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The Fickle Path Of Love

Along the fickle path of love I weep
For patience has been tested many times;
Deceit has broken hearts and now they seep
Fulfilling pages void of verse and rhymes.

Why does the past bleed into life with you
And echo thoughts I cannot leave behind?
I’ve seen the love you claim; it echoes through,
From peaks ne’er seen before; no more confined.

I should have known you’d never do me wrong,
Play hurtful games the mind cannot endure.
But I am no artwork or perfect song,
Just woman, strong and sometimes insecure.

Forgive the doubts that plague me now and then,
Your love has brought me to a state of zen.

03rd December 2016 

Copyright © Nicola Byrne | Year Posted 2016

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Shall I Compare Thee to Your Mother's Arse

Shall I compare thee to your mother's arse?
Thou aren’t more lovely, but more flatulent.
Rough winds do shake it; and bring on a farce
And all her clothes hath all too short a rent

Sometime too hot-headed of hell doth burn,
And often is the true nature exposed;
And every foul from fowl; my stomach churns,
By reason, or by nature's raging closed.

But thy infernal diet shall ne’er start
Nor gain possession of which now I grasp;
Nor shall we meet again; let’s stay apart,
When in eternal sounds the voice does rasp,
So long as men can breathe or eyes can cry,
So long lives this, and I bid thee goodbye.

Copyright © Flippant She-Creature | Year Posted 2012

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I'm Sorry My Love-An Almost Sonnet of My Deepest Admiration

Lying in the meadow on a long afternoon
I press soft against you and start to spoon,
but the lump at the base of your spine has now grown
(vestigial tail , I guess) presses hard against my places unknown,
so rolling you over and with gentle caress,
your yellow scaled elbow, I adore, I confess,
I trace the large bump on the end of your nose.
I just love the coarse hairs and, how subtly it glows.
You sniffle so sweetly, as never ending it runs,
as of lipstick, thick mucous coats your lips, and you have need for none.
So I lie next to you, of your beauty I want more,
admiring your features, almost all I adore                ...only one I abhor.

So, though shallow I feel, it saddens me greatly to know I must leave you
for the one thing I hate, I'm sorry my dear but your eyes are      just      too      blue!


Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2016

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Glowing Cloud On Mountain Top

Glowing Cloud On Mountain Top

I met you there, so very full of grace
single rose in your shining raven hair
Radiance beaming from your sweet face
couldn't stop myself, I had to stare!

Every moment since, forever treasured
nights glowed on, your smile a star
Everything since that night measured,
love raced in deep, like a speeding car!

Now time has given me such great sorrow
Heaven welcomed your spirit on in
Misery my food, heartache my tomorrow
forever gone my lover, my great friend!

Glowing cloud on mountain top now dances
I gamble that climb and took my chances!

R.J. Lindley
Oct. 16th, 1973

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Not Even Time

These broken, shattered pieces of me are aching
My selfish heart cracking and breaking
Can the healing of the rain
Ease your undying pain

Like a brat I helplessly cling to you
Unaware of just what my venom does to you
Until it is too late to take back the sting
To change this monstrousness I have become…this thing

Never once did you really hate me
And alone I never wanted to be
But my deranged mine created a scenario…a belief that you did not want me around
And I pushed you away…shoved you to the ground

And I can never undo this hurtful crime
Nothing can make this guilt and pain go away…not even time

Copyright © Rebecca Larkin | Year Posted 2012

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        February 13, 1945
Pathfinders lit the night to show the way
for bombardiers too hungry for the word;
as Dresden's dark was made as light as day,
all hearts were stopped before the blasts were heard;

and as the din was heard by all their ears
the sound it made was not reality
but far removed from all the hopes and fears
and what they thought would never come to be.

They loved the Fuhrer--sin enough for all
to die the fiery death of sweet revenge
brought on by those who had enough of gall
to drop their loads in wartimes heated binge!

