful queen to be treated with respect and honor
Instead of blasphemy,wanton abuse and fictional horror

Copyright © Bill Kim | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Angels in The Form of Friends

The road may seem tough right now like an endless uphill climb.
And you may feel that all lifes struggles is one big waste of time. 
Everyone around you seems happy and not stressed
Yet each and everyday you can’t help but feel more depressed. 

Even though the sun may shine and the day is really bright
All you see is dark clouds looming with only moonless nights.
Looking all around, you see people who pretend to care
And when you wana speak it feels like they wish they weren’t there. 

You build up hate and anger and get frustrated with everyone around
You isolate yourself from the world and in your own sorrows you begin to drown. 
You feel like you are all alone and there’s nobody that you can rely on
It seems like another endless battle that just can’t be won. 

You feel like giving up and so start losing all your faith. 
Wishing that your life would somehow end without the entire wait. 
This is where you have to believe and restore faith in yourself again
And realize you are not alone, there are many who will help ease the pain. 

I know you’ll find it hard to believe that what I’m saying is true
But when the dark clouds break away, the sun will shine right through. 
They will make that up hill climb easier for you to take
and then u will find a smooth road that will cause you no more heartache.

They will be there to hug you tight and listen to all you have to say
Even if you don’t wana speak, they will by your side each day. 
You don’t have to be alone or pretend that you’re okay. 
They can see your fears and help to end the feeling of dismay.

They will never let you go through another difficult path.
But should you cross that way again, they’ll carry you from the start.
So my dear friend, whenever you feel really down.
Remember you have people here to help you keep strong.
They are no superheroes or have powers of any sort.
But they are just ordinary people, who will be here to always support. 
They are people who genuinely care and will bring those tears to an end.
Sent with love from God above, they are Angels in the form of Friends….

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

The Lonely Army

When wind’s silence 
heralds boundless oblivion
and the trembles of cracked earth
raise the dust of tears
dried by the boundless footfalls
of sallow flesh

When a thread of gold
brings unearthly thought
and the misconception
of suns fallen
drives foolish men to their knees
in unending tremors

An army of one
frees the air from his fingertips
and stays not his opal blade
as it bites the rotted gray necks 
of kings released from their wrongful bliss
by his trembling palms

An army of one
unconstrained by nature’s volume
freed by the sin of his naivety
yet, bound by earth’s oldest secret
as the scarlet sun weeps
its bloodied tears

An army of one
his cloak worn through
by the acid blood of his deception
and his bones stilled; 
the branches of a dying oak
which no longer caress the wind

Copyright © Avery Swarthout | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

An Angel My Sun

I am the one 
   who rises in the east
   and sets in the west,
I am all the best
   of orange, yellow
   pink and red;

With many faces of love 
   I have come
   to build empires 
   of light
   and make bright
   as a fire-sky ----
   a smile for every season,
   and harvest hope ----
   all the while
   the Earth is sleeping
   (and I am set)

Copyright © Keith O.J. Hunt | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |

Summer's here

Summer’s here

Summer’s here at last, so laugh;
Enjoy the sun before God takes it back.
It’s only temporary so enjoy it while it lasts 
And pray to God it’s not your last.

Let the sun shine down on me, let it pour down all around us;
Let the sun shine so bright that it blinds us.

Looking at the sky in wonder
And wondering why it shines so bright.
Does this mean what I think it means;
That the time is right to find love and change my life?

Angels cry in summertime,
As love is lost, because you chose to hide.
You can’t go back and change your mind;
Your choice is made and now it’s time to die.

I believe in a better place than this;
I believe I deserve to see someone I have never seen.
The sun must shine in Heaven and I hope we do live in bliss,
Because the summer will soon be gone to become a memory.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |

Loving touch

Your hands are like sunshine that

warms the inner parts of my soul.

The rays warming my inner being,

keeps me thinking of how the colors

of the flowers are so vibrant and

powerful in  their activity.

As the flowers dance in a slight breeze,

the sun gives way to darkness and the night sky embraces the stars so numerous,

so shiny, so many.

