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Sonnet Marriage Poems | Sonnet Poems About Marriage

These Sonnet Marriage poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Marriage. These are the best examples of Sonnet Marriage poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Sonnet |




Innocent sweet child, so blessed with love.
Smile of a little girl, behold and seek
the joy of life’s pearl, to feel her mother‘s love.
Stroke of her hair, a soft kiss on her cheek.
So lively is she, playful, cheerful, appease,
dancing through a field of meadow flowers,
Like a butterfly fluttering in the light breeze
Laughter, joy of happiness, love of ours.
Teardrop of a child, care of her mother,
her tenderness brushing the sadness away.
The soothing voice, comfort, love from none other,
so true to feel it through her life, day to day.
For it is the tender magical feeling,
to fathom the depth of love’s endless blessing.


A single teardrop, shed for the dream of you,
followed by another, a cheek so pure.
A lonely soul searching to find love that‘s true,
the pain of yearning love so hard to endure.
A dream that every lonely heart will find,
love as soft as velvet, deep as oceans,
for the aching wounded heart to find its kind,
hearts sole desire to fill her emotions.
Lonely passion, distant stars, deep feeling,
for the lonely heart to reach it’s ripeness.
Dream of loving, empty hearts pain of yearning,
to give love more depth to reach its wholeness.
A dream to hold onto for the coming years
and fill an empty heart with love that endears.


Two lonely hearts ached, two hearts yearned,
heal‘d together to fulfill their passion,
of love come true, to see it being returned,
heartbeat as one to feel love’s devotion
Holding each other in a soft caress
forever, through the times of eternity,
joined together, with a dream they possess,
all so true, feeling their love’s intensity
The love so deep, for them to know, to feel,
the solemn promise to live in wedded bliss.
Loving look, eyes that glow, to reveal
the feelings of  joy; now it has come to this.
To wed on this fine day in September,
for two dear hearts forever to remember.

T.J Grén
September, 2012

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

A Venetian Honeymoon

A gondola floats o’er romantic tides
as you and I caress Venetian skies
laced deftly in exalted stars applied 
by brushes dipped in hues of lover’s eyes.      

A kiss beneath Rialto Bridge in spring
feels like our first so many years ago.
On every breeze, O Sole Mio sings
a serenade in city lights aglow.

This hope of love rekindled miles from home,
could be our chance to dream and reminisce.
Enlightened by a full moon’s wink, we’d roam
down Grand Canal in gleaming nights of bliss.      

Our renaissance, a second honeymoon -
to Venice, we could not escape too soon.  

Written 3/3/17 for Where I Want to Go Contest

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2017

Details | Italian Sonnet |

Field of Forever

Snow crested range backdrop, gurgling creek allurement
At long last was the field, ours its loamy splendor
Our fertile paradise beneath stars and thunder
Within this promise, we planted our enchantment
Time sprouted our hearts’ dreams with sunlight reverent
Steadfast home to shelter love through frost December
Joyously nurturing new lives, mild and tender
Yet a caretaker’s heart still yearns for nourishment 

Other fields of promise neglected, gone fallow
Harvests left under the merciless sun to spoil
Their once magnificent bounties, cupboards hollow
Tears cannot mend cold ground neglected beyond toil
Their heartbreak, a tragic fate we need not follow 
Come tend our garden, my love, till its fertile soil 

© Thomas W. Quigley
Italian Sonnet, 12 syllables per line

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

Kiss of Forgiveness

I have been bruised, a wounded love,
trampled by uncaring wrong;
a joke, he laughs and turns away; his disgust
blatantly displayed. I offer God's shalom.
Neglected, a young wife disowned;
he the undisputed ruler of his realm.
His harsh commands hurled from his throne,
cutting and cruel. God grant him calm.
I dare not hate the bitter rod
he wields upon my shattered soul, nor react,
for it has hastened me toward God,
a mystery only experience can dissect.
I yield to providence, a jeweled grace,
that bids me kiss my persecutor's face.

Copyright, 9-2-2015
Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |


He should desire a verse of lost day past
while time enough was free to have enough,
When pace and life led more to mean but fast
as Simon said to simply breathe a puff.

To love and be less reckless with his heart,
Speak not of sin nor breach of true love’s spring,
Complete the bond not pressed akin to part
as forced to split amoebas’ kiss must sting.

He must observe his one true Master plot,
His growth less err forgone fulfills defense,
An age to find a soulmate’s breath he sought,
Their fit from Simon’s game of simple sense.

