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Sexy Wife Poems | Sexy Poems About Wife

These Sexy Wife poems are examples of Sexy poems about Wife. These are the best examples of Sexy Wife poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Etheree |

My Goddess

My Goddess I Met A Goddess! FroM The very starT Of course it was heR Had dreamt of this daY Pierced my ennuI An unseeN KnifinG ShiV LifE NeveR More clearlY Defined. The patH It changes in A Flash now she is neaR Mind is openeD I n t u i T Key tO LocK Eyes Each glow Pleasant smile Moment lingers Your curly brown hair Showering strong shoulders Every breath filling bosom Lusciousness, sinuously moves Flowing across the room, wild river Frozen deer I become, looking but not, Round, wide eyes misdirecting intention Obvious I’m caught. Could you be too? Meeting for the first time, crowds part S m i l i n g d e s p i t e m y s e l f Te l e g r a p h i n g i n t e n t All pretense forgone Reaching deeply I asked you Now my Girl 5/7/16 © Thomas W. Quigley

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose |

Desperate House wife The Good Girl

Penny has always been a good girl, now she is a good wife. She lives in a good neighborhood, drives a nice car, has two perfect children. Her husband is a doctor and to top it off he is very good looking. Her friends think she has the perfect life and yet she feels a hunger inside.

Steven is a man of structure, everything has a time and place. He's the kind of man who folds his underwear. His appearance is immaculate in fact he even presses his jeans. He approaches his love making with a similar precision removing perfectly pressed pajamas folding them and putting them at the foot of the bed and then goes under the covers. She being a good Catholic wife she turns off the lights, undresses and gets into bed beside him. He fondels her breasts for a few moments and then gets on top of her for the Missionary express. The express train never seems to go past the three minute mark. He then rolls over and exactly two minutes later he is fast asleep. At that point she takes things into her own hands.

In the morning after Steven has left for work she showers, the warm water nourishes her hunger. She removes the shower head and adjusts it to pulsating! She places it between her legs and Ironicaly in three minutes she arrives where her husband has never taken her. A moan escapes her lips as she feels her release, yet she stifles it so her children won't hear, after all she is a good girl and good girls don't do such things.

She gets out of the shower and wipes the steam from the mirror with her towel. There she stands in front of the mirror looking at her naked form. Blonde with pretty blue eyes, the proof of her hair color is down below. She gazes at her breasts, lifts them slightly and smiles, gravity has not been too unkind. Her skin is bronzed from her tanning sessions and she has a perfectly sculpted abdomen from her hours at the gym, still she feels somehow that she doesn't measure up, not tall enough and she wonders if her boobs are on the small side. 

She thinks back to when She was a "Saint Mary's" girl. Mom and dad didn't want her to be distracted by boys so they sent her to Catholic school. She wonders if this is where the hunger first began. Her friend Becky had brought a Play Girl magazine to school and together they had flipped through the pages. They had giggled as they viewed the pictures. She had seen her brother's thing once when she had walked in on him peeing but it was nothing like what was in the pictures. She had found the pictures both gross and exciting at the same time. She remembered the warm dampness in her hello kitty panties. She had felt so guilty but in some way also awakened to another more primal part of herself. Confession was much more interesting that week. 

She was brought back to the present by the sound of one of her kids slamming their bathroom door. She promptly gets dressed and goes down stairs to prepare them breakfast. One egg each sunny side up with a side of whole wheat toast and a sliced banana. She pours a glass of milk for each of them and calls them down to breakfast. They both come running into the kitchen with backpacks in hand, give her a kiss and eat their breakfast. Her son Jessie has blonde hair and blue eyes just like her and their daughter takes more after her dad with chestnut hair but with exotic green eyes. Time passes quickly and it's time to drive them to school.

She drops them off to school, kisses her daughter goodbye but refrains from kissing her son, he is embarrased by public displays of affection. Instead she smiles and wishes them both a good day. As she pulls away her mind goes back to Catholic School, she had a teacher Mr. Connolly, he had dark hair with dramatic piercing eyes. She liked the look of his sculpted body and imagined he possessed the attributes of the men in Becky's magazine. At night she would think about him when she was alone in her room. As she would touch herself she would feel this delightful tingling in the soles of her feet. She would stop herself because she was a good girl and good girls didn't do such things.

