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It crawls upon cold paws
To clutch with talons and claws
Nearing its prey, it hunts
With opening eyes and jaws
To shove with power and thrust
Upon insatiable desire and lust
It thrashes again and throws
Ardor so unjust

It bursts in colors of mist
In crimson hue and amethyst
Its forces like fireworks rise
Within emotion, organs, and amidst

In body it lies, in surreal disguise
Leaving no chance for mind to coexist

Copyright © farah chamma | Year Posted 2009

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There Once More

That sad day when you said, "It's just not there" Such sentiments seemed pulled out of the air For many months we'd loved and lived as one Sharing dreams under the Florida sun Our hopes were cast like nets into the sea Never did I think they'd come up empty What caused this shift was not for me to know As 'neath the rays I wallowed far below Searching for answers, wiping tears from my eyes I longed to make sense, but reason defied Until I found the hidden doctor's note And learned your survival now seemed remote I fought my way back into your strong arms To stand again with you and ease the harm

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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A Penny for Your Thoughts

Inspired by the following quote:  "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved." — Helen Keller

Why am I crying now; there must be a reason Is there something my conscious mind’s trying to hide Or could it simply be this humid, warm season The torment of seeking answers can’t be denied There are days when I wake with a smile on my face Grateful for many blessings that have been bestowed But after nightmares, I feel I’ve fallen from grace Anomalies exist in my genetic code Like my Mom, I struggle to break from depression Never understanding why feelings overwhelm Perhaps I pay for a forgotten transgression Is it a smile or a frown today at the helm Sometimes I have tendencies to internalize But the causes of these I cannot analyze
*Written March 14, 2015, for Sara’s “A Penny for your Thoughts” contest.

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2015

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Stepping from the darkness of alone

I must carry this torch down to the cave
To shed light upon the walls of my heart
For, if not, I will take it to my grave
And on that path may make an early start

I cannot think of love, when love is what
Consumes my every thought in every hour
I gambled all I have and took my shot
Chanced my wretched life to fate’s cruel power

But love is what I deeply need to give
My life is not my own unless it’s shared
This aching heart with which I have to live
Must find his mate if he’s to be repaired

But first I must let go the one I crave
And leave this burning torch within the cave ~

Copyright © Nigel Fawcett | Year Posted 2008

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The knots have knots…God?
Threads of needing, want, desire;
passion spent on barren sod
left to burn on flaming pyre.

God, the knots have knots?
Nodes and nodules, full of spoor,
planted upon poisoned plots
hoarding, warmth, desire and more…

God, the knots have knots! 
Pulse, and pump; push, and explore
lose the beastly cankerous clots 
excrete angst, open the pore,

Free the knots, God, please…
By root and rote, the seedling pleads.

Contest: Me Against Myself
Date 6/30/11
D. Guzzi

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2011

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Please Define

Define that fresh sensation once again
Thought to be missed while mellowing further
Define that shiver until one knows when
Tickled by touch as light as a feather.
Define that out of the blue expression
Brought as a smile amidst wonderstruck gaps
Define that itch to make an impression
Asked oneself if it may cause a collapse.
Define that strong desire to keep it close
Tried to hold off the longing within reach
Define that incessant praise as it shows
Felt the comfort to be part of such speech.
These feelings wished for more to discover
Though discouraged to be felt forever.

Define that jaundiced eye hidden deep down
Affected by delusions that must cease
Define that sleepless night tumbling around
Worried about its substance to decrease.
Define that gentle torture creeping in
Intoxicated by pleasure from pain
Define that risk taken for a good spin
Saw a dead end coming latched on a stain.
Define that sweet lemoning on the rocks
Denied the existence of falling out
Define that misfortune kept in a box
Considered as a sentiment no doubt.
These feelings wished for certainty to bite
Regardless, I still do not get it quite.