       And when the fire consumed all that it could
        the winter of their lives was understood.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2012

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I Was Wrong

To have sent you out of the home,I was wrong
though I didn`t have the mind of doing it,
Your false accusation was a serious hit,
I was vexed and constantly slapped you for long,
Yet,the love that we share its still very strong,
I was drunk and almost fell into the pit,
You held and pulled me up and placed me on ~seat,
This baffled me and made me sing a new song.

For long,I`ve abandoned you and made you cry,
Please,let the old love burn in your heart like fire,
And allow me take you on my wings and fly!,
Fly..over hills to fulfill your heart desire,
For having pain and sorrow,I can`t deny,
Please!forgive me and let`s move a step higher.

CONTEST:"I Was Wrong" sponsored by Nancy Jones.

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2013

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I'm Sorry, Billy Shakespeare

I despise sonnets, and they despise me.
So obnoxious with their fourteen line rhymes.
I’d rather be attacked by a banshee
Than be subjected to my mind’s rhyme-crimes.

Fingers tapping to the ten syllables.
Dead to the iambic pentameter.
Now I’m praying for the running of bulls.
A better poet would make my freezer.

o, I know Shakespeare would be so ashamed
To read the words that lay upon this page.
They do not stand to the man they are named.
A Shakespearean sonnet on rampage.

I know the man himself would not agree,
But thank God for rhyming dictionary.

Copyright © Kara McLain | Year Posted 2012

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We should communicate in poetry
eliminating all anger from us
anger kills just like guns in this country
we must bring peace here without any fuss

doing away with anger is the way
many will say anger is a good thing
because Jesus showed anger in his day
but the world has change the angels won’t sing

hine the light on all our dark thoughts right now
I do believe worldwide peace is able
since Satan is waiting with his big plow
I was taught all sins were forgivable 

sorry is so much than a simple word
it’s a way of life your soul’s only sword

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2014

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The Shy

   I have pets in the streets
   Some cat, some dog...

   I have friends, that I never talk.

   I have darlings, I have loves,

   I have never touch.

   In my dream, from away, such...

   I am afraid to fondle  a cat


    I can hurt.

    Or my friend...

    I have loves, such I love them

    From far in my heart,

    So that someone  can separate.

    Like a guilty,  forbidden somebody, 
    a shadow.

    I love them in my dream,

    They never know.

    So that I love you, I can not tell; what hell.

Copyright © Leila Anka | Year Posted 2013

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To hear you again

Set child, listen to your elder's story                                                                          often as you can for we are but men                                                                               A time to live a time to die sorely                                                                                   in life to always do good, my friend:                                                                      Written books are ink and pen, by a hand                                                                       So harken more to do the good, when told                                                                 Living letters never to hold again                                                                                   is far better to hear a voice of old:                                                                                for prose can write anything to get their way                                                                  living histories of the feelings told                                                                                     are fading, grows from youth to old but stay;                                                                  before you pass a place you can not go                                                                          To heed my grandmother's words, I said no                                                                      always to do good I fail but I know

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

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Frozen pipe: leak, puddle, flood
                        basement soaked!

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2009

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The day I woke up
I will never forget
An enormous pang of guilt hits me in the solar plexus
I curl up into the foetal position
As I remember

The guilt
How can I face it?
Explanations will be expected
I will say it was accidental?
I didn't mean it
But I did 
And they found the note

I speak to a doctor
How do you feel? He enquires
I feel ok I lie
But he sees through my deceit
He is trained to discover my thoughts
He has a kind face
But can I trust him
I don’t want to be locked away

Can I tell him I feel angry?
That it didn't work and I don’t want to be here
In a world I am not good enough for
And a burden to those close
Can I tell him I am disappointed?
That no one will miss me
No one will care
So what if I die?
You don’t know me

Can I tell him I’m a terrible mother?
I did it to give my kids a better life
My depression clearly affects them
They deserve better than me
A life of happiness and joy
My state of mind prevents that
I feel so much guilt it kills inside
I have no money, our house second hand
I did it for them, my darling children
It is them I now have to face
Can I tell him I was happy?
The moment my decision was made
End my life and the constant pain
Peace for me  
Relief for my family
Knowing the end was near
I felt organised
A resolution found

