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Sonnet Halloween Poems | Sonnet Poems About Halloween

These Sonnet Halloween poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Sonnet Halloween poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Grim Reaper Cometh

As All Hallows’ Eve approacheth my thoughts turneth to darkest dread,
Whilst in old age I harboureth a deep fear of seeing this one’s grim head;
Methinks the Grim Reaper cometh this time with his scythe in hand,
Which striketh maximum fear in me and maketh him feel quite so grand. 

Death and darkness doth pervade this spirit’s intent from that great beyond,
And bringeth one a chilling fear if one’s destiny be unending Hellspawn;
All Hallows’ Eve is the image I conjureth of my imminent departure,
But I hopeth for divine intervention and protection during this departure.

For I shan’t want to feel the fear and malediction of the Grim Reaper’s gaze,
As he eerily walketh in the deep mist to bringeth my soul into that darkest haze;
I prayeth then Oh Lord God, haveth an Angel escort me on my final trip beyond,
And spareth me the Grim Reaper’s terrifying visit and his image of Hellspawn.

I asketh thy divine power and all goodness in protecting my eternal spirit and soul,
And delivereth them to Heaven on All Hallows' Eve most sound and quite whole!

Amen!  Amen!  Amen! 

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved - October 25, 2014
(Shakespearean Sonnet)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2014

Details | Italian Sonnet |


It's Halloween, that spooky time of year, when scary monsters prowl the streets all night. The costumes sometimes give us such a fright - our heads with trepidation fill with fear, but light the candles then they disappear. Young children's faces shining with delight, lit up by pumpkin lantern's glowing light; with bags of candy kids run off and cheer. Some teenage children take it all too far and play their tricks when they don't get a treat. I find smashed eggs upon my house and car, then I use language I should not repeat! Next year I'll have my front door just ajar and wear a white face pack and old bed sheet. 10~23~15 Italian Sonnet - abbaabba cdcdcd Contest: Mad as a Hornet Sponsor: John Lawless Entered into Halloween Contest Sponsored by Nayda Ivette Negron

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

In My Dreams Of Death

    In My Dreams Of Death

    In my dreams of death, my desires create
    not a bright, merciful angel there brought.
    Dread of death instills fears that permeate
    this tired mind and dark trap in which its caught.
    Alas! No waking wisdom can there sway
    lost soul to embrace blessed saving light.
    For power of night's dark defeats bright day
    as black shadows rage forth to slash and bite.
    Battle starts, alone with two empty hands
    night-fear bellows out, you have no power.
    Look at these massive monsters night commands
    while you cowardly beg dawn's coming hour!

    In my dreams of death, my desires create
    not a bright, merciful angel there brought.

    Robert J. Lindley, ( aka- Tyr), 10-29-2016

 Note- Written and offered in the spirit of the Halloween season and with my admiration of the greatest dark poetry ever written--that of Edgar Allen Poe. 

    Last edited by Tyr- Today at 09:36 AM.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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A Halloween Sonnet

When the wind in the Hollow begins to cry
And the rustling leaves begin to fly
When black ink seeps into an autumn sky
As the man in the moon begins to rise

When pumpkins turn evil and bare their teeth
And sit on your doorstep waiting to eat
The hobblin, goblins, passing down the  street
As the dead in the graveyard slowly creep 

When a cackle, crackles into the night
When bats and witches on broomsticks take flight
When you find yourself trembling, filled with fright
Lost in the chill, thrill of a scary sight

As you run door-to-door for trick or treat
On a night when no one,  will dare to sleep.

Everything Halloween
September 1st, 2013

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2013

Details | Italian Sonnet |

Evil Basks

It’s a dimly lit, darkly entombed spot Here sits a lone black weeping willow tree Night encroached leaving nothing you can see Its cold, nothing about this place is hot Not a ray of light surrounds to get caught Evil basks within the nooks quite empty She sits, there on a stump she sits flatly Devoid of emotion, hope isn’t brought Expressionless she stands with great power The tree bows right to her beck and call She stands mighty and tall like a tower Grove seems to be protected by a wall All who happen to see her would cower All she sees is hate, her soul crushes all * Left over Halloween poem, I forgot to post this, enjoy! Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

A Valentine Sonnet

Oh, how lonely might I be this sad year? With no chocolates, love, or Valentine. . . A Halloween at home, Christmas, no cheer, Now February, with none to call mine ! So will I spend it sadly, bored, at home, Writing, or reading, or browsing the 'net? Spend a lovers holiday all alone- Distracting myself, hoping to forget. 'Least without chocolate, I won't gain weight. And the flowers would just wilt anyway! And it cost money to go on ONE date, So why do I care, it's only one day. . 'Cause Cupid shot not an arrow, but dart, Oh, and I want to be someone's sweet heart!