The dream of love begins with one shared breath,
The test of love whilst joined hearts beat ‘til death.
Form:  Shakespearean (English) Sonnet

Contest: English Sonnet 3
Sponsor:  Eve Roper
Written: 06/15/2016
Results: 1st Place


Copyright © Jesse Day | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

White Daisies Bloom

Past scenic trails once never touched
from hands of man no graces' clutched
near cloudless skies where beauty rests
in trees of maple songbirds nest

In rays of sun we find their tune
where lovers meet in months of June
holding hands with heart pledged vows
ring notes of faith when friendships rouse

Through all her wisdom hear the call
the hurdles cleared both large and small
warm winds of hope that bring forth peace
a walk through life in nature's crease

Shine in splendor white daisies bloom
Spill out glory in God's front room

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

My Big Mistake

My big mistake was marrying too young.
At twenty, I had so much more to learn.
So many other songs I could have sung;
so many pathways.  Which way, though, to turn?
My marriage was not easy, and its start
was far from any bliss I'd dreamed about.
I'd followed strangely neither head nor heart,
and half my life would find me with some doubt.
But I am faithful to the very end.
Two children came and went; they're doing well.
I treasure poetry and each sweet friend.
Could things have turned out better? I can't tell,
for what if I'd wed someone I'd perceived
to be a prince but later been deceived?

For the Biggest Mistake contest of Laura Loo
Written July 1, 2016

*For meter's sake I used Big instead of Biggest, but I'd wish the true title to have a question mark, which is not able to be used in our title headings, just for the fact that I don't feel one can ever really know if something was one's biggest mistake without having tried a much different path!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |


Sentenced to mortal life term my May bride
  when joined are glad hearts on eternal date;
the sky did not fall nor planets collide
  on the altar of our noble estate.
Bright shone were rings of emeralds and gold -
  you my true love betrothed and I your swain!
Now Isis, you are mine to kiss and hold
  and never again your sweet lips abstain.
No artful other, no fool's inaction
  will keep me apart or these vows undo,
and without further lapse or infraction
  I rededicate my life unto you.
Keep me sworn and healed in your saving balms
and in the fulcrum of your loving arms.

                      For Les.

                  August 2004

Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

Details | Italian Sonnet |

Forever Immortal Love

Deathless and breathless you’re simply divine,
       timeless and endless, you’ve broken my chain-
  imperishable, hard to sustain,
        I’ll sketch your silhouette with some red wine-
        With passion we shall always intertwine…
 On my heart you’ve left an undying stain
   marked with immortality not in vain-
         Oh beloved, you send chills up my spine.

Perpetual love when we made our vow
       to live forever til’ our dying day-
  Everlasting compassion with much trust,
infinite adoring life will allow
       us to fulfill our promises today...
              ...to love even after we turn to dust.

February 19, 2017

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |


HAPPILY EVER AFTER Shall glass behold your countenance, my prince? Appears your smile whilst shining shoes on feet. My honesty and faithfulness convince - - - - - - Your heart to trust…our hearts concede to beat. One day does not a week make, dear. Let’s tell! A Friday makes a lifetime wife! Oh yes! This lonely man, like diamonds in the well, becomes a shooting star to shine, to bless. Get well within a hospital ~ not bliss. Each argument, we bleed, we cry and die. After so many years – we bond, we kiss. No closer pair on line - our eyes drip-dry. My Prince and his gal Friday calm, at rest. We wring out tears, renew our vows ~ we’re blest. Kim Rodrigues © 2017

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |

The Penguin

it is so simple its black and its white 
make a simple decision wrong or right
every new day you chose your path to him 
or maybe you take an ice cold love swim?

so many but only one with your ring 
your love struggle is beginning to sting 
look deep  into your heart and see my face 
it should be easy to find my embrace 

a penguin is so simple and so sweet
never seeing any reason to cheat
for ever and ever a simple choice 
your decision is something to rejoice 

this decision brings you so much tension 
why humans can’t even do "the penguin” 

- for Jan-

Copyright © Just James | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

Melodies of the Heart

It’s so awesome the way you make me feel.
We promise to love in sickness and health
though we fall short in abundance of wealth;
my ardent heart skips a beat for you still.
I bat my brown eyes; you love my high heels.        
I am the prettiest girl of your dreams.
I capture your love all at once it seems,
my ardent heart skips a beat for you still.
Our love is true, genuine and so real.
There is no one else for you other than me.
Remember our hearts carved on that old tree?
My ardent heart skips a beat for you still.  
It’s so awesome the way you make me feel;
my ardent heart skips a beat for you still.

