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Adrift On An Amber Sea

In quest to find respite and solitude
I drift on the light of an amber sea
It's there I pray in words of gratitude
for a life that's blessed with serenity

Riding on waves where only peace prevails
gently lulled to sleep by swells as they crest
Tropic winds flirt with my billowing sails
I dream of feasting as Poseidon's guest

This peaceful voyage calms my heart and fears
Quiets the distress I've felt in the past
There's never a threat I will spill sad tears
while my anchor of burdens is not cast

I shall sail upon this sea in my heart
without the need for a compass or chart

August 28th, 2016

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016

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The Baptism

The Baptism

Like a baptismal rite, the waters flow
upon the sandy shore marred by the feet
of travelers. There in the golden glow
of sun where sky and land and ocean meet,
each scar is washed away by the deep reach
of blessed waves poured from the font-like sea...
here liquid spirit bathes the pitted beach
and leaves behind unblemished purity.

I walked along the water's edge and saw
the prints I made, which in a moment's time
were gone...the shore, agleam, without a flaw...
and I exalted in the holy clime,

as if my soul, like scarred and trampled sand,
was mended by the blessed sea's great hand. 

Sandra M. Haight

~2nd Place~
Premiere Contest: No. 203 
Sponsor: Brian Strand
Judged: 09/16/2016

~5th Place~
Contest: Memories of the Sea
Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst
Judged: 05/15/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Into the Gloaming

The sky prepares the sun for night
where drifting clouds are slowly steeping 
in tepid pools of waning light
where soon the moon will find her sleeping

above a field of wild blooms 
where evening shade is gently seeping
into the brush where sunset looms
beyond the reach of shadows creeping

along the ground where light rescinds 
past silver groves of willows weeping
teardrop-leaves that ride the wind   
to dusty skies where stars need sweeping.

Through the trees, the breeze is roaming
like a breath into the gloaming.

Written: 7/29/2013
For Andrea's "One in Three" contest

Copyright © Heather Ober | Year Posted 2013

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Jean's Peace

Inside a temple Jean sits quietly,
clothed in radiant white from head to feet,
soft pale hands and a Bible on one knee;
a smile she beams on each who take a seat.
Within the room is finest polished wood;
all is clean, and the walls reflect the light
of purity, which sought, is understood,
for here abide the honest and contrite,
and peace resides to blot the worldly strife
they’ve left outside; sweet solace eases pain.
Each soul here can reflect upon his life,
for godliness and solemness do reign.
It’s in the temple I envision her
once the Spirit does her heart bestir.

Note: Jean is my mother's name.She is a very
spiritual person who enjoys the peace of the temples.

March 4, 2015
For the Pick a Subject Contest of Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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Seeds For Peace Sonnet collaboration with Silent One

When I say peace, what comes into your mind?
Some fantasy, a world where there's no wars
No soldiers setting foot on foreign shores
Where weapons of destruction aren't designed

My thoughts on peace are vastly more refined
I think of nature's song which has no score
The changing of her seasonal decor
The moon and stars, in silence, as they shine

And yet you ask,"Well, what about world peace?"
If you'll recall that's just a fantasy
Man's lust for gold and power will not cease
It's time to face up to reality

I realize my thoughts are so unkind
But that's as close to peace as one can find

Hatred will steal your heart just like a thief
let the beauty of love set your heart free
Who you follow does not matter to me
but beliefs should not be forced to cause grief

Life can be fragile like an Autumn leaf
a journey that reflects moods of the sea
Yet, strong leaves return on each naked tree
and waves become calm when reaching a reef

Get rid of ego, do not let it grow
love is the hope for the future we breed
Poets pick up your pen, let your ink flow
together we can heal those hearts that bleed
Words are a force, if unified we sow
which lay foundations for a peaceful seed

   written by Daniel Turner and Silent One

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2017

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Rhythm of a distant song

The storms were strong with the wind fierce and the waves high
Always trying to stay afloat, to not drown and try to learn to fly
Survival became a way of life, to make it through opposing current
While I spoke the truth, they lashed at me, twisting what I meant

It was cold, so cold, many times in the middle of the dark night
When everything good, seemed to be completely out of sight
Then one day when the sun did rise, he suddenly came along
I could hear the rhythm of a soothing, comforting, distant song

