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Fore'er without the pain, always apart,
As now with absent cast of yearning eyes.
Time's lonely quest to heal a wounded heart,
With destined end, to ash returns my rise.
My life ordained to doom in outcast fate,
The zeal of joy turned into woeful lies,
Confused a life in prime to dust abates
Defeats compassion past the silent cries.
From dreams of  love to useless life so bare,
Bereft attempts turned into grave desire.
No longer will remains, alone despair,
In end of all that was, of purging fire.

A lonely heart deceased in frozen cold,
No breath remains of ornament once gold.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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The freedom of life’s end without escape,
no place to elude the pain of despair.
So close was the notion of a black cape,
darkness to cover existence unfair.
The pain of love far more than life itself,
to bear in hapless sorrow of regret.
Lost in the false sense of my darkest self
tainted minds morbid reflection‘s beset.
Dejected self with mindless thoughts adrift;
no lease of life to feel the next morrow.
I was chosen to live by nature‘s gift
and find freedom from the fear of sorrow.
Restrained by realities painful wrath,
a search begins to find life’s righteous path.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2016

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I cut to see if I feel how it's like being human,
I cut to see the pain relinquish inside,
I cut for all the memories that remain to drain down in the sewage
What symbols life runs with death in that rusty pipe.

A slash here and a slash there,
What happened in the past?
A slash here and there,
Soon the memories don't last.

Scissors, knives, razors and sharp edges
keeps a bloody smile, no more weep.
Slice and dice, trim more than the hedges
And I don't care if I go to deep.

One scar closer to a never ending dream,
I don't care if I go to deep.

Copyright © Miggy Lomeli | Year Posted 2014

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The Beauty Fades

The sky above me, beauteous and blue
The trees around, cheerful with tops of green
The rays of sol, a joyous yellow hue
With awe, I gaze at this fantastic scene

Although, no beauty can last endlessly
The bright colors dim into somber shades
Stiff brown leaves wither off decaying trees
And now, in the dark, the pulchritude fades

The sky above clouds into a grim grey
The trees bare their wicked branches like fiends
The rays of sol, no longer warm and gay
 With terror, I gaze at this dreadful scene

It is time to rest, I shall be set free
The beauty is back, may it forever be.

Copyright © Omar Flores | Year Posted 2015

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A Swallows Tears

Held inside, my third eye flies through the bars 
of this cage. On wing am I, mated I fly,
my spirit undaunted by this earthly stage.
Hollow bones and hallowed heart in play,
I find repast within the air though bars 
contain this sage. With tearful eyes, I fly. 
With brazen line, I seek to find a stage, 
to portray the core of me, swallows play. 
A soul who seeks cannot be stayed by bars.
Great Spirit gifts each man a way to fly,
a bridge between his eyes onto the stage
the road open, to the place where Gods play.
Mother, mother dear, I can't live this way.
I drown in dreams and drink, I cannot stay.

After:Swallows by Benjamin Chee Chee 1974

*Sestina Sonnet
First published by Ekphrastic: Writing and Art on Art - November 2015

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2016

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Sensory Suicide

her lavender essence daily presents 
it announces her iconic presence 
hard high heels knocking past my office door 
her fast feet fleeting over the flat floor 

peaking rewarded me with a vision 
her profile store memory revision 
dear like head light looks reduce my stature 
I Velcro rip my eyes from her rapture 

I taste thick clouds of pheromones mid-air 
magnetism draws me away from my chair 
blind ignorant flawed emotions lead me 
to a place where love and life cannot be 

I hear my name but it’s just a mind game 
my senses cheat me to a dying flame 

Copyright © Just James | Year Posted 2016

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My life is gone

My life is done and no longer fun
When I'm here I have no time to spare
I have no fear and I am ready to disappear
No one will miss me when I am gone

The gun will ring one time and I'll be done
The fear of no one loving me isn't fair
Me disappearing is the time they will care
Today my family will lose their son

The fear of my family in the same pain as me 
Me dying is the new awakening of joy
Even though it's the end if my road

I can't bear what hell will do to me
But let them destroy my lifeless body
Please just don't let my body be shown at the end of the road

Authors Note:
Please don't commit suicide 
Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Copyright © Chris Richardson | Year Posted 2017

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Suicide Theory

What is it that I am really scared of,
If it isn't even the Grim Reaper,
It seems with his cloak I've fallen in love,
A shadow of man who is a keeper.
I could care less now about being gay,
Which is a reason I once swallowed pills,
In excess to die on a prior day,
When the words of others once stole my will.
Now without much to fear I ask for death.
I ask him for reason to be alive,
For want to maintain my exhaling breath,
To inhale what life can offer to strive.
Until I find worth in meaninglessness,
I fear that I will wish for lifelessness.

