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Details | Free verse |
 They didn't ask for pity - they didn't ask for praise! 
 They didn't ask for medals - or military parade!
 They didn't ask for sorrow - when we laid them in their graves! 
 And they didn't ask to be hero's - but that's what they became,
 When Johnny, came marching home! 
 When Johnny came marching home that day, "OO-RAH"! "OO-RAH"! 
 They gave him NO hearty welcome then, "OO-RAH"! "OO-RAH"!  
 Yes some men did shout and women spat, and the boys with clout, they all turned  
 They were ALL so brave then, when Johnny came marching home! 
 But those who spat and the boys with clout did not know what they spoke about, 
 but they all came out to blame Johnny for marching home!
 They all came out to blame Johnny for coming home!
 Yes, they were ALL, SO BRAVE, when Johnny came marching home on crutches
 with just one leg that day!   "OO-RAH" SOLDIER! 
 We promised we'd take care of them but 
 Somehow those noble words, like one old soldier said, 
 Don't die, they just fade away!
 Which one of you would have held a dying friend, all through that God-less night, 
 Bleeding, crying, dying, after a bloody fire-fight, 
 Trying the best you could to call in a Huey, and get him on a medevac flight at first
 light! Which one of you would have pick-up that fallen soldiers gun and just kept
 going on? 
 Which one of you would have fought again, until the battles won!  
 Instead we built a wall of stone / for the soldiers who did fall / then carved their
 names upon it, and called that welcome home!  
 They fought for the red, white and blue, all American soldiers, who fought for the
 red, white and YOU!
 And a family waits with pride, see, they just got word, only two more days and
 he'd be coming home for good.  Then at the door, two soldiers stood in the shadow
 of twilights glow, it seemed so surreal, but also apropos.
 With folded flag, of the stars and stripes in hand, at attention they did stand.  
 Then, with solemn grace and dignity said the words all families dread!
 "On behalf of a grateful nation, he fought the bravest  fight"!
 But with deepest sympathy, your soldier-son, won't be coming home tonight!
 They didn't ask for pity - they didn't ask for praise!
 They didn't ask to be hero's - but that's what they became!

Copyright © Tim Collins | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |
The walking man walks with no place to go,
Head tucked down with his eyes lookin' low.
We gotta reach out 
We gotta hold his hand
We gotta reach out 
To the walking man

He's seen it all, lived the wars out there.
Now he's blowing around like a leaf in the air.
We gotta reach out 
We gotta hold his hand
We gotta reach out 
To the walking man

Walking man don't mean no harm he don't mean to lie.  
He's just one careless face from a way to die, a way to fly, to say goodbye…..

So it's you and me and the walking man makes three;
Such a better number to be.

He's tired and warn like a piece of coal,
But he could light the city with the light in his soul.
We gotta reach out 
We gotta hold his hand
We gotta reach out 
To the walking man

Walking man don't mean no harm he don't mean to lie.  
He's just one careless face from a way to die, a way to fly, to say goodbye…..

Because it's you an me and the walking man makes three;
Such a better number to be

Copyright © C.L. Baker | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
In the beginning before you, there was only the desolate darkness.
Just like in the Bible, two people were created for each other.
The creation of a beautiful paradise just for you and I.
To spend our precious time together in lovely bliss forever high.
The only differences are that it ain't called Eden, I'm not Adam, you're not Eve.
And a place where evil cannot enter to taint your pure and jovial soul.
So worry not about the evil snake because I'm there to fend it off.
Your safety and sanity are my utmost priority for eternity.
God gave me full responsibility to ensure this world does not fall into calamity.
I shall share all the burden that you carry so that you can be happy.
To ensure that you and I can sustain our dream to be happy together.
Because only when you're happy then can that dream truly become our future.
For this is my holy duty as your soldier of pain.

This is a slightly modified verse from a rap I wrote (under the same title of this poem/verse) dedicated to my clinically depressed ex-girlfriend whom I loved dearly to cheer her up but ultimately made her feel worse for some reason and she broke up with me. The verse is about me trying my absolute best to protect my ex from all the pain or sadness that she may be susceptible to due to her depression as making her happy was one of my promises to her, which I failed to honor...