Copyright © Maria Rheza Mae Rubio | Year Posted 2015

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Countries should be inclusive
And not make millions flee
Of fear for an elusive
Destructive enemy

I am not sure of country
Or city, street or home
What is my nationality
I do forever roam

This means I cannot give you
One contest rule you need
I wish I could, for I, too,
Want roots under my feet

     Family's all I have here
     A treasure that I hold dear

*** January 1, 2017 3d place in contest: Sonnet about where you live Sponsor: Silent One

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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In my desire of acknowledgment, I’m
not much different than a piece of paper;
Crumpled and wrinkled
No weight ‘n easy to eradicate
Without stain marching through the lane
In the battle of survival, recognition and fame
Raise and fall, fall and struggle
Blinded and half dead but passionate
I transcend from wood to ash
for the fulfillment with consummate skill.
But pursuing these useless needs ‘n desire of appraisal
I lost inside myself to find outside myself
In the desire of acknowledgment
I choose to transcend!

Copyright © Muqudus Shahab | Year Posted 2016

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The feeble heart

You wish to reach the deepest parts of me
To lure the abandoned child from her eternal sleep
To protect my shrouded frailty and soothe the storm within
But through no fault of my own, I could never truly let you in
You will underestimate my devotion, and burden my heart
Shatter my delicate trust, and at your hands, I'll surely fall apart
It would be wise for me to forget
Your eyes, your arms, your lips upon my neck
The heart knows no rationale, unlike the mind
But it holds the answers that logic unceasingly struggles to find
It's in my nature, it has always been my way
To seek comfort in solitary darkness, I find no refuge in the light of day
In my earliest years I discovered that no matter which love I chose
Far too many thorns mar a single rose

Copyright © Briana Collard | Year Posted 2007

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When All Hope And Relief Seems Gone, Part One

When All Hope And Relief Seems Gone
        ( Loss of Hope) (Part One)

Today my sad spirit rides long dark rails
as massive storms lash and churn great blue seas
Lost in deepest of blues, Hope's sweet hand fails
as I crash on broken and jagged trees.

Far beneath a once great and mighty perch
as Achille's fate approaches my life
I recall divine words from father's church
"seek thee, love in our dear Lord, during strife"!

I crawl in forests dark, wickedly deep
smell of evil, death and destruction burns
I cry for safety and warm place to sleep
relief from broken heart's many returns.

Where hides Light's most beautiful saving rays
Dusk comes, no help for man that falls and prays!

Robert J. Lindley, 5-05-2017

Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables: 140
Total # Words: 110

Part One of- Hope and its greatest treasures,,,,,

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Confusion Confounds

No one handles lost love rationally
forfeiting all their romantic notions.
For confusion confounds reality
when facing a gauntlet of emotions.

Doubt anonymously attacks with guile
its impact devastating to dreamers.
And fears flourish on the remains of trust
disrupting slumber with nightmare screamers.

You've been fed a concoction of lies
a highly potent emotional mix.
And you're no longer able to forgive
shielding your heart behind a wall of bricks.

Wallowing in your pain you shun support
as fantasies conceived in love, abort.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2017

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Care Home Confusion

As I opened the door, he smiled
Eyes wide and as bright as a child
So unsure under his new roof
Imagining people aloof

Ageing races through life so fast
Good health not guaranteed to last
Not knowing to trust anyone
Mindful of where to rest upon

Care homes, the clue is in the name
Life living there is not the same
Surroundings are much more controlled
Each day watch the same thing unfold

Shared by many of the same age
Some poor souls annoyed in a rage
From adult to child over night
Enough to give an old man fright

Grow old gracefully there or what
Few people give it any thought
Four walls and a bed and some food
Be grateful or looked on as rude

Tough times, all that's left are the dreams
So many don't know what care means.

Copyright © Barbara Campbell | Year Posted 2017

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        February 13, 1945
Pathfinders lit the night to show the way
for bombardiers too hungry for the word;
as Dresden's dark was made as light as day,
all hearts were stopped before the blasts were heard;

and as the din was heard by all their ears
the sound it made was not reality
but far removed from all the hopes and fears
and what they thought would never come to be.

