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Down Fall

Within the warmth of home, I sit amazed
at the gentle fall of snow through window pane.
Cup of tea in hand, my layered thoughts unchain,
and tumble from the tip of tongue unfazed
to land upon a pristine page appraised,
aided by the silent fall through snowy pane.
Oh, the soft white wintry glow 'pon the lane
leaves a graceful drape, Lord be praised.

Within the warmth of home, I muse on themes 
of days to come and those gone bye and so,
I thank the Lord for all of nature's schemes,
for the gift of time, for peace, and for the snow. 
Oh, make the blanket deep, I wish to dream,
may all my days and 'morrows have this glow.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

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A Rainbow Sings

A Rainbow Sings

Prismatic rainbow graces sky many ways
 with brilliant hues of multicolored rays
 picturesque goniochromism sings to decorate
 a ketch with Tyrian purple sails out late

Sepia hue tinges this kaleidoscopic scene
 monolexemic shades threaten to richly preen
 majestic phenomena seen in sky embraces
 mists, vanishing clouds and aurorae traces

A Rayleigh Scattering sets rainbow apart
 miracle that sends opalescence to impart
 this sky mingling multitude of colors now 
 as red, orange, purple and yellow take bow

Interwoven within this prismatic awe inspiring view
The hopes and dreams of gentle poets like me and you!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-10-2014

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

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The Scent of Water

In the Christmas Freeze of 1983
Mama thought she lost her Oleander tree
Some called it a “bush,” but at 14 feet tall
Its shadow cast wide on her home’s southern wall

How she mourned the loss of this beloved plant
She begged the Lord for any blessing He’d grant
The freeze ended soon, though her tree appeared dead
The scent of water each day clung to its bed

On January twenty-fourth, the call came
Dad said mom entered God’s heavenly domain
A neighbor had found her, lying in the yard
Next to remnants of a plant she’d not discard

In May a miracle appeared to occur
The strong plant revived, as if waiting for her

*True occurrence based on my mother’s death, January 24, 1984.
Poem written July 12, 2014

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2014

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Super Sponge Soul-Soul Consciousness

In a Continuum consciousness far beyond
In a timeless time of pre existence
Waking wonders that unfold and respond
With the Kingdom keys of less resistance...

Seismic secular Soul secretions
Creating many learned living legions
Chaotic Cosmic consciousness swirling in Majestic masses
Super Sponge Soul absorbing the Multiverse of gases

Dynamic DNA dancing strands of phosphate spice
The blueprints of our creation double helix shall suffice
Spiritual Soul the embodiment of a specified source
Collective Consciousness through out the human course

Dark molecular matter that we cannot see
Is the Love, the galactic glue that is to be.

Why is it necessary that Soul consciousness be achieved while in the physical body? Is this the purpose of our souls being encased in a physical body?

Contest By Catie Lindsey

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

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Drink Thee, Cool Water From Hope's Bright, Clear Streams, Part Four

Drink Thee, Cool Water From Hope's Bright, Clear Streams
      ( Hold True, Hope Shall Reward Thee )

Hope soars so far above earth's highest peak
miracles given the strong and the weak.
Rest thy weary soul in Hope's dear reprieves
not in man's vanity that so deceives.

In Love and Mercy's realms, Hope's truth resides
maintain thee faith to make colossal strides.
Obey thy heart, hold true to thy sweet dreams
drink thee, cool water from Hope's bright, clear streams.

Look forward in that O' so brilliant Light
walk thee not in blindness of despair's night.
In heart's deep desire, rests Hope's great treasure
by deep faith, receive thy fullest measure.

With candle lit, fear not night and dark pain.
On that true path, Hope will always remain.

Robert J. Lindley, 5-11-2017
Part Four-  of Hope and its greatest treasures.

Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables: 140
Total # Words: 110

Note: This the fourth of the five to be written, was extremely hard for me to compose. I hope it has not disappointed and has maintained the high standard
of this 5 part composition on the great treasures Hope  so often rewards the faithful.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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My First Hex Sonnetta

My First Hex Sonnetta

Sweet Angel Jessica


Sonnetta the Witch

She lived far away from the village below
Deep in the woods, high up in the sky
Where mountain mists flutter on by
She was an old skinny lady of a strange persona

There were rumors in the village center
That she was witch who called herself Sonnetta
The children all cowered around mother’s legs
When Sonnetta would come to trade her herbal dregs

It was said she could turn people to frogs
Her brews could make men tremble and shiver like dogs
She carried a wand disguised as cane
Her wrinkled old nose told you she was surely not vain

She cooked her potions in pots, as some have said
Shed wasn’t afraid to cook a poor child’s head
Smiles were never seen on the old witches face
Villagers looked at her in utter disgrace

So when a child of tiny proportions
Was born with life threatening ill distortions
They hid her from the witch and her evil spells
Need be they’d hide the poor child in the village well

Sadly the child was slipping away
The underworld was preparing her a bed
The villagers and family, distraught and with dread
The tears of a mother flowed thinking child was dead

Sonnetta was in the forest so deep,
Contemplating life’s horrors and secretly she’d weep
For no child should leave the world this way
What could she do, with the villagers she held no sway

So she focused her herbs and potions and spells
To inspire her mind to conquer and quell
Her heart was bleeding for the child so blue
She knew that her magic this time might not do

In the black of night, as the clock struck twelve
She recited a hex and hoped, time would tell
By the morning of sun rise, the old witch new
In her dreams the child thanked her, and blessed her too

Child's health restored, her smile so new
This little girl saw the light and she knew
The villagers had no idea the hex that cured
This little girl one day, would tell her tail

High in the black forest, where miracles grow

Dedicated to Jessica, her sister and brother, three angels with smiles that reach to the heavens. 

Today they sang me a song; tomorrow I am sure they will change the world. 

A controversial topic for sure, however I will post a link, and regardless of your views, any time we save a child, well, I hope tiss not only I with tears.

Thank you Dr Sabba

scroll down to youtube video

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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Sonnet to the Christ

That the brilliance of His majestic ways
and fire that burns from His white-hot eyes
give light to space of infinite, vast size 
and shine on martyr’s endless lift and praise;
that the grace He shows them endures and stays
in them and keeps and seals their lips from lies
for hearts and minds to remain pure and wise
and give His Word divine, angelic raise;
that the millennial Kingdom's earthly time
arrives after end times' brief, labor pangs
and saves God's children from sin's filthy grime,
so they who were tempted by Satan's gangs
will live on in glory and in their prime
once Christ defangs the Serpent's deadly fangs!

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2013

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Bucks County Sunset at Stover Myers Dam

You see beyond the line of darkened trees
into red layered clouds of golden hue,
as setting of the sun makes light to please
observers of the art it's coming to;

a stillness comes upon a silent heart,
and words, as distant as the powder blue
beyond the tapestry, are still a part
of evening sky that night is coming to;

the jack-snipe dips in tune with how it feels
to know this time is almost yesterday
as darkness comes along, and then it steals
the words your heart could never find to say.

And as the world waits for one more sunrise
another majesty will light the skies.

© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2016

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The Green Little Miracle

Upon a tree, the one tree, in the field,
Branches and leaves hang loosely from the trunk,
Providing protection to those concealed;
A soft leaf provides an egg with a bunk.

The small white shell sits in the settlement,
full of distrust, remorse and betrayal.
It has been abused by the elements,
one of mother nature's fallen angels.

Close inspection shows a crack on the side,
seemingly abandoned by any kin,
it fell far from home with the wind's high tide,
yet a small noise can be heard from within.

The white shell splits at the crack with a cry,
Now free, the little green hummingbird flies.

Written: March 21st, 2015 at 11:00 EST

Copyright © Veronica Capo | Year Posted 2015

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A Prophet In The Fire

He was young and one
Amongst millions of one 
He believed in One 
The rest in more than one

Prophet Abraham peace be upon him 
Faced their king Nimrod who has a whim
Of forcing his people to worship him
Abraham challenged him
And defeated him

The king was so mad but still
He ordered to make a fire hell
And Abraham was taken to a hill
They throw Abraham into it by a mangonel

But Allah (God) said, "O fire, be coolness and safety upon Abraham"

Copyright © Arabian Poet | Year Posted 2015

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Unlived Things

In the repository of unlived things,
I find unquenched love,
A tarnished wedding ring,
An old baseball glove,
A half-sketched dream.