I'm not here for sympathy but I'm posting it here so that at least someone else can read it and hopefully enjoy it. :-) 

Oh and it's not meant to be religious either since both of us are not, I just used the Bible as an inspiration for this verse.

Copyright © Shawn Tan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
Led down from the tower
Head high and hands bound
Blindfold declined against the wall
Black square pinned to his heart
His eyes afire and shining
And he sang...

He sang of Caruso, Townes Van Zandt
Pavarotti, Bocelli, Mercury,
Carreras, he sang of Antoine, 
Of Sinatra, Lennon, Morrison, Redding
He sang and songbirds paused in flight
He sang like them all

He sang a song of himself
Of leaves of grass, of second comings
Of Byron, and Bharti, and Cummings
He sang of Neruda, and Plath, Tagore
Dickinson, Kamala Das and Naidu
Oh, he sang of them all

He sang of art and beauty
Of Mona Lisa and starry nights
Girls in green dresses and pearls
He sang of Van Gogh, of Picasso
Of Rembrandt, da Vinci 
He sang of Michelangelo

He sang of sadness, pain
He sang of My Lai, Sand Creek
Of Guernica and Krystallnacht
He cried and sang of Wounded Knee
Of Katyn Forest, Sabra and Shatila
Oh, he wept as he sang

He sang of history and wonders
He sang of Olduvai and pyramids
Machu Picchu, Tikal, and Angkor Wat
He sang of a great wall, the Taj Mahal 
Stonehenge, Easter Isle, Mesa Verde
His song took us to them all

He sang of courage
A song of Bunker Hill, Gettysburg
Of the Alamo, Normandy, Stalingrad
Of Lincoln, Guevara and Dr. King
He sang of Bolivar, Bhutto, Ghandi
He shamed us with their song

He sang his song...
As women sighed and peasants cried 
He  sang until the rifles fired, he died
Songbirds fell from the sky 
Soldiers broke their guns on stones
And marched into the deep blue sea.


Copyright © Rick Richardson | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
The Song of Peace

On the ground,
a man is walking,
a soldier driving his tank,

there are flowers
on both sides of the road
noone sees the flowers

the man is killed
his family cries,
and so do the flowers.

the soldier is killed,
his family cries,
and so do the flowers.

the man and the soldier,
meet beneath the ground,
and grow flowers
in an eternal garden...

the road is empty
there are no men,
nor soldiers

just flowers,
waving in the evening breeze,
singing the song of peace,

But nobody hears it!

Copyright © Fide Erken | Year Posted 2010

Details | Lyric |
I didn’t grow up wearin' no wandering shoes.
No, I didn’t grow up wearin' no wandering shoes.
Mostly I just stayed at home, didn’t have no urge to roam.
I didn’t grow up wearin' no wandering shoes.

I didn’t wanna leave my neighborhood.
No, I didn’t wanna leave my neighborhood.
But my friends married, moved away; no gal asked for me to stay.
I felt it time to leave my neighborhood.


I didn’t loaf around in loafers,
But I snuck around in sneakers.
I marched around in Corc’rans lotsa klicks.
Spit-shined a dozen oxfords.
Once knew some secret passwords.
Now I’m slowly limping towards the River Styx.

I didn’t wanna travel round the world. 
No, I didn’t wanna travel round the world. 
Each three years I signed the lines, lived in Europe sev’ral times.
I kinda liked a trav'lin' round the world.

(repeat chorus)

I found I rather liked those wandering shoes.
I found I rather liked those wandering shoes.
Met a gal in Paris, France; we hooked up and took a chance.
Eventually I tossed those wandering shoes.