The waters calmed like a mirror of glass, I could see reflections
It had been so long and I didn’t have the usual objections
It was different as the scenery slowly evolved and changed
As I adapted to new things and my thoughts were rearranged

Although without wings, I was flying, but no longer alone
Across the sphere of clear skies, where the wind had blown

Heidi Sands


Copyright © Heidi Sands | Year Posted 2017

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If Love Does Not Live (Sonnet for Celene Crescent)

If love does not live so that love may live,
Wrecked on rugged rock like a pirate ship;
Tiresias speaks to hearts—no love to give,
Darkness and void with no inspired lips;

If love is quashed short of its golden prime,
Like dinosaurs smashed by a meteorite;
Crushed from its age of blossoming on time,
Like breath strangled from life not to unite!

Then O’ love, send me Pegasus to ride,
Spread your wings—lift us to Zeus in the sky;
Touching constellations with them abide,
Creating cherished crescendos for weepy eye:

Lightning life beaming love from golden clouds
Descending passion upon earth erasing shrouds!

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2010

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The wind is an easel of darkened hue 
Under hanging clouds, my breath meets the sea
Where tears on night’s air linger to review
This pain once needled by love’s trickery.

Like a wing that rises on one blessed flight
Across the shores of hope trilling a dream,
Its fragrant air hums gently to rewrite
The end of sorrow wiped by a moonbeam.

And zephyr flings its stars , its promised grace
In hymnal joy for my essence, now whole;
Like a child of strength this gift I embrace
As tears become holy drops that console.

When life is pierced by rainstorms that invade
I think of wind chimes as my serenade.

Janice Thompson's Pen A Sonnet On It
Submitted 5/27/2016

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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Perhaps when the last bough has sailed away
And I stand here alone on twilight's plea,
I will remember each and every day
When gentle eyes kissed fears so tenderly.

I cherished our seasons through pain or shine
You opened love’s vessel to catch dawn’s tide ,
More than a father, a gift of lifetime
Until night cuddled wisps of your last glide.

A thankful song brings memories’ relief
Defining not what life is all about,
So sing with angels and take flight so brief
And will my wings to climb without a doubt.

This breath now calm on our hometown's lagoon
A journey far where your face lights the moon.

Shadow Hamilton's Contest:
In The Name of Love


Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2013

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At Peace

To listen to the world with my silence,
And feel the breath of life move in an out.
To search this quiet with heart's abidance,
And touch the soul, to free the dark of doubt.
To see the peaceful motion of flowers,
As they dance in soft breezes without care.
Feel warmth from sun's light that gently showers,
Kneel at the altar of my soul we share.
In green meadows of my heart I will lay.
Caress my soul in holy interlude.
Within this silent calm I will stay,
And find peace in temples of solitude.

I'll calm the restless soul, quiet its storm.
Beautiful its world in its purest form.

contest solitary moments
music used..Once Upon A Time In The West
by Andre Rieu..violinist

Copyright © Frederic Parker | Year Posted 2016

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Peace, Joy, Contentment

Bright stars that shone behind the clouds  
Magical fireworks lit the sky
New hopes and dreams danced round unshroud
While uncertainty tore the heart
Leaving stains 'pon the blue lined sheet
New Year can be an awesome start

Peace, joy, contentment slipped right through
An assurance no matter what
Everything good will soon breakthrough
New Year ride the light of sparklers
Dance round uncensored and uncut
Break off borders, release blinders

Bright stars that shone behind the clouds
Peace, joy, contentment slipped right through

Written: January 02, 2016
Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Contest: Cornish Sonnet
Theme: New Year~~~Think outside the box!!!
8 syllables per line( If I can count to 8)

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2016

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Islam is Peace

I'm a Muslim whose voice remains unheard.
Peace was the first thing I eagerly learned.
Peace, the world's main hope and ambition,
 Is the ultimate goal and name of my religion. 
"Peace be upon you" is my all-time greeting
To everyone I run into or see at a meeting.
Love, the world's greatest aim and ambition,
Is the be-all and end-all of my religion.
Our Prophet once said, "Shall I tell you what to do
to find love, let there be peace among you?"
Let there be peace and love will grow.
Faster and stronger than all we know.
Islam is peace that leads to love
If peace is there, so will be love. 


