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Details | Dramatic Verse |

           We knew , it was if a moment stopped in time 
              hearing the news before most of the World did
           He loved to fly his plane from Colorado to Monterey Bay
           He was a avid golfer at Pebble Beach respected 

           He had loves and passions from many places 
           deciding to fly low through the overcast red sunset
            Not only did he love music and inspire all 
            He loved his Plane , he will always remain a beautiful Soul

              The next day it was confirmed ..all saddened 
             It was John Denver's plane that went down
             Today in Pacific Grove stands the Memorial 
             So Kiss me and smile for me we will ~
              always in loving memory 
               OH babe ,  do we hate you go ~    

         Inspired by ; contest in Music and Loss of an Artist
                   "Leaving on a Jet Plane "

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |
I've got a tropical obsession
I think I'm losing my mind
I want to see my work day done
Go out and have some fun
And leave the city life behind.

I love the roar of the ocean
The smell of tanning lotion
A secluded beach somewhere
There are coconuts in the trees
With a warm and gentle breeze
And a flower in your hair.

I've got a tropical obsession
It's driving me up a wall
I want the palm trees and the shore
Blue skies and so much more
Oh God! I want it all

There's an island in the sea
I can hear it calling me
Saying come on home today
I'll bring my old beach chair
Plant it in the sand somewhere
And that's where I'm going to stay

I've got a tropical obsession
And I just can't set it free
On an island remote
In a little fishing boat
Is where I want to be.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2006

Details | Tanka |

Soft, as the moon weeps,

    The Lark trills endless, his mate,

        Now cold on the sand.
            His broken heart is my own,
                This beach, our sanctuary.

Oh, my winged brother,

    Your sweet song - bathed in sorrow,

        Is but perfection.

            Each tender note rends my soul,

                As you plead ... for her answer.

* Submitted on February 6, 2018, for the "Creative Collective Anthology Series" Poetry Contest, Geraldine Taylor, Sponsor. *

* FIRST PLACE in the "Early February Standard" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Sponsor. *

* Written and submitted December 30, 2017, for the "One or Two Tanka" Poetry Contest, Rick Parise, Sponsor. *

(Checked at

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballade |
                 Wave a sea softened
                  and a pain and a tenderness
                   throw dreams in fascination
                   of the blue.
                   And let shave the waves of
                   Your eternity , oh, weigh
                    above me,
                    oh,weigh a  coast of years.
                    Carry far in azure, spiral
                    with bulging little abdomens,
                    flutter with mahagony pinions
                    and already in vain  expect you
                    to stop the scales harbours 
                    with hot flames for You are
                    Far away, far away ,far away,
                    stretched string,
                    heart and frank await the 
                    hymn of June.
                    All sea sisters are dressed in
                    mother-of-pearl garment
                    embroidered of kiss of 
                    In the morning hunts them
                    fishermen and revive with
                    breath of their man’s hands.
                    In the evening girls wash 
                    their black tunics,
                    in their blue hearts,
                    their feet white ,who cadge
                    heavy chains.
                    The night is squeezed enigma
                    and ugly,
                    predatory like a bat pecking
                    of scarlet fig.
                    Sea sisters, sea sisters,
                    remember His steps 
                    which go through you noiselessly,
                  and ou swing like
                  bloody wine-
                 hold in His fingers Herod,
                 Pilate washes his hands,
                in Yours heirs
               and they bristled like winter
               icicles bristles of innoncent blood .
               There at Golgotha 
                hearing terrible cry,
                blood gushes like
               wounded river disappear
               like Easter roses,
              in weeds of flushed 
     preditory crowd,
     to open way of
     Who is He?
     Do you heard 
     His name ?
     He is Messiah,
     God’s anoited
      Jesus Christ.
      Like little sheeps,
      clouds of candy floss,
      they welcome festivaly.
       Barefooted are feet 
      of lovely swarthy steps
     of the sun, came to bow,
      before You , Creator.
      The sea throws his 
       magnificent silver flesh,
      blue like heavently lace,
       to swallow all stars 
       only Bethlehem’s
      stays inextinguishable,
       pretty like uncreated
      like an apple of not 
      born girl.      