(repeat chorus to fade)

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
The drum in my dreary chest
Beats and booms to the rhythm
Of coughing cannon

The commander at the backline 
Sings the soldier’s motto and stomps succinctly 
Underneath the uttered ululation
Lay a lean line going thus:
“Turn back to your tomb”

“Destroy the enemy”
‘I will dodge the diving bullet’
“Protect your country”
‘I will protect my dear life’
“The country sent you here”
‘Poverty drove me here’
“Time to act is now”
‘Indeed; well said by a backline commander’

This is not our battle but my battle
I will battle with rage like a belittled bear
And conquer the enemy and the immortality fear
My household awaits my back sojourn with sunken hearts
It is their smiles and not
The dutiful salute by the commander
And a firm handshake that feigns friendship
That commands my commitment
In a dingy hut I will sit
And listen to my grandmother's tales
As I watch my grandchildren grow

Copyright © Arnold Mutugi | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |
Awaken to the of birds chirping; the sound of peace,
All strife has passed and all war has ceased...
A massive tension has been released
Every man, woman, and child out of the belly of the beast
And now they are at the dinner table, ready to feast
All enemies have deceased and that is a cause for celebration
People all over the world shouting, "Yes, we made it!"
On the streets there is no more chaos, everyone is flagrant
Everyone has patience and virtue there is no such thing as hatred
No one has to die because of the position in which they've been placed in
Everyone got along and every moment was sacred; no time wasted
Every teenager respected their curfew...
They could safely go to the beach during Spring Break vacation
Every teenager had a father that installed virtues; not just hatred
No child ever had to go through a storm of a
divorce case; it's not blatant
Caught up in the collateral damage; it has been erased
Every kid in school love one another and no on was disgraced
Because of their race, or the place that they stay in; equal locations
No kid starved while rappers are talkin' bout cars and ballin';
Every kid had parents that would hear them when they're calling
No kid every had to dive into a pit of despair because of the color of their 
Or the decision or the attraction to a same sex gender
Every single person in the world were kind and they cared
No murders occur on the surface of this turf; nobody was scared
Girls could wear whatever they wanted without feeling so bare
That kid over is not plotting to grab her by the hair; the epitome of fear
Never existed in the hearts of the parents
They don't have to worry about their kids being reckless
No worrying about, "how the hek did he get that neckless)
Every kid had a checklist that didn't consist of getting pregnant
No one had to stay wearing that hairnet because everyone had a return 
on an investment
No need for government because everyone had good intentions
There was no need for police and people could smoke weed in the streets
Celebrating life no need for malicious greed
No gang bangers poppin' off on the cops and blockin' shots
With a mother of a twelve year old's body; no glocks...
I'm sorry that I went so long, I gotta a lot
to say and I use these songs

Copyright © Tyronne James | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |
I hear a mother softly cry
As she sings a war-born lullaby.

The song of a father who went away,
To give freedom one more day.

He promised that he would return,
Return from watching evil burn.

It was a promise he could not keep,
As now he sleeps an eternal sleep.

He gave his life so his child could see,
A land of freedom and liberty.

His body now rests beneath green grass,
His medals and picture behind clear glass.

His soul, however, is not gone.
His ideas and dreams are carried on.

She sings the song of war’s high cost.
She sings the song of freedom not lost.

She sings of a father’s sacrifice,
For his country and family he gave his life.

Copyright © Tiffiny Hagan | Year Posted 2013

Details | Narrative |
Johnny’s going home today
His glory days are past
His buddies stand at attention
Eyes tearful and downcast
The sound of taps is softly heard
The mournful tune rings true
And all rise to salute him
As his cortege comes in view

Another soldier laid to rest
A warrior going home
Taps are played
Honor paid
To the bravest and the best

Billy’s going home today
Church Bells toll the news
His family softly weeping
As they line up in the pews
They reverently laid his coffin
Gently on the bier
As his mother reached out to touch him
Just wanting to be near

Another soldier laid to rest
A warrior going home
Taps are played
Honor paid
To the bravest and the best

A car bomb placed in Israel
Claims children passing by
Mothers are left helpless
Crying to God and asking why
Soldiers in Afghanistan
Patrol the land night and day
While the natives only wonder
When they will go away!

Ellen’s going home today
Her children still too young
Restless in their seats
As familiar hymns are sung
Her husband in his uniform
Stands stiffly as she goes by
They had met when they were rookies
And he tries hard not to cry

Another soldier laid to rest
A warrior going home
Taps are played…honor paid
To the bravest and the best 
Lord when will we have peace
This peace for which we yearn
And the Lord answered ‘It’s up to you
When will MANKIND ever learn?”