Copyright © OMAR JABAK | Year Posted 2015

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My Perfect Christmas

I'd like to spend my Christmas by the sea
Where ocean foam piles up like drifting snow
Green coconuts were ornaments on trees
And eggnog is a very old Bordeaux

The ocean would come caroling each night
Waves shimmer just like tinsel in the moon
I'd swing on ev'ry star 'til they left sight
Absorbing all the peace one could consume

And if old Santa happened to drop by
We'd talk a little treason by the fire
I'd ask if he could tell the reason why
Peace all around the world would not transpire

But what I'd like is not what I will get
I'll stay home and have Christmas with my pet

   by Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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All Through Tuscany

The afternoon outlined. The sunny strokes
of a samurai blade on her body
revealing things the eyes feign see.
Tempted, wounded, the virgin parchment floats
between her skin and satin cloak.
Artist; afternoon, craving company
draws her inside-out so innocently,
on purpose leaves the yolk indwelling.

The painter in the corner moans,
he jealous of the afternoons artly
sensual oration.
Improving skin, bare olive tones
of subtle pastel, the moment partly lost
to the constellations.

Copyright © Jim Marshal | Year Posted 2010

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Peace Not War

Peace Not War

We dream of peace on Earth…what is this peace
We yearn and pray for in our life?  We think
Of days when wars no longer threaten, cease
Our actions to enjoy our freedom’s link
To all God-given rights of man of Earth.
To live unburdened, free as it should be,
Each person has an equal chance from birth;
Survive without the fear of 'fight or flee'.

Though many live their days in harmony
With peace and love the center of their goal,
World leaders bear the cross of keeping free
All nations from disastrous wars and toll.

We wonder will this miracle ensue… 
And pray that peace on Earth someday be true.

Sandra M. Haight

Contest: Promote Peace Not War
Sponsor: Silent One
Judged: 10/27/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Freya's Peace

My vision this is Freya in her house; a pastoral tranquility the sound surrounding pretty Freya and her spouse. A gentle cloud, she floats around and round, moves room to room, and drifts upstairs to down. She has no need to fret or rush about. A countess she can be and don a gown; inside her ballroom dance and not go out. And in a garden spot, when troubles mount, perhaps she sits; for solace, writes, head bowed or dips a brush in paint, and by her count is showered with the all that love’s allowed. For in the lovely manor, on its grounds, imaginings and dreams can know no bounds. Written 7/7/14; Freya is a real person I know; but her manor is my imagining. For Elly's Encore - anonymous positive new sonnet contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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Keeping The Peace

Let me tell you what I’ve found, my brother.
The nice guy is the one that’s the struggler,
because the ones who are not, take it for weakness,
and slyly, cowardly, go in for the jugular.

Please spare yourself and don’t try to explain it,
Those cowards court evil like a diabolical cupid.
They haven’t a clue, nor do they want to.
As the ole farmer says “ ya jest can’t fix stupid.”

Shake that well trodden dust off your feet, 
Christ’s Gospel is preached by the way we act,
Let’s not get caught up in the worldly ploys.
Come back to Christ’s Kingdom. Let’s stay on track.

Better to be ill thought of with your Christian flag unfurled,
Than to lose His precious Peace, a priceless God given pearl.


written for the real  contest of Life and Love 

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2011

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Releasing Me

The choice is mine, to spend my time where seagulls sing for me
A day to play beneath the sun, have fun and feel no shame
My chores undone, but my heart is won by everything I see
Not often have I felt so sure, or found a cure to claim

I'll leave behind the pace the grind that keeps me on the run
Without a doubt, I want to shout, and thank the sun above
I'll hide away, and have a day, perhaps if only one
We are meant to have a miracle, a moment's breath to love

To pull down shades, on a sunny day, and grieve of life's demands 
are not for me, I'll smile instead, assured of something more
Beneath the sky, I'll watch the waves roll in to wash the sand 
and put on hold the old routine, that bores me to the core

To find myself, a sense of peace, a second step begins
All by myself, I will release,  the breath I've held within


Battle of the Honorable Mentions Contest 
Sponsor: Richard Lamoureux 

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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Field in Retrospect

There’s a path of flowers I glide across Such a beautiful color made of gloss Orange pieces of delight made to pass Within this meadow that is long to last The blades of grass are surely tall with pride Turning colors from green to brown inside There’s a lone tree in the sight of the field Where orange and red leaves become its build Flowers impact this field in retrospect Looking at it from my past with respect Power of the flower is prominent Secure in my heart which is dominant Orange is the color of the plant’s choice Field is glad of their presence, they rejoice
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Natures Carnival

From the fairest fresh of spring,
beauty thrives in blissful wonder
so do with youthful invitations cling
to arms that cast this spell I'm under.