She pulls into her driveway with her hunger radiating from the centre of her. Running up the stairs she goes to her bedroom and searches for her school uniform. She finds it neatly stored away in a bottom drawer, tartan skirt, white blouse bobby socks and a pair of burgundy loafers with two tarnished pennies. She undressess including her bra and panties. She proceeds to put on the blouse, the stiff fabric rubs against her nipples sending a wave of pleasure through her body. She wraps the tartan skirt around her waste and enjoys the feel of the wool skirt as it caresses her naked bottom. She then puts on her bobby socks and penny loafers. As she looks in the mirror she knows her hunger will be satisfied, I guess in the end she turned out to be a "Bad Penny!"

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

The Curves Of Those Sensual Lips

The Curves Of Those Sensual Lips

The curves that form those hips
 the curves of those sensual lips
The beauty that my mind so trips
 face could launch a thousand ships

Hair that shines and so allures
 from your love I want no cures
Willingly fall for all your lures
 your body, please give the tours

Eyes that satisfy me in a feast
 power that fuels me into a beast
Bright with a slant from the East
 love me, marry me, touch me at least

Legs that so thrill my eager mind
 you the treasured greatest find
Wrap me up, my body please entwine
 our hearts, your body must bind

Face that drives me deep into lust
 have you, love you,  I simply must
Beauty forever , you I simply trust
 yes, love you until we both are dust

The curves that form those hips
 the curves of those sensual lips
With your love I'll make no slips
 we love deeply into forever trips


Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

The Happy Dress

It’s a mother-in-law’s right, her prerogative 
To ‘drop in’ on her son almost any time,
But a mother-in-law should always be prepared
For almost anything she may find.

So, Mother Cready dropped in unannounced;
But as she approached her son’s front door,
Suddenly it opened.  “Ta Da!  Do you like my happy dress?”
His young wife stood there in her ‘all in all’…nothing more.

“Oh, my word!” Mother Cready exclaimed with surprise.
“Why are you naked?  Are you insane?”
Just as surprised, the young wife pulled her inside.
“Please, Mother Cready…if you’ll just let me explain.

You see, when Mac has had a rough day,
When he’s been under a lot of stress,
Sometimes I meet him at the door
With a smile and a kiss in my happy dress.

It always relaxes him and makes him happy,
Then he makes me very happy too.
It works for Mac and me, Mother Cready;
Maybe it would work for you.”

“We’re too old for such.” scoffed Mother Cready.
“Perhaps if we were young like the two of you.”
But, on her way home, she decided
She was definitely going to try it too.

So, she bathed and put on some nice perfume,
Fixed her make-up and her hair.
She was thinking some very sexy thoughts,
But she had to hurry…no time to spare.

She heard her husband’s car in the driveway;
And as he approached their front door,
She threw it open.  “Ta Da! Do you like my happy dress?"
She stood there in her ‘all in all’…nothing more.

She saw a little grimace cross his face,
But that was not the worst.
Then he said, “I appreciate your happy dress, my dear;
But maybe you should have ironed it first.”


“Well…your ‘happy dress’ could use some ironing;
But my birthday suit could use some starch.”
He kissed her. “Bet you and I can work it out.”;
And off to bed they marched.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

Sexy Curves

In a dark room music plays with a slow beat,
the neon lights make you white panties and bra look like a street. 
You move your body slowly and so sexy to the music,
while i look at you threw the darkness of the room set.

A big silver gun on my hip and a mountain of coke on the table,
and nothing can distract me from the beauty i see dancing so stable. 
Your every move hypnotizes me,
I think I am going blind cause i am beginning not to see. 

I look at your hair how it waves there so perfectly,
your legs move just like i want them to, so delicately.
You touch your breasts and you hold your but,
you give me that look in your eyes like your not wanting to stop. 