Copyright © Brendan J. Simons | Year Posted 2017

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As I deliberate on sliding this blade across my vein,
The blood flowing out might help ease my pain.
No one can save me from this pain that hurts to my soul,
These are thoughts that are out of my control.
It's like being in hell on earth,
No one realizes how bad depression hurts.
I love but never get love back in return,
I do everything to make someone happy but keep getting burned.
The tone in my voice the look in my eye,
I'm so serious I'm ready to die.
I'm so weak no strength in my bones,
When I'm gone everyone will be left with the unknown.
They will realize how important I was,
They didn't know it before because no one really does.
All I ask is for a little love,
To be treated nice and be peaceful like a dove.
My hearts racing as I contemplate,
Finally realizing what is really my fate.
I have no reason or destiny,
I know that I'll never be truly happy.
This pain is overbearing I can't deal,
No one understands that depression is real.
I think about the people in my life,
And if I did this all my loved ones would be in strife.
So I lay down the blade and never give in,
God wouldn't be happy for committing this sin.
The angels all happy singing in cheer,
Knowing that I'm being strong trying to overcome this fear.

 December 19, 2007
~The One and Only~

Copyright © Pamela Bland | Year Posted 2014

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The day I woke up
I will never forget
An enormous pang of guilt hits me in the solar plexus
I curl up into the foetal position
As I remember

The guilt
How can I face it?
Explanations will be expected
I will say it was accidental?
I didn't mean it
But I did 
And they found the note

I speak to a doctor
How do you feel? He enquires
I feel ok I lie
But he sees through my deceit
He is trained to discover my thoughts
He has a kind face
But can I trust him
I don’t want to be locked away

Can I tell him I feel angry?
That it didn't work and I don’t want to be here
In a world I am not good enough for
And a burden to those close
Can I tell him I am disappointed?
That no one will miss me
No one will care
So what if I die?
You don’t know me

Can I tell him I’m a terrible mother?
I did it to give my kids a better life
My depression clearly affects them
They deserve better than me
A life of happiness and joy
My state of mind prevents that
I feel so much guilt it kills inside
I have no money, our house second hand
I did it for them, my darling children
It is them I now have to face
Can I tell him I was happy?
The moment my decision was made
End my life and the constant pain
Peace for me  
Relief for my family
Knowing the end was near
I felt organised
A resolution found

Can I tell him I miss my loved ones?
Those who passed over the years
I felt that I needed them
To be near
To be loved
As I was
I feel alone
I imagined them all waiting for me
With open arms, smiles and big hugs

Can I tell him the guilt is too much?
I want to run as fast as I can
Jump of a bridge 
Or under a bus
I am gutted I’m here
I need to escape
I feel trapped like a wild animal
Awaiting my fate

But I will bide my time
Until no one suspects
“She’s fine just down in the dumps”
A cry for help
She just needs pills
Maybe therapy
Or just to talk 

No one will ever know
The misery and torture inside
That rips me to pieces 
Thwarts any chance of happiness
No light at the end of the tunnel
No hope of ending this suffering
A solitary silence I will hold
Until the time I get my wish
To be free, at peace, at last

So please don’t judge me
I tried my best but failed
I am not like you
I am weak
I am fragile
I cannot cope with what life gives
Many years wounded
Pain and suffering
In the dark and alone
I am damaged beyond repair

Copyright © Sarah Bryant | Year Posted 2015

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Remembering the holocaust, deep in the soonest dream 
Of a beloved is buried all my hope for you begun,
So I need not wait with oil and cloves to teem
Over the mind of history, or a silver gun –
Or gas chamber with the power on
When thousands surged and left their clothes behind
Bereft of rings and ornament which shone
As the glister of a tear, shedding was too kind - 
Not so bitter then, and as a lowered head
Bids goodbye, to a grim life, like the slowing eye
A candle gleam of light will haunt those dead
Who all past passing, can multitudes descry
In one poet living with expectation, thinking thrill was death
Which came, in the last sentence before your final breath.
 (on the anniversary of the death of Sylvia Plath, February 11, 1963)

