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Nature’s wonderful garden in display
display of autumn colours in array
array of beauty to share in delight
delight of birds in a picturesque sight.
Sight of swans as they fly above the ground
ground that is covered by leafs as if gowned
gowned by a blanket of colourful hue
hue of earth moistened by a misty dew.
Dew that reflects sunlights shimmering light
light that wakes up into a morning bright
Bright is the dawn as a new day ascends
ascends to where the earth and heaven blends.
Nature and seasons in a divine bliss
bliss of life and beauty to reminisce.

T.J Grén

March 2016
My first attempt at writing a chained sonnet.

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2016

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Lilah of the Lilacs

Like violets were her eyes when first I spied the lady with a sweet child’s face who peeked at me from bushes that she stood beside, alluring Lilah, beaming, apple-cheeked! And so it was that more and more I found myself among the lilacs in that place where first we’d met, that I might hear the sound of Lilah’s laugh and glimpse her angel’s face. On fragrant garden paths we knew the thrill of blossoming affection. Poetry was time we spent! But when my love fell ill, the autumn of our bliss was not to be. . . I visit Lilah now where she’s at rest nearby the lilac blooms she liked the best.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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Ode to Autumn

Earth’s sphere of fire bids adieu to me

As dying embers gleam across the sea

In rare hues reflected by autumn trees,

Swirling in motion with October’s breeze.

I feel the joy this season has to share

In golden harvest that the branches bear,

And I am thankful for this blessed year,

For divine abundance I share so dear.

The sun and moon take on a special glow

As thunder clouds move swiftly with the flow.

Yes, autumn coaxes feelings to revive,

Those mem’ries of past seasons still alive.

When autumn spreads her dress of lacey frost

I know, in breathless beauty, I’ll be lost.

© Connie Marcum Wong

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2013

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If e're we could move that mountain from between thee and me,
where would be lament or reason to grieve?
How remove the hollow from the tree, or shore from the sea?
What left would there be?
What if ere the beam lost it's moon.
Or lovely Autumn raiment lost it's tree? What then would it be?
Can one sow the seed without the land?
Would this be what Powers planned?

The grief, the longing, oh, the heartfelt gaze,
The strife the loneliness, but a soulful phase.
A mountain surmountable, a hollow fulfilled,
A sea able to be, a beam again spilled.

A stage again for raiment,... a fertile valley for seed.
Our love could not be boundless without the bonds of these.

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2010

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That's Some Trick

Bewitched again by autumn's laggard spell
Like alchemy, green leaves are turned to gold
Although the summer still has dreams to sell
I watch fall's silent sorcery unfold

Brisk morning breezes hint of coming cold
Forgotten are the yellow daffodils
The grass is brown where robins once patrolled
Who now, I'm sure, are sunning in Negril

And yet it seems leaves change almost at will
As fall performs his yearly slight of hand
Replacing summer heat with twilight chill
And leafy green to russet on demand  

While autumn draws attention from my eyes
It tricks me not to notice how time flies

    by Daniel Turner
Negril is a tourist destination in Jamaica 

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2017

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Life Is Like A Leaf

We'll watch in awe and witness talking leaves
In multicolored hues their story told
With heavy heart their passing we will grieve
Their memory, like weather soon grows cold

So quickly through the glass our trickling sand
Twas yesterday spring flowers were in bloom
Today the autumn colors are at hand
Tomorrow deserts rise to windswept dunes

Yet with the winds of time the leaves will blow
Like sands and days, they'll fall and disappear
Their time on earth like ours from green to gold
Except for them, whose destiny was clear

The story of our life is like a leaf
Bring beauty to this world, however brief

     September 16 2016

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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My Lips Caress

Oh, goodbye sweet Summer, I will miss you, Fall, I will embrace your stained-glass colors; Invigorating crisp air and skies blue, Leaves that tumble, spin- beautiful wonders. The emerald trees lay down Summer gowns, Now they swirl in bright gold, orange and red; Delightful the twittering of bird sounds, I love Fall- sorry Summer you are dead. I snuggle in a sweater and mittens, Hug my coat closer and pull down my hat; On a park bench poems I have written, For hours, hours contemplating- I have sat. Fall leaves in my diary I will press, Oh, spirit winds of Fall- my lips caress. ____________________ September 2, 2016 Sonnet Second Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

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Saying Goodbye to Autumn

It seems we said hello, just yesterday
Do you recall the night you came to town?
You blew in silently, I hoped you'd stay
Time really flies when old friends come around

When you leave here, I guess you'll be southbound
I love the pretty blanket left for me
Those yellows mix so well with red and brown
It will make such a treasured memory

Yet when you've gone, how diff'rent things will be
So cold and bare, your warmth will disappear
It happens ev'ry year so let's agree
We'll plan a longer visit for next year