Can I tell him I miss my loved ones?
Those who passed over the years
I felt that I needed them
To be near
To be loved
As I was
I feel alone
I imagined them all waiting for me
With open arms, smiles and big hugs

Can I tell him the guilt is too much?
I want to run as fast as I can
Jump of a bridge 
Or under a bus
I am gutted I’m here
I need to escape
I feel trapped like a wild animal
Awaiting my fate

But I will bide my time
Until no one suspects
“She’s fine just down in the dumps”
A cry for help
She just needs pills
Maybe therapy
Or just to talk 

No one will ever know
The misery and torture inside
That rips me to pieces 
Thwarts any chance of happiness
No light at the end of the tunnel
No hope of ending this suffering
A solitary silence I will hold
Until the time I get my wish
To be free, at peace, at last

So please don’t judge me
I tried my best but failed
I am not like you
I am weak
I am fragile
I cannot cope with what life gives
Many years wounded
Pain and suffering
In the dark and alone
I am damaged beyond repair

Copyright © Sarah Bryant | Year Posted 2015

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   To Err Is Human

Would if I could, earn a spot
in the farthest  part 
of your bleeding heart
to bridge the gaping chasm
that for so long separated
and kept us apart.

What fate does the future holds
for a weary father growing weak and old;
while the whole story has yet to be told?
Through the prism of my aging tears,
rainbows color the present delight
radiating in the remaining waning years. 

With a love that is pure and divine,
please forgive the painful err that was mine.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

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Beautiful Lies

December 18, 2012

Beautiful lies known as little white lies
yet one is no more deceptive than each
The truth is what makes it afraid of light
It's important we practice what we preach

Imagination built on lies destroy
Imagination built on truth create
Conquering evil we try to avoid
Tooth fairy, Halloween, Santa abate

Perceptions and images make it real
Origins of Pagan rituals true
We've wandered down this path for a bum deal
Now more lies are created all brand new

The mask behind a beautiful white lie
is the truth with a constant shield, but why?

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2012

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Some Advice in This Sonnet

Some Advice in This Sonnet

A few words of advice in this sonnet:
Don’t hurt, if you too don’t like to be hurt.
When bad deeds return, you might regret it.
So watch your deeds, and take care of your words.

Always know that from above you’re being watched.
On your right and left are angels writing –
Collect whatever good deeds you may lack,
To please God and meet Him while He’s smiling.

Avoid supplications prayed against you,
Especially those of righteous Muslims.
Beware of everything you see and do –
Know that on Judgment Day, you’ll be questioned.

Obey Allah’s Rules, and good you shall get.
If you displease Allah, yours is regret.

Miriam / Mariam Mababaya

Copyright © Mariam Mababaya | Year Posted 2012

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A Father's Failure

The great wish is that we shall never feel,
Dark as the shady thorns over the yonder;
Beating hearts of gloom just atop the hill
Men with rage they neglect the ponder.

Oh, it were I was happy fool as any
Content to play the game of dull pretense,
Specious are these moments for so many;
Truth tales of lies to their own bitter ends.

Some would weasel that amends could be made
Bed is done lied in, for shame has come in;
Son against father with sharp verbal blade
Killed a command,  instead honored sin.

Yet in the dark, light still filtered good through,
Heaven and hell, God above only who knew.

Copyright © Tim B | Year Posted 2012

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One More Day, Lord

If I just had one day left in life,
I'd rid myself of anger, envy, strife.
I'd hug those I loved dearly through the years,
And kneel to God, crying with bitter tears.

My prayer, dear God, extend my days to live,
For there's still one more person to forgive.
It's me, that comes regretting my despair,
Having lived a pauper's life seemed unfair.

I wanted to travel across the lands,
To see mountains high and the ocean sands.
How can I forget untraveled highways,
And be content at the end of my days?