Copyright © Rosemarie Rowley | Year Posted 2016

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Sea of Trees

They are silently screaming under the canopy
Of the hundreds of branches breathing aloud
Baying for the sky, the sea of trees
Beneath their veil lingers not a sound
Nor earthly remains of a thousand spite
Suicides—who may yet wander west
Through these woods, without respite,
Step after step in purgatorial debt
To the trees which they tainted with broken necks
And minds numbed in narcotic delight
As their veins became too polluted and wretched
And left themselves to decay in the daylight
Aokigahara, mother of permissive relief
	May your black trees shroud their endless grief.

Copyright © Samuel Lee | Year Posted 2015

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Bitter tears cascade down my face, hearing that you had taken your own life. Another teenage tragedy, I’m in dire straits - never again will we hear your playful laugh. The baby blues crept up on you so gradually leaving a tiny baby without a mother. We read about these terrible tragedies …. Someone’s father, mother, sister or brother. Your baby will have not be left alone, grandparents have willingly taken her. Now she is living in a brand new home; their lives are starting a new chapter Forgive me were the last words you said Death was the price you paid Contest- Forgiveness Sponsor - Craig Cornish My first attempt at a 'Modern' Sonnet 05~10~15

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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''Why must we suffer hardships and disease''

"Why must we suffer hardships and disease?"
we often wonder. Pain, adversity,
war, famine, death...our philosophy
cannot put the questions to rest or ease.
Depression, mania, infirmities
of the mind,--subjects of psychology
that are all causes of man's great misery...
the most tragic end of these maladies
is death by self. But we're not without hope
or God's compassion; today we can go
on with meds and good care: we learn to cope;
it's easy to lose faith when we are low
and in despair, but we are in God's scope
right now...this believe in and always know.

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2014

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Despair at First, but Hope at Last

Despair that pulls me down like gravity 
(like a black hole that eats up all matter) 
and leaves behind a hollow cavity: 
O God! My void's so great I'll just shatter! 
I can't seem to escape this emptiness, 
this giant hole in my sad, shipwrecked soul 
which starves for bliss, for that long lost happiness 
now thick and heavy like the pitch of coal. 
But, like to the star that explodes in death 
to give rebirth to its third, solar span— 
planets, moons, comets, asteroids, then breath 
to all life on this Earth and then to man, 
      so God gives me hope through this second chance, 
      this blissful, happy, reborn circumstance!

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2015

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In Utero

I ****ing hate myself and want to die.
In Utero, I deem inspiration,
but not sarcasm or imitation.
My anguish is authentic and a cry
for help, but why would people waste their time?
Not like their so-called justification
for concern is any indication
that they care enough to bawl, weep and cry.
Nobody will even care when I’m gone,
much less the violated deity.
For that, I am ungrateful and alone.
I scorned her body with a written piece.
A conclusion which should have been forgone.
Forgone like death, which should put me at ease.

Copyright © Codie Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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A Lover's Death

Drink a brief death she did 
As it drained her youthful soul
Disproving nature’s course and rid 
Her breath, she was no more

Lying eyes upon the face 
Of her doom ridden love
She chose her fate and gave chase
 Beyond her silken glove

In desperate love and desperate times 
Her tears caused a stir
Her father called for wedding chimes
And worsened the state of her 

At last came her dire fate as we did foresee 
She took a vial from her monk and said 
Romeo, Romeo, Romeo I drink to thee 

Copyright © Paige Hildebrand | Year Posted 2015

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All the time

I know you but I don’t know myself
Now I am lost in you with no hope
I knew you and your soul enticed me
For days I watered you with love
I created the complete love incarnate
You compelled me like a witch
I delve for your love portions
But all the time there were whispers
Murmurs of the sweet love dressed
With a ginormous smile that covered
My little dove I trusted with my life
I ran among turmoil of miserable life
Thou I knew that your arms had spaces
Let go of my love now so I shall see eternity

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2014

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7th Grade Memories

Wandering aimlessly throughout dim halls
As babble spills from around the corner.
Then there’s the knife in the drawer, it calls
For a slit of my throat with no torture. 