Copyright © Dana Smith | Year Posted 2012

Details | Sonnet |



Be quiet now, the full moon scrapes the hour
when evil ghouls crawl on bleak streets, unknown 
a gruesome feast they thirst to devour 
the carnage of the living, down the bone.
As midnight howls, dare not open the gates
shadows can transform into bloody paws;
to unplug the light, a rampage awaits
the wailing screech of flesh drilled by chainsaws.
From graveyards of old, more corpses arise
with maggots on tongue gnawing spoiled debris,
and hissing winds darken the view; be wise
since terror reeks a plague like a red sea.

It's witching time; beware of fright undone
Pray... I'm one of them watching you, so RUN!

Halloween Night Contest of Nayda Ivette Negron
Repost 10/15/2016

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

The Raven

Again the raven whose sleek, dark wings shine
sits upon my sagging sleek power line.
His eyes so questioning, he does sure stare.
Does he know something? Do I ask?
Should I dare? 5

Never, ever saying not even one little word
so still and silent, this dark looming bird.
Visits me each and every single day, but never a 
word does he say. My emotions I sense he knows
are mixed with his curious eyes affixed. 10

As the evening sunset finally domes
the dark bird returns to his home.
He leaves me with a feeling of such dread 
I hope tomorrow he will stay home instead. 14

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2015

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Halloween Night Spectacular

She sits on a broomstick, one that’s floating Looking at the full moon, she is gloating She holds the fiercest lit pumpkin ever Glowing with a demented face clever Below is a witch near a huge cauldron She’s stirring greatly for a large potion Both of them cackling evilly with glee While pumpkins shutter on ground fearfully An owl calls his song along the long night And the bats carry their own sounds with might There are red blinking eyes within the tree The witches both desire to be quite free Free of the restrictions of Halloween They want to go out any night between
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Beautiful Lies

December 18, 2012

Beautiful lies known as little white lies
yet one is no more deceptive than each
The truth is what makes it afraid of light
It's important we practice what we preach

Imagination built on lies destroy
Imagination built on truth create
Conquering evil we try to avoid
Tooth fairy, Halloween, Santa abate

Perceptions and images make it real
Origins of Pagan rituals true
We've wandered down this path for a bum deal
Now more lies are created all brand new

The mask behind a beautiful white lie
is the truth with a constant shield, but why?

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2012

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The Poetry of Halloween

It’s autumn time, and leaves are turning gold.
Before the harvest , folks still celebrate
a fascinating holiday of old.
With black and orange, you might decorate
the inside of your home. Perhaps you’ll thrill
to carve a pumpkin with a scary face.
Black cats might pose upon your windowsill
while ghosts and goblins hang from your fireplace.

As darkness creeps, it’s likely you will see
parades of costumed children in the streets,
so if they’re seen in your vicinity,
remember to be generous with treats.
And if a haunting wind begins to blow,
the poetry of Halloween may flow!

Written Sept. 10, 2013 for Russell Sivey's Everything Halloween Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

LOST KEYS! The Devil Made Me Do It !!

I was twelve years old, it was one Halloween night
My brother was driving me in his old beat up car
He had been told to take care, and keep me in sight
He sighed, threw up his hands, and gave me "that" glare!

We drove awhile...it was cold, spooky and dark
Instead of trick or treating, we continued our ride
In front of his best friend's house, he quickly parked
Told me to stay put in the car...then went on inside

I sat a bit afraid...then out of the dark, the devil said Boo to me!!!
Looked into the window!! ..I screamed, grabbed the keys...threw a fit, locked the doors
The devil was my brother.......all dressed up...he had tiptoed through trees!
His friend was laughing hysterically.....they thought they had scored!!

What they didn't know.... when I had taken the keys
I'd tossed them out of the window and into the leaves!!


(A true story!!
ps...After an hour or so, on hands and knees looking for the keys
we found them finally.................and yes!! He finally took me trick-or-treating!
We are still laughing over this story, many years later!
Actually, he is was and is a terrific brother, by the way, 
but still throws up his hands occasionally 
and gives me "that" glare..Lol!!)

