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Sonnet Happy Poems | Sonnet Poems About Happy

These Sonnet Happy poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Happy. These are the best examples of Sonnet Happy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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(This theme coincidentally matched up with another contest I recently
entered, so I revised my sonnet and then PD graciously extended this
idea of a day of happy solitude. Thanks, Linda, for keeping it in sonnet
form! It's a double sonnet now!)

Happy Solitude/Andrea Dietrich In solitude, I watch the clear blue sky.  Leaves flutter on the grand majestic oak  beneath which I am sitting;. Swallows fly  around me, swooping! Now I hear a croak -  a sound that I am sure I’d never hear  if I were on a busy city street.  I stand and walk around. The sound is near.  The feeling that I get is rather sweet  when finally I spot there on the pond  the tiny frog that’s serenading me.  Crops rippling in the breeze I see beyond  my shaded spot. I'm running - feeling free.  Inside a field with flowers everywhere,  I'm whirling as the sunlight gilds my hair!  -----  Like the sun, I sit and explore the view  A sensation, of everything I lust  Feelings I found myself unequal to  Yellow leaves fall to the ground like gold dust  Once, I reached to touch a lonely rock  The sounds return back into the shadows  I felt trapped by the beauty as I walk  Suddenly branches hung like the gallows  In slow motion, with no reason to stray  Facing down, the new founding sound follows  The croak in the water echoes with play  Captivated, by the flies it swallows  A young, peaceful feel, indulging in fun  I shall kiss and see if he's the right one  ~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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A Purple Ribbon

Mementos in a box, from years gone by
Thought to have been disposed of long ago
A glance, when something purple caught my eye
A ribbon from someone I used to know

I gently gave a tug like way back when
It slipped from it's confines just like before
Then instantly relived it all again
And just like her, it leaves me wanting more

But even though it was so delicate
This ribbon in it's femininity
Tied in her hair it looked so elegant
Yet strong enough to bind her memory

This ribbon with it's strength beyond compare
Ties fifty years to my first love affair   

         By Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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A Poet's Happy Dream

I found myself against a willow propped.
The stones nearby me were a hundred-fold.
and one by one I tossed them as they plopped
into a rill while other pebbles rolled,
as if with one accord, away from me.

Their hundred ripples bubbled sweet champagne.
I drank. . . and then I tasted poetry.
saw flowers dance, and nothing was mundane!
Elysian then became the air I breathed.
The sun glowed purplescent.  Hocus-pocus!
I lay in greenest green while music wreathed
the meadow, lulling me. . . till I lost focus.

I woke to dusk and that inquietude
that ever shadows my dark solitude.

 For PD's GREEN contest (old poems only)

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Above the Clouds

The summer sky is such a pretty blue
above us, looking like a tranquil sea..
There are not many clouds except a few.
Up there with you is where I’d love to be!

I picture us both soaring to the sky
into that oceanic blue expanse;
above the clouds is where we ought to fly,
where, like two joyful angels, we would dance!

We’d spin about as if our feet had wings
that lightly touched on an unparalleled 
softness! And in my imaginings, 
I see us there with happiness unquelled.

Removed at last from earthly cares and crowds,
we’d stay in cool blue sky above the clouds.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Happy - in 101 Words

Thank you, God, for making me a female,
one so strong, cheerful and alive!
The weaker sex? I guess!  If being frail
can serve me, I will anything contrive!
A tire flat?  Out of gas?  I use
“femininity” when in a fix.
I do it oh so charmingly - this ruse-
used by clever chicks like politics!
Those that share my gender cast a spell,
and In our sex are pleasant aspects found.
In art of conversation we excel.
By friendship and by loyalty we are bound.
Penis envy?  Me?  I like your plan,
I am happy not to be a man!

For the the What Makes You Happy old - new poem Poetry Contest
of Royal Ninja~

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

Happy Birthday Jenny (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Happy birthday to you Jenny
Hope your big day brings you plenty
Keep a bright smile all the way
Your mom sings your praises today

Soon you will be driving to school
Don’t forget to follow the rules
Enjoy your day with a buffet
Your mom sings your praises today

Happy birthday to you Jenny
Don’t forget to save your pennies
Wish on a star on your great day
Your mom sings your praises today

Happy birthday to you Jenny
Your mom sings your praises today

© Joseph, 8/20/2007
© All Rights Reserved

This is for the the daughter of our own poetess, Kathy.