SONNET FORM #4 Echo Sonnet 

Copyright © Danetta Barney | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

EYES - Love Series 3

When they flash fire, and she states, “I don’t
Believe it”, this man knows the envelope
He has pushed one too many times, and
Humbly kneels; the hour of penitence
Has arrived. To bring to her pleasure,
Where those dark limpid pools in abundance
Glow graciously in gladness while gazing
At me is, indeed, my aspiration.
A man can feel at great disadvantage
Trying to navigate a woman’s soul
By she’s given you a roadmap in code;
Learn the language of her eyes. Believe me,
She wants you to succeed. Soul storms, sunshine
Are seen by he who makes her his passion.

Copyright © David Palmer | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

EARS - Love Series 4

[1. Challenge]
“Have you even been listening to one
Word I have said,” she asked? I to my
Shame, withdrew from my reverie of sheer
Nothingness, at least nothing important.
“No, my dear, you are right, I was lost in
A fog I should not have entered.” Hurt
Shadowed her eyes, but she busied
Herself, attending tasks other than me.
Knowing my wrong, I rose coming to her,
Laid my hand atop her trembling one,
“Love I was wrong, and I’ve surely wrong’d you.
What were you saying just now?” Tears rolled
Over her lashes, staining her cheeks. “Do
You think we’re drifting? Guess you answer’d that!”

[2. Accepted]
“Please Honey, come to my arms. I make no
Excuses. Somewhere between my head and
My hands, I lost my Heart – so, lost my way!
Please tell me it’s not too late to find you
Again!”  We stood there weeping, uncontrollably,
Breathing, “I love you’s,” and “Sorry’s,””Forgive
Me’s.” “What’s to be done,” I begged my Love?
“Silly Man,” repli’d she, “Open your ears!
Be present in the conversation when
We are talking. I’m not an afterthought,
After your paper!” Listening is not 
Silence, nor absence of speech; but hearing, 
Engaging, meditating, responding,
Growing love’s dialectical garden.

Copyright © David Palmer | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

Love Dance

My thoughts frolicked and danced unchained
Never leave, surely my spirit might die
Beautiful memories rampant and lovingly untamed.
Of thirst, loss to great my heart to try.

Roses bring colors too rich to ignore,
Come stay, lay quiet as we breathe
Your musk exudes strength I adore.
May God keep your peace, never leave.

A carnation of promises, not once broken
Take me battered and renew my Me,
Leaving not stain of hurt, sweet thought unspoken.
Which only you, my God, and soul have the key.

Beat and march as we march as one
For truly my life, you gallantly won.

Copyright © Sona Wilae | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |

Life after High School

Life after High-School is gonna be tough
I will do what i can to get employed
Even though it may be a little rough
and I'm sure it will make me paranoid
I will then ask my girl to marry me
We will have a nice house and nice yard
It will be rough. Yes! I guarantee
But i will have her there when things get hard
Nine months go by there is a little boy
I hope that time doesn't fly by too fast
He will be my little bundle of joy
Before we knew it the time flew on past
Hes in college, its just me and my mate
So, life out of high-school i just can't wait.

Copyright © whitney cooley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

Precious Matrimonial Crystals

Words lovely flow in a pellucid stream
Holding both her hands, their eyes meet with gleam
Oath is so clear to love her forever
Star glides down her heart, is she a dreamer?

He gives her roses with whitest petals
Witnesses muster transparent portals
Blessings they bestow...he takes their full trust
With all their wishes that his love will last.

She’s a crystal  who’ll be handled with care
Crystals mustn’t fall from eyes in despair
They’ve heard all his sincere words so clearly
They hand her over to him willingly.

When words are crystals they remain in heart,
Kept far behind her eyes when she isn’t hurt.

©2012Leonora Galinta
     All Rights Reserved

March 17, 2014    1.10 pm

Second Place
Contest: Any Poem Goes #14
Judged: 3/29/14
Sponsor: My greatest poet/sis PD

First Place
Contest: Impress Me with Small Poem written on Feb/March 2014
Judged: 3/22/14
Sponsor: Poet Giorgio V.