As the night fades, the sun  warms the day,

The breeze picks up the flowers in a dance, and your hands warm my soul again,

with the rays from the suns warmth and the shadows of the colors show the love inside your touch.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

Copyright © Betty Bolden | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

my angel of the sun

you my angel of the sun
sent with your halo’s fire
burn your brand upon my heart
wrap me in your blazing wings
toss my embers into the sky
catch me when i fall
flaming with your love

you my angel of the sun
make me yours with the
voice of heaven’s choir
shine you golden eyes
upon my melting heart
like a volcano you flow 
lava through my veins

you my angel of the sun
the radiance in me
a flame that grows with
every bright smile
the heat of my nights
and light of my days
wrap you aura around me
getting lost in your paradise

you my angel of the sun
watch me blush in the
touch of your love
lost in the moment
the warmth of your rays
the ecstasy in my soul
thankful that you shine on me

Copyright © Travis Tapley | Year Posted 2010

Details | I do not know? |

His Arch Angel Michael Twelve Stars The Sun

You know, tis somewhat easy to understand Apollyon as your
Crew holding a tad bit, in misery projecting towards an imperfect
Time but cool kids just never hold signs I mean Abaddon can't you see
Kind of like Toad The Wet Sprocket's, in the end I'm sensing a change the weather
Does anyone remember me ? Did you all think we'd just disappear ? Crazy life....
Swoosh his tail their Angels fell: metaphoric make-up twas her modern tale: sitting
Atop the sea sweet, drunken Jezabel ? Spawned his bastard Damien's, tattooed dreams
Six pence collections thrice their infections blue blood injections Legion's, special olympics
Lucifer's serpents raging towards the golden goal evanescent's mountaintop his goad keeper goblins
Pressing this matter it's silver sickle auld lang syne her bride of Frankenstein; Electra thighs, red rum wine.

Copyright © Jeremy Street | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |

The Ritual of the Setting Sun

I watched the sun going down this evening
leaping over mountains and towns
ascending long rays of light upon still water
sparking lights of infinite glory mesmerized
my thoughts keeping me in perfect harmony. 

I lay motionless on the green grass of hope 
and gazed at the setting sun anchored 
deeply in the thick blue sky 
with the forces of  nature embracing me
 I surrender obediently to its will.
The verdant grass surrounding the pond smiled heartily
at the setting sun as it lingers resiliently 
pouring its radiant light upon my skin.
rays of joy ruptured inwardly and I could feel
a wonderful energy hurdling within
hoisting me higher and higher.

Was it an illusion or was it bonafide?
My body was still on the ground but
I was ignited with the sun and absorbing its heat.
It replenishes me with a magnificent energy
that was immensely comforting and complete.

The sun twirl around in the passionate sky
Revealing different shades of blue, indigo,
Navy, and royal blue, mixed with shades of
Sappier blue bundled with peacock blue.
I could feel the gentle touch of the baby blue
And powdered blue filtering around me.

Heaven helps the magnificent indigo sky enthralled 
With all its mysterious awe, entwined in the eyes of the beholder. 
Infinite abundance thunders beneath me 
elevating me to a prestigious acclaim. 

The sun shines brightly then slowly fades away 
and buried itself under the royal blue clouds 
Then finally rest peacefully on top of the mountains.
A sudden peace subdued me
and a strong energy flowed through me.

I got up and walked towards the pond
and watched the youths having fun
they were standing on my sacred rocks 
casting their fishing rod in the water
while chatting and having fun.
Who knows the ritual of the setting sun?

                                                              ©2015 Christine Phillips

Copyright © Christine Phillips | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |


When the angels of love are on strike
And the future looks bleak
When your love is absent
Casting me into the hands of torment
My heart cries, turning blue
Crying out for nobody but you.

When my love mountain becomes a valley
And I find myself in lovelessness alley
When my love stream stops flowing
And my love wind stops blowing
I run the lenght of the earth
Seeking your love's might.

When my fountain of love is cut short
And aloneness gives me a shot
When I look down the deep blue sea
And it appears it is coming for me
I grope around in despair
Hopefully longing to find protection in you.

When I'm being thrashed by lovelessness
And I'm held hostage by helplessness
When I can't find anyone to anoint my day
And I find myself drifting away
I close my eyes and spread my arms
Wishing you'll materialize in my arms.

When I look up to the sky
And see my wishes passing me by
When I'm abandoned and deserted by brightness
And I'm fiercely attacked by darkness
My heart goes on
Searching for you my sun.