The Kyrielle Sonnet is a French form from the Middle Ages. It has 14 lines (three 
rhyming quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase 
as a refrain in the last line of each stanza.  Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet 
has eight syllables.  There are times when a French poem links back to the 
poem’s beginning; therefore, a common practice is to combine the first line of 
the first quatrain and the refrain in each quatrain as the ending couplet for the 

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2007

Details | Sonnet |


Cherry blossoms stargaze as spring air comes; East and west cross at Bells of Ireland: warm and calm; Welling slowly to cede: tender sage thoughts, Upon two hearts link, after hundreds of sought and fought. Cathedral posts accent with ribbons of violets. Congregate white orchids grin alongside the aisles, Roseband sings tunes: forget-me-not to highest. Wearing her lavender gown,Heather walks with smiles; Clasp in her hands,tulip bouquet, guests she stun Her Lilac in tuxedo waits: eyes locked tight in knot Gentleness bestow from heavens, ever won Their iris fuse glued; love radiating allot Matching band's inscription: embroidered golden rings Baby's breath, a grand wish soon very soon, will spring.
NOTE: All bold words are different flowers.. :) I always love flowers. I am always fascinated of their beauty and charm but more than these I am inspired by them: philosophically and emotionally as well ... :D (c) Olive Eloisa 11:45pm June 24, 2014 Sponsor Cyndi MacMillan Contest Name GARDEN PARTY: VERB-alized NOUN-sense with FLORAL ACCENTS placed 2nd place.. :) to God be the greatest glory :)

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

Happy Birthday

Each day marks an earthly rotation full; The ascending sun warms, and setting cools. This day is pinnacle, hence above all; Our star’s broadening smile turns to you. Life beacons thy pleasure for things as such: The love-sick bird and sweet whispering gale. To exist is chance—yearns cherishing much; For it is rare a human knows its luck. Seize this day with vigour—it is quite yours, (‘Though the seizing of days ought be common). Search for the willing, you’ll find them in scores— The persons willing: rejoice by side you. Happy Birthday is all I wish to add, Along with the regards of a young lad!

Copyright © Alfred Wilmot | Year Posted 2011

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Five Words - The Story Teller

The Story Teller

She's happy in the winter of her years,
near ninety-five, but still so keen of mind.
Imagination is her gift that cheers
the visitors that come and are inclined
to stay a while and listen to her spin
her stories.  As an author, she once wrote
of kings and queens, the rulers they had been,
alive still in her memory to quote.

Forgotten soul she is; no next of kin
now left to visit her for quite a while.
But in that nursing home, she draws them in
with those great tales, she offers with a smile.

If only winter years for all could be
so happy with the gift of memory.

Sandra M. Haight

~12th Place~
Contest: The Five Word Challenge
Sponsor: Timothy Hicks
Judged: 06/09/2016

Below are my five Best Poems listed on PS, and the 
longest words are capitalized. The capitalized words 
were used in my poem.

We RULERS of the Earth
The GIFT of Time

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

My Friesland

I've come at last, my Friesland;
I'll never leave again,
But watch the budding trees stand
Above the grassy plain.

From the smallest little flow'rs that grow,
To the tallest steeple's rise,
You're the fairest country that I know
Beneath the bluest skies.

Everywhere I walk, I see,
My memories are true;
The people smiling back at me,
Their eyes are sparkling too.

From Bolsward down toward Heerenveen,
The dearest land I've seen;
What shame I nearly left for good,
When I was but fifteen.

I've come at last, my Friesland;
My wand'ring I resign:
Oh, sprawling, comely sealand,
What joy to call you mine!