Copyright © Nina Mindova | Year Posted 2012

Details | Tail-rhyme |
‘‘A friend once in his youthful flight 
Had found a beauty delight
Though distance stretched them in mileage
But their love was destined to find a page’’

A lark that sings in the morning bright
Ke-ke-li, O Kekeli! My beautiful light
The hanging garden upon my sight
Hands of fate has woven a happy home
A love of current, stronger than the Law of Ohm
Invigorating, a love connected at heart
Which God designed never to part

Where there is love,they say there is a way
Our love I believe is here to stay
Kekeli, my beloved, sing me a serenade
A song of an angel’s grade
That in heaven’s clime pervade
Sing it across space and time
And make it last like a rhyme

My beloved Kekeli! You’re my light
You’re my Hephzibah, my only delight
Thou art fairer than Friedan Betty
Thou art matchless in beauty
So calm and inviting like the blue sea 
Beauty not to be told but for eyes to see

Behold my mistress of fair skin 
Eyes of diamonds, pure and pristine
O Tell me, you whom I was made to love
One, unique in your choicest apparel
Lips of zebra stipes set with a berry
The hanging petals of a blossom cherry
Chief among all my thousands buddies
O Kekeli! The only ruby my finger shall find
And wouldn’t be ashamed to be called uxorious

"For as a young man marries a virgin
so shall your sons marry you, and as
the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
so shall your God rejoice over you". Isa 62:5

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |
Surfboard City, party town.
There's enough girls to go around.

Surfboard City, party town.
There's enough time to party down.

Find a wave, then find the tide.
Find a wave that you can ride.

Surfboard City, party town.
There's enough waves to go around.

Find a blond.With big blue eyes.
You might find.They match the skies.

Surfboard City, party town.
There's enough girls to go around.

Find a wave, then find the tide.
Find a wave that you can ride.

Surfboard City, party town.
There's enough waves to go around.

Find a blond.With big blue eyes.
You might find.They match the skies.

Surfboard City, party town.
There's enough girls to go around.

Surfboard City, party town.

Surfboard City, party down..

Surfboard City-Song By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1984,2014..ALL rights reserved..

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2014

Details | Shape |
Poet:  Ken Jordan
Poem:  Whale Song
Edited by:  Sparkle Jordan
written:  March/2015


Copyright © Ken Jordan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

If we had ears to hear,
A tale of many a year-
Turtles travel, my dears,
Round the world all year.

What sights turtles do see,
Swimming the deep blue sea!
Turtles travel, my dears,
Round the world all year.

Turtles so clumsy on land,
In water, a graceful band.
Turtles travel, my dears,
Round the world all year.

Oh, I wish we had  ears to hear,
Turtle tales over the years.
Turtles travel, my dears,
Round the world all year.

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |
I long for the open sea while gentle waves call to me in my sleep
Dreams of salt air and a boundless horizon
No words ride the night, yet I hear her song and know her voice.

Stand I here at waters' edge while the moon bids her rise to greet me
To embrace her as she beckons me to follow
To become one with her, or perish in the striving

Marooned, here I stand on this island in the sun
Afraid to plunge into the depths, I am rooted…captive
Denying myself passage to that distant horizon

O happy tide, would that I were as free to leave

Copyright © Christopher Thor Britt | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |
for bruce springsteen...

it was a rain-swept monsoon day

way back then, so many moons away

when i felt the music strumming in my veins

setting me free like a runaway horse without any reins

you sang of simple truths, 

your verse spoke to people just like me

in my lonely, wasted, and desolately quiet night

as you screamed out tragic human wrongs, and of everyone's plight

'bobby jean' spoke to me

of that girl down the street

glimpses of whom, we as innocents would furtively meet

and 'the river' that flowed through my ever-barren heart

led me down further roads of thunder

when slowly i finally learnt that the hardest part was fighting on

and never to surrender

to the hard-luck dreams that were born to run

while i danced in the dark 

with memories vivid and stark

even as i whined like that dog who for forever lost his howling bark

and then a 'human touch' came along

and 'better days' seemed real, not just words in a song

and still you sang and swayed and spoke straight into my unseeing eyes

as gardens of secrets were opened, and as your fist punched the skies

in an anger that i too felt and in whose cauldron i too burned

as we saw murder get incorporated, while on its wobbly axis, our fragile world apathetically turned

and then suddenly i was told that i was all grown up

working on a highway of scattered ideals

and absolving myself by sprinkling some coins in a waiting cup

well, after all these years of walking along so many a thorny road

with an armour of your verse covering me, even as i hear them taunt me and even as they continue to goad

but now i can feel myself fading away, into the bleakness of this coming night

just like the ghost of that old tom joad...

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
    In her slippery salmon swim
    And red streaked Crawdads chute
    Into her eddying pools
    To stare at her from beneath rocks.
    Whitewater rapids challenge men
    To stand against her torrential frame
    And face her, screaming out in pain
    Torturous centuries of ecstatic rain
    To be her solitary stone
    To stand against her all alone
    A true man to soften her cold soul.
    And who’ll be her Reigning Lord
    Echo her insanity
    To lover her shade and slippery slopes
    Crevices’ waiting, sharp inclines.
    Once a current in the sea
    So filled with green and mystery
    To her a man did rarely come
    Then, pulled up by curious shapes
    Like lambs, in white puffs she flew
    And traced her shadow cross the land
    Till the puffs released her soul
    In little flakes, gentle and slow
    For a time entombed in frozen snow.