Copyrright©2011 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)

Copyright © Beatrice Boyle | Year Posted 2011

Details | Epic |
like the soldier ant
keep moving 
yes keep moving
if we must die 
we must live before
keep moving don't 
move in fear
march on who 
ever you are
the line 
join the revolution 
to heal humanity
yes they will devour us 
but they can't destroy us all
so form a line 
join the moving squad
we must survive
we must overcome
like the soldiers ant

like the soldier ant
keep moving 
yes keep moving 
if the ants can march in 
unity how much more Africans
so like a soldier join the line 
like a warrior keep moving
too long we have been 
unable to unite 
too long we have not 
build a lot to help us 
solve alot problems 
happening right in 
our land 
so join the revolution 
of unity let's together
build Africa 
if the ant can 
together build their 
civilisation in unity 
then why humans
are not clever

like the soldier ant
keep moving 
yes keep moving 
don't let them stop 
you can do what you 
set your mind on 
is a matter? of time 
what you can't do now 
don't mean you can't do it 
so join the line 
we are a on a moving squad
moving up to freedom
moving up to liberty 
moving up to humanity 
moving up with a message
and that message is love 
so join the grove 
feel my vibes why my pen bleeds
if the soldiers ant 
can live up to three expectations 
with a line of unity 
i wonder what is wrong 
with humans in this 
reality of our disunity
world wide 
so keep moving 
join the revolution 
if we must live 
we must die in unity
like a soldier ant

Copyright © richard nnoli | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

Deserted soldier,
In A foreign land,
With the Sword of the Spirit, 
And blood on both hands.

Desolate Island,
Learning how to survive,
With the breastplate of righteousness,
He now can abide.

Wilderness warrior,
Greatness abounds,
With the helmet of salvation,
He destroys without making a sound.

Isolated general,
Now takes a stand,
With his belt of truth,
He comprehends his commands.

Eternity trooper,
Fights off the old fire,
With the shield of faith,
He gains his desires.

Secluded Sargent,
Ready for war,
With the sandals of peace,
He now conquers His beasts.

By: Sabina Nicole
written: 1-30-12

Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2012

Details | Italian Sonnet |
heaven patiently watches
the American soldier
from beyond this life
as his  wife cries and his brave son waves goodbye
father holds his mother as she prays ( god  keep my son safe)
the American soldier
so far  from home
you will never march alone
so brave
trying not to be afraid
as he fights  for all the world's rights
the American soldier

the American soldier
may angels surround
you ever 
second of day
and night as we pray

heaven watches and the 
American soldier stands high
in God;s  grace
we ask God please protect  our American soldier
and keep in safety,s sight,
 shield our american soldier within  god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier
with god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier in god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier
with god;s greatest light
shield our american soldier
with god;s greatest light

Copyright © sandra byrd | Year Posted 2005

Details | Free verse |
im the first to go
the last to leave
ill bring death to
the place your about
to be cause im a one of
a kind killing machine
bring a grin to my chin
when you come to me
the shadow of death is the
one i cast with the need to
bleed another river of blood
running under my feet
lord make me dead before
you make me old
forged in a fire lit long ago
stand next to me you wont
stand alone 
i bask in the glow of the
rising war lay waste to the enemy
aim with the hand
shoot with the mind
kill with a heart like artic ice 
i am a soldier and im marching on 
i am a fighting warrior and this is my fighting song

Copyright © shain endicott | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |
I can see, that the sun is hiding it's light today
Through the thick black smoke, I kneel down to pray
The fire went out, that used to burn here in these hands
My brothers gone,  that stood with me on  this land

I could feel the suns warmth, this morning when I woke
I could  see it's orange glow, shining through the smoke
My band of brothers dead, as I'm left here all alone
And this coat I'm wearing, is blood soaked to the bone

I can  feel their eyes staring, as they take command
I can hear them speaking words, that I don't understand
And as I lie here bleeding, in the shadows of this tomb
I'm just another lonely soldier, pleading for his mothers womb

This morning I prayed, that I'd make it home alive
But over in the corner, I felt death trying to arrive
The tortured days are unbearable, here beneath this light
So I close my eyes, somehow that helps me fight

