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tiny lanterns-
burning bright
in darkest watches
of the night
like elvish sprites-
come beckoning
although never-
truly reckoning
of children filled-
with summer rapture
intent upon-
a quest to capture
venting to-
the purpling skies
their excited-
and delighted cries
of fireflies!!,fireflies!!!

Copyright © Rob Metcalf | Year Posted 2011

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Joy of childhood

The joy of childhood, with endless laughter,
innocent games, finding life‘s delight
to enjoy the adventure thereafter
with wonders of new journeys to excite.
Sweet smile of a boy and a girl, modest
to share the secret dreams of fairytales.
In childhood innocence always honest
to feel joy, as a happy end entails.
No boundaries of happiness with plays,
carefree games, songs of joy, cheerful hap,
in times of sadness tenderness always
found in the comfort of a mothers lap.

Joy of childhood, forget not it’s sweetness,
Behold! The tenderness remains endless.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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Stop the hands of time

With one click, I can stop the hands of time,
nothing can move, not even an enzyme.
The world is so peaceful, when it's in pause,
there is so much mischief that I can cause.

I can run riot, no one can stop me,
take whatever I want, all things are free.
Stop someone when they are going crazy,
or steal a kiss from a pretty lady.

Rob a bank and take as much as I like,
or stop a sportsman, before he can strike.
Look at the answers during an exam,
stop a salesman, when you know it's a sham.

Cause all that trouble and no one will know,
performing my own entertainment show.

18 June 2016
My super power poetry contest by Lewis Raynes

10 syllables per line.

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2016

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Hang Over

Just beneath the throat is a hot porridge the body knocks down but still operate heat all over, jump into the nearest fridge sight shivers in its domain so temperate morning light is covered by one big ridge aches and weariness don't want to separate from the stomach to the mouth is a bridge for a crazy out pour to generate since last sweet night, the mind is in a flop quick and short morbidity from its groove sips and gulps in an interplay nonstop require the next coffee to disapprove long consciousness puts the being back on top back to normal and Life is on the move.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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The Bridge of Dire Necessity

Moist jungle's steaming breath assaults my face
Molasses air I struggle to inhale
Your ruddy visage slowly drains to pale
Sharp cliff, black knife wound in the verdant space
Decrepit footbrige held up by mere grace
Each rope suspended taut by one sole nail
No time for turning back, it's move or fail
Their fever burns, thin lives that wane apace

We're down to you or me; I see I've lost
Your pallid tremors, so I walk on high
Death matters not, as all will share the cost
Without the cure, those that I love will die
Wood creaks as ropes strain, hands sweat, mind of frost
Firm terra I touch, sweet success is mine


Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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A Stone in the Cold part 6 - runner up

(my part six entry into the crown sonnet started by Debs)

Ahead the bear in sudden motion stands.
I want to turn and run, but this is not
my way;  I grasp my knife in trembling hands.
This fight will be like none I’ve ever fought!

The beast is greatly wounded; I can tell
by how he weaves, and I must take his life!
His neck I’ll strike. I breathe in; then exhale. . .
With all my might, I lunge out with my knife.

My free wrist he has clawed, but I am good!
Again and then again, I thrust and thrust.
Blood gushes from him as I knew it would.
I willed his death, for in myself I trust.

His warmth I’ll take by scraping fur from skin.
I bow before the bear to honor him.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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The Rolling Seas

When the time arrives for me to depart
from the sunlit harbors of the living.
Take me aboard a navy fighting ship
and carry me back again to the sea.

Order the boatswain to construct a skid
made of wood and painted with fresh white paint.
Build it to hold a gray weighted coffin
draped by Old Glory with her stars and stripes.

Cruise the coast of my beloved home Whidbey
until full abreast with Ebey’s Landing.
Muster the funeral party astern
Play taps and slide me into the blue drink.   

Let the storm-flecked waves of the rolling sea
take this old sailor to his final peace.