They loved the Fuhrer--sin enough for all
to die the fiery death of sweet revenge
brought on by those who had enough of gall
to drop their loads in wartimes heated binge!

       And when the fire consumed all that it could
        the winter of their lives was understood.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2012

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Purple Haze

No more this verdant sight no more the sound
No more the heart of mist at nature’s dawn
No more victims of constant pressure found
No more the fool of man’s enactment borne.

To worship a foundation so ancient
The last bastion of one’s ancestor
Then one bears scars of prudence so poignant
When complied to appease the molester.

Our Fathers who wove within nature’s loom
So soon eras of memories destroyed
When at the mercy of Europe’s new broom
Leaving many dreams retrenched redeployed.

Hearts and minds linger still at Purple Haze
Ghostly cascades of falling tears amaze!

For all the farmers systematically force from their lands 
in a orchestrated albeit subtle way
after the UK joined the European common market 1970's
A Poem about of one of those farms "Purple Haze"

 © Harry J Horsman 2010

Copyright © harry horsman | Year Posted 2011

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I'm Sorry, Billy Shakespeare

I despise sonnets, and they despise me.
So obnoxious with their fourteen line rhymes.
I’d rather be attacked by a banshee
Than be subjected to my mind’s rhyme-crimes.

Fingers tapping to the ten syllables.
Dead to the iambic pentameter.
Now I’m praying for the running of bulls.
A better poet would make my freezer.

o, I know Shakespeare would be so ashamed
To read the words that lay upon this page.
They do not stand to the man they are named.
A Shakespearean sonnet on rampage.

I know the man himself would not agree,
But thank God for rhyming dictionary.

Copyright © Kara McLain | Year Posted 2012

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Gambling Shuggy—The Encounter!

"If I feel physically,
            as if the top of my head been taken off, 
                     I know it's poetry."
                       --Emily Dickenson


No money no honey from this honey
You may look but won’t rub this fine tummy;
That maybe so, but I ain’t no dummy
Shining like gold—don’t you touch this Emmy!

Pay gone, drunk, smoky, come acting thuggy,
Don’t treat me like an Egyptian mummy;
You have nerves to tell me I look yummy
Step back—know that I will not be chummy!

Say what, you will find another bunny?
Git, to your saloon playing gin rummy;
Tonight I’m keeping safe my sweet plumy
Leave—before I pull my New York Jimmy!

Swiftly, before doorknob hit your bunny,
Shuggy—I ain’t got time tonight bummy!

© Joseph, November 28, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

Poetry Soup International Poetry Contest
Semi-finalist Selection, Jan. 2009.
Poetry Soup Weekly Featured Poem 
Sunday, May 24, 2009, to May 31, 2009

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2008

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Heart of Confusion

Briefly we bonded in the passage of time
Dancing with laughter and its joy we found
With hearts willing to touch in subtle rhyme
Until their beating slowed and lost its sound
You were a true lover, before we wept
The nights we attended, memory hides
Days are now buried with the time we kept
This graveyard will vanish as pain subsides
Shall I LEAVE YOU A KISS before I go
or disappear in silence, no return
Tomorrow's winding road I do not know
Every footprint left will have its concern

I'll leave you my tears with deepest regret
To repair the damage I must forget

Theme..Leave you a Kiss
contest.. Poet II
Frederic Parker...9/8/14

Copyright © Frederic Parker | Year Posted 2014

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Fr. Christ said “I am the living bread that came down from heaven...

If anyone eats this bread

He will live forever

Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, abides in Me and I in him"

Essential signs of Eucharistic Sacrament are wheat bread and grape wine

Communion with the Body and Blood of Fr. Christ increases the communicant’s union 
with the Lord God.

Receiving this sacrament strengthens the bonds of charity between the communicant and Fr. Christ

It also reinforces the unity of the Church as the mystical Body of Fr. Christ

The Church recommends the faithful to receive the Holy Communion at least once a year.