But today they broke my spirits, with a sharp searing pain
I tried to think of home, as I lie bleeding in the mud and rain
Then my mind snapped back, as I felt the steel of a cold sharp blade
Today the torture ended, as my world began to fade

I could  feel their eyes staring, as they  took command
I could hear them speaking words, that I didn't understand
And as I lie there bleeding, in the shadows of that tomb
I was  just another lonely soldier, pleading for his mothers womb

Copyright © George Martin | Year Posted 2007

Details | Lyric |
If tomorrow never comes
Then Lord I hope this day is good
I'm just an okie from Muskogee
Carrying your love with me
I go walkin' after midnight
From a thousand miles from nowhere
Silver medals and sweet memories
Of what might have been
All is fair in love and war
And who needs pictures
Take this job and shove it
And this dirt road too
If we make it through December
I'll go on lovin' you
For this is however feels
My woman my woman my wife
After the fire is gone
Please make the world go away
I'd march from here to eternity
With sixteen tons strapped to my side
For the ships that don't come in
It must be killing time again
Thank God I'm American Made
And not a moment to soon
So darlin' give me one more day
For it's a great day to be alive
For I'm thankful for my home's in Alabama
And Please God bless the U.S.A

Trying a new song again LOL

Bring Our Troops Home !

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2008

Details | Free verse |
No-one can write a song that solves it all,
except for me, cause I'm the black prince.
Maw yawns and we're posed to fall
teeth gnash and we'll all be minced.

They ain't won the war,
it ain't hardly begun,
but unless you want your women to be turned into whores,
you'd better learn to fight,
and I don't mean with guns.
I mean culture's more powerful than might.
I mean games are for more than fun.
I mean you sing the song that they already know,
you love your lover and you love your bro
and into that night you don't gently go.
Imma keep on callin'; I'm the storm crow.

I bid ye band together,
gather sage and heather,
keep an eye on the weather, 
and do right by God.
Don't worry bout whether He will spare the rod;
just do the best you can,
save the soul of your fellow man,
and speak the clearest truth you know.
Speak it from the mountain to the valley below.
Open window and open door,
give yourself to hope that leave you shook to the core,
and make your mind able to change.
Don't waste no time at no rifle range,
but open the book and write the page,
for the hook and the bait is the same as your rage
and the starling of peace is the word of the sage.

No-one can write a song that solves it all
except for me, cause I'm the black prince.
The pillars crumble and the capitol falls
and the earth's givnto folks who remember their sins.

Copyright © Adam Black | Year Posted 2017

Details | Lyric |

Above a pulsating arrow of two great Russian rivers,

there, where Oka merges to Volga

and already flows farther downstream, 

to the Caspian sea, 

an ancient, wise Kremlin stands – like a soldier 

on high coast of the big ancient city of the Russia, Nizhni Novgorod. 

Kremlin looks very attentively at boundless meadows

and at cultivated fields and forests,

 the small villages and big cities

of the Nizhniy Novgorod territory.

The white ships float past,

They salute  the old soldier and ask its blessing. 

Birches and mountain ashes, wild cherries and apples 

in springtime decorate this coast with fresh greenery and flowers,

In the autumn – with gold of leaves and with red fruits.

The ancient Kremlin looks far and never sleeps.

It observes all around and welcomes the ships,

recollects the events, the dates, people.

Maybe, sometime Kremlin will recollect me also, 

Because I was born in ancient Nizhniy Novgorod, 

on the high coast of these two great Russian rivers.

Copyright © Dina Televitskaya | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
Dark and sinister rain befalling us 
I know something is wrong, I can feel it in my bones, 
Catastrophic endless fountain of blood, 
But faith refuses to panic at all…
I will go to my grave as a soldier of the Lord…
Yes I will go my grave fighting this war…
I will be fearless and brave, until He gives me wings and 
I’ll fly away…
Yes I will go to my grave, praising His name forever more…
I will go to my grave as a soldier of the Lord.
And it won’t be long now, I know…
Jesus is coming, I can hear Gabrielle's trumpet…
I can hear my body turning away from my soul, 
I can see the angels waking those who have long slept, 
I can hear the sound of Michael’s shield and sword…
Well, I fight like I’ve never fought before, 
‘Cuz he gave me His heart, so I’ll give Him mine, for sure…
And I’ll go to my grave and as a soldier of the Lord…
Fearless and brave, I’ll go to my grave, 
I’ll go to my grave, as a soldier of the Lord.