You unbutton your bra and cover your breasts with your palms,
the music dies down a  little and calms. 
You walk up to me and than music begins to play,
that's when you start moving your body on top of me and asking me to stay.

You kiss my ear and rub my legs,
your breast rub against my inner pains.
You feel me harder than a rock,
than you decide to grind my cock. 

Your body moves so sexy and slowly to the music that i played,
my body is shaking from all the excitement that is payed. 
You go in for the big finish, and i tell you to get back up,
cause a lady like you should do all that kind of crap. 

Be with me, be with a BOSS,
Who cares if the people i killed ever took a loss. 

Dedicated to all the woman of the world. 
PS: You are not trash, you are not ......... you are precious jewels. Stay that way ladies. I love you all. 


Copyright © Roman Chebukin | Year Posted 2012

Details | Lyric |

Viagra and Beer

Too much Viagra and beer.
Too much Viagra and beer.
My wife was out of town,
I hit every club around.
Each time I'd hope to find
A horny woman here.

Country Bob's was the last club that was open.
Near blind drunk and horny, but I was still hopin'.
A pretty woman gave me a glance,
Smiled and said, "Nice pants.
Honey, I'm ridin' if you're ropin'."

A few hours later, I was in a Helluva mess
She's still ridin' hard and screamin', "God, this is the best!"
I was dizzy and light-headed. I had pains in my chest,
But she wouldn't stop long enough to call EMS.

When I came to, I was home in my own bed,
Next to my lovely wife; and this is what she said:
"I picked you up at Country Bob's, my dear;
And there's gonna be some changes around here.

You were fantastic last night;
So, I only think its right
If I supplement your diet 
With Viagra and beer."

Viagra and beer. Viagra and beer.
She treats me like a king,
Says I make her body sing;
So, She makes sure I get my Viagra and beer.

Viagra and beer. Viagra and beer.
Yeah, she makes sure I get my Viagra and beer.

We're like newlyweds. 
I need a break sometime.

Submitted by: Buzz O'Words
Written: 3/3/14

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Haiku |

Quandary - A Husband's Haiku

The dishes are done,
Kids are asleep and dreaming.
Want to watch T.V.?

Privacy at last.
The kids will not disturb us.
Want to hug and smooch?

The dishes are done.
No one will disturb us, but
She's got a headache.

Whatever I did,
It must have been bad, because
She keeps saying, "No."

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Mighty Matriarch

Resilient man

able to ward off dragons

tow glaciers

shake off venomous snake bite

scale Mt. Everest

survive desert, blizzard conditions

wage war with guilt

boast of battle;


Frail male, behold the mighty girl...

you're helpless for that female touch

hopeless in her love

reckless fire desire

Look at you boy...

needy, weak, lost

minus her embrace


toe to candy red painted toe

pitted against her

you'll not draw even

Smart Sexy Matriarch


she's undisputed

exuding power from within those brazen inferno ice eyes

she's everything and she's nothing

she's the bane of his existence

she's royalty man could not live without.

©2014 ~JSL PoetTreez Publishing

Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2014

Details | Haiku |


In the afterglow
Her head upon my shoulder
Hearts beating as one

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |


Myra my beautiful and sexy wife
You're a very special part of my life
And you mean all of the world to me
To my heart you have the master key
And I want to world to see
7 long years we been together that's how much we love each other so
And our love just continues to grow
I hope together we'll have alot more
I never dream of having a love like this before
Just want to say that I'll always love you
And in my heart this is true.

Copyright © james sturdivant.jr | Year Posted 2007

Details | Sonnet |

Sonnet after Making Love

In those brief moments when we have finished pleasing
each other's body the way only we know how:
whispering, touching, tickling, teasing;
we harness eternity and shrink it to now.

Your breasts, Tibetan monastaries guarding the skies,
still tingle from when I touched you there.
My seed escapes to the cavern of your thighs,
and our fragrance lingers heavy in the air.

Amazing love, so mature, so young,
creating memories to forever keep.
Your body remembers the map of tongue,
but this night will end when we roll over to sleep.

