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Haiku Number 2 With Variations - Both Sonnet and Free Verse

Haiku With Variations (Both Sonnet & Free Verse)

Haiku Number 2

hail rides air updrafts
raindrops crater planet's skin
your breath’s clouds, fall skies

May 12, 2016

Mother of a Winter’s Night – Shakespearian Sonnet

Her distressed sighs rise up like nascent hail,
(Tears blown to ever colder zones of sky),
Where frozen prayers see gravity prevail,
Release their pain on what they think is lie.

These raindrop tears sew cratered fields as well,
While farmer's labor washes out to to sea,
(Those tender roots that split rock - time's to tell),
But impact strips her lover’s legacy.

And with the fall as cold means leaves turn blue
New growth goes dormant and awaits Spring’s lease,
Confusion reigns as her breath’s clouds subdue
And haiku’s calmer images release.

If I am wrong let no one take offense
She’s not to blame, but my own lack of sense.

May 14, 2016

Poet's Note:
Please excuse the paraphrase of Shakespeare Sonnet #116's couplet.  :-)

Mother of a Winter’s Night – Free Verse

Your distressed sighs are the updrafts
That hurl nascent hailstones skyward,
Freezing tears colliding, clumping as they go
Into tortured spheres that could kill a horse,
Certainly knock shingles from the newest of roofs,
Or pound a field of sunflowers straight into the ground!

My vulnerable fields cratered by your tears,
Whether in their frozen form or flowing wet,
Top soil now enroute to the sea itself,
As if the history of its creation were of no consequence,
Tender roots that pried a farm from solid rock,
Swelling into cracks that are always present,
Turning stone to fertile soil.
The sea’s surface, that not so long ago
Mirrored a most gorgeous sunset,
Now a tortured and a rabid foam,
Laid to waste, craters overlapping craters,
Gone in an eye blink, all my love a non-event
In geologic time it seems.

Winter has come early as your breath’s clouds
Mask all reason and confuse me,
A bitter chill fills every corner of fall’s skies,
Even leaves turn blue and cannot breathe,
Oxygen sucked from the room we live in,
My only recourse is poetry and prayer.

May 13, 2016
Long Tooth

Poet's Note:
It was an interesting challenge to try to write the same poem three times and keep the meaning of the original haiku intact.

Copyright © Roof Missing | Year Posted 2016

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Haiku Sonneteering

Golden morning light moments prior to pastel holds so many hues
Waking into beams shining on our window screens rise no time to lose
Stumbling out of bed standing taller once again things becoming clear
Automatic drive eliminating thinking slipping into gear

Sitting holding cup lost in concentration coffee waking thoughts
In my mindless state  wrapped together tightly unconnected caught
Take another sip then gather a few to use lightly brushed in prose
Noticing the way that the Summer helps the muse rise from sweet repose

Wending through the day enjoying every part light and carefree hearts
Skip to summer breeze so contented with the ease life wings on to please
Endless Summer days remembered  youthful  romance evening foggy haze
Seasons too soon turn  each carries lovers delight   lately lazy days

So we savor time  enjoying what we're given living hand in hand
Gardening and tied loving every moment grateful of eden

Copyright © Donald Meikle | Year Posted 2007