All dreams replete in perfect rhyme
before a single furrow's sewn
in no less mockery of time
the hand of God hath surely grown.

If left to peace and of its own,
this will creates by its device
for purpose pure, its poem known
that leads the way to paradise.

Choices lived in festival,
Captivate life's carnival.

Copyright © Charlie Smith | Year Posted 2017

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One Senior's Sonnet

One Senior’s Sonnet

The feelings are frozen, fetid in time,
Decisions denied to the dwindling mind;
Possibilities piling like lengths of twine;
Acceptance of aging cannot be blind.

Duties demean while trying to hold on;
Where hides the help while faculties dim?
Will compassion kindle the fire now gone?
Can joints jump for joy in arthritic limbs?

The sun is sinking in a twilight red rest.
Peace being pursued is allowed conquest.
And tasks like talisman line up in rows
In order opting one by one were chose.

The frightening fear of morning’s trembly dawn,
With prayer and persistence is dead and gone.

Copyright © Sunlite Wanter | Year Posted 2016

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The Power and The Glory

When all our tomorrows have faded away
And memories gather around
When shadows are long and the shades hide decay
When stillness is swallowing sound

Still we’ll have no idea where we are bound
And still we won’t know what to say
As we ready ourselves to go into the ground
All worry let go and resolved

All misdemeanours and onus absolved
At the top of the circle the end of the line
Seeing the face of the moon has revolved
And altered the measure of time

Thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory
Mine is a twist and a line in a story

Copyright © Tony Devers | Year Posted 2016

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Moonlit Peace

Like fingers, lovely birch tree shadows play
on virgin snow like hands upon a sheet;
so bright the moon, it seems like light of day,
yet stars among the forest's members peek.
And ... while my love lies pleasantly at rest,
I dream awake and contemplate my muse,
enraptured by this scene on winter's breast,
where thoughts are drawn and peacefully diffused.
So now, I look upon the face of time
and all my years of life become but one.
In timelessness I feel my spirits climb,
where thoughts of love and life can laugh and run.
Now I am left at peace and free to be,
there lost within the moon's tranquility.

English Sonnet

Copyright © craig cornish | Year Posted 2017

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The Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation perfects baptismal grace

The Sacrament gives the Holy Spirit to root us more deeply in divine filiation

Incorporate us more firmly to Fr. Christ

Strengthen our bond with the Church

Associate us more closely with her mission

Help us bear witness to Christian faith in words accompanied by deeds

Like Baptism imprints a spiritual mark or indeliable character of the Christian soul

For this reason one can receive this sacrament only once in one’s life

A candidate for Confirmation has attained the age of reason must profess faith

Be in the state of grace

Have the intention of receiving the Sacrament

Be prepared to assume the role of disciple

Witness to Fr. Christ, both within the Ecclesial bond

Annointing of the forehead of the baptized with sacred chrism

Written 09172012

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2012

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It`s peace in the forest, this night…
All stars gathered in the same breath;
The frost`s wolf chatters his white teeth;                                                   
 Mourning old trees are all covered by light;
The wind increased his obsessive white;
Neighbors: the snowmen and a glass stag 
When night is finally waving its white flag,
Dreams are hanged by luminous white of the height.

Winter buried its face in frozen white lands,       
Long Snow drifts grew like glass clouds above       
And covered the village and half of the church;    
Sun seems a squeezed lemon by white hands.                                                 
Milk dawns, glass blower speaks slowly of love;     
White field sounds with crows near one silver birch.

