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Spring waters of delight

Cleopatra's Baths in Gocek Bay, Turkey*

Sail away with me in the sunshine
Follow me as I slide into the welcoming foam
Hold my hand as we search the shallow pools
For the elixir that kept Cleopatra so fine

Come lay down in the beautiful pool
Feel the spring waters as I caress your skin
The bubbles tingling against your spine
Open up your heart, let me lay within

I smell the muskiness  of lust
As I plant gentle kisses by the score
Your muscles tighten with my touch
Can feel your body asking for more

My fingers caress your forever hidden areas
Can feel the need for relief,
Your manhood throbs, my body gives you release
You sink into the shallow waters,  replete.

The famous cleopatra pools of Gocek Bay
Not sure if they make you beautiful to see
Yet  pleasure they surely give you as you lay
In the refreshing water here with me.

Penned 5 November 2014

* ancient bath house sitting in shallow waters,  Legend says that these baths were built for Cleopatra to enjoy the hot springs laden with minerals that come to surface in the bath area, by her friends as a present when Cleopatra spent time in this area of the coast which is now southern Turkey. Close inspection of the bottom sands underwater today show spring waters still gurgling into this area. It is the minerals in this hot spring water that ancient lore says contributed to Cleopatra's beauty.

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2014

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As I rise this day

As I rise this day,

thoughts of you go through my mind.

I thank you for another day,

I pray I can do things your way.

The winter is in full bloom Lord,

the chill in the air today is cutting

through the trees,

The branches are crisp and the sky is cloudy,

I pray the day is warmed by your touch,

Lord,I love you so much.

The day is beginning now,

help me to live a life today

that glorifys thy name.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

Copyright © Betty Bolden | Year Posted 2013

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A Silent Wave

A silent wave rushing inside my heart

Your hand leading me so far we won't depart

Your voice I heard in away that's taking me far

Into a silent wave rushing inside my heart.

Oh the thrill it was to hear

your voice so silent as I opened up to you

so wonderful this silent wave rushing inside my heart

I was searching for a answer to a question for so long

there it was a silent wave rushing inside my heart

Your voice Lord, in ways I never found

a silent whisper so very loud

inside my heart the silent wave replied

to me your love is so divine..

So when the shattered dreams are filling your mind

please please listen to the silent wave rushing inside your heart.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

Copyright © Betty Bolden | Year Posted 2013

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Your Glory inside

When I lay down the night before,
I woke up to find Your Glory inside,

When I woke up to find Your Glory inside,
I bowed down at Your feet,

I crossed over the Jordon and fell at Your feet.
I Praise You now and Praised You then,

When I woke up to find Your Glory inside,

how wonderful now when I woke to find,

Your Hand in mine,
Your my Hope Lord,

Your my desire,
My Savior,My King.

One day,when I lay my head down,

I will wake up to find,

Your Glory inside!

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright©!

Copyright © Betty Bolden | Year Posted 2013

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Clear Waters

The waters clear as I stand by the river

I see the reflection of someone long ago

As the storms come in I know I can't let you go.

Rain pours at times in this life you've given

But the shadows fade when my prayers have risen

Your love for me I've never new until now

When I see the waters clear, my reflection seems so near.

As time goes on I know you are near

Just seeing the way you help me stand

Just seeing the way you remove the fear

It helps my weakness seem so clear

That without you I am small

But as I take your hand, the walls get knocked down

The waters clear, the reflection I see now,

is you in me, this my Lord helps to make me free.

Written by://©Betty Bolden

Copyright © Betty Bolden | Year Posted 2013

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Fading night

As I sat on my porch

I gaze up in the sky

I see the calmness way up high

No breeze,and the sun is setting

I think of you and the smell of the pines.

I see the tall tree's so big in the night

I hear the chirps of birds so low

Night has come to all things outside

the end of morning leads to a new day

the shadows of winds so lightly they flow

seeing the  branches just take it slow

squirrels scamper to hide in their beds

bugs start to roam as night takes hold

now I will sleep and dream of a land

where we can hold each other

so safe by the sand.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

Copyright © Betty Bolden | Year Posted 2013

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Sierra Spring

Mountain flowers bloom
on sunlight dappled hillside-
my spirit rests

Copyright © Ijm seven | Year Posted 2016

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Light Fingers

Light fingers
touching blossoms
to the vine;

I've seen these
at sunrise;
when I took time
to pause... 

become silent

uncovering from a season's dark
I aired, opened
to new brightness....

Copyright © Joe DiMino | Year Posted 2016