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Details | Sestina |
If there be some one thing more breautiful
Than to lie with you in warmth and dark,
I would fear that it might burn my soul away
Before the purging purity of light
Its perfection must diffuse.
Your love is all the beauty I may stand.

I carry what we make within this dark,
Our human near-perfection, out into the light
Each day; each moment as I stand
Against the ravages of life I take away
Those stains that fall diffuse
Upon my careless soul, and mar the beautiful.

It is the love of you that brings the light
Into the confusion of my doubtings' dark
Securing what fitful fate may bear away,
That grants the strength to stand
Opposed to all things foul, in alliance with the beautiful,
Committed to a hope as noble as it is diffuse.

There is a light that will not pierce the dark
As we lie conjoined, our love diffuse
About us as the night in little measures leaks away;
It would but blind the eye, if seen, this sacred light
Before which no ill thought may stand,
This light that paints the unseen beautiful.

All worthy things are also most diffuse
As are the light, the dark, the beautiful.
Their meanings advance, recede, then turn away
From our poor apprehension's gropings dark,
Even as our hope moves us to apply what light 
We may, to illumine that before which we stand.

So in the end, my mind, struck dumb, turns away
From the mystery, in consult to stand
With the heart within the lovethick dark
Where you lie near and shining without light
Within that sphere of all good things diffuse
About us, incomprehensible and beautiful.

No; there can be to me no thing so beautiful
As the light of you shining in unbroken dark:
Your love is all the beauty I may stand.

Copyright © William Masonis | Year Posted 2007

Details | Sestina |
To find the girl that I’d love best (A Sestina, 19 May 2014).

I thought to set upon a quest;
One that would put me to the test
So I left my cold and empty nest
And proceeded with vigor and zest
To find the girl that I’d love best.
Thus I left my castle in the west.

So proceeding from the west,
I set upon the aforementioned quest
To find the girl that I’d love best.
The trek was long, surely a true test,
That sometimes wore out my youthful zest
And made me regret my empty nest.

I did not turn back to my empty nest,
That was now far distant in the west,
Rather took heart to recover my zest
And with renewed hope continued my quest
Resolving to finally beat the test
To find the girl that I’d love best.

At a fork I chose the road that I thought best
Would lead to my fairest lady’s nest
But I was deceived by this beguiled test
And turned back around towards the west
To retrace my old footsteps of my quest
And returned to the fork with much less zest.

On the other road moving with less zest
I by chance met the girl that I’d love best.
She saw that I was on some kind of quest
And offered me sustenance within her nest
I desired to take her to my home in the west
And realized wooing her would be my final test

So preparing for this final test,
I pursued the charming girl with zest.
She consented to come with me to the west,
Therefore I won the one that I’d love best.
Thus I took her home back to my nest
And finally fulfilled my loving quest .

It never really was for me a test to tolerate the girl that I loved  best.
So I cherished her with love and zest; because she took the emptiness from my  nest.
Thus I never again set foot out from the west for another lengthy silly quest.

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
I’ve often wondered what you see in me
And how it is I came to be so lucky
To find someone of your deep beauty
Willing to share a lifetime together
Struggling through the thick and the thin
And standing by my side through it all.

Yes, you, who could have had any man at all
Of your own free will choose to marry me
Even though even then my hair was starting to thin
How could it be I got so lucky
To find someone who has it all together
And on the outside, as well is in, displays so much beauty?

This truly is the story of the beast and the beauty
And I am the envy of all
Many of whom said we would never stay together
And here, so many years later, you are still with me
What prayer was answered to make me so lucky
When everyone said the ice I stood on was thin?

Maybe my reasons for wondering this are thin
Maybe it is hard for me to accept you don’t mind my own lack of beauty
Maybe it is not at all because I am lucky
Maybe the reason why we enjoy love at all
Is because you accept me as simply being me
And the beauty emits from us being together.

I’ll stop wondering then what keeps us together
Because I’ll always love you, fat or thin
And I’ll accept you have the same feelings for me
And in each others’ eyes we will always see the beauty
That together holds it all
And it has nothing to do with being lucky.

And if it turns out that we both get lucky
Staying oh so many years together
I will look back and remember it all
As if written in a book not so thin
The story of this beast and this beauty
And no longer wonder what you saw in me.

I pray that other men are so lucky, even those with hair this thin
To somehow put it all together, so that they overcome their own lack of beauty.
Because when it’s said and done after all, why shouldn’t others be as happy as me?

Entry in The Sestina contest

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sestina |
I have my time
Of cheerful memories, with you
Solitude has no more effect
With me, for you’ve been so true
That made me feels perfect
By your sweetness and love

I am in love
Seeing you for the first time
My whole turns perfect
Every minute I am with you
For you’re nice and true
To me, you’ve a great effect

I possess your effect
The result of two souls in love
Exchanging words meant to be true
A splendid time
As I spent the passing days, with you
Since then, all’s perfect

I’ve seen myself almost perfect
‘Cos of the wonderful effect
Of lovely and caring you
Of spoken words of love
To be loved for the first time
Made me, real and true

So I am true
A reason to exist, to be perfect
Feelings before I’ve never had, the time
To enjoy, nor experienced the great effect
Of being truly loved, and to love
By anyone, except by you

I chose to live, with you
For your heart’s pure and true
And full of love
That to me, you’re a perfect
For you’ve an amazing effect
Sharing life, even in my crucial time

With you, my world seems perfect 
I’m real and true, free from solitude’s side effect
All because of your love, I have my time…


Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006