Copyright © Gary Jones | Year Posted 2007

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Friend I've Never Seen

A kindred spirit halfway 'round the world
I can not see his face only his heart
His kind words and verses reveal his pearls
Exuding confidence and mind so sharp
Does he hoist his sail with wind in his face
And drop his anchor in quiet lagoons
Or keep wind to the rear as if to race
Send dreams up high like helium balloons
 Does he smile and whistle returning home
Reconnecting to his past and old friends
Maybe stay in the present ne'er to roam
And live within and on no one depend
I think it would be nice to sit and talk
And to share some laughs on a friendly walk

   an original poem by the "poemdog" Daniel Turner  (DT)
    Pearls referring to pearls of wisdom in line 3

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Aquamarine Alchemy

As the men of the great sea carry me
Assuring them of safe travel on water
Courage and serenity are given free
Am restless anxiety adjuster

Feel so soft smooth as nestled in pocket
Look deeply into my pale blue colors
Ye men of wide sea who wear bluejacket
Those who my purpose are sure acceptors

How my healing powers strength your heart
Throat, spleen, immune system, mouth, ears, breating
Offering protection for journey chart
Constantly in your pocket safely abiding

Mental, emotional, physical
Aquamarine polished smooth possible alchemy

Written for Stoned Contest
Sponsor: Catie Lindsey
Contest had closed when posted

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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The Hunt

The moon plays at being the midnight sun
with abandon he struts across the sky
in such majesty it catches my eye
I bow in obeisance, my heart is won

Behind him come plunderous clouds of white
riders on horses with dust in their wake
racing steeds on a quest to overtake
the renegade moon in his selfish plight

Closing in for capture they poise their net
as the stars watch their proud King's demise
the clouds press on eager to seize the prize
and use the moon's light to their own benefit

The final bugle sounds, in hues of gold
The sun peeks up to watch it all unfold

Copyright © Erica Lewis | Year Posted 2009

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Evening Swim

The night emits a citronella scent
   From tiki torches topped with living flame;
I swim in circles -- softly speak your name --
   While starlight washes over us, content.

Cicadas still sing secrets to the trees
   Like Summer's heartbeat throbbing in the dark --
While on a new adventure we embark,
   Sped onward by a silent, gentle breeze.

Your kisses ripple slowly down my spine --
   Your touch is strong and steady, like the tide --
Warm bodies wrapped in motion dip and glide --
   You turn the turbid sea to fragrant wine.

The rising moon gives witness to my cries;
Tonight I drown within your ocean eyes.

Copyright © M. Teresa Blaylock | Year Posted 2006

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meeting Van Gogh

Meeting Van Gogh…sonnet 
the wheat-field, blond as a Volga German milk maid, heat 
intense and in the shade of a demanding olive tree I saw 
 grumpy Van Gogh, glaring at me intruding on his painting.
“Sorry for the scooter it is electric blue and doesn’t fit in, 
pretend it is a donkey free of its leather harness.” 
The vines, deep green leaves and fertile soil, soon there
would be grapes, mostly dark cerulean, an army of wine 
to come tempting souls into surrender… liquid pleasures;
 and the narrow road snakes amongst fields like a black
mamba hunting grey rabbits in the meadow. 
I have the afternoon sun in my eyes, a cooling breeze
on my back; and then I drive off the road fall amongst
thistle and thorns and the spell is broken, look around
but only Van Gogh witnessed my disgrace. 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2012

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Beyond The Breakers

Beyond the breakers, dreamers hoist their sails
Lost in the clouds, on ships of make believe
A stowaway, escaping life's travails
Adventurer, Inventing hearts to thieve

Imagination wakes the inner child
A problem, is an island to explore
An argument, a king to be exiled
Where grown ups, for a moment are ignored

And yet we rarely ever take the time
To let the inner child come out to play
Or watch the clouds in silent pantomime
Act out our fantasies of childhood days

Beyond the breakers new horizons loom
Imagination is your child's playroom

   Daniel Turner 

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2017

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We Sailed Across The Sea

We Sailed Across the Sea

I boarded, me the old Fairsea
We left England my wife and me
To sail towards those sunny shores
In land, I’d never seen before

In land of kangaroos I Live
This land it has so much to give
Me thinks it is a paradise
This place so warm, and sweet, and nice

I’ve been here now for fifty years
 I left me mum behind in tears
But Aussie land has done me well
I love it, the whole world I tell

Oh, I would never turn my back
For Aussie land, it nothing lacks

7 December 2016

Copyright © Lazy dog Smith | Year Posted 2017

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Monday Morning, a Loop Sonnet

Monday morning slowly waking
Waking to a drizzly rain
Rain that comes down ever whispering
Whispering, time to wake again!

Again my mind’s ever churning
Churning with thoughts of the day
Day of poetry and yearning
Yearning for what I must say.

Say in words what I am feeling
Feeling in this early morn
Morn with my words ever forming
Forming… a new format born!

Born by chance I can’t deny
Deny ‘tis useless, I must try!

