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Springs around the corner
what wondrous things we'll see,
bulbs popping up above the ground
giving joy to you and me,
time to tidy up our plot, lots of digging too,
weeds to pull, beds to hoe
lots of things will have to go. 
You have to be a little brave
if that rose you want to save,
but you will learn that over time
you've got to be cruel,  just to be kind,

The flower beds need a tidy
take all that dead stuff off the top,
veg plots being well dug over
hoping for a bumper crop.

Seeds to sow, hope they'll grow !
then the lawn will need a mow.

And when all the hard work is done
you can sit back and be pleased, 
wind , rain and sun you have grown all you need.

Copyright © jacque lee | Year Posted 2007

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bee hunting an art                                                                                                     line bees to tree sun or bait                                                                                             follow to honey

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2013

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Lyme Disease I


Be aware folks, its the
Season for lyme disease.
Don't just say "huh"
For this  does not cure with ease.

Spring raises up all that was dormant,
Its allergy season from All Types of bugs.
For all that rises up is but paramount,
To how you're giving cheerful hugs.

Observe for the sign and symptom,
From information to gain wisdom.
Bacterial deer ticks from the  ground,
Vegetable planters this is not sound.

Now what's all this about lyme disease?
A bacterial infection not cured with ease.

Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Rash, Flu-like symptoms, Fatigue, Muscle and Joint pains, Severe Headaches, Facial Palsy, Irregular Heartbeat, Abnormal sensations in limbs, Inflammation at many sites, Cognitive problems.


Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2016

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Spring Talk

Don't push me down with all your might I may recoil and hit you back
Sept. 25, 2012

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2012

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Kill Da Wabbit - Haiku

                    Kill Da Wabbit (a low IQ non fat Haiku)

carrot hangs on branch
kill da wabbit kill da wabbit!
C.I.L.L....... da wabbit!

*Authors note:  As you can see, the 5-7-5 haiku rules were broken here. (spelling rules also.)  The author does not apologize.  He is however, hiding from the haiku high command and related authorities.  He extends his apologies only to Bugs for any incongruities to the facts of the story and any misspellings that may offend or cause confusion.  

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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The art Of Spring

Bright blue skies on a spring day
Fulfills my horizon
Blue birds and robins pass me by

Mountain, trees, and animals
Priase God Abroad
The frsh air bring forth calmness
A quiet serene a waits my soul

Red orange and violets
Represents God's glory
Flowers slowly rise with the sun
And water crickets sings songs of glory

Fresh water arises with the scent 
Of of sweet savory of God's spices
Beach rolls in the lazy tide
I sit back and enjoy it all

The art of spring is glorification
Of all tings God created
He's the world famous artist


Copyright © Angela Wilson | Year Posted 2012

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Spring Sculpture

God's kingdom unfolding slowly,
Each tree and green leaf,
Reaching to greet the day,
A robin sits on a long branch,
Singing a beautiful song,
A blue jay spreads its' wings,
While sitting on a pine branch,
Nature to be admired and adored,
The faded grass restored again,
Appearing a dark lush green,
White snowdrops and purple crocuses,
Spring in bloom beautifying God's kingdom.

Author:Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

Copyright © Gwen von Erlach Schutz | Year Posted 2012

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 Spring into a breathing space;
 Feel delicate wild flowers brush against your feet;
 Wander into the secluded meadow;
 Stop to admire the gentle curves of Spring boughs;
 Relish them bursting with fragrant blossoms;
 Celebrate new life in abundance.

Copyright © Garba Mijinyawa | Year Posted 2005

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Soon everything will be growing.
Plants will be in bloom.
Rains will come down,
In April to bring May the, 
Nice looking flowers and,
Girls and boys will be out of school soon.

wrote 1-31-10

Copyright © Nicole Sharon Brown | Year Posted 2010

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spring be there

after the chilly weather is done , comes  awesome spring
breathing life into plants and flowers
changed is the  nature ,  roses ,carnations, lilies n gladioli greet  everywhere
delightful is the dew on them butterflies and bees  hover around
elated are the birds and beasts wishing spring be always there.

Copyright © bawa talwar | Year Posted 2017