So here, now, before the end has begun,
let's remain in this union, melted as one.

Copyright © Robert Sturgill | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Butterfly Spreads Her Wings

Butterfly spreads it's wings
on flower bloom
on summer meadow
in the month of June.

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

A Very Inviting Temptation

A Very Inviting Temptation! I remember of a particular situation. I was offered a very "inviting" temptation. The situation I was in... I didn't belong! And lost any sense of "right and wrong." At first... I felt no guilt or shame. And brought embarrassment to my family's name. I tried to explain this to my wife and kids. I heard; "Dad... please... no more fibs!" The Godly principles were "tossed to the side," As the sin inside caused arrogance and pride. Soon, all in my life that truly mattered... Was gone! My life was empty and shattered! I was sorry for all of the problems I caused! This time... I took a moment to pause. I cried to God to rescue me from my sin. I confessed! Would God help me once again? I read in the Bible of Jesus’ grace and love! This time the help I needed had to come from above! I asked him for a fresh and brand new start. He removed the stain from a broken heart. He restored to me the joy I once had. I'm so blessed! Jesus has made me glad! Jesus is the reason I'm here today! I LOVE HIM more than words can say! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rictameter |


                                                     Let us release
                                            Emotions long locked in
                                          By the values we believe in
                                   As dictated by the world we live in.
                                    Let us swim our passion's ocean
                                          And seal our heart's union
                                                     As we release,

PS: Placed 7th in Nette Onclaud's JUST NINE LINES! Free poetry contest (Visual #1)
       Placed in Hounarable Mention in Skat-XOX Winning Poem Free Poetry Contest.

Copyright © Alozor Michael Ikechukwu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

My Sexy Other Wife

By the time you read this 
You may think I’m insane
But I have to lay it out
So you can see it clear and plain

My wife, my true love, 
Her name is Jane
She is perfect in every way 
And just as insane

She has the qualities that 
Every man would desire
But to her I am the only one
That she wants to admire

You think J Lo’s figure is somewhat tasty?
And her main feature, to men would be her ass
But my Jane excels and makes J Lo look cheap
Jane’s ass and perky breast, Ooh Lord, they have class

She loves me like a miser loves money
She drips with sexuality, sweeter than honey
Oh this woman of mine almost broke my back
Six times I thought I was going to have a heart attack

So you may say get a life
But this is my tribute to my sexy wife
She is, everything to me 
She is the sister of Glen
My good, my best imaginary friend

Copyright © Sidney Hall Mad Poet | Year Posted 2010

Details | Haiku |


My toes "taste so good"?
Careful with my casted leg!
Crutches keep me safe.

Copyright © David Aaron | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |

The Freaks Come Out At Night

Written December 29, 2013

You don't see me
You see her silhouetted by the vapor
My hands all over
She's an introverted now and later

You can build a wall
Before you fall
But I'd give up
When the wall will fall
I'll be waiting here
Plein de plaisir

In your snatch fits pleasure
Broom-shaped pleasure, even better
Like politicians
Spilling oil on the wonderland

The sun will fall
The moon will rise, the freaks come out at night
Native tongues and foreign lands
Leave me handcuffed to the night stand

You can build a wall
Before you fall
But I'd give up
When the wall will fall
I'll be waiting here
Plein de plaisir

Copyright © Brandon Carter | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |


As I hold this cast
I dream of kissing your calf
and touching your thigh

Copyright © David Aaron | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |


I massage your toes
When pain grows unbearable
let fractured bones knit.