Fr. Christ Himself is present in the sacrament of the altar

He is to be honored with the worship adoration

To visit the Blessed Sacrament is a proof of gratitude

Expression of love

Duty of adoration toward Fr. Christ, Jesus our Lord

Written 09182012

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2012

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The Element of Mother Earth

Indigenous, the people pay homage 
Their sacred songs filled with ancient wisdom 
Mother earth wrestles mankind in bondage 
Throughout the lands of her earthly kingdom 

She stretches dry fingers, through valleys 
Before she lays, her head down to sleep 
Is saddened the world fails to rally 
And nobody shall, witness her weep 

Her resources are used and abused 
Oh Mother Earth, what has mankind done 
Forgive our shame, for we’ve been confused 
Wipes her tears, before the morning sun 

She will soon, unleash all of her fury 
For mother earth is now judge and jury. 

March.06.2016   Element Earth  Contest

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

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Confusion in the Dark

Sight disappears, irrelevant as dust determination makes one crazy or brave snatching the light anyhow, is a must sensing danger even if it is a wave compensates for survival which is just but not independent from an unknown grave restlessness available for a kind lust as understanding extends its hands to save view the chronicles of a struggling boy thinking hammer is needed to break small nut nothing then is as temporal as joy each promise comes with a coma and a but a sorry mind turned into a bad toy strings of slavery only clarity can cut

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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A wave that grows from deep inside of me
to bring me down--I feel it start to grow;
its only name--is called--Anxiety,
where it comes from--no one could ever know.

As tiny needles prick my skin--I feel
sensation of a drifting tenderness-- 
all hot from here to there--and so un-real--
it leads my mind to only second guess

at what's invading to the soul of me,
those tingles from my fingers, to my toes
abducted from my world of sanity,
I fall into a darkness no one knows.

And shaken to an end I can't embrace--
I feel its kiss--but never see its face.
© Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2016

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Are you the one

Are you the one?

In time gone by we where as one
As my lonely heart does cry
For understanding what has changed I can only try
The days together in the sun
Now alas, is it all undone?
It’s only you I will stand by
As my faults you do decry
Yet the heart stays fast, not to run

What’s past is dead and gone my love
It’s forward we should move
The future is bright as shining snow
Let it take flight as the mourning dove
I pray you’ll never disapprove
Of the love I’m trying to bestow 

Copyright © Russell Smith | Year Posted 2011

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Choices, Voices and Bad Company

Choices, Voices and Bad Company

Bang , bang , gunshots in heated night air sang 
jump back , be careful where you nightly hang
Fun, fun , going where the night action stays
danger waits hidden when nights replace days!

Kick it, kick it, time to chase the gals
beware safety gone if you hang with pals
So carry a shooter , step up your game
name in the paper soon may be your fame!

Hold on, hold on, your future life has game
you grab future rejecting drugs so lame
Stand up , a man that carries his own weight
yield not to greed, lust and all useless hate!

Live on, living to find your star and shine
Live on, love in life ,  love so very fine!

Robert J. Lindley  08-24-2014

Note: A sonnet that presents today's life choices are 
often far more serious when made than young
people can realise. Seeking action and thrills 
always come with a cost. Quite often a deadly cost!
Don't freely decide to get yourself so lost!
Been there, down that, long ago..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

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Sonnet Dialogue: Scorn in Duality, Lit Op 5

I  looked below and saw the dawn from here,
Disturbing may, below the light- a man.

“Oh, stranger most, shall I ask you with fear?”

“Dear one, you fear no one”, replied the man,
“Nor Him, you fear Him not for you are but
The holder of the strings of those you sight.”

A second by, I asked him in abrupt,
“The guardians of the roof, had they loved me?”

He voiced: “Their love are drawn in stitching crossed,
Exquisite yet details are course, you see?
The veil from where it rests you should have tossed,
Each thread in havoc, one chaotic sea!”

