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Details | Sestina |
How did you find me here ghost	
I thought I was done with your haunting	
My Uncle told me you were my enemy	
I know I left you in Baghdad	
Yet here you are this night	
But I still have no fear	

No. it is I you shall fear	
For I am the slayer of the ghost	
I am the one who goes bump in the night	
Don’t you forget, I am the one who does the haunting	
Remember your dance with this devil dog in Baghdad	
I am still your worst enemy	

Besides, I forgave you, my enemy	
For what, I am not sure, but I must admit I admired your lack of fear	
That ugly, dusty night on that roof top in Baghdad	
Now let us go our separate ways ghost	
And agree to put an end to the haunting	
Please go now, in to the night	

I mean, I will let you to be this night	
For I no longer consider you my enemy	
Not this day, but one day ghost, I will put an end to my haunting	
As I have promised you so many times, I will stop putting others in fear	
Leave me now and you and I will be in peace ghost	
I was sure the therapy left you in Baghdad	

Yet here you are two clicks from Kabul, a long way from Baghdad	
This mission does not concern you on this cold night	
I wish you would let me be, so I can focus on the task at hand ghost	
I have moved on now and I beg you do the same, for Sam found me a new enemy	
You would be proud of this one too, for he also shows no fear	
Please let me be, and stop the haunting	

No? Then tonight, together, we must do the haunting	
We can be on the same team, unlike Baghdad	
Together, we will show no fear	
Not us, not on this night	
For they are now our enemy	
Cover my six ghost	

I dream of days before I met you, my self-created demon, days of innocence and laughter all gone; wow did I grow up fast in that sand box.  Now here we are haunting this new land, high in the Hindu Kush on this frigid night.

Together on this mountain, nations away from that home you once called Baghdad, within ear shot of our new common enemy.	

We are so close now demon I can smell ‘em; show no fear my constant companion, for you shall soon have some company.  Perhaps their aim will be truer than yours and it will be me this time ghost.

Copyright © Michael Hughes | Year Posted 2012

Details | Sestina |
By the river corner I sat and wept
Memories of the war flooding my mind
Imagines of rotting bodies everywhere
The smell of dying children pungent still
Starvation and molestation rampant
How did things degenerate so quickly?

At all turns reality hits me quick
In the gut, so full of the pain I weep
I spy times past when laughter was rampant
Stories about my childhood come to mind
Stories that my wife tells the children still
Of blue skies and green pastures everywhere

In these stories laughter was everywhere
The young ran around full of life, very quick
Young maidens abound then, gentle and still
Men in love at their feet threatening to weep
Gestures of love lived in the young man’s mind
And the giggles of maidens were rampant

Alas now, war cries have become rampant
Snuffing out the lives of men everywhere
Empathy has been vanquished from our mind
As the years pass by children grow quickly
Awakening into the horror, weeping
They seek revenge as bloodlust grows strong still

At last the war is over, all is still
Sadly not laughter but cries are rampant
Mothers, children, fathers, everyone weeps
The smell of decay pungent everywhere 
Spreading diseases and plagues, quickening
The fears and apprehension in our minds

Daily horrible sights assault the mind
And all through the nights we have nightmares still
We awake with a start, screams echo quickly
And all around insomnia is rampant
Bloodshot eyes, frail faces move everywhere
And everyone knows that all night they wept

Quickly I run, tears flowing rampant still
Everywhere I go, lost friends haunt my mind
By the river corner I sat and wept

Copyright © Elizabeth Edemode | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sestina |
Replace the desolate words I speak without intention
With my intended poetry – a burst of fresh light
In a forlorn bedroom filled with buckets of darkness!
As the world turns on its tilted axis
So does life, a rollercoaster of dreams
Created and crushed as a poor spider’s web

The spider spins her life’s work, a web
Food and survival her only intentions
She has no time for the flying mortal dreams
Of a world filled with goodness and light
No time for Allies, nor for an Axis
Who she can prevent from spreading the darkness

My life is spent in shadows and darkness
Waiting for the day when the spotlights are shined on my cobwebs
The only remaining things that will be of me, as I walk the low axis
Of countries grouping together with clear intention
To murder, pillage, and take over the light
Of innocent children, still sleeping with innocent dreams

All children quickly lose their dreams
When faced with the world and overwhelming darkness
They are too young to make their own light
And so spend their lives with the government’s web
Supplier of everything that happens, their intention
To create a worldwide alliance, one country, one axis

Young European unifications forming an axis
They have no clue about their true dreams
They have but one thing, that thing, intention
To expand, which every country labels darkness
But every country is entangled in the web
Of expansion and shining the religious light

I have never followed the religious light
And I understand the fighters of the Axis
All so sure, so believing in the government and the web
That by the end of it all, there were no dreams
Only an eerie, dying darkness
All the people died without any true intention

When there is intention, there is a fading light
The darkness desperately, wrongly produced by the Axis
Their pipe dreams stuck in the world’s web

Copyright © J. Amorose | Year Posted 2017