Copyright © Bo Lanier | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |
 Baby blue sets in. A little baby boy. Soldiers in the cradle make 
 little soldier noise. A single drop sets in. A monkey on her back
 is patiently awaiting for a quick monkey attack.
 Now I can't help but think that there's something to it all.
 Though there's a pudred smelling fungus in the corner down the hall.
 Where sweaty men play with a brown leather ball.
 Now I can't help but think that there's something to it all.
 Something in the sunshine. Something in the wind. 
 Something in it's whisper to make me feel alive again.
 Something in its madness, like slushy winter snow.
 Where drunken men find lonliness,and laughing children go.

 And I can't help but stumble, and I can't help but fall.
 And I can't help but think that there's something to it all.
 And I can't help but get up, and i can't help but fall. 
 And I can't help but think that there's something to it all.

 Baby blue sets in. A little baby girl. Solders in the cradle
 form little soldier curls. A single drop sets in a monkey on
 her back. Is patiently awaiting for a quick monkey attack.
 Now I can't help but think that there's something to it all.
 And I can't help but stumble, and I can't help but fall.
 And I can't help but get up, and I can't help but fall.
 And I can't help but think that there's something to it.

Copyright © Debra Smith | Year Posted 2005

Details | Rhyme |
The books they read were of the past,
of heroes charging to the last,
of native men in native lands
defeated by heroic bands

of horses, sword and flashing lance,
red tunics danced victories dance,
so when for them the bugle called
they had no fear of battles pall.

The great adventure lay before
these lambs, they flocked to go to war,
families proud to see their sons
in khaki ranks with sloping guns.

They thought they’d see them soon again,
a short sojourn to make them men, 
"no man an island", stood alone,
comradery that bore them on.

with merriment and many a joke, 
ever closer to death’s cloak,
then soon the rage of battles flow
engulfed them in their minion role.

A tiny speck of living dread
atop the pyramid of the dead,
the ground around them seething black
with blood and bone and pain was wracked.

The friends in arms who comfort brought
taken as death for each man sought,
the great machine of war rolled o’er
with splintering steel and deafening roar.

Widows wept and parents grieved,
lost their sons so sad deceived.
The fattened vultures in their nests
perch, profits from the dead to rest.

So singing anthems on your feet
be sure continues that deceit,
the leaders of opposing sides
wore crowns that still today divide

Don’t sing of justice, or of right,
there's nothing noble in the fight,
brave heroes all who sacrificed,
gave all they had in precious life.

Then if that multitude from death
could sing a song of the bereft,
certain would echo near and far,
“Never again friend go to war”

Copyright © rick howarth | Year Posted 2017

Details | Dramatic Verse |
The sound of a clear Blackbird call
Echoed through the trees and over the fields making me stop and fall 

Upon my knees his song followed on and on
An angelic sound of music  ‘twas the Blackbird song

I cried tears and tears listening on and on
The sounds of pure, crystal life; beauty found in this world of war where the madness of men goes on and on 

Through the smokey mist I could not see this beauty sing
To me there was never on earth a more wonderful thing

After days and nights of bullets, screaming, tears and bombs
Hearing the crying fields through the restless nights as death lingers on and on

Knowing for poor souls out there who’ll never make it back
Dying afraid and alone; dying on their backs

In my trench I wait for the next whistle call
I see in the eyes of men that their souls are due to fall

The rumbling war in the distance sings a dinging, disturbing song
Down the lines of trench as fighting begins and goes on and on

I find myself waiting for fate to play it’s hand
When the whistle calls I struggle to find courage to again enter no-mans land

I find myself waiting for the sounds of the Blackbird song.........
Through tears I find some beauty in war listening to this dead mans’ song

Copyright © T.I.R.O. JY | Year Posted 2017