The sore sight fills my eye,
An oil-soaked cloth of faith,
Restraint against sin piled high,
A picture of Jesus laid to waste,
So much regret, I begin to cry.

Behold, I see a new start,
An infant’s wiggling toes,
A chest of breath and beating heart,
Courage clamors and fresh breath bellows. 

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2014

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Faster Than Night

In seeking ways to beat the speed of light,
what folly might be there, to let it be,
obnoxious to the core, we let it go
to never realize a dream the warp can see.

The death we all must know; the naughts and ones,
so fast, we never come to understand,
quite physical, much faster than the sun's
removing who we are to who's been planned.

Our space, still limited, dark matter slows
until there's more, creation by God's plea
who reasons life goes on, but never goes
beyond the limits of our mystery.

  Dark energy, propelling speed of light
    has reason for  the need of ending night.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2014

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Abide here now with lovely grace:
Light our way here when times look dark,
Opt to endow this time and space;
Voice hint that stays to stroke a spark,
Extend a touch that brings healing;
Love funds this field where form takes shape,
Yoke a fond nudge in sure blessing.
Mind helps to yield the harvest grape,
Incline the heart to know such things;
Reach for a quest that comes to show,
Allow fine art to flood bold fling;
Charm with deep zest that sparkling glow,
Live mindful trust with miracle,
Embrace you must grand oracle.

Leon a Enriquez
17 September 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Soft Whispers, Blowing In The Wind

Soft Whispers, Blowing In The Wind

Sweet whispers, blowing in with the breeze
wizened words of HE who must be praised.
Sheer serenity, setting troubled soul at ease
gently reminding me of how I was raised.

As those words sing in rhythmic rhyming tune
I feel an invisible hand hold me steady.
A soft touch of divinity on this night in June
assurances, my heart and soul are ready.

Sweet whispers, they sing to me so very loud
songs that praise the One that is Risen.
Yes, his love is that which we should be proud
HE, that released our souls from dark prison.

As life gifts me, these whispers to hold tight.
Love and joy now blesses me with all its might!

Robert J. Lindley , 06-22-2015

Note-- Sonnet from my private journal.
Presented to give back to others and offer thanks
for my many blessings.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Hope Came One Day, Like A New Cool Spring Rain

Hope Came One Day, Like A New Cool Spring Rain

Heartache deep, it was breaking granite stones
sun eclipsed on that raging fateful day.
He felt it, the blues down deep in his bones
lost love hurts, love hurts, as they often say.

She came on like lovely dancing whirlwind
such awesome beauty in her raven hair.
Becoming his hot lover and best friend
now he finds her love lost is just not fair.

He aching for days on that summer beach
and beautiful visions of her deep joy.
Her gone, life sought to miserably teach
realization she was never his toy!

Hope came one day, like a new cool Spring rain.
Any broken heart can find love again!

Robert J. Lindley, 10-30-2015

Poem Syllable Counter Results

Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	17  (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	 
Total # Words:	109

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Align pure heart to know the truth:
Mind that deep thought that shows you how,
Yield then sure art with lovely proof;
Sense inspired lot right here and now,
Thrill in the glow of fragrant times;
Intent meets grace in brilliant finds,
Come to know flow in vivid chimes.
Magic fills space with love in kind,
Indulge the gift with easy airs;
Rise up to speak from humble grounds,
Ask joy to lift your flame and flair;
Choice helps you peak as health abounds,
Live the right way with faith and hope,
Enter each day as love sculpts scope.

Leon Enriquez
03 Fenruary 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Rude Awakenings No Longer Deferred

*This sonnet was majestically composed in collaboration with the lovely and brilliant Rose Gregoire.

How long was I asleep like a proud bug
deep in her nest? All of my life was ease
and wealth until I became a bit smug—
and all about was hunger, dearth, and disease! 
So cozy was life that I was content,
snug, self-assured, sure, and self-satisfied
without awareness of my confident
pride and the fact that I was gratified. 
Crash! Why is my world so swiftly shattered? 
My hopes and dreams quake, rattle, and quiver!
Clattering are my hands; my luggage tattered! 
Collision strikes as I now shake and shiver.
      From above—life goals now reveal with brute force: 
      I'll forge ahead anon without remorse!