PS: Placed 7th in Poet Destoyer A's Longing Contest

Copyright © Alozor Michael Ikechukwu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

A Portal Unto The Sun

My soul is among lions
I lie among the sons of 
Men who are set on fire.” 
Dramatica; expect the worst 
And hope for the best 
Is what some say ? 
In life and breath and love and death
Stopping in front of the Azteca's 
Theatre admiring the lovely 
Mannequin girl adorned as a communal 
Daughter with long flowing hair and beads 
Her many colours; sitting amid the tickets booth 
Draped aneath cobwebs smiling and speaking 
Unto my spirit in hues of yesteryears arrays 
These, pantheon coronations... 
Red double doors with circular windows trimmed in black
Conversing an entrance to cross through its beckoning ?
A schizophrenic passing by again; this, a portal unto the sun.

Copyright © Rachel St.Cross | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

A picnic on the moon

A Picnic on the Moon

If the sun doesn’t come up tomorrow and our time on earth is through
I can say I loved an angel and that angel you know was you
A cherubim without wings with a radiance all your own
I now know you are a blessing and I have reaped what I have sewn

Walking together hand in hand through the heavens up so high
Sharing a few smiles as we dance across the sky
Chasing away the clouds as we hurdle the mountain tops
Riding on the winds of time and hoping the ride never stops

Reaching up towards the heavens as I grab a star passing by
And have a picnic on the moon with a sparkle in my eye 
Time will have no meaning as we sit there on the sand
As we gaze down on the earth while we hold each others hand

Waiting on a comet that will show us the way to heaven above
Spreading some joyful cheer in a mansion built on love
I was lucky to find an angel one that didn’t have wings
She made the colors of the rainbow and the other angels sing

So if the sun doesn’t come up tomorrow and my time on earth is done
I found an un-winged angel that I knew was the very one
That would hold my hand forever as we danced across the sky
Knowing we would share our lives forever in the heavens up so high

Copyright © David Moore | Year Posted 2012

Details | Terza Rima |

Angel of light

Whispers out of night 
When the rising sun 
began to awaken her eyes

Dawning golden warm holds breath
deeply delicious waves colours 
expelling darkness beholding

Priceless the light 
that touches down softly 
beautiful dream gently kisses

unrhymed tercets

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

Sun Rose Merely To Reflect Her Glow

Sun Rose Merely To Reflect Her Glow

As her hair flew about, so did my heart,
unknown to me but a vision then loved.
So very strange, way our time got its start,
how she later became my beloved.

Glittering sparkles in her bright blue eyes,
as sun rose merely to reflect her glow
She that merely touched to fill my skies
always smiling as if time she could slow.

Her memory, shall I ever forget,
grace in her walking, sweetness in her voice
I first spoke to her on a friendly bet
now she would be my only loving choice.

Such glowing warmth in her big, bright blue eyes
Her being gone, left me asking the whys?

R.J. Lindley
May 25th 1974

Poem Syllable Counter Results

Syllables Per Line:	10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	17 (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	N/A
Total # Words:	111

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Details | Imagism |

In the Light of the Window

she lingers,
     forever embedded in my memory,
          the most beautiful girl I’ve yet to behold.
the epitome of all things lovely:
     sunlight filters through the window,
          speckling her freckled face with golden sun,
in her flaming hair, 
     shimmering sunbeams,
          ethereal as that of an angel.
perfect and soft as a gently rolling stream,
     her voice caresses the air,
          with melodies comparable to nothing on earth.

Copyright © Shaina Templin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatern |

A Place in the Sun

I stood, all alone, watching the waves crash the shore
My heart ached, my body bled, my soul was so sore
Life has been so harsh
Still young, I did feel like I do tread in marsh

But then, it happened, without any warning
It happened at a time when I was in great suffering
I did feel blessed, for nothing is worth more than having a place in the sun
Nothing, not even the great attractions of earth for which many do get a stun

If the reason of our coming here in this world we still do not know
Well, patience, let joy in your heart, be not in sorrow
For our stay here is but for a while
Please, do make an effort and do smile

Somehow, someday, the truth shall come to us
By then, we shall no more wish to make any fuss
Only the Lord knows why He did send us here
Someday we shall go back to Him, so His name only let us all revere

Yes, it did happen, this mystical happening
See you, my most sinful actions have been graced through His blessing
So much that I realized that none should lament
None, for someday, we shall all be rid of this world's confused embarrassment 

When I was graced with a place in the most holy sun
I felt like my spiritual journey had begun
Now, I shall put in this world, all that I do have, all that I do own
For someday, I shall be judged by the one who does control this sun!