    There men saw her as a sprite
    Reflected in her cage of white
    Men chased her form of watery light
    In dreams that came hard in the night
    Her body lucid, long and lean
    A cold corpse, frozen to the earth
    Blue hair, bent arm, frozen knee
    The sun took pity, broke the back
    Of the ice block and set her free
    So through high mountains, cliffs
    And rocks she trickled
    In a gathering streams, in rivulets
    Of tears, mouths open
    Her bosomed skin slipped as ice
    Pain built up the rage within
    And sorrow brought it to the light.
    Green – the color of fast and deep
    White – the foam that came in waves
    Along the long and joyous vein
    She spreads her long body
    Knee bent, her heavy breasts pinned
    Blasted, rippled by the wind
    She’s touched only by old earth’s hand
    Its gravity like a naked man
    Basking in her pools
    Her faces and belly ghosting him, a mirror.

    Watch her through the thickening trees
    Her body sliding toward the sea
    A torturous rape, a rapid ride
    For all who’ve hung upon her side
    Hearts pound, as she shrieks and sighs
    With each down stroke a demon dies
    Within the man who’s bourn the pain
    Endured her crushing fingers round
    Who’s felt the pound of her breasts soft
    Been beaten by her to the blood
    And awaits for centuries her cold flood. 

Copyright © Don Standeford | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
There's an old man
with a watch in his hand
Laying by a beach where there's grass and no sand
and he yells:

... O lord! whatcha doin' to me!
Aren't the last minutes for free?
Aren't the last minutes for free...

Now old man
with his frown on his back
keeping eyes dry
but his smile on attack
He doesn't move a word
but he says out of line
and his watch just ticking and talking of time

was it you that held that door
I don't remember what the seconds are for
did you find if love was sublime
old man why you wasting, why you wasting my rhyme

and he yells:

O lord! whatcha doin' to me!
Every moment keeps on passing like the stings of a bee
and the wasp are closing in and there wasting their prime
what sin have I commited to be paying such crime

Listen old man
there ain't a thing you've done
Even spiders weave webs when they have become un-spunned
and with every counting numerical suggestion you just ask for an answer
When you don't even know what question you're after

There's an old man
with a watch in his hand
Laying by a beach where there's grass and no sand
and he yells:

O lord! whatcha doin' to me!
Aren't the last minutes for free?
Aren't the last minutes for free...

Copyright © Jessica Arteaga | Year Posted 2011

Details | Haiku |
Belugas sweet song
Rides the air waves of ocean
Rare and beautiful.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
The leisure of the hour, calm instilled,
The orange sun makes the snowy clouds blush,
Cooing birds journeying homeward; I am thrilled,
Pink, white and purple Bougainvillea, treat to the vision, flowering lush!
Salted peanuts and sweet cardamom tea,
The melody of the waves breaking at the shore,
Little cherubs running around in glee,
Aroma of smouldering corn on the cob, warm me to the core!
Am cleansed of the day’s drudgery, a hearty jingle I reiterate,
An evening walk at the pier does invigorate!

Ajitha Sharma
Theme - Evening
Contest - Mixed Senses
Sponsor - Nette Onclaud

Copyright © Ajitha Sharma | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
There is a place i go that is deep in my heart and soul
remembrance of my incredible childhood fills my mind.
Building sand castles on the beach and watching the Victorious Ocean
crash high above the rocks. Roasting marshmallows and making smores in
my grandmothers back yard the sweet scent of woodsmoke and chocolate
fills the air. My soul begins to dance as I hear the Bluejays and bluebirds singing
there morning song waking up the earth. They also have remarkable wings and amazing 
eyes when the sun hits them there eyes turn vibrant hazel green. Walkingon the beach 
feeling the warm sand between my toes it warms my heart. My Grandmother's soul
will forever soar with the bluejays and bluebirds singing there morning song waking up the 
earth. In memory of My Grandmother Marjorie Roberts May God Rest her soul!
By Julie Rene leek

Copyright © Julie Leek | Year Posted 2009

Details | Rhyme |
Almost weightlessly you glide across the waves,
with the wind our friend and foe.
Using nature as the power of our ways,
hoping the waves stay low.
The mast cracks and screeches,
when the wind shows her fury.
Then you wish for beaches.
SUMICLES my boat you are anything but dreary. 

Copyright © tristan tupper | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
The footsteps of children in beach
When fresh salt water breeze to their face reach
Caressing their cheeks and sharing their joy
And rising like tide to reach the sky.

The portal of this pristine feeling engraved in heart
Rises the happiness like the Sun in horizon bright
To sail the ship of their wish to the distant land
Where they spread their culture with different brand.

And at dusk to feel the pleasantness of the twilight
After finishing their task of the day at sight
Spending each day of their life this way
The light will shine along their path all the way.