Eating lacks its former comfort and joy
When salty tears roll down onto your plate
Due to the disdain they’ll always employ
It crushes the chest like a giant weight 

Struggling to bear my life’s burden alone 
While grief breaks what’s left of my withered soul.
Until a blissful day written in stone
Shows me as a diamond pressed from hard coal 

Perhaps that moment will sooth my distress 
I’ll return to my departed finesse 

Copyright © Arianna Robinson | Year Posted 2015

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In this world of stress
Sweetie you stare around yourself
Scared and tired from the war in your head
I love you

A scar of ivory color disrupted by crimson appears
Internally I scream the words for you to stop
You carry on, holding yourself tightly
I still will always love you

Handed you was the blade
Tears were welled in your orbs of bleakness
Another scar of ivory disrupted with crimson
I'll still love you

Your eyes were have open staring at me
Crimson poured around you
The ivory was covering your arms
I love you still....

Copyright © Rachael Wade | Year Posted 2016

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Sonnet to Suicide

Go this way to dusty death, And to this way the ground. Abandon all your final breaths, And learn not to make a sound. Bury yourself up to the neck, And tie the noose's knot. Keep your feelings in the wreck, And allow them all to rot. Take yourself up to the cliff, And look over to the sea. Outstretch your arms; give them lift, And embrace the death to be. Darkness rules your once clear mind When you lend unto it all your time.

Copyright © Danny Stinson | Year Posted 2011

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The Art of Dying

Suffering torments a miserable life
Depression is the decay of the soul
The divine pain; abort with the midwife
Hopeless despair punctures a vast black hole

Choosing a method; entrusting myself
Letting the blood exhaust and fall away
At long last, bid humanity farewell
So gentle in peaceful silence I stray

The sweet waves of blackness swallow my pain
Tender oblivion; I grant nothing
Cold hug of solitude fades in the rain
All abandon with the touch of a wing

Alas, I am snatched back to existence
These arms cannot speak to my persistence

Copyright © Amy Ohare | Year Posted 2015

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Blood Red

A young boy stands, surrounded by shadows
Within the midst of a glittering blade
He says he can’t bare to see his morrows
Preparing for his final escapade

He indolently raises with a grin 
This shining dagger with its deadly head
The boy is committing his dying sin
This glistening dagger is now blood red

The boy falters to the floor; He’s now dead
He quickly realizes in disarray
He’s awoken within a fiery spread
Punished for the being that he would slay

He's trying to pray for his salvation
But he’s here for his deathless damnation

Christian Scott-Myers 11/17/2015

Copyright © Christian Scott-Myers | Year Posted 2015

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Death Of My Lover - Monsieur L'Vampyre

    Death Of My Lover - Monsieur L'Vampyre
Out of my bleakest darkest memory
that I'd endowed to what must be
there came a burning to my mind
as cold as life to me.

For all the will I had, and how I tried,
to find a place my soul could hide
where I'd be safe from all alone;
short of my lunacy.

In all the secrets of my love's desire
that first showed with her love for hire
I never knew her failing heart
would take her life from me.

In mine own madness when she died away
the tears I shed were night and day
in search of where she might have gone
where life just doesn't see.

There's not a thought I didn't call to mind
as possibilities for me to find
the place she died into that day--
and there -- love might send me.
© Ron Wilson aka veebdosa the doylestown poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2013

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Singing Vincent back to Life

(A sonnet for the Bath busker who made me cry)

Beneath the Stall Street Colonnades he sings
Of Vincent and his starry, starry night
The echo of his bright resounding strings
Infusing scintillating rain dropped light 
As weary shoppers rest and take a breath
His voice falls low and sweet upon the air
By painted shades of Vincent’s starry death
Drawn forth, an ancient sorrow hard to bear
Hot tears spring and mingle with the mist
And brim and well and fall upon the ground
In blues and greys, like Vincent’s canvas kissed
By grief and madness; blesséd joyful sound
Of one man’s voice, uplifting, sweet and strong
The grave of Vincent opened, with his song

by Gail

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2015

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Poet Thy Fear, Should Have Thee Cast Onto Page

Poet Thy Fear, Should Have Thee Cast Onto Page

Poet thy fear, should have thee cast onto page
Sank ink deep into paper for posterity
Others have endured despair and insane rage
Failure to act denotes not weak temerity

Now thee has deprived this world of thy heart
Acted in misery with greatest of errors
Tragedy of death allows no restart
Slay thy soul, ends not thy future terrors

As we grieve deeply, for both our great sins
That of indifference and its pain inflicted
O' that we poets have been true as best friends
Yielding not to our emotions conflicted

Now thee has deprived this world of thy heart
Tragedy of death allows no restart

Robert J. Lindley, 3-12-2017

Note: This poem was written as my reply to this great poet, now deceased and this 
commentary.. Specifically this sentence, 
(  In the title poem, Thomas says, quite simply: "I am afraid of what the world will do.")