Third Place
Contest: Metaphor: Crystal
Judged: 3/18/2014
Sponsor: Poet Nette Onclaud


Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

Virgin's Lament

Find I you, not musing in bliss of love.
In  reverie crushed of silent lament,
Pray, let me hear the rant you gave thereof,
of love’s self destructing  ensuing bent,
within the hall of whores, how the young doves
who were slain in the prime of their youth spent
purity and goodness without repent.
Your chastity is questioning its trove?

Perhaps you alone should decide the deed.
The time and place, flavor of the choosing.
We can put off the wedding if needs be.
But a mutual loss schemed in musing,

which fulfills a vow that you both shall feed
Shall last longer than the actual deed.

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

A Cause to Rejoice

Why does hatred bloom where two lovers stand
vowing only to cherish each other forever?
When it is love and hope that brought them together,
why do hoards of people want their union banned?
Just because it is a love they cannot understand?
Does it somehow make their lives a little bit better
keeping different drummers from marrying ever?
And here I thought we lived in a free land.
Why must we put restrictions on how people love?
Why does homosexuality scare people so?
Consenting adults should be allowed their own choice.
I’ll leave moral judgment to the heavens above,
but this is one thing that I certainly now know -
a union of any two lovers is a cause to rejoice.

Written and posted on 4/29/2014 for Craig Conrish's "Miltonic Sonnet" contest.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

12 days of christmas: wedding vows

Love share thoughts in this particle of time
"I adore your dress" "you are my groom on fire"
On the 29 of December we'll share: "you will be mine"
So we won't die of loneliness, depicted of desire!
And for love and sickness we'll walk through
Smiling and Sharing our dance at last
With no more moments of blues !
Its time, let's toast "to love" , "to all the guests!"
And here we are, embraced by beautiful flowers planted on the ground
This feels like Eden, sharing our ballroom song;
We are the one,  just look around..
All tables made of marbles topped with laces that are strong!
                   Our vision, family members smiling, and yelling a ton...
                   "Caviar is served let's cheer the happiest Couple who has won!"

Copyright © Thoubert Larus | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |



At  last the lonesome days are but a few,
times of missing you coming to an end,
for now, I think of only seeing you,
to feel your touch, my heart’s longing mend.
In my heart I cherish each sweet moment,
each day spent together, to mean so much,
ensuant to wistful hearts fulfillment;
when apart I miss your loving touch.
Still as lovely as on the day we met,
as sprightly as when you became my wife,
that day of joy I will never forget,
when you granted true meaning to my life.
Let us celebrate our togetherness,
eleven years of delight, blissfulness.

T.J Grén

For Poetry contest: Best love poem 3
Sponsored by: SKAT A

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

Marriage Proposal

Moment I had waited whole my life,
Through my joys and bounds of strife,
Will it happen not or will it be,
That he proposes to marry me ?

The first day as our eyes carved,
For togetherness as if they starved,
Wasn't sure the day would be,
That he proposes to marry me ?

Those romantic meetings secretly,
As the passion grew tempestuously,
Resistance from family if, let it be,
That when he proposes to marry me?

Today is the day and now the moment,
Dreams and desires trued prudent !

Written September 21st, 2014
For contest 'Will you marry me' by Judy Konos

Awarded 1st place

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma | Year Posted 2014

Details | Italian Sonnet |

Sing with Chimes

Semovedly thine voice shall have no echo to hear.
Inly there be only hollowness to see no distant.
Natheless hardy wind, thou shall be inconsistent.
Gradual flow upon thee, wilts bring many a tear.
Wellaway can be withered upwards into cheer.
Iwis my heart and thou will bloom constant.
Thole stint without thee voice, time is non-existent.
Hark thy sweet melody showers over my fear.
Courage of mine shall champion forthcoming tune.
Heavenly fairies shall dance for both our souls.
I shall cherish and marry in month of June.
My love will grant me all musical controls.
Erelong our passion will bloom as we swoon.
Singing with chimes enriches our passionate goals.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

2 Peas in a Pod

I thank God every morning we have met
for the fun we have doesn't have a price
and the love we have we'll never forget
we both love sweet and sour chicken with rice

It is true we are two peas in a pod
and we both know that life is never fair
and we don’t share the same belief of God
Having you in my life brought it some flair

I’m almost a decade older than you
I know now age does make a difference
I know my love for you is always true
Maybe someday we’ll have that picket fence

This is much more than a marriage my wife
This is the greatest adventure of life 

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Blossoms and Bubbles

Blossoms and Bubbles

Blown bubbles shower them by every friend,
aglow with rainbow colors, they now glide
and dance along this special day, attend
to hold each loving good wish prayer inside.

