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Bitter Sympathies

This was her bitter sympathy,
she wished to not be seen,
crying up a sea of tears
and wishing to her last,
suppressed by all her childish fears
haunted by her past-

Grieving from the horrible past
crying for sympathy,
she must find a way to overcome her fears.
She locks a door to not be seen,
these memories are not to last,
so she wipes away those tears.

Wiping away those tears, 
shying away from the past,
she wonders, "will I ever last?" 
she has to stop the moaning sympathy
For who she is, she has to be seen,
she overcomes her worries and she overcomes her fears.

Overcoming her fears, 
there are no more tears, 
for she was finally seen. 
moving on from the past, 
no more crying self-sympathies
for the day it was she had last. 

For a day it was she has last,
she helped others with their fears,
she finished her sympathy,
and she dried away their tears,
she took away their past,
their past never to be seen. 

Their past never to be seen, 
as day for them to last,
they finally forgot their horrible past.
they overcame their fears,
they never shed their tears,
for they were freed from this sympathy.

No more of these fears,
and no more of these tears,
there is no longer a sympathy,
for eye to eye they had seen,
they had finally last, 
from their horrible past...

Copyright © Elaina Dixon | Year Posted 2006

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Nefarious faces with pale cheeks,
dulling your senses with narcotics;
and dangerously staring at others
whose clement destiny
isn't called squalid poverty,
or negligible neediness...    

All can be spared by the dint of astuteness,
making amends and becoming social;
you can be an atheist or an ungodly person:
you all deserve an assuring look of compassion,
to give up your attitude of indifference,
believing in yourself and forgetting every fault... 

Nefarious faces of rapists and assassins, you assail
blameless and innocent people without mercy,
and in their hurt and blood you express your atrocity;
Cain acted out of jealousy, you act out of madness
by vindicating an amatory act and a deprivation of wealth
that were never granted by an insensitive society... 

Come and drink of the water of holiness,
to purify your atrocious minds and your sinful souls:
turn to the Lord Jesus who forgives anyone
who's willing to repent, and be born again;
salvation is closer than you ever thought,
it cleanses your impure hearts with merciful love... 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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Abundant rains pelt
on the window's foggy glass
with a rhythm too sad;
mist, raindrops and dreariness
deepen my nostalgic mood:
when sunshine was felt at noon....

The orchard's petals 
adorn the small cupid's head
over the fountain:
an oasis for robins;
today, they don't warble,
but sip water from their well...

From this window-sill,
daisies, dangling from their vase,
struggle on their stems  
only to commiserate, 
with their sympathetic glance,  
my nostalgic mood of brighter days...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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Folding and embracing someone in extreme pain
with the compassion of a merciful saint:
when those moribund eyes look downward,
as breath becomes heavy and life can't sustain
its heartbeat , but those hands are too weak to clasp;
give your last gift, say the softest word...

Comfort and be comforted when the final hour comes for all,
when a person suddenly dies, a conceived baby will be born;
it's a cycle that keeps our human race from extinction:
observe the animal kingdom, never inactive or slow,
even trees and flowers duplicate themselves in jollification 
by the kindness of every wind of the actual season...

Folding and embracing someone in extreme pain,
someone of a different race, not making distinction of color;
everyone of us is a beautiful and perfect creation of God,
so let the same love flow and leave your prejudice beyond:
see through the eyes of charity, never divide and compare:
the uniqueness of an individual can be shared by all...   

The greed and wickedness of Mankind can't control the relentless rush,
until immense harm is done:  wars are fought and lives are lost by the thousands,
and the spilling of blood is not regarded as guilt on their remorseless hands,  
many weeping mothers lean over their dead children, with more viable in their wombs:
summon the evil man to the Almighty God whose judgement is harsh,
and be assured that the Divine Justice will make them toss in their inescapable tombs...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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A merciful and forgiving  soul
molds a person's character...
to lead that heart down the path of awareness,
to weather all difficulties with confidence and ease;
surly and sullen looks that plagued its thoughts can disappear,
when those open eyes ascertain every fault.

Battles are desperately fought, only some are won... 
accept a small victory, instead of a great defeat;
understand the mentality of the selfish man,
with his vanity exceeding its capacity,
to gain prestige and impose his superiority
on others who remain silent and weep.

Break down the barriers of injustice and greed,
never step back and fear the one who's preposterous and unfair;
embody the mind of the Almighty in yourself,
and He will guide you through each struggle without hatred or anger!
A flower must grow for us to admire the beauty of its planted seed,
so is courage rapidly growing...fortifying our inner strength.   

A merciful and forgiving soul
abides by the fairest and justest laws,
those laws set by the Supreme Ruler, who posses the holiest mind;
and whoever obeys, regardless of past disobedience, reaps its rewards in this lifetime. 
A merciful and forgiving soul...
doesn't wait for tears to fall, or pitiful words to wipe clean anyone's offense.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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Alone in body, not in spirit,
adding another year to life;
and appreciating what's worth:
when others are long gone to rest,
and I am overwhelmed by guilt, 
being detached and deprived of their laugh...

It begins with snowflakes,
covering up all that is old,
and somewhat being discarded and forgotten as mistakes,
to bury a nostalgic past: 'till spring, dispersing cold, 
reawakens it from its stagnant state;
and with nothing but hope I hopefully wait....

These hands are empty and in need of sympathy,
seeking someone to touch them with warmth;  only yesterday
I owned happiness and the entire world;
giving the sincerest love and being loved,
but today the richness I avidly possessed has vanished for good:
and was it my fault to let it slip from my uncaring, weakened hand?

What ends in sorrow must not be considered a dead-end,
beyond a snowy season:  there are more seasons with sunshine;
have the boldness to discover them and be captivated!
My season begins with snowflakes hiding, from view, beauty and time;
to make me reflect deeply on those decisions that weren't so perfect:
by putting honesty before trust, and not feel betrayed by the effort... 

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2008