Copyright © Anoucheka Gangabissoon | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

As the Angel Goes to Sleep

The sun hides its face
And the clouds watch idly by
While the moon begins its ascension
And the day dissolves to night

One last gust of wind
One last solar cheer
Before the angel sleeps
And twilight starts its year

Her pace quickens as she sees the end
And she illuminates the lamp behind
The darkness cannot take all
For the priestess of the moon is kind

And the confusion haze teases
For it knows what’s to be done
Now the clouds float on by
As giant mirrors for the sun

They tell of times past
And times that are yet to come
Their iridescent smile
Glowing coals around the sun

The wind forever brushes on
And the night has just to tell
But another mirror beckons
Elle est la lune, elle est très belle


Copyright © Kaelan Fox | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

hello sunshine

in this dream
to write beautiful
is to one 
who shines
in the soul

standing on 
the ground
no more 
than earth
having two suns
a marriage
of light 
with darkness

a dark spirit 
creeps in shadows
black dancing 
with the light 
blood food
pumping love
paints color
each beat 
drum rolls

happiness forever
is with you
my shadow
bringing in
the light

when i look
upon you darling
as my sun
in your 
warm desire
floating emotions wings 
golden feelings

sparkle around
circle haloing
my sun shining
dearest angel
for you darling 
queen of 
my heart 

i bow 
when i look
into those eyes
shine inner beauty
a stunning soul
that dazzles
the most precious
sanctuary with love 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2013

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Blue Bird

Blue Bird

All alone inside of my magical little paradise called my mind is an peaceful and quiet, the sun is like a gentle kiss on the cheek, and the people are just so warm and friendly but watch out because if you open your eyes everything you once knew will be gone. This magical little realm has an bloody little twist to it. The sun that was once as comforting as an warm blanket was in fact the glistening moon and the empty black sky, and the people are now all blood thirsty monsters that are no longer affected by the sun light are now out for blood.

I run to escape the sickening but yet oh so enticing scent of blood and failure, I run to escape the screams of those who's lives were cut just too short, and I run to escape the sight of the undead, blood thirsty zombies who are on the hunt for others to join their group. I'm running, running to safety and security but all the time there's nothing but pit falls and traps. I'm running and success isn't that far away but just then I see prince charming I stop and become distracted by his promising words but just then he too becomes a monster. I scream and try to run but I just can't you trap me in fire and I can't escape. 

My mind goes numb, I can feel the darkness further enclose around me, my mind goes blank, and I forget about everything. On the inside I'm screaming, fighting, kicking to get away but on the outside I'm a love sick puppy. I know I'm stronger than this but there's something about you that I just can't get over. Just as the darkness seems to grow closer an light appears and an blue bird fights off my nightmare monster and takes me back to my snowy paradise where I'm safe and at peace and I continue my lonely dark and cold path to my brightly lite future with the little blue bird by my side reminding me that I am and will forever be loved by both my family, people who actually care about me, and god.

Copyright © Omesha Curry | Year Posted 2013

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You Are My One True Star in the Dark Abyss

I dwell in the light 
besides the north
high alike
the clouds
I see it 
as I rise in time and close my eyes 
and open them before
the sun
and stars
I am the 
one and two
the star of 

Copyright © Louis Grant iii | Year Posted 2016

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Gleaming, Sun, Demon, One

Gleaming Tones
on an unconquered
Seeing myself
down the Demon hole.
Shimmering fractions
spun on a silver
And seeing the
bounce off the
unwanted One.

Copyright © Kris Lund | Year Posted 2014

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I   is for Isabell 
S   is for the sunshine gleam and sunny smiles you bring to everyone’s heart
A   is for the angel that is our little Princess 
B   is for the blue skies that bring the birds out to sing
E   is for an enchanting elf emerging out of a bud into a red rose 
L   is for the love of fairy-tales that become real in your dreams
L    is for lollipops, lemonheads, and licorice for Isabell  

For the young girl STEPHEN PENNELL had wrote about

written on 11/6/2016

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016