For all that needs be done, God gives grace.
Fretting life ends, with hopes of better place.

Copyright © Virginia Mitchell | Year Posted 2010

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Sorry to my past

For, ages past, I finally peeled out my illusory shell,
   Roaming about naked on the surface, where my mind was covered with cloth made of rust,
Thus, regurgitate all my words swallowed, spit it back at me, for, it's rusty dust,
  Use your shovel to dig off my steps, as my theories have finally fell.

The night stars abound, reminds me of glittery gold, strive to vain
  A hearten statue sitting all day long on the city centre, lift the mess caused to rare fame,
O! Material like moss, I gathered the same,
 Homage to no image, but their seeds I struggled to feign.

Coldly, boldly, I sent acquaintance running farther from my adventure,
  For, my new tongue blabbers of no race's language,
Will I adapt to this life?, as I console my tears of unknown future,
 Will the past vapourized? Never to surface in my newly age.

This I ponder, as I wander like Crusoe in an empty field,
   Sorry to my past, because it what life yield.

Copyright © Chidozie Uche | Year Posted 2012

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I'm Sorry Freedom

I’m sorry my dear heroes for our shame
For mothers’ empty tears that now go by
For curses braved so cowards sit and cry
For surely there is someone else to blame

I’m sorry that your glory became lie
That freedom was an easy thought to tame
That while you fought our leaders played a game
That all the hopes of yesterdays now cry

Like flocks of sheep to terror in we cave
To eyes and ears that watch us everyday

Arrested cause our clothes hint misbehave
Our children searched in streets they used to play

Those dreams of liberties whose cost were grave
Are freedoms we now lightly give away

Copyright © Martin Kloess | Year Posted 2013

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I'm so sorry

I can write with my hand that I'm sorry,
but it's hard for me to say it with my mouth.

That's why I wrote this poem.

Boy I know I've really made you a clown,
but not only a clown a joke of the fools.

I know what I did was wrong,
that's why I'm asking for forgiveness.

I can't even eat,talk,face and sleep,
because I've made you a joke.

That hurt me too much than it's hurt you.

For me and your mom you are a foxy rose,
a rose that grows in a light of God.

What I did is wrong,I know
that's why I want you to forgive me.

Copyright © Tokollo Kalake | Year Posted 2017

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One Night Stand

One Night Stand

My head shout it out,
My eyes clouded out,
My thoughts moved to treason,

My hands did not freeze,
I was brought to my knees,
My voice did not follow reason,

I stuck around,
Sitting on a flound,
Before I carried it out,

Parting my soul,
Fulfilling the whole,
Time I'd better get out,

By, Nick Evans

Copyright © Nick Evans | Year Posted 2016

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Coldly Alone

It's when the night gets cold
I miss you the most
With no ones there to cover or care
It's when the night gets cold
My thoughts flood my brain
Your image takes such a strong hold
I have no control
It's when the night gets cold
I ache for you the most
Wanting to be so close
But no one near to see nor hear
It's when the night gets cold
I miss you the most

Copyright © sandy wilson | Year Posted 2010

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What is Truth?

I tried to follow some Truth and Moral
Now I sit here like I had no option
I thought I had to love every pal
Life has been tough, I thought my friends were gone

How could spirit stand by my side – you know?
Nothing, I mean nothing meant my pathway
What I gave I got back like I sow
Every bit and flesh of me should turn hay

Love, hate, feelings, everything seemed so dead
This my place was like after a havoc
I had no hope to find a soul to wed
Madness is my latest hope and stock

What then is Truth, what is it all about?
I´ve had enough of searching: this I shout!

