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Springtime Affections

My love, your breath, fresh as a spring breeze,
Caresses my face, with a wondrous tone,
As your sweet lips, approach mine, we moan.
For expectation, of such pleasurable tease,
For there is no time, for emotions to please,
Our brief moments, are barely, only a loan.
For passion delivers, future beautifully alone,
Our ecstasies of movements together, appease.

After spring, before the heat of summer time,
Our ardor grows; grows within each heart.
Our touch, Heavens blessing, to each other,
These moments, hours, days have no crime.
Together forever, our souls, never part,
Our spirits are free, to love; never smother.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2013

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Fallen snow will remind of me/ it is snowing ... 
Slowly as in the dream/ 
Boy word-beads/ with signs on his spine/ 
He kisses fine/ 
Your eyelids /

And it snows ... It snows /so slow/
It does/ and you're thinking of me/ 
'Coz it's warm/ it's better to stay in warmth/ 
Waiting for summer dim/ 
It is snowing/ slowly like in the dream/ 
Flakes/ go round/ playing the music theme/ 
You've been looking for rescue/ 
You searched in wine/ 
But it's in me/ 
all the rescues are mine/ 
It is snowing/ the snow is fluffy and white/ 
If you see darkness/ I'm deaf and blind/ 
there's the cast of time/ on the arm/ 
But I discern the light/ 
Dreams/ upon your eyelids tips/ 
Prepare you for winter drowse/ 
And it snows/ 

Fallen snow/ will remind of spring /
it will crumble and crackle in vain/ 
It will snow / fluffy /white/ and slow/ 
And you'll become whole/

Copyright © Ilya Emelin | Year Posted 2013

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Spring Is Here

Spring Is Here

The flowers are blooming.
The yard is cut and trimmed just how you like it.
Daddy painted the house.

Mom, can you see down from heaven? Everything looks nice, but, Mom, there is one thing missing, and that is you.

Dad is still sitting on the porch in that old chair  taking naps.
The outside of the house looks just like you like it, 
The inside is missing the smell of your cooking, your voice, and most of all you.
We can still see the visual of you going through the house.
The smell of your perfume in the distance.
We know you are in Heaven, and one day we will see you again, and hear
your voice once again.

Spring is Here but without you.

Copyright © Tammy Carter | Year Posted 2016

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Spring Road

Spring Road is quiet except for the dog
Ginger chases the deer and barks at the road
As the snow shines like diamonds in darkness, with the moon hanging low
Christmas came earlier this year than most
And I stare out the window alone as a ghost 
In this house full of silence that wasn't supposed to be so
The first one's the hardest, that's what they all tell me, you know

The kids were up early and under the tree
At a quarter to seven, but waited for me
To come down and play Santa, pass out all the toys that we bought
Trish made the turkey like you did last year
Bill and I watched the game, I drank too many beers
And we met at the door, shed a tear, and shared the same thought
The one thing that all of us wanted, nobody got

And I keep it together, I don't let it show for the sake of the kids
I wait for the quiet, save it for private like I always did

And it's lonely at Baxter's in the Friday night crowd
The place seems much too smoky, the band much too loud
They all send their condolences, nice, but it doesn't quite do
But the roof's finally fixed and we redid the floors
I'm still doing too much, maybe more than before
But it helps to keep busy, it helps to have something to do
All those things that we planned on but somehow just never got to

And I keep it together, I don't let it show for the sake of the kids
I wait for the quiet, save it for private like I always did
But I miss you so bad and I'm just so damn mad at you leaving like this

And Spring Road is quiet except for the song 
Of the birds in the morning and time marching on
So I while away at each day the best I know how
Birthdays will come, anniversaries will too
I will pass them all quietly, thinking of you
As I drink to your health, and drink to mine too and then sleep
Waking and wondering how all these memories will keep

Copyright © Rob Gable | Year Posted 2007