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2016

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Miracle Trump

November, 8th is a witness of a mystery
A common man emerged from nowhere
Into the boxing ring he dashed
Without gloves, without experience

The world laughed, booed and cooed
But the miracle Trump clenched his fist
Forward he poked his head for a fight
The fight began and the world mocked

Veteran fighters, comrades watched in disbelief
Enemies carried banners for censorship
Members of his club described him a joker
But the miracle Trump pushed on smiling

The first round he delivered a knockout blow
As the opponent prepared sausages for victory feast
The joker became a hero, a name in every household
And left the world rolling heads in joyful confusion

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2016

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sexual love

Sexual love 
What do you do when your lover is a thief?
What could I do smitten as I was by her sexual allure
she looked like Marilyn Monroe but lacked her
honesty and innocence while my lover as a taker Marilyn
was a giver, but what could I do?
She was a sickness a cold that would not go away, I often
left her in anger vowing not to return, but I did
despised myself as I sold my car to keep her in style and
expensive restaurant.
Every bad situation comes to an end she knocked
down by a speeding car, the one I had sold.
With my last money I bought a big wreath her mother cried 
I was glad she had gone which brought on a depression 
because no one had done it as good as her.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

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Meet the crazy with the lazy;
Enter a space that feels hollow;
Time marks hazy oddness sickly;
Await new face as time swallows;
Misty moments minding message; 
Open pages in cold mellow;
Resting movement reaching passage;
Pry life stages in odd shallow;
Here a spiral way of looking.
Intuit a glow that fashions more;
Dance a tribal pace of living;
Enjoy a show in glimpse before;
Appeal to form that functions well;
See the whole norm in art that dwells.

Leon Enriquez
12 May 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Ask now to see truth and beauty:
Mind and heart know a better way,
Intuit sound proof in soul set free;
Reap a fine show in light that plays,
Align with joy that weaves all cheer;
Charm mellows now with words unsaid,
Love does employ sure peace right here;
Embrace endow in feelings paid,
Move mystic mind to bridge the gap;
Opt to be still to see things bright,
Meet vivid finds in sure mind map;
Echo firm will that funds deep flight,
Now feel the seed of certain poise,
Transcend each need as faith hurls choice.

Leon Enriquez
06 March 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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A Miracle Seen Again, and Again

At the water’s edge comes a hint of light
The frogs settle in as the crickets sing
And birds awake for their morning flight
Preparing for what the day might bring.

The morning glories will bloom at first dawn
They’ll open their faces to greet the day
As diamonds of dew glisten on the lawn
And animals wake to come out and play.

Once again the sun will drive out the gloom
With golden rays to warm the earth below
Since the dawn of time all of life will bloom
And vibrate with joy from its brilliant glow!

Sunrises inspire your day to begin
A miracle seen, again and again!


Copyright © Betty Janko | Year Posted 2016

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The Miracle of Marriage

The miracle of marriage is for real
No magic like an ever after tale
A mystic rite that has a fuzzy feel
A myth as fair Verona's fate will fail

For very deeply rooted in our soul
A selfish pride that makes impossible
To share our life with one is not our goal
It is in truth love's greatest obstacle

He came to grace a simple wedding feast
And by his word turned water into wine
A sign of greater cause he meant was this
He came to change us by his power divine

For as a tree unchanged will grow new boughs
A love that alters not yet alters those 
Who at the altar kneels with solemn vows
And bows to him to bless the life they chose

   The real miracle of marriage is
   To give yourself to only one is bliss

Copyright © Jun Gonzales | Year Posted 2017

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Mind seeks to know,
Imprints of thought;
Rest in fond glow,
Apt streams allot;
Calm faith knows joy,
Love wears fond grace;
Explore fine ploys,
Meet profound space;
Opt just to be,
Moments bring health;
Expect and see,
Notice grand wealth;
Time here is brief,
Sense beyond grief.

