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Details | Sestina |
Woman say that a good man is hard to find and to be qiuet honest with you i find 
that to be quietly untrue.To me i feel a woman that's searching for a real good 
man shouldn't search at all cause if it's meant to be you'll allow love to come to 
you.You see just when you think that a good man is to find,that man that you 
looking for can be right before your eye's.Tell me could you spot a real good man 
if one was in your presence if one was staring you in your eye's.Tell me My 
Nubian Sista,when was the last time you had a decent good man in your in 
life.You know someone who will love you for you and not care what's between 
your thighs.You know the type of man that rather make love to your heart and 
understand you as a woman,you know the type of man that rather comfort your 
soul inside.Tell me My Nubian Sista,When was the last time you had a man just 
treat you like a lady,i mean having someone real that just appreciate you for 
you.Tell me when was the last time you just had a man just comfort you, love you, 
respect you and just encourage you in everthing that you do.Tell me would ypu 
like to be loved unconditionally,a man that just will fulfill your deepest desire's 
and your every wants and needs.Well aloow a real man such as myself to take a 
journey through your heart to show you how a rea man supposed to keep his 
woman pleased.

Copyright © decorey jackson | Year Posted 2007

Details | Sestina |
He was a wanderer searching for a good time.
She was a wanderess searching for love. 
They both searched relentlessly and found one another,
And when they did, it was love at first sight. 
Together, the two of them the conquer anything.
Although they just met, everything felt so right.

The wanderess had never felt something so right. 
But she would come to find in time,
That you can never listen to anything
That was wanderer has to say about love.
One second he was there, and the next he was gone without a sight,
Leaving with the wanderess's heart, soon to steal yet another.

The wanderess feared that she'd never find another
Lover. However, she knew that his actions were very far from right,
Yet still she still wanted him to come back into her sight.
She so badly craved more of his time,
But the wanderer refused to return her love. 
For his love, she would have done anything. 

The wanderer left the wanderess unable to do anything.
She was so concerned with sulking about how she'd never find another 
Like him. All she wanted was his love.
Then it hit her. She thought, "Who ever told him that he had the right
To break my heart and waste my time?"
Never again did she want him in her sight.

The wanderer saw the wanderess again, thinking "Wow! What a sight."
To get another chance he would have done anything,
But the wanderess refused to be hurt one more time.
He begged for yet another
Chance, but the wanderess knew it just wasn't right
To give her heart to someone who couldn't love.

The wanderer craved a different type of love.
The kind of love that vanished without a sight.
Never did he learn that it was not right
To throw away someone's heart as though it never meant anything. 
When she was ready, the wanderess found another,
And the wanderer found a girl who would surely waste his time. 

The wanderer was unsure of how to love anyone or anything,
So the wanderess shifted her sight to another
Person who would not be selfish with his love or his time.

Copyright © Shae Cooksey | Year Posted 2016