Sweet autumn it is time to say goodbye
I wish you'd come next year about July

   by Daniel Turner
Spenserian sonnet  rhyme scheme

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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A Change of Seasons - A HexSonnetta

Upon this break of dawn
Touched by an autumn breeze
There rustling in the leaves
I see a hint of bronze
And know it won't be long
Before you strip the trees

Yet knowing this I dare
To dream of you again
As summer starts to wane
Leaves falling everywhere
From mother nature's hair
Ablaze in crimson flames

That set a fire in me
Just like those falling leaves

August 21, 2015

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2015

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Painting Autumn

October brings us panoramic scenes
Picassoesque impressionistic style
From reds to browns and earth tones in between
When nature paints those landscapes that beguile

The helpful sun provides hot yellow paint
Which bleeds and blends from mountains to the seas
There are no signs that nature shows restraint
As hues are scattered by the autumn breeze

Yet with her madness comes a masterpiece
The reason for spring's jealousy of green
Before her creativity has ceased
Her orange and black spills on Halloween

October means peace, love, and harmony
Get with your friends, enjoy fall's scenery

     By Daniel Turner     October 3 2016

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Autumn Mist


And autumn came, with its colourful hue,
crispy clear was the air with morning mist,
after nights frosty coldness tears of dew,
to reflect the essence of nature‘s whist.
Autumn colours of brown, red and yellow 
the sun setting its sight toward winter,
asleep beyond ripeness of life mellow,
leaving behind summer’s light and glister.
Like nature’s fall, love has grown to ripeness,
waiting for ardours new awakening
to blossom once more with virgin fondness,
and discover love’s tenderest feeling.

Autumn lay to rest nature’s planted seed,
depth of love to grow, its emotions heed.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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Stark Endings on an Autumn Wind

Burnished bronze, tarnished teal,
flare warnings yield to winds of steel.
Their urge to jump, to flee and hide
cuts off the warmth for suicide.

They leap and land at such a cost,
far flung debris- refulgence lost.
They shrivel brown, dark fibers done,
decay beneath the wayward sun.

Their shredded shells in supine piles,
small hells ignite by human wiles.
Gray smoking wraiths slip out to sigh,
soar off to smear the flannel sky.

Green progeny will take their turn.
One chance to live is what they earn.

Copyright © Gerard Keogh Jr. | Year Posted 2009

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A Song Of Autumn

Soon, shall we plunge into the cold darkness
Adieu, long live our bright short summer days
I just heard falling, in shocking sadness
The wood's resounding on the pavement ways

The  winter shall enter my being: ire
Hatred, quivers, horror, labor; hard, forced
And like the sun in her polar fire
My heart will be just a block, red and iced

Trembling, i hear each log that is tumbling
Mounted scaffold, has yet, soundless echo
My spirit, a yielding tour, resembling
Succumbs to the heavy, tireless ram blows

It seems to me, lulled by a shock so dull
A coffin been nailed, some where on the fly
For whom? dead is Summer, here is the Fall
This mysterious noise sounds like goodbye

I, of your long eyes, love the green bright side
Sweet beauty, but today all is bitter,
Naught, neither your love, boudoir or fireside,
Are worth the bright sea sun, or more sweeter.

And yet, love me, tender heart be mother,
Even for a wicked, unthankful one;
Be mildness and pass, sister or lover
Of glorious Autumn, or setting sun

Short task, the tomb awaits it is avid 
Oh, let-me, my forehead on your knees,
Taste, while i mourn the white summer, torrid,
The late season, yellow sweet ray of his

Note: this is my own translation of the original poem intitled: 
*Chant D'Automne*by French Charles baudelaire. it was translated by some poets. the best one is by :*Lewis Piaget Shanks*
i tried hard to keep the rhythm and rhyme of the sonnet though it was very hard for me.

Plz. check the following link:

Copyright © Lonely Shepherd | Year Posted 2016

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September Chill

It was the first part of September
As the leaves were just starting to turn
The bonfire shrank to just one ember
A fearful forecast she would discern

Yes, the hurricane season lived on
Although the seas were starting to cool
Bounty of trees now plucked – pecan
As children made their way back to school

Indian Summer brought such sad news
A woman still in her autumn years
Struggled from her eyes, tears to excuse
She had to face the greatest of fears

The doctor offered no hope for her
Would this month be her last September?