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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Trio on Halloween

There’s no moon out tonight, the witch killed it She’s an evil soul, with a black spirit Deep and dark she has turned really green A perfect color just for Halloween Next to her is a flying bat above She often gives him a real jolting shove To see him change into the vampire form Frightening being that loves her alarm Next to them strolls the motioning scarecrow Desiring to catch the lost that don’t know How evil the trio surely are tonight The trio have red beady eyes that fright This night is the only night they come out Halloween is what this is all about
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Heavy Halloween

*Heavy Halloween 

Atlanta 1997, my first visit to America I recall
I went with a friend called joyous Jessica 
With no real intention of “dressing up” at all 
But to see and know what Halloween is after all.
There came a beautiful girl Iris and asked me
If I wanted my face to be painted for Halloween play.
Nodding I consented, I don’t know why till today
She painted my face as nothing in particular to see.

Ah, the experience of looking into her eyes blue
Touching her alluring body almost to the full
And she touched my heart while she painted
It was the beginning of relationship wonderful 
What a sweetheart! What a heavy Halloween fool!
Wherever you’re, Iris, with love I’m still painted.

Heavy meaning wonderful

Dr. Ram Mehta
Fifth Place win in:
Contest: Holiday hearth by Linda-Marie, the sweetheart of the PS

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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Warlock Halloween

This eerie night when the moonlight drips down Tips of the stars reach out to all this night Darkness has its reign during this night’s crown Showing Halloween the master of fright Took the last pumpkin to its resting place They’re lit for respect of the dead tonight All are glowing wildly within their space Alight to bring awe and joy from this sight Children love to see the path of pumpkins Frightfully dressed to scare with all their might Some of them look like they have rotting skins To front porch they walk smiling with delight They get their candy and scream to enjoy The night sure adds to the fun with their joy
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Witch with her Hat and Trusty Broom

An evil witch dons her witch’s hat tonight Where there are black spiders crawling with fright They scatter all down her great dower face They skitter about the ground, every place In the witch’s cold hands is a lit pumpkin Starting with hatred, there’s some evil sin All throughout this pumpkin, fear does evolve Just darkness emits from that which revolves Lightning flashes and thunder peels on in Passersby get a glimpse of what’s within They run with a fear unlike any seen For they noticed the witch’s face has turned green With loud cackle she rides her trusty broom Off to some victims’ house to spell out doom
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Frightening Halloween

Just when you thought there was peace on the street Lightning strikes, moon is covered with a streak The crow caws with a great fear in his voice Night haunts everyone, it seems to rejoice Just as if on cue, the ground seems to move Skeletons come out, as if on a groove Tombs burst open showing zombies to scare To prey on the weak, going everywhere The haunted house sits on top of the hill Invites guests to come in for a cheap thrill The moon goes dark as anyone comes close Creepiness is present, everyone knows Halloween is sure the focus of fear This haunted house - no candy do they share
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Pumpkin Power

Pumpkins litter the yard, lit to enjoy All with scary faces, some filled with joy I see the yard because of the pumpkins It’s as if it’s day, light shines from their skins Next to them is dormant tree looking old Which has many jack-o-lanterns to hold Some are strung up on many strings in threes Each one of them is lit bringing me ease There is a witch standing under the tree Bringing great fear into everybody The pumpkins all worship her completely For she brings them power all evilly Up in the tree a warning is posted An owl sends chills that the pumpkins boasted
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Headless Spirit

Bats do fly on this spooky autumn night Land on an old tree that’s deader than dead There’s a noose that hangs from the greatest height Hangs over the grave of man with no head Sky has an orange tint to it tonight Pumpkins enjoy the color and absorbs Feeling the fear that’s in the air with fright Seeing now a witch with her crystal orbs Placing one on the headless ghost’s tombstone She invokes the spirit to come forth here Quickly he shows up, but he’s not alone Spirits from all around arrive that scare The witch knows her defeat and rides her broom She’ll get the headless spirit sometime soon
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Scenes of Boogiemen and Vampires

Night is suffocating with lots of fear Scenes of boogiemen and vampires quite near A haunted house sits on top of a hill Where spiders scatter about on the sill A single light is lit in upstairs room Looking frightful as if to spell some doom Lightning flashes to reveal a graveyard Where the dead lives again in his backyard The pathway up to the dark front entrance Is littered with Jack-O-Lanterns that dance There are snakes that wait for one to walk by So they can strike at him, cause him to die The whole land smells of great fear and of fright Bad place to visit on Halloween night
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2012

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Woman in a Graveyard

The lonely woman walks through the graveyard She feels like she’s within a crazy ward Skeletons rise, frighten her completely She thinks she chose her way incorrectly Zombies come to her looking for fresh food She fears this event is not looking good She hears dark noises coming from the sky Then she sees witches flying way up high Just before the skeletons grab her neck She screams at all the ghosts that call and beck They converge at once to tear her apart Just orange is what she sees at this part Pain envelopes her as she finds her soul It’s ripped out of her, she now sees their goal
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Front Porch on Halloween