{Form begins as a sonnet and continues as quatrain.}

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Endings

Saw Brecht rolling in his grave
And Weill gasping for air.
And the masterful Brecht rave,
And rant and try to be fair.
(if that is possible for his rage,)
that audience-tested Happy endings 
by TV and Hollywood rule the age
and color rosy,  these times' being

With gorge rising say, we all love
Those Happy Endings,  so addicted
And far into labored joy they shove
Thus, the truth of our lives we ignore
With plenty of joy and sorrow sure,
And lead so willingly  by the "corps."

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Who is happy in this year - 2015

Who is happy in this year?
Aries, reliable cooperator will help you a lot.
Taurus, good sense leads your things to be fresh and hot. 
Gemini, think well and take an advance without fear.

Cancer, taking natural way,  makes problems clear.
Leo, keep your principles to get absolute success.
Virgo, be independent, and you'll get much progress.
Libra, wait a bit till good person will soon appear.

Scorpio, original idea will bring you goodness.
Sagittarius, new stage starts with rapid decision.
Capricorn, fortunate all time, but watch your health well.

Aquarius, if you're prudent, you can reach goal well.
Pisces, your success depends on optimization.
And sometimes, lucky comes pretending unhappiness.

Copyright © Makoto Ogino | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

Majestic Colors Of Spring

Warmth embraces nature once more
awakening our taste for love.
And spring’s subtle smells make hearts soar 
as if on the wings of a dove.

Flowers blossom into the bright
phantasmical colors of spring.
And purple yellow green and white
inspire cheerful songbirds to sing.

Youths gather canes of wild roses
to weave wreaths to hang on each door.
And girls hold sensual poses
as boys beg to see even more.

Cheerful sounds of laugher and play
that once were part of each Mayday.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Meal Plague

A “Big Mac attack” and “Have it your way”
are all past slogans from fast food places
for most Americans fast food will stay
because Big Macs and Whoppers feed faces

Americans love to eat on the go
we love pizza hamburgers and hot dogs
and the value meals never cost much dough
other countries may think we’re all just hogs

truth be told we need to eat to survive
Burger King and MacDonald’s does the job
some may think fast food as food at a dive
Long John Silver does have corn on the cob

right or wrong fast food will never leave us
until the day all Americans bust

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2013

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Happy ending smile

How old people take medicine over the years.
they feel different live in tension and fears.
what is good flavour to live always in tears?
they are irritated and abusive in some hears.
but still they inspire jump in the forward gears.

they worried to draw a will for their next kin.
still they scroll numbers to play lottery to win.
they occupied to grab money they think its not sin.
they love holidays and luxuries, living for fun,
they are not scrap don't throw them in a bin.

Drinking alcohol is harmful they do as fashionable style,
don't eat much red flash but they do, take advice in a file,
don't walk hard n't good for heart but they walk another mile.
they know death has dreams they love happy ending smile.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2013

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At times we all need a good cry,
To let loose what's been bottled up inside.
A single tear is all it takes to release the hurt,
The tears give us some kind of comfort.
Just a single drop of water is all it takes,
To try and heal the wounds from a heartache.
A single tear can hold so much pain,
Misery or from happiness you've gained.
Fallen tears from the people we loved who've died,
The only thing we can do is cry,
Tears from moving on and saying goodbye,
The memories you shared and you're still asking yourself why.
Tears hold so many emotions,
Sometimes tears show what  we fail to mention.
Tears are like waterworks that come pouring out,
Often we have to ask what you're crying about.
Tears cleanse the soul and ease the mind,
It helps to leave all the sadness behind.
Tears from being in love are great,
And for that there's no reason to debate.

       May 09, 2014
~The One and Only~

Copyright © Pamela Bland | Year Posted 2014

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Winter sonnet

The trees stretch silver branches
In the late December sun ,
The robin perched there watches
As we offer him our crumbs.
The elegance of shapes laid bare
Forgives the winter cold.
And side cast sun rays clearly
Touch the embers of my soul.
Too soon the quarter moon will rise
To send the sun away.
So let us all wipe clean our eyes
To see what Winter says.
 For all the while the world rotates,
Regardless of our fate.

