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It's a Spring Morning

The morning greets me with birds at my window
They peck at the glass, 
they chirp and harass,
"The sun is up, the grass smells clean! 
The flowers so pretty they must be seen!" 

I pull the covers back up to my chin, 
the cold cotton pillow feels good on my skin. 
But the longer I lie here the more I realize, 
the coffee is calling; I really must rise.

With eyes barely open, I saunter about. 
The kitty is purring and happy as trout.  
My shepherds come running, their tails wagging fast. 
They want to go outside, and go running past.  
I open the door and nearly knocked over,
They run off the deck and into the clover. 

I walk to the table, 
all dressed with pink roses, 
waiting for barking, and kissed by wet noses. 
I smell the aroma of Colombian beans, 
my percolator singing, while I get on my jeans.

I'm feeling quite artful, 
the day has begun.  
The birds are still chirping, 
the yard in full sun.

The coffee tastes great, and as I sit here, 
the birds at my window, the cat in the chair, 
there's one place that's calling, with north light galore, 
just past the den, where Big Bear will snore.  
My studio corner, my wonderful place, 
where dreams are realized, and canvas to face.

The day has begun
It's a spring morning

-Mary Susan Vaughn

Copyright © Mary Susan Vaughn | Year Posted 2016

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Folks in rural Pennsylvania think that Punxsutawney Phil
is, by all means, that happy and friendly groundhog
that predicts the beginning of spring on a forest log;   
he's very smart and looks friendly when he wags his tail.

If his prognistication is right everybody applauds,
and awaits the arrival of the harmonious season;
what if he refuses to comply...will there be lauds,
or at least, plenty of food on his plate not too lean?

It's the annual rite of wishful anticipation, almost an augural
pretense that the happy season will be at their doors to spread harmony, 
but if Punxsutaweny Phil won't predict anything and wants to crawl
back into his warm den, there'll be a longer wait 'till he breaks his lethargy.  

Copyright ( c ) 20015 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2015

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An empty barn was the home of a dog;
outside buzzing bees attacked a tiny cat...
joyful was the song of a parched bird.

An hour ago, happy was the warbling bird;
no rascals bothered the skinny, smelly cat...
they didn't get close to the hungry dog.

Rain came and it worried the shivering cat;
spring showers were the joy of the bird...
he could have been the prey of the dog.

Sunshine returned: the dog barked, the cat ran and the bird fled.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2013

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Springtime Serenade

Dreaming with the sleeping pines
On a lazy afternoon
The sprightly finch chirps mating calls
How lovingly he croons
As yawning flowers open wide
Their multicolored blooms
Sweet aromas hovering
Cause butterflies to swoon

While feeble breezes undulate
The hammock to and fro
Brown dead leaves set sail again
Wild blue yonder blow
A woodpecker is tapping at
The next door neighbors willow
I'm sleep smiling and envisioning
That shady fishing hole

Awakened by a cold wet nose
Some friendly tongue and cheek
Sweet serenade of springtime
Sings me back to sleep
But old cold nose is restless now
And at a playful peak
I tell him on these lazy days
"Just let me fish in peace"


Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Suburban Spring

Suburban Spring	

	Springtime fills the air, 
			like laughing gas.
		(Or maybe more like whiskey.)
The suburbs are drunk on the nectar of it's dawn.
	Middle-class houses 
			are starting to dance.
		(Or maybe they're just wobbling.)
They vomit whole families onto their lawn.

			I watch them the same way dogs watch TV:
				Confused and intrigued, 
		with a slight urge to pee.

	The father cuts grass, 
			like a sleepwalker.
		(Or maybe more like a zombie -
Ravenous for cheap beer, instead of brains.)
	A six pack later, 
			he starts washing his car.
		(Or watering his driveway.)
He's spreading on wax so he's set when it rains.