Pumpkins line up my porch with their glory Orange and purple give about great fury Halloween features are present throughout Skeletons sit on the steps where they shout Bright jack-o-lanterns are lit all around Live bats rest on the roof, soar all at night The path leading up to the house is found Dormant tree, creepy looking, is a sight Spiders are known to be somewhere close by Their webs are seen in every corner, sly The Halloween torches burn here tonight Eerie glow that portrays fear of their might All Hallows Eve does bring joy to my heart As the bright moonlight covers every part
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Scarecrow and Cat

Pumpkin head scarecrow hanging on wood stake
Lit and quite frightening, surely of late
As Halloween comes near he’s scarier
And he loves the hate inspired barrier

Laying on a pumpkin within the patch
Is the darkest black cat that doesn’t match
Any piece of the field is not like him
He’s unique in his charm and every whim

Together the cat watches out for man
Who might enter and try to harm pumpkins
They use their evil powers all they can
To keep out all of those that come within

Spirit of the scarecrow envelopes all
Who enter, protected by the cat’s call

Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Her Evil Work

There’s an old creaky mansion before me One with a sole light in the attic free With a red door in the extreme entrance One that’s filled with webs of a spider dance Under a full moon by an empty tree Stands a witch, owner of this house I see With black cats to fulfill a dark wild curse Light forms around her hands looking adverse Then a cat forms into a handsome man Full of evil, this being has a plan Fog encircles the two standing around As quick as a wink he disappears down Her goal is partly done, her evil work Is powerfully enhanced by this murk
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Orange Mist

Night has scene of a Happy Halloween The orange mist covering what is seen A fog enters the night creating fear Not able to see even what is near The pumpkin moon is surely looking cracked Very orange, being what we all lacked Resembling the night of dark Halloween Keeping giant eyes on us that’s keen Not being able to see through the mist We still don’t get Halloween and its gist The collaborative mission outside Evil ghosts, for them to eat by your side Orange is the theme of this dark evening Color of the mist and what we’re seeing
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Candle Lit House

How eerie the moon was that rose that night Over the candle lit house full of fright Inside the house, as seen through the windows Frightening shadows walk right down below Jack-o-lanterns cover the path upwards All the way up to the house and skywards Hanging on strings some pumpkins are floating Lit all the same for the effect exploding A small graveyard sits near a large dead tree Outside the range of house vicinity Next to each grave is a single handle Where I could see only by a candle The mansion, it seems to invite us in Truly is a place of malice and sin
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Skeleton Ghost

Let me tell about my skeleton ghost Scares the likes of any, but me the most He surely goes and runs right through the walls And in your room with a horrendous call I first found him lurking the dark graveyard And only his misty form fouled and charred He saw me staring at him from afar And flew right at me and into my car I don’t know what happened next after that Cause I passed out like seeing a black cat When I came home he attached himself there And he now haunts my house, he doesn’t care Superstition keeps me tied into knots So I’m moving from this dark haunted lot
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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I draw their spirits close to me and breathe,
and still I find, there's something to believe.
I need their energies to make me strong.
I hear the subtle echoes: Samhain's song.

Nobody feels my reason - hears my rhyme.
My rhythms only work in my own time.
My words - they might make sense in my own mind.
My friends need other words - ones I can't find.

There is an angel buried somewhere near,
who told me that there's nothing left to fear.
Now, all my friends who've passed or gone away - 
this is one life.  What more is there to say?

In this one life, I'll mend what I can mend.
True friendship is eternal - has no end.

Copyright © Paula Puddephatt | Year Posted 2015

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Souls Unlatched

There are many lit pumpkins in the field Covering from fence to fence, quite a yield They create an ambiance with their glow The greatest sight I will see, this I know Black cats prowl this night, during a full moon There are many of them to make you swoon Superstition precedes this evil night Costing nine lives just by their horrid fright Up in the air are bats and the ravens They are scary outside the night havens The bat takes one look at the great pumpkins And flies with the raven black from within Ghosts float over the glowing pumpkin patch Waiting to catch our souls that’s been unlatched
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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To Keep Her Powers

Beside the old tree she plans their demise She seems to be looking right in their eyes All the children run from this creepy witch Sometimes tripping within her trapping ditch She cackles with delight when they are trapped The children, frightened, do feel their souls snapped Out of their bodies she takes their terror And harbors it in her heart of horror She holds trusty broom when flight is needed These children are easy prey conceded Her beady eyes convey evil desire Showing her horrible life and cursed ire The witch drains the life out of children’s hearts To keep her powers alive, in all parts
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013