Held tight are lovely blossoms that commend
this unity of love so blessed by God;
the purity of bonding seen in blend
of soft white petals and pink buds that nod

In hopes that this one day will never end,
that it be held as treasure all life through,
as blossoms filled with love, and bubbles send
their blessings on this day they said, “I do.”

The happy bride and groom leave church to share
blossoms of love and bubbles filled with prayer.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Sonnet 2
Sponsor: Eve Roper
Judged: 08/31/2016

~10th Place~
Contest: Blossoms and Bubbles
Sponsor: Olive Eloisa Guillermo
Judged: 04/12/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |



for Roger and Tessa 

I feel his presence as if he stood before me
My thoughts are tea-leaves only he can read
A brain scan shows I want him to adore me
While my heart shows for him my wanton need.

I trawl through the day, he could never bore me
I think of him even when I bleed
Heart of my heart, friend to never score me
Necklace of desire, bead after bead -

He knows my ways, how to love and shore me;
His speech shows me where and how to lead;
He never hurts, his will would never core me,
Or leave me hungry where I want to feed:

At times we see ourselves, strange and rude -
Clasp each other, beautiful and nude.

(c) Rosemarie Rowley
From IN MEMORY OF HER (2008)

Copyright © Rosemarie Rowley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |


Baby, you remind me of a bunny, 
sweet loyal and trustworthy
you always make life funny
when we're not together, i miss you badly,

you notice things no other man bothers to notice,
when i look into your blue eyes i see the true me,
my exes made me feel worthless
that's why i believe in our family,

when we speak i feel the love 
when you smile at me i could swim in your dimples
our hands fit together as snug as gloves
and one hug from you makes life seem simple

I'm so happy you are my boyfriend
i never want this relationship to end. 

Copyright © Nya Johnson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Newly Married

This heart so sweet was under a rent purchase of its lands to become a village contract execution, more transparent oaths creating the billboards of marriage strong guided words from elders and parents willingness to learn is the only adage for two halves to be whole and coherent as years pass by with very light carriage swimming in a blue pool or dirty pond challenges present but each with its diaper no cover ups to threats, rightly respond more than one Army in a home is proper experience is added in each second decades of this bliss, beats love on paper.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

The First Flower I Chose

The First Flower I Chose

You were my rose, the first flower I chose
A beauty so fair, such shine in your hair
You I chose, the finest ever love rose
Asked on a dare, the prettiest girl there

Soon we wed, pretty flower graced my bed
Nights sent such bliss, heaven I did not miss
Flames in bed, want no other instead
Honey that kiss, love never was like this

Years together, in good and bad weather
Loving every night, touching sweet just right
Joy our weather, sweet kisses a feather
Sexy the sight, your naked body at night

My rose did cast, true love that did so last
I held so fast, to that ship's greatest mast


Contest- Form Sonnet
Regina Riddle 
Contest Name , Sonnet on a Intimate Relationship 

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  114

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

My husband is a drunkard and abusive

My husband is a drunkard and abusive

Fight is a daily bread in my marriage,
I also lost a tooth in the process,
My body is mountain of bruises,
Blue-yes are like permanent makeup on my face,
I concluded that marriage is good for nothing,
He come home drunk in the middle of the night,
Even if the food is prepared and on the table,
He will wake me to sit right in the dinning to watch him eating,
Eating until he finish,
He will just speak a stupid things and force me to answer,
I answer or not answer the fight is on and beating went on,
I am the music in the ears of my neighbors,
Not when it is a payday for my husband,
He will push me here and there until i become angry,
Then the whole salary will be spent pleasing friends,
Until too little is left he will remember to come back home,
I am a poor woman but my husband is working for good salary,
I survive by the handouts from my mother,
Too sour, horrible and terrible,
But when he is not drunk he is little better,
When drunk, he is bad and even worse,
Everyday tears left a permanent mark on my face,
Stress and BP is finishing me off,
Each time I conclude to end this abusive relationship,
The obstacle is the children of the bitter relationship,
Back to forth is the same to me and I’m confused,
So much more bad to say about this relationship,
…Burst into cry, tears eroded…..

Copyright © Mulaudzi Ndifelani Eric | Year Posted 2015