Copyright © Ovidiu Bocsa | Year Posted 2012

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Sufficient Unto the Day

Let the evils of the day suffice to themselves,
And the dark not descend to deeper depths.
Let our better angels draw their subtle breaths,
To softly sing of virtue 'round our souls' deep wells
As the nightfrost bears the spectral knells
From distant, dreaming, timeworn towers
Slowly marking magical hours,
Casting secret shadowspells.

Let slip our barqes upon the sea of dreams,
Above those deeps where memory sleeps.
Unloose the furrowed, careworn brow
As our ship above soft wavelets streams,
Unheedful of the kelpy deeps
Beneath the brightness we call Now.

Copyright © William Masonis | Year Posted 2013

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The volatile excerpt reads “The behead-
ings that were carried out by the Isla-
mic State of Iraq and Syria, the 
rage of hate is a control factor for
the power of the leader to be sup-
reme.  Is this the measure of mankind?
The rigor-mortis that lay before us
is a terrorist creed dogma time clock.
None the less than government formed through doc-
trine of Qu’ran and Sunni stated to 
be the divine order of all the land.
al-Baghdadi caliphate is mercen-
ary to the faith of the Middle East.
The rage of hate must be depleted now."

R oused was the first leader and destroyed.
a l-Baghdadi came on board.
G ruesome guerilla killed woman, man, and child for his caliphate.
E quality must be palpability today.

F ear that is caste by ISIS.
O ften is not considered by the people as a terrorist.
R egards are to the governess.

P opulations are nations
E volved to roam.
A spirations are not known.
C aliphate has formed.
E quity and identity is commercial paper shown.
Penned February 27, 2015!
This poem is a sonnet that is emphasized via an
acrostic for the desired effect on the stated form.

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2015

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South Africa xenophobic insanity

South Africa  xenophobic insanity 

I have a shame to say I am South African now,
Look how barbaric is our fellow citizen are,
What a damage they have caused to our country’s image,
Image that one man spent 24 years in prison to create it,
They call it democracy, how it came they forget,
Dozens of our freedom fighters spent their life in exile,
What is exile we don’t even asked ourselves,
They spent their lives in outside countries illegally,
Fighting for this freedom,
They were treated with respect,
Treated with dignity,
And received any assistance in their endeavor ,
Endeavor to fight for this called SA,
Assisted by them we now call foreigners,

It takes foreign country for us to deliver the export,
It takes the foreign country for us to receive the import,
It takes the foreign country to boost our economy,
Whoever is a refuge must be treated with respect and dignity,
If you know how it feels like to starve, sleeping in cold, killed, suffrage and etc
For once put yourself in their stand,
They are people regardless of their status, legal or illegal,
Help them and love them the way you can,
If you are a human being in right mind,
Listen to their story how they landed in South Africa, their trip,
We are not sure if this democracy will last forever,
What if we starve in future and forced to become foreigners in their countries,
Or we need their assistance, financially or materially,
What about our businesses in their countries?

I believe anyone who is xenophobic is insane and need urgent mental evaluation.
Love your country and other countries as well, 
Love foreigners, help foreigners like you will like to help your neighbor or relative,
I repeat the above lines a million times. Human must feel for human.

Copyright © Mulaudzi Ndifelani Eric | Year Posted 2015

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Empty Cafe

Thought of the once busy café gone dull Brings me ideas that at once I’ll mull Not knowing the reason for the escape I strongly desire to join the landscape The lonely feeling is what I soon want Semblance of a café is what does taunt I enjoy empty seats, I love the peace Do they make enough cash to pay the lease How long can this sentimental time last Will it take me beyond and to the past Not a soul is coming, I’ll enjoy this The enlightenment brings me total bliss I don’t know why this café is empty I enjoy the calm and real harmony Russell Sivey Contest: CAFE MUSINGS Sponsor: nette onclaud 1/27/2014

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2014

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Swim These Fields

The trees expand right over the water Bringing awe, perfect brightness to the sound The free-flowing brook moves swiftly over Eyes can capture the young feelings abound I enjoy the emotion that’s around Loving of nature is proudly encased Moisture by the emanating fog's sound Towards a peaceful life that’s interlaced I will always go cherish this day here No other time nor place can sure compare And my heart will always exist right here Forever I will swim these fields and lairs Tenderly open your eyes towards me So when I come near, you can surely see Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2014