Copyright © Venkatesh Raghava | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
Finding the heart of
my place,
birds peep
Songs tweet
At singing beach…
everything sings
around here.

We strangers
early a.m. newsprint
by the glass of a
morning sea
reflecting a morning

Someone’s tune
a polka
stepping across the
bay – and
this year.

Copyright © Diana Burkholder | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
Their vocals were serene 
like those of Frank Sinatra
the ocean's waves

The peaceful lyrics they sang
ignited ripples 
of saltwater tears 
from the roaring spring tides 
the constellation tainted sky

                                                            Written by:Mia Pratt, 2017

Copyright © Mia Pratt | Year Posted 2017

Details | Lyric |
Remembering the sun those days
the smell of the sea
northwest breeze.
A thought flew thru me
hit me brought me back again
is that you?
I close my eyes 
stumble around the rocks
a memory saved of you I find.
Then another thought flows thru me
hits me while I'm here
must be you.
Time got lost inside my mind.
But thoughts of you I always find.
Open my eyes not here I cry.
Take me to the beach where seagulls fly.
I close my eyes to dream of you.
I close my eyes to dream I'll be with you.
I close my eyes to love on you.
I close my eyes to dream to be with you.
Those summer nights with friends at parties
we were young once
flying kites.
As the sun covered me
the ocean deep blue
I remember set you free.
Now I watch those good old times
in my head
favorite movie I hit rewind.
What I remember most with you
lieing there all night
with you feeling right.
Time got lost inside my mind.
Memories of you I always find.
I close my eyes just to have that time to dream of you.
At the beach where seagulls fly.
With you if I could again I would again with you.
I close my eyes just to dream of you.
In my dream I could again with you.
Oh yes with you all over again.
Twice a million times with you.
Its you with I would again.
If I could again oh yes,
I would with you again.

Copyright © Ronda Aldridge | Year Posted 2007

Details | Lyric |
As cold as ice 
My skin is ripe
From the mountain peak
I see myself diving in...

As cold as snake
Dreams are my fate
With the changing time
I see the graph climbing up.

I'm growing with the sun today
I'm dreaming with the moon tonight
I'm living with the stars so high
My home is built on the clouds , 
That flies.

Warmness soul 
Executes his goals
Strong enough 
To break the ice that's rough.

Love for life 
Let it grow
My soul embraces
The lives of us and them.

I'm growing with the sun today
I'm dreaming with the moon tonight
I'm living with the stars so high
My home is built on the clouds , 
Up in the sky.

Copyright © anjanjyoti bhattacharjya | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
Back in the summer of 69
                            I remember sitting on the dock of the bay
                                     watching the boys of summer
                                   build their love shacks love shacks
                                    girls were playing twister and
                                   sipping on pina coladas all day
                                     feeling kind of groovy  groovy
                                    I couldn't get much higher higher
                                     with these such good vibrations
                                     from the summer in the city
                                     way down in Key Largo
                                watching my beach baby beach baby
                                           from the dock of the bay

Just Something I was working on
for a song Used all summer songs LOL
Hate to see the summer fun end

This Song Is Written By Me 
And Now Is It Is Published Thru N.W. Alabamba

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2007

Details | Rhyme |
By  Sashi.Prabhu(Zeauoxian)

Awoke early this morn with a dizzy head,
Last nite I had a torrid time in bed.
Tossed and turned on a warm bed last nite,
Troubled were the dreams , set my head a lite.

Was thinking ahead as I stepped off my bed,
Dull was my sight as I thought I wept. 
The sadness within wrinkled my brow,
The puffiness in myself  and I asked myself what now?

On the wisdom’s throne I went and perched,
Gone I want the thoughts of emptiness, that lurched,
A smile I forced on my sleepy face,
I got to ready myself a put on all grace.

I came here to the lavatory to drop and stink,
But all I desire to do is sit and think.
But now all that I do is scratch my balls,
And see the soap stains on the walls.

And now it dawns to me it’s satur’s morn,
As the thought seeps in ,all pain is gone.
To the beach we are going when the sun gets high,
To the clear water, clean air and blue sky.

The salty spray I imagine now,
The force of the mist and the freshness in my body all above.
My body is jovious and filled with frolic,
The juices in my stomach churn just like a craving desired by an alcoholic.

As the sun goes up I pack my things,
The flame within is joyous and on my face it brings,
The sound of the waves and the smell of wet sand, 
The call of the beach is strong even in the hinterland.

As we drive to the hotel and park the car,
I can see the birds fly by and go afar.
I check into the room 
And spend time to groom.

To the restaurant we head,
Buffet served on the table of snacks, tea , coffee and lots of bread.
After the snack I have a gulp of coffee truly black,
And get myself to the sandy track…………

Copyright © sashi prabhu | Year Posted 2011