Leon Enriquez
03 September 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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I Once Lived

I Once Lived

I once lived in darkest shade of deep pain
Breaking hard stones racing against the grain
Savage echoes, I then happily stored
To be released later when I was bored

Method to my madness, I needed not
I lived to give back, as good as I got.
No worries about any future cost
I reveled in this darkened path so lost. 

Nobody said, I don't give a damn, more
Few worried less about the final score
Then time finally brought me up to speed
About life, love and searching soul's true need

Now heart demands I give up bad desires
Stay true and squash those hot burning fires

Robert J. Lindley, 12-30-2016


Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables: 140
Total # Words: 108

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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The Miracle of Your Sweetness in Seedlings

Tranquility from your eyes, so golden
Panoramas in orange with violet clouds
Those magnificent dreams still unfolding
Secrets fill the skies with spirits aroused

While the mountains embrace the green valley
Your softness and sweetness evoke my thirst
You snuggled up in my arms with many 
Thoughts that the love birds do verily perch 

Mindfulness is wrapped in your kind nature
Lovable hugs that you give away free 
Like a white flower blossom in nature
When your hands work at liberating me

In our center circle, we play our parts
We're seedlings gathering our sunny hearts

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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That Winding Path, Full Of Saddest Sorrows

That Winding Path, Full Of Saddest Sorrows

I walked that dark valley, death echoes ringing
gone were sun's rays and sweetest life singing.
That winding path, full of saddest sorrows
Barren ground, full of no more tomorrows.

I lingered not, for its black chills at my heart
turning back, too well hidden was my start.
With crying plea, I begged for relief
Answer came back, seek more in thy belief.

Then Light blasts opened ancient delusional eyes
sun reappeared in bluest of skies.
Strange, this came in about so very fast
suddenly back, my heart and soul was cast.

In blink of an eye, miracle had been performed.
Whole once again, my spirit completely reformed.

Robert J. Lindley, 1-06-2017

Syllables Per Line: 12 10 10 10 0 12 10 10 10 0 12 10 10 10 0 12 12
Total # Syllables: 150
Total # Words: 	108

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Seek to know truth in simple ways,
Urge joy to fill the path of choice;
Boom shows clear proof of wealthy days,
Live zesty thrill where cheer frames poise;
Instruct dear heart how feelings flow,
Mind is the gate where thoughts converge;
Endow each start with art that shows.
Move to cast fate as faith greets urge,
Intent the best in profound spark;
Rate your own good with blessings grand,
Arrive sans jest that poignant mark;
Charm styles your mood right here my friend,
Laugh at the spills of crazy daze,
Etch how you feel in this sad maze.

Leon Enriquez
07 November 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Moments of grace come forth to greet;
Insight springs choice as tact knows wit;
Realise your place in tale you meet;
Attain sure poise as pact sparks hit;
Calmness makes clear true sense of sight;
Love prompts the way to happy scents;
Embrace good cheer as faith sees light.
Mind what you say in joy's ascent;
Observe the flow as magic starts;
Make what you will of acts that ground;
Express a glow with cheery heart;
Now just be still as hope sculpts sound;
Trust in the law where love funds dream;
Sense beyond flaw true grace that streams.

Leon Enriquez
12 June 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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My Princess

Let us learn together what is good 
As the tongue tastes food 
Upon whom doesn't rise his light? 
When at noon they groped as in the night, 
With words that lack insight. 

There's a dark place where gossipers can hide 
A word was secretly brought to me in a side 
But my heart is freedom you promised on oath
 to your dwelling 
You've once searched for death more than hidden treasure 
Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous pressure

For hardship doesn't spring from the soil; 
Nourish skin of your thought like olive oil. 
We've peace with God thru Jesus Christ, 
Thru whom we've gained access by trust. 
Breath of the almighty gave me life 
From the cage of my ribs he created me wife

I'm freed from out burst of ages 
Though I'm nothing but dust of ashes. 
Now that I've been so bold to compose 
poem to you, 

Hypnotize me with kind of divine doctrines I like 
Untreating the righteous & the wicked alike.

Copyright © Lunga Mokoena | Year Posted 2017