	The mother kneels in dirt, 
			tending the garden.
		(More like digging in a sandbox.)
Her spade is rusty.  (Figuratively, at least.)
	A sunset later, 
			she cooks family dinner.
		(Or maybe orders some pizza.)
(If every mouth is fed, she can call it a feast.)

			I watch them the same way dogs watch TV.

	The son plays war games, 
			dying for fun.
		(Or maybe more for practice.)
He whines about fruit drinks, as well as the heat.
	A full pitcher later, 
			tweaking on sugar,
		(Or maybe just corn starch.)
the war escalates, 'til its time to go eat.

	The daughter makes a picnic, 
			inviting her toys.
		(Or maybe not.)
(Her plastic spread can only spread so thin!)
	After the tea time, 
			she's off picking flowers.
		(Or maybe weeds.)
(As long as they're pretty, there's a vase that they'll fit in.)

		They gather, as a family, at the table to say grace.
		They hold each others' hands and say, "Amen."  
			(And proceed to stuff their face.)

	The dog sits by the boy - 
			Loyal and true.
		(Or maybe just hungry.)
He drools as he stares from the corners of his eyes.
	After dinner, 
                     he offers to help with the dishes.
		(Or maybe he demands it.)
The boy sneaks him a bite.  The dog is not surprised.

	Bedtime comes soon after.  
			The kids are sent to brush their teeth.
		(Or maybe just to run the sink.)
They put on their jammies, and to bed, they go.
	After tucking them in, 
			the parents watch TV.
		(Or maybe they just dream they do, 
					sleeping in its glow.)

	The dog is changing channels, 
			looking for a better show.
				Confused and intrigued, 
		he pees on the carpet below.

Copyright © John Taylor | Year Posted 2010

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Shared Territory

             One lopes through 
his dense tree occupied domain,
  thinly dappled,dispersed stripes 
    dully on a soft fur coat,
  tongue lolling lazily in and out of
           a pearl toothed mouth

   Another careens widely across
       her vivid fields green fields
               wind flapping back
                     watchful ears,
             screeching to a stop to
                          sniff and 
                hone in on the scent 
                of a shivering quarry,
               jet black fur shining in
                           blazing light

               the last scampers neatly on
                       swift toes through
             his unknown vine-tangled trails ,
                   ever exploring the lands
               beyond his own vast territory,
                 unveiling whatever remains
                   covert to his curios mind

                  My dogs seem out of place
                                 in my backyard

Copyright © Ryan Chase | Year Posted 2015

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Spring fire poem

A flow of afternoon wind's cool as they step inside
cordially leaving its warming sun.
Beaches throw back subtle waves,
forgotten when in winter caves.
Friend's gather at long wooden tables built from 
surrounding trees as fire roasts this evenings feast.
Laughter is abundant 
while we sit under stars of a clear night sky.
Any problems are far away,
they seem lost and hard to comprehend.

Copyright © Chris cleverly | Year Posted 2017

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The eve of the hog

The eve of the hog

T'is the eve of the hog
And I'll sleep like a log
For tomorrow's the day
When the hog comes to say 
What the weather will be
For the rest of the year 

I shudder to think 
What the hog will predict
Six more weeks of winter
Or will spring quickly hither 

They call him Phil, and he's the prognosticator
Of when the weather will change to the primavera 
He's not a bat, a ferret, or mouse
His home's Punxsutawney 
And he lives in a house

He'll poke his head out, and might see his shadow
Then run in and burrow, like something's the matter
We can all hope the hog will hasten the summer
Cuz without this day, life'd be a bummer

Copyright © Ralph Balsamo | Year Posted 2016

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Dog Running Spring

How thin are master’s wishes
when he leaves the leather leash behind!
How every rutty road opens into woods 
pungent with smells a human couldn’t fit
into the nooks of his narrow nose. 

How slow two booted feet climb the hill
when four feathered legs can catch a cloud 
on the fly. How soft the cry of master, 
so far behind, lamenting that he can’t
catch April; that spring won’t bide. 

Copyright © Taylor Graham | Year Posted 2005