Copyright © Katherine Bee | Year Posted 2013

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Baby, you remind me of a bunny, 
sweet loyal and trustworthy
you always make life funny
when we're not together, i miss you badly,

you notice things no other man bothers to notice,
when i look into your blue eyes i see the true me,
my exes made me feel worthless
that's why i believe in our family,

when we speak i feel the love 
when you smile at me i could swim in your dimples
our hands fit together as snug as gloves
and one hug from you makes life seem simple

I'm so happy you are my boyfriend
i never want this relationship to end. 

Copyright © Nya Johnson | Year Posted 2013

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Happy Valentine's Day

I was wondering what happened to you
I was worrying about you
Your silence had wiped the smile off my face
Your long distance left me out of place

But I now I see you
You have come back with a view
Of our love to be
No chance to ruin
Only intent is to reign

I will close my eyes and enjoy this moment
Of your sweet caress
Of your love scent

Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

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Her Beauty Didn't Stall

Elaborate, softly tailored to suit She’s sure more beautiful than very cute Exquisite form, flawless in many eyes Details of her delight, there’s no disguise She likes to wear tight dresses, to show off I hardly noticed her feeling quite scoffed Because many were ignoring her here She’s just a normal guest it would appear I walked up to her, a smile on my face She saw my approach and ruffled her lace I began to speak with her, this goddess And we talked the night through, I did impress Her beauty didn’t stall, I kept going Now she holds a love that keeps on giving
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Listen up guys I have got some news This is the latest gossip about my muse She threw her dummy out of the pram Sometimes she is such a stroppy madam! She didn’t mean to cause such great alarm My ‘Bite Me’ poem didn't mean any harm I agree it’s not my normal cheerful style But my muse changes once in a while I have to go with the flow of my pen It catches me unawares every now and then I hope that I have cleared up any doubt My vitriolic muse has been given a clout So humourous muse is back, she’s here to stay My deep dark muse is on an extended holiday! To fully understand this you need to have read my 'Bite me Bite me poem http://www.poetrysoup.com/poem/bite_me,_bite_me_678663 1st June 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday Lorena

Of the laurel tree your name is derived
Honor and victory are contained therein
Complete happiness has been deprived
Your victory, where is it, and also when

Patience, all good things to those in wait
Suffering like everything else must fade
Compassion is definitely your great trait
In the calm waters of kindness you wade

Lorena, your dedication was long overdue
A great friend, and inspiration you provide
Sympathy and motivation ringing through
Leaving an eternal bond I feel deep inside

Although many have the capacity to be-friend
You're a special person, now and until the end

By Wayland Bunch
Happy Birthday Lori, poem belated but I hope you had
a great birthday..	Thanks for always listening and being
patient and unselfish in your tough times. You're a great
friend I'm.lucky to have.

Copyright © wayland bunch | Year Posted 2013

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Home is a place,
All answers come;
Plant in this space,
Ply your own sums;
Yes be at peace.
Purpose must grow;
Live passion's tease,
Art needs a show;
Yes to new sights,
Sights that show up.
Work in fond light,
Entrance life's cup;
Live and do well,
Love where you dwell.

Leon Enriquez
10 November 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |



In a Poor Man's home
There is no wish 
Not even on your dish; 
No choice, but not boresome. 

In a Poor Man's home, 
Nothing is found on a silver platter;
Not even on a clay platter; 
No rejoice, but not toilsome. 

In a Poor Man's home 
You can't pay your fees 
Not even on your knees; 
No voice, but in all, its awesome. 

But tho' it seems today bitter 
It'll be tomorrow sweeter.

Copyright © Kessie Justice Amenyo | Year Posted 2014

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Sunshine and Rainbows

Childhood days of long ago, were sunny.
I seldom had a reason for a tear.
If sadness should come unexpectedly,
Strong, loving arms of comfort would be near.
Welcomed after a quartet of loved sons,
I was my parent’s long awaited girl.
They and my four brothers doted on me.
Life was the fabled oyster, I the pearl.

Sheltered as I was from life’s disasters,
When even my young brothers did their part
To show me the beauty all around me,
I could not help but grow a happy heart.
Though sadness has accosted me at times,
My happy heart has softened it with rhymes.

Written:  May 23,2012 

Theme (2) “Happy Heart”

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2012

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Happy Anniversary!