Copyright © David Aaron | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

Twenty six

Add toenail polish
when your broken leg demands 
self esteem and praise

Copyright © David Aaron | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

Thirty one

Kissable lips and
Blue eyes keep me busy with
The leg in a cast

Copyright © David Aaron | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Victoria's Secret Well Kept

Victoria’s Secret Well Kept

By Elton Camp

Those pictures of sexy lingerie 
Women is intended to betray

Come buy here and look like this
They imply to each passing miss

Women like those are very rare
It’s why their pictures are there

Women’s fantasies to inspire
Marketers never seem to tire

To look that sexy and cute
It puts women into pursuit

Real women whom men admire
Don’t need such garb to inspire

There’s no need to look divine
Ordinary appearance is just fine

Men look, but don’t highly rate
Such a wife would intimidate

If my wife looked like that dame
She might be hunting another name

A regular wife will surely do 
For I’m ordinary looking too

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |

Twenty two

The ball of your foot
Invited me to follow
The cast to the thigh

Copyright © David Aaron | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

Twenty seven

Red toenail polish
and your casted leg commands
all my attention

Copyright © David Aaron | Year Posted 2015

Details | Shape |

A Naughty Gift

for a woman who always wears baggy clothes to cover her curvaceous body a teddy, bra and thong peach to highlight your auburn hair green eyes and fair skin as you take them off for me

Copyright © Dave Will | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

My Young Wife Loves to Jive

I'm 62, my young Vietnamese wife is 31 now,
she's dark, beautiful and looks after me:
we're in love, thing is, she loves to jive, morning,
noon and night

it sometimes gets tricky to keep up with her 
demands, for example when making a video call
or taking to neighbours across the hedge

the other day she gave me that look, you know... 
the one they do when they want something real bad,
and I turned, my hands full of words saying, OK then...alright

Copyright © Peter Lewis Holmes | Year Posted 2015

Details | Acrostic |

InThe Mood For Love Again

Inhaling her scent
Nuzzling behind her ear
Tickling unfair

Her breath uneven
Exhales almost like a sigh

Only saying ‘no’
Only really meaning ‘yes’
Despite her intents

Focused are my eyes
Only looking into her hers
Rejecting her noes

Losing herself just
One more time, then once again
Virtuous passion

Endlessly caressed
Aggressively entangled
Giving herself up

Against her best intent
Intending to resist me
Nightly—just a game

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Roses are red

At the slightest touch of your ear                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In all the years of intimate fun                                                                                                                                                                                                                         You still giggle like a teenager                                                                                                                                                                                                                            this always reminds me of the one                                                                                                                                                                                                                 No matter where it was                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      It was never the same because                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Your roses are red                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              And this is still the first time

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |


Oh Virago, I wish thee were a Virgo
but thou snaps thy gaping jaws
Waving Cancer's claws
Thy most tenacious tongue
I come undone
No longer a shy fellow
For Thy lashings driven me yellow
Dear Virago, common courtesy
Thy curtsy shakes
Slowly I wane
Oh, most sublime pain
Supreme leisure
Am I to be the benefactor of
thine pleasure?
Thy pink lips have tinted mine blue
Most noble Virago, sainted shrew

virago- I came across this old term when I was reading old short stories. :D basially means shrew.

Copyright © A.E. Rivenbark | Year Posted 2014

Details | Lyric |

we started out kinda

we started out kinda real young
baby i know i was a fool,
now ive grown up
all of the things we use to do
do you remember
i wanna be your man,
aint tryna be ya friend (be ya friend)

so tell me do you like it
drop, top, mercedes benz
top up ,cause your hair be (blowin thru da wind)
wheels spinning, hair did( blingin ring) ya dig

she pull up at the club lookin like, millions,
billions, watching you from a distance
all the fellas be watching you like a vision
ya sexy thighs,sexy hip, sexy midsect
looking real good,make a reggin wanna hit that,
forget that, i think im ready for commitment
so are you ready for submission


n-e-ways, i know you with him for a short change
but you and me together forever,
will never change
when i was younger all i thought  about was spitting game
never caring about your feeling was to remain,
the same, im sorry i cause you all this pain ( i promise you)
i fill them all with brighter days
(and hopefully) i just get a chance to say, that
(i love you) and i hope that you feel da same way 


we started out kinda real young
baby i know i was a fool
now ive grown up
all of the things we use to do
do you remember
i wanna be ya man
aint tryna be ya friend, be ya friend

i aint tryna be ya friend...
girl i only wanna be ya man
so baby want you let me in...
and i promise it will never end

Copyright © Michelle Edwards | Year Posted 2007