Copyright © Betty Janko | Year Posted 2016

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A jiggling rush of energy
Wags along our messed-up stair
As Lullie huffs with a naughty glee,
To cause mayhem beyond compare!

My dachshund begs to play tag -game
With flopping of ears , this just disarms;
While dog’s trick to win is one big shame
She guards me dear from any harm.

Lullie sleeps often in my bed
Her belly twirling all around;
I wonder of mischief ahead
Till fingers trace a rounder mound.

Oh baby pups arrive, although
Lullie's mate, that I'll never know!

Shadow Hamilton's Pets
 ~ A true story ~

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2014

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A child was I in Space Odyssey awe
  when rocketeers on lunar ascent shone;
In Sea of Tranquility my eyes saw
  Ground Control to Major Tom...engines on! 
New age Columbus kings voyage and realm
  in ships on alien frontiers stranded;
new worlds beyond and Earth men at the helm
  till"the Eagle has landed".
Mission to scout astral planes in deep space
  led Command Module on orbiting stay,
leaving flag and footprint in human trace
  on re-entry splashdown on the eighth day.
In your tin can you rode the sonic boom
to the stars on the dark side of the moon.

                   May 1992

Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

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Summer Camp Fun

I went to camp one year to feel so free
Not one of us got sick at all for sure
I went into the river to see and fish
But I was pushed into water so pure

Setup the tent to sleep the night away
With bites that itch kept up the night so sad
The next we thought an idea to try to sway
Insects that bit we net and killed so glad

We slept all night away till sun came up
The dew on tents a view I like for morning
We had a fire to warm water in cup
The drink was strong to wake us up with warning

The camp worker had said there was a fire
Among them all practiced putting it out
Bond fire was great to have this year campfire
We all was new to have much fun no doubt

Now home we go in weeks been gone delay
Running around forest so fun O.K.

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2015

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A Stone In The Cold - 5 Runner Up

The hunter hunted; the past comes stalking,
breath now visible, I quicken my pace,
dusk has fallen, nature is now talking,
autumn's chill causes my heart to race.

My eyes scan dense forest from left to right,
I stop, gain my footing in the thicket,
only branch and crimson leaves in my sight,
owls call out, and prey upon the cricket.

Voices seem to speak from the babbling brook,
cold stones, worn smooth, waters of countless days,
eyes are everywhere, yet nowhere I look,
something is near, I cannot get away.

Struggling, my arrow kept at the ready,
my once stealthy hand, is now unsteady.

This was my original entry for Debbie Guzzi's contest - "A Crown of Sonnets"

(This is also the first sonnet that I had ever written.)

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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A Day at the Beach

Imagine sitting in the sand at the beach,
The sand between your toes and just close 
enough where the water can reach.
The sand is wet and a little cold,
You look out at the clear blue sky you see the 
sun shining like a piece of gold.
You see dolphins jumping in the distance,
Glad that they're apart of existence.
You see a flock of seagulls soar,
You lay back and close your eyes listening to
 the waves crashing onto the shore.
Smelling the salty water and the sun hitting 
your skin,
The warm and comfort you feel within.
You hear kids as they laugh and play,
Smiling because today was a great day.

        May 04, 2014
~ The One and Only~

Copyright © Pamela Bland | Year Posted 2014

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Legs Are My Wings

At some point, my legs begin to converse                
of time spent on the trail, rest now needed,             
For like a horse's labors exceeded,                     
the strength mere food and water can't traverse        
Beyond exhaustion, repose will reverse               
Thus respite, backpack set down and relieved          
of duties, containing my home achieved,
until such time as rested legs endorse                 
my return to trails, and onward I go;                              
Traveling far Appalachia’s way,                                     
witness to wonders and all living things,                      
in far towns and altitude, well below,                             
where nature’s flora and colors bouquet;                          
To motivate legs that have become wings.

Written: April 25, 2014
for Craig Cornish's Miltonic Sonnet Contest

Copyright © Michael Wegman | Year Posted 2014

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The Pirate and the Sea

The Pirate and the Sea Come sail to sea with me Let me show ye how it’s done Sailing that is, I’m not the only one Let’s go sailing on the sea Many a storm, thar will be But yer life has just begun Look up and see the shining sun Did you hear that loud boom? Just listen’ ta them thar drums Tonight they be drinking rum As pirates we’ll have a blast Ye’ll be dying whilst yer young Ship’s a sinking fast Life at sea really be such fun

Copyright © Linda Barr | Year Posted 2012

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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors is a place filled with many fuzzy critters. 
Yes, sometimes when I swim in the cold morning the water gives me the jitters.
I love the great outdoors, the great red wood trees wave at one another.
They wave at each other, as if they were family; maybe they knew each other.