*Entry for Brian’s September Contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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Autumn Fire

As growing season halts at summer's end
Green leaves begin to starve for chlorophyll
Sun rays cook nutrients now trapped within
The leaves change colors with the frosty chill

Emblazoned mountains burn with Autumn's fire
Bright flame like red and orange yellow leaves
A russet carpet is the grounds attire
More beautiful than any could conceive

And yet we never cease to be amazed
The coat of many colors nature wears
Each fall we watch the smokeless leafy blaze
"Til winter winds disrobe and trees stand bare

Igniting our illusions with a view
Those Autumn fires in trees of russet hues

    October 21 2016

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Leaves of Rust

Leaves of rust do bounce within the brisk wind As trees release them from whence they ascend The frigid air blows down the lane of leaves Orange charms lay about where we all believe The sun sits low barely over the drive Straw blends with the grass as fall comes alive The crispness of each day flaunts us with pride Colors of autumn describes the outside Trees are nearing their midnight life cycle Almost bare with few leaves to recycle Crops are near the height of sowing prowess Yellow stalks surround the farmhouse fortress The season does explain the cool weather It’s the most beautiful time of the year
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Sweetly Fragrant

Sitting under the pale pink running rose
At the end of a beautiful Autumn Day
Searching for inspirational sonnet to compose
For my love who lives in heaven's  way

To me He's like a honeysuckle vine
Blooming in the month of May
Sweetly fragrant essence among the pines
He's like the gold of mountains that's refine

To me He's like the babbling brook
Sweetly singing in tune
For everything in heaven He forsook
Fo prove His love for me is beyond the moon

Words cannot describe my love for Him
But daily I'll try to draw close in His realm

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2009

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The call of the mountain

out and away from home there is a place
where all the tracks of foot have never been
away and within a nest there's a face
where all the faces on earth are unseen

where there is a breath there will be a life
among the rocks and between the evergreen
i can feel the warmth of the meek sunlight
when the rocks turn hot and the trees lean

what a bless to be in such company !
when the pure spirit of God is around
what sounds and sites chime in such harmony!
it's here where the true joys of life abound

lifetime in the streets nearly made me sick
too much noise beside heaps of smoking tar
the walking dead unaware, roaming the streets
as if some alien from decaying star

i packed my tools after the hills have called
a free ticket i got for the calling hill
home is up-there from whence comes the wild
that is more cozy than our streets that kill

Copyright © Lonely Shepherd | Year Posted 2014

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They call this condition, September blind.
Secret eyes peek from silky autumn-brown.
On lifting wisps of wind, her scent does find --
A head adorned with thorny, lovelorn crown.

In the warming wet; in our blissful smiles;
On banana-bikes; on mossy-rock shores --
Our union dropped by circumstantial trials
That divide one love into distant doors.

In space-time loops I will search forever --
And, once again, until that plain I find.
From nebulous clouds to Heaven's lever.
I sense her ... so near -- but, I cannot bind!

In-between two 'verses she lives and dies.
How does one cross those parallel skies?

September 1, 2016
English Sonnet 3 - Poetry Contest

Copyright © Tom Arnone | Year Posted 2016

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Field in Retrospect

There’s a path of flowers I glide across Such a beautiful color made of gloss Orange pieces of delight made to pass Within this meadow that is long to last The blades of grass are surely tall with pride Turning colors from green to brown inside There’s a lone tree in the sight of the field Where orange and red leaves become its build Flowers impact this field in retrospect Looking at it from my past with respect Power of the flower is prominent Secure in my heart which is dominant Orange is the color of the plant’s choice Field is glad of their presence, they rejoice
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Sonnet I : Ink and nothing else

Freedom differs on how each men define it,
like the love of autumn or cold of winter.
Vast it may be but meaning is implicit,
so vast that no soul can ever hinder.

I define liberty as a pen and paper.
Mere it is , but my understanding is sure.
What is simple for you, to me strikes deeper.
Thin a  paper be , but it lasts to endure. 

The glory of ink is immeasurable,
for a tender soul of mine to comprehend.
Though age  has  numbers, I am an example,
of a generation's hope for we to ascend.

May the world be courageous to project art.
Like this sonnet , this is where I start.

Copyright © Jim Parrera | Year Posted 2011

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Grape Harvest

Chartreuse the pearls hung on the pregnant vine
as whispered jade the leaves in autumn breeze.
The necklaces of trellis did entwine
like clefs of absinthe notes in verdant keys.

Limes envied grapes reflecting fervent sun,
bright clusters for musicians then to splay
in shamrock fields with fables to be spun
of emeralds and pears in harvest play.

Cerulean spread 'cross effulgent sky
when came the time for plucking of the harp.
Lithe fingers did each picker then apply
and place graceful refrains upon the tarp.

In peridot did countryside rejoice
while to reprise fruition gave a voice.

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2017

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Those early morning walks not long ago,
through quiet fields, bathing in citrine tones,
the sunrise in no hurry, pace is slow,
gift-wrapped dawn, a present for me alone.
But now, like river waters in a drought,
daylight contracts, I savour every sip,
the late month's arms of night are spreading out
on shorter days they now tighten their grip.
A sombre season, this, my mood is low,
a melancholy feeling fills my chest
sun sinks behind it's shroud, I watch it go,
wish I could sail off with it to the west.
Each night I feel it's loss but should not mourn,
for our sunset is someone else's dawn.