I spared a tear, his face did went outworn,
Afar the lake I headed. God, I’m torn!


Copyright © Karlo De Leon | Year Posted 2011

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Restless Sleep

Again their nose beyond obvious doubt
reveals what's known, the hate is dark and deep
it calls to mind, what life was all about
when all are settled in for restless sleep.

Refreshed with rising sun, our pain goes on,
all wonder is where leaders lead us to,
but by the mid of day, all doubt is gone
and in a vote, our deep is what we do.

The unionized stay joined, throughout their quest,
But sleep is all we think about tonight
to dream of sharks who bite and do their best
to waken us from dark, and hide our light.

And screaming in our pain, we wonder why
All sleep is restless 'til the night we die.

© Vee Bdosa the doylestown poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2016

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Sonnet To Our Generation

We didn't start the fire
we just built an empire
of people who can't read, or spell
that's why they go to jail
and then die, and burn in hell.
Books like Fifty Shades Of Grey
now, everyone is gay.
We've become a broken down system
the 7 deadly sins,
can you list em'?
I bet you can't even read
you rather sit at home and smoke weed, 
that makes you're lungs bleed.
We need, 
more people like me
that write poetry,
can't you see
what has happened to our society.
2Pac for president
not some idiot, 
who isn't even a legal resident.
We like music
by artists who can't sing
now, we trash Stephen King,
what does this mean?
People go insane
when they look at the bullet,
in their best friend's brain.
We need more changes
and less gun ranges
shooting strangers
all this anger
putting other people in danger
is only cool for a fool
that's why we need to go to school.

Copyright © Blake Holland | Year Posted 2016

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A wave that grows from deep inside of me
to bring me down; I feel it start to grow;
its only name--is called--anxiety,
where it comes from, no one could ever know.

As tiny needles prick my skin I feel
sensation of a drifting tenderness 
that goes from here to there--and so un-real,
it leads my mind to only second guess

at what's invading to the all of me,
and tingles from my fingers, to my toes;
abducted from my world of sanity,
I fall into a darkness no one knows.

And shaken to an end I can't embrace,
I feel its kiss--but never see its face.
© Ron Wilson aka Ron Arbuthnot
aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2015

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Sunken Tears

                                   He stood bravely before me 
                           with a medal of honor in his right hand
                        and a bandage of agony around his left knee
                           It seemed like he had struggled to stand,
                             his crutches lay useless on the ground
                                 I found it hard to understand why,
                                 a soldier in pain didn't even frown
                                      With a voice firm but dry
                                 his words shook me like thunder
                                "You're now the man of this house"
                                 he uttered like a worn-out hunter
                            quivering up my legs like a terrified mouse
                                 Drowning my mind through cold ears
                        he passed his sincere respect and sunken tears

Copyright © Moi Kaira | Year Posted 2012

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Sursum Corda

Happens every day- WHAT? Confrontation
‘A’ism Vs. ‘B’ism- ‘X’ ism Vs. ‘Y’ism
Thesis- Antithesis; synthesis- isn’t it consummate?
Nothing exist called anachronism!

Conflict; is the child and also father
She is no Marx; Engels or Lenin oh folk!
Pacific community is her one desire
She’s not only red; also a capitalist bulk

But, her much tilted eyebrows; heavy eyelids
Wet cheeks- red eyeballs
Desert- drought suffered those lips
Through eye lashes acidic rain falls

Blood stains; she stares at how bad they scent
Sursum corda so that this ugly color may faint

Copyright © Pushpa Palanchoke | Year Posted 2013

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   To Err Is Human

Would if I could, earn a spot
in the farthest  part 
of your bleeding heart
to bridge the gaping chasm
that for so long separated
and kept us apart.

What fate does the future holds
for a weary father growing weak and old;
while the whole story has yet to be told?
Through the prism of my aging tears,
rainbows color the present delight
radiating in the remaining waning years. 

With a love that is pure and divine,
please forgive the painful err that was mine.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015