The anniversary of your treason
Disturbs the air—again! Like every year
Floating, whispering, the one real reason
You left me; the name never leaves my ear.
“Him!” a name I can’t even speak, wouldn’t dare.
For it would cause chaos and confusion  
Too daunting, distances too far to bear, 
Can’t even comprehend that illusion.
You left me here to sit—sick! And the thought
Of you and him in that beautiful embrace…
It’s a damn shame what you did! I OUGHTA!!!!!
Just, calm down—please! Dear Lord, please give me grace.
	The love you gave—your perfect portrayal,
	The love you took—your perfect betrayal.

Submitted for Olusegun Adelana's "Betrayal" contest

Copyright © Mike Butler | Year Posted 2010

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New Beginning

As I wake up I can see the sun shine,
Smiling because everything's divine,
I'm happy feeling so alive,
I have a rush of emotions that are hard to define.
I lay down at night and my mind plays peekaboo,
Sleeping so peacefully dreaming of you,
Having anxiety contemplating on my next move,
Can this be happening is this really true.
The wounds on my heart are starting to heal,
Walls are breaking down from feelings I conceal,
Am I this lucky because to feels so surreal,
I deserve this because I've been through some rough ordeals.
I'm blessed because you found your way to me,
The emptiness going away because I'm the chosen nominee,
The loneliness is settling turning into glee,
God sent you in my life so it has to be meant to be.
Talking all day morning to night,
Having deep conversations the connection's so right,
Bonded together like glue can't wait to unite,
You've given me the inspiration again to write.
Joys taking over this once broken soul,
Mending the once broken pieces back into a whole,
With our feelings combined it'll be out of control,
Because it's my heart that you stole.

 December 19, 2013
~The One and Only~

Copyright © Pamela Bland | Year Posted 2014

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Who is happy in this year - 2016

Who is happy in this year?
Aries, confirmation helps you to be safe and peace.
Taurus, stability brings you suitable results with ease.
Gemini, you can reach your goal if vision is clear.

Cancer, good will and good plan make you satisfied.
Leo, cheerful behavior moves situation to preferable way.
Virgo, busy, but your patience leads you to grateful day.
Libra, reliable support enriches you and yourself amplified.

Scorpio, prepare perfectly and get high achievement.
Sagittarius, reducing waste is main theme to gain new value.
Capricorn, stop too-much-thinking, then situation gets progressed.

Aquarius, believing in yourself finally let you do amazement.
Pisces, good result is drawn from unique point of view.
More effort will be required before  being depressed.


Copyright © Makoto Ogino | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |


High up upon the sky she would gaze,
For she was in love with that winter blues
Into the woods and breeze she would race,
For she always went searching for the clues

About the places and the world she dwell
Life can be rough and tough, she was told
But for her, it was the story untold,
Where she lived each day to unfold
To live with excellence, was only she had heard,
But she lived with all the flaws in her heart

She could hear all the blames and criticism,
But incomparable was she in her elucidation
People said, confidence was her limitation
But she left people with no intimation

She carried her stride through miles and miles
With all the pains and struggle at every pace
Wearing her most beautiful smile
In her life which was full of haze 


Copyright © Tashi Lhamo | Year Posted 2016

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Uplifting Thoughts

Uplifting Thoughts

A warm smile always beats a cold hard frown.
 Gather in that joy bring sweetness on down.
Give a positive thought to your worries and cares.
 Imagine a billion dollar company you have shares.

When distress rears it's massively ugly head.
 Pull those silk covers up and sleep late in bed!
Wake at noon to lay about in comfort all day.
 Imagine a boom and your stock so sweetly pays.

A warm smile always beats the chill of despair.
 Be a million dollar baby without a single care.
Travel the world over in your huge new yacht.
 Rejoicing in the massive, massive wealth you got!

A frown spoils the heart and slashes at love.
Keep your soul bright and your spirit soaring above!


Sponsor, Elly 
Encore - 
anonymous positive new sonnet 1 original, for this contest,  new 
written poem about something beautiful..... Only the poetry 
form sonnet is acceptable.

Share "something beautiful" for this contest. Tell us all(!) about it.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014