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2017

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Autumn Breezes

As autumn breezes bluster, leaves descend
Parading nature's pageantry of hues
The ceremony is the season's cue
To summon Jack Frost and his chilly friends

Jack signals for the snow flakes to begin
While he ice skates on frozen crystal streams
The moon enhances nightly with moonbeams
Fall colors gone, now winter's white transcends

Wrapped in her blankets, Mother Nature sleeps
One autumn leaves the other downy snow
She's dormant in her springtime reverie
And all the while the snow is drifting deep
As winter rages on and blizzards blow
Those autumn breezes turned to Northerlies.

   an original poem by Daniel Turner
words to use: Flakes, Jack Frost, skating
                    snow, crystals, blizzard

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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A Stone In The Cold - 5 Runner Up

The hunter hunted; the past comes stalking,
breath now visible, I quicken my pace,
dusk has fallen, nature is now talking,
autumn's chill causes my heart to race.

My eyes scan dense forest from left to right,
I stop, gain my footing in the thicket,
only branch and crimson leaves in my sight,
owls call out, and prey upon the cricket.

Voices seem to speak from the babbling brook,
cold stones, worn smooth, waters of countless days,
eyes are everywhere, yet nowhere I look,
something is near, I cannot get away.

Struggling, my arrow kept at the ready,
my once stealthy hand, is now unsteady.

This was my original entry for Debbie Guzzi's contest - "A Crown of Sonnets"

(This is also the first sonnet that I had ever written.)

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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This is my one love and when it will die
I might as well drift by the alley’s wayside
Or care for young leaves which are my pride,
That only bluebirds from frosty air cry .

Soon, I’ll hear old winter’s song through dusk’s lyre
Climbing on stars, my breaths moaning aloud;
To watch day’s procession through a head bowed
When twilight dims a moon, frail like kohl’s pyre

Yet in this secular autumn I know
I have felt his pure warmth open life's heart;
This  kindled fervor, only to depart…
Yet evenings bloom on a sepulcher, aglow

Mellow like fresh leaves when times past enthrall,
Gentlest of all, my love, gentlest of all.

For Gren’s Evergreens (Golden Oldies) 
# 2  Contest    ----------4/30/2016
Inspiration from the song, Autumn Leaves
Petrarchan Sonnet

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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For bread and country

Line upon line the troops stood straight
In late season sun they stand and wait
With magazines filled with ammunition
Not with bullets but with good nutrition

These troops stand with feather in cap
Full of purpose and flowing with sap
Yet soon inevitably they are to fall
As they grow big and they grow tall

Then, quite fearlessly they give their life
To die for country, kids and wife
Yet to die so that all may flourish
As their bodies feed and nourish

And so the seasons pass
For these troops of tallest grass
Unsung heroes that sacrifice all
When in autumn they die and fall

But are our lives not the same? 
As in sacrifice there is no shame

Copyright © Daniel Human | Year Posted 2015

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Autumn Leaves - The American Sonnet Style

~Autumn Leaves~
(New American Sonnet)

The days are getting just a little cold
Summers leaving bringing us all a change
Temperature drops, and weather acts strange
Nature wears a new dress and reacts so bold

The birds leave their nests and just fly away
Skies changes hues in no little time
Nature plays best music when is bed time
As fall transforms and makes all things brand-new

As leaves start to change hues in every single tree
They seem to fall one by one to  the ground
My eyes can't help but see beauty around
As fall cool breeze makes me at times just glee

The days start getting now a little chill
And all over the place there is a thrill.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

September .21. 2016

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2016

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A Kiss Of Sunshine

The equinox in autumn evens out the nights and days and makes them equal length. I lie outside because I am devout, but you, dear Sun, eventually lose strength. I dream in winter of each afternoon we meet in summer. . . passion at its peak, and I can play as if I'm a cocoon wrapped in your heat till night time makes you weak. Oh, Sun, I need again for you to surge for hours on end, so I can take you in and at the close of day, I can emerge your monarch, tinged with scarlet for our sin. Spring comes, and with it comes the moment when a kiss of sunshine I will feel again!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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October's Crown

The growing dusk draws this fall day to term.
October crowned in warmth and brilliant light.
The sun across it arc shines to confirm,
that these fall days be passionate and bright.

Heroic are the colors autumn wears.
Yet, soon its rich-hued robe will fade away,
to know the sting of winter's icy airs.
We wish our coldest season would delay.

The gleanings of these golden days are rich.
We hold such gifts within our hearts, sublime.
Nostalgia is the providence from which
we warm our souls the span of winter-time.

Stand firm through dormant seasons, sharp and cold.
Soon warmth will grace spring's light to be extolled.


Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015