Copyright © Lis Lovén | Year Posted 2005

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If all I had left to live is twenty-four hours

If all I had left to live is twenty-four hours
I will plant a green garden with flawless flowers
I will pick for my friends and fans some red roses
I will be ready for that home more glorious than the galaxies

I will never be sorry and sad but be grateful and glad
For a life well spent with my family… mom and dad
I will thank God for making me fervent and faithful to the end
Before I finally fly, I will bid farewell to my foes and friends

I will take account of the lovely and lively life I’ve lived
I will say a sincere sorry to all those I have grossly grieved
I will pray for the hopeless and helpless men and women
I will ask God to save them from the devil’s deadly den

If I had one day left to join the holy angels that hail hallelujah!
I will make my heart and hands ready to sing and hail hosanna!

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2010

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The loss that cost

You finally lost your feelings for me
I turned away, I´d lied to you: you left
You were ´him´to our gang: I was She
My restless notion of you was false theft

Again, over and over, something´s there
A finger stir an acupuncture spot
Losing is nothing to me: that I dare
I turn mediocre and you´re not hot

Analyzed Sex is coldness, I should know
From Gigantic thrill down my this and that!
I was not that cute that I could tip-toe
I looked for a Man under every hat

Take this(!): leave me to null and nudity
There´s void in this hell: I vomit on pity!

Copyright © Lis Lovén | Year Posted 2005

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I was blinded to the autonomy
   Of the actions committed in the time
Moonfall hesitated, and did not see
   Malice in the eyes that were naught to be mine.
The crescent curves of a smile's sliver;
   Indecision of skin, rancid and smooth;
Plush sentences congeal as I quiver;
   Thoughts so careless, teeth dripping wir'y sooth.
My sight could not pierce nightfall-scathingly
   Battened down were my mind and eyes, depraved
by sour medicine dreams filling me,
   Unwillingly, with satire not staved.
The birr which I painted your portrait with
Disenchanted my world, a cause for death.

Copyright © Jenna-Nichole Conrad | Year Posted 2012

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I'm Sorry

Dedicated to my best friend; I'm sorry Laura. May we never have a fallout again... 


My deepest apologies my dearest friend,
I hope we are on the mend.
I never meant the words I said,
And to lose you would render my heart dead.

It was all in pain when anger rose,
And every day my guilt grows.
Sorrow clouds my spirit,
Accusations it whispers, I can hear it.

From shallow dreams and haunting nightmare I wake,
I’m afraid I cannot fix this mistake.
Oh can you forgive me,
Or is our friendship not to be?

My heart lurches for the pain I caused you,
My best friend, to make this right again I’ll do what I have to…

Copyright © Rebecca Larkin | Year Posted 2012

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Lost Love

The words of a heart felt letter "I love you I didn’t do it", fading into ashes.
The flames of the hostile words "I know you did it, admit it slut" devouring and edging the pain.
I stand, broken in shattered bits, my heart washed away by the rain.
Words of love actions of hate, "Drew don’t you see that it clashes?"
It is done it is over, turn by turn a wave of relief then despair over me crashes.
Mine, yours, ours, words of love, amore’ it is now my bane.
This heart of mine traveling a one way street in reverse, in the wrong lane.
Togetherness taken for granted in its death throes our relationship thrashes.
The wrath within loosed on a dying soul.
Eternity of blackness snuffs out loves last flicker.
This barrage is not you speaking but the words of your mistress Meth.
Venom of anger and distrust conjured by your other love has taken its toll.
Seething eyes burn me, his stinging tongue whips me with one last snicker.
My affection crumpled my heart empty, descending, and falling, fading, death.
                                                                                                           Summer Gratias

Copyright © Summer Gratias | Year Posted 2011

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A dance of death, a greedy chore
     Trapped inside these creature comforts;
A chance of life may become a bore
     Outside this pleasantly right hurt.
But, soft and fair, though, of the skin,
     In flesh a silent malice lies
Dormant, unnoticed, not used in
     Context. Still, touch me as day dies.
And you, a ghost I cannot touch
     By reaching out to Heart or mind,
Caught up in this sweetly rush-
     Jaded: Nothing else left to find.
Superfluous and flushed, we breath
In gusts, unable to be free.

Copyright © Jenna-Nichole Conrad | Year Posted 2012