"" In a letter, Emily Dickinson wrote: Could we see all we hope, or hear the whole we fear told tranquil, like another tale, there would be madness near.

Lady Jemutesonekh says, from her world 3,000 years ago, in the seventh, final septet of her soliloquy:

When I come home the garden will be budding,
White petals breaking open, clusters of night flowers,
The far-off music of a tambourine.
A boy will pace among the passionflowers,
His eyes no longer two bruised surfaces.
I’ll know the mouth of my young groom, I’ll touch
His hands. Why do people lie to one another?

In the title poem, Thomas says, quite simply: I am afraid of what the world will do.""

“Introduction” by Lucie Brock-Broido copyright 2008 by Lucie Brock-Broido. Reprinted from Letters to a Stranger with the permission of Graywolf Press, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Originally Published: September 24th, 2008 

The Rebirth of a Suicidal Genius
Thomas James died obscure at 27 in 1974, then became a cult hero. Now Graywolf republishes his lost, legendary Letters to a Stranger.
By Lucie Brock-Broido

Thomas James, a Roethke Prizewinning devotee of Sylvia Plath, died obscure in 1974. Now Graywolf republishes his lost, legendary Letters to a Stranger, and Lucie Brock-Broido explains her 30-year search for his poetry.

Book of the dead: Thomas James as a mysterious, haunted author resurrecting Plath's Lady Lazarus as a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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I Found Embrace Upon The Fields Of Death

I found embrace upon 
the fields of death
Upon the lamps that 
speak of lifeless rest
Wherefore I go unknown 
to wealth on breath
I wish Eden be mild to 
own my breast.

Confess'd I young to 
prowl in scarlet deeds
Against the bitter-sweet 
bestows of life
Against the written laws 
of Heaven creeds
To battle reason, strive 
and curl to strife.

The joy I saw imprest 
uþon my dreams
I wish to see today but 
see no more
A sky of clouds a-float the 
cheerful streams
Or glorious smiles myself 
had living bore.

I wish the nests be laid of 
To dine in Eden's arms 
and flee the fire.

Copyright © Mustapha Mosi Gomina | Year Posted 2013

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May You Live in Interesting Times

A lonely creature content just to be,
Allured by the rooms that hide in the strange,
As one would see fit to rest with the sea—
Where time after time, we pine to exchange.
These fields that I lie in— seethe with regret,
These doors only lock from the other side,
If only the light had shone to forget—
The moon may have spurned to play with the tide.
But nevertheless, the chamber beckons,
The aether of now is wretched and frail,
Heaven and Hell will both drain the seconds—
For this shall renew my heart— either trail.
So, scatter blackbirds! And behold the door!
As nothingness splatters across the floor.

Copyright © Lxnnnie Rutledzh | Year Posted 2016

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Blue Dress

She walked across the room in a blue dress.
But a glimpse of her in my eye’s corner
Set my blood alight with fire - I confess,
Her ghost marked my heart, left me a mourner.
The silver skin sparkled, and so we dance’ -
Until alas, midnight did come to pass
And the clock rang so loud it broke my trance.
I awoke and found myself by a glass
In which I saw naught my own reflection.
The darkness inside ate away my soul
Leaving me without my one affection,
And killing any remnants of self control.
In her death I had lost... this game, myself...
Left my bloody tome for dust on a shelf.

Copyright © Alex Grimm | Year Posted 2017

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Suicide Escape

Sitting here listening to voices unclear,
Not knowing why she does what they say,
She sits down and listens in fear,
Holding herself, she will try wishing them away.

She tries to reason with the voices,
She says they’re not really there,
They say she has two choices,
She argues that’s not fair.

Her parents think she’s crazy, they worry that she’s lost it,
It causes too much pain for her to see the tears in their eyes,
They fear that one day her wrists she will slit,
She knows now that they see through her smiling disguise.

Her mind the Devil will rape,
As she plans her sweet suicide escape.

Copyright © Ashli Gilbert | Year Posted 2007