Green patches of grass surround the log cabin that I occupy in the summer. 
My pole casts away in a quick and timely matter, but of course, what a bummer
My prize and trophy fish got away from me in this white crappie infested water. 
I guess the next thing for me to do is to dock this boat that rocks like a teeter-totter.

The summer time is the best time to be alive around the fourth of July. 
Staying up all night into the morning looking up to see the night-lights of the sky. 
As you grow older, you learn too appreciate the smells and sounds summer brings.
Enjoy the little things, like moss floating on the creeks, and even bumblebee stings.

Hamburgers and hot dogs, potatoes and gravy and don’t forget dessert. 
This is the smell, sounds, and memories that are made in the great outdoors spurt.

Copyright © Trent Turney | Year Posted 2015

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Falling Leaves

I revel in the falling leaves
their fluttering flight to ground
I listen to the falling leaves
hear their pitter-patter sound.

Oh see, the ruby red, the pale gold,
the omnipresent sable brown.
Look, see the shivering birch let loose...
add their colors all around.

What glory's found, as form takes flight
each transformed, re-formed, astounds,
May we detach with such serene grace
when our earthly life's unbound.

Oh, listen to the falling leaves
see them rest, upon the breast of ground.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2012

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Sonnet of Trains

The trains of old, were dubbed the “iron horse”; 
newer trains were known as, “bullets”, of course.
Flying past with the speed of light;
they cross the world, both day and night.

Once coal and steam propelled these beasts;
today the beasts are fast, but weak.
Of tin and vinyl, these are made;
of fiberglass and plastic panes.

With electricity, they are now, propelled;
nevertheless, they do not run as well.
No personality, have these new trains;
they’re not pretty; just quite plain.

If only man could see the facts;
He’d not hesitate, to bring, the old trains back.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2015

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For years I’ve lived with being a soixante-huiter
Although my wardrobe’s more fastidious and neater
Those heady days are not beyond recall
The nights and days when we first did it all
But sober work and ethics have combined
To make a settled bed  my truest mind
And catalogues and dictionaries my woe
To understand what happened long ago
Far flung days have their own allurement
But nothing beats the logic of procurement
And adventitious loves have gone the way
Of all youth, to say it’s had its day
I daren’t even call myself a woman sweeter - 
Past perfect indiscretions tend to tweet her.

Copyright © Rosemarie Rowley | Year Posted 2015

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Time to book a holiday

It's time to book a holiday
Where we'll go I cannot say
A beach resort, or bush retreat
Maybe a chalet cosy, sweet

Maybe somewhere across the seas
In Bali they tell me "life's a breeze"
Somewhere I haven't been before
Same, same, it can be a bore

Now I know, I have a plan
Perhaps I'll take a pin in hand
Stick it somewhere on a map
This could do the trick may haps

But I want to go somewhere
Just anywhere I just don't care

Copyright © Vera Duggan | Year Posted 2015

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the mafia and me

the sheer notion of extorted kindness buried beneath a sorrowful note of racketeering compassion above a silent whisper throughout the queerness of being wise beyond a tarnished silver spoon of tangible lessons shattered throughout blind faith cringing for life after death

Copyright © Yolanda Jones | Year Posted 2012

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We went out for a walk, my friend and I
through forest flaming red and yellow gowned
not caring that the world was racing by
nor thinking more nor less to lose its sound.

Our stepping cracked the leaves beneath our feet,
and I should know, my friend was closer than
most any love my heart could ever meet;
devoted from the time our time began.

We chased a rabbit for the simple fun
not caring that we won--but ran the race,
and how he wiggled in his silly run
his big ears flopping all about his face.

Night fell much earlier than we would care
but couldn't chill what we were doing there.
© Ron Wilson Arbuthnot
aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2015

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Every music piece is distinctive
Most lyrics are positive
It doesn't matter if she kissed a girl or said you’re so gay
Lovely to create a teenage dream
Admirable to be an enthusiastic philanthropist 

When she roars, fireworks engulf the sky
The charisma she shares unconditionally
Her perfume spreads the fragrance that meows 
The Killer Queen fragrance refreshes the senses
Her breakdown in life lifts her yet again

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson known as Katy Perry
Marches into the symphony of music 
Lending her voice in Smurfs
She dazzles into the soul of her fans

Copyright © Bhavna khemlani | Year Posted 2014