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Oh, hear the rattle of the rolling train; yhe clap…clap…clacking rhythm, beating like a conga drum; every trip it sings along, with the tracks repeating song; such simple, inexpensive music. Listen to that music, of the heart-beat, of the train. Sing along, with its melodious song. Come, join in the rhythm; don’t you love, to sing along; with the clack..clack…chugging, of that rolling drum. Run and grab your bongo drums; we’ll play a little music. A grand neighborhood, sing-along, to the rhythm of the train. Oh, what a wondrous rhythm, is the old, Iron Horse’s song. In the heart’s, always a song; the body’s beating drum. It keeps on pounding out its rhythm; the heart beats of its Chrystal music; beats with tempo of the train’ just clap…clap…clacking, on along. All the people sing along, with the old Iron Horse’s thrilling songs. If with instruments, you’re untrained; perhaps you do not own a drum. Still, you can join the music; just clap your hands in rhythm. Revel in that rhythm, sing and play along. Just be part of the music and belt out your own song, to your own heart’s rhythm and that musical old train. Lighten up that rhythm and revel in the music. Have a glorious, sing-along, to the many beating drums. There’s nothing quite as joyous, as the songs sung with the trains.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
Celestial music rings,
riding waves,
in the ethers.
every note,
of every song,
does its aerial dance.

As voices in prayer dance;
reverberating rings, 
echo each soul’s song;
upon Etheric waves.
Every note, 
a precious gift on the ethers.

Souls ride the ethers; 
swirling, twirling, they dance.
The resonance, rings every note, 
like a bell rings 
out upon the waves 
of air, to build a sacred song.

Spirit songs,
on the ethers;
oike ocean waves,
in celebratory dance;
play celestial scales and bells ring
out each precious note.

Each bell-like note,
echoes its own set of songs,
like church bells ring
through the heavenly ethers.
All life will dance
upon those heavenly waves.

Earths ocean, womb-waves;
swirl and sway to every celestial note.
Back and forth they dance;
in rhythm to the songs,
as upon the ethers;
the music of life rings.

Hear the ring, on the waves.
Ride the ethers and become one with each note.
Absorb life’s song and with all life…dance!

Originally Written: 3-2014

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
My boat glides,
upon silvery waters, 
to the distant shore 
and below the depths, 
there are no limits or borders; 
I won’t allow them in my dreams.

When I dream, 
images glide 
with no frames or borders; 
across my dreamtime waters.
I know what hides in those depths 
and how far I am from the safety of the shore.

Upon the shore
I safely sleep and dream.
I do not fear the abysmal depths.
I just, smoothly glide
across those waters;
without limits or borders.

Self-limiting borders, 
unlike the shore, 
foul the dreamtime waters 
of my dreams.
They make, unstable…the glide;
calling dark, dismal images up from the depths.

There are many depths, 
within the minds borders.
As I glide
 to the safety of dreamtime’s shore; 
I pass through many dark dreams, 
within those waters.

The great collector…water, 
hides many secrets in its depths.
In my dreams, 
I allow no limits or borders; 
just a beckoning shore, 
toward which, I glide.

A soul glides, upon etheric waters.
Traveling to distant shores; it fathoms dreamtime depths.
No borders are there; there’s no place for them, 
in my dreams.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
My soul travels in search of  Eleutheria

Desperate to depart, longing to discover Salvation

Such welcomed wild abandonment

Is this how from life my spirit shall make it's escape?

Distant is the call of my freedom

Answering its promise I seek my release.


But what awaits upon arrival to my release?

This place I hear tell of, the land of Eleutheria

And how can I be certain of my spiritual freedom?

I venture forth comforted by thy promise, Salvation

Quickly now, I must make my escape

Rushing carefree with such a sense of abandonment.


Cautiously for a moment I question my desire, my need for this abandonment

Do I know the cost of such release?

Matters little unto me, this I know is my only chance of escape

Sirens echo the path, the hidden doorway of Eleutheria

Awaiting the arms of my welcomed salvation

Unto their world I seek the pleasures of freedom.


Such a taste, such a feast this banquet on which I shall dine, Freedom

What do I leave behind, what could possibly deter this drive of abandonment?

My life spent trapped, caged and confined, surely my prize is salvation

I know not of any other forthcoming form of release

My mind See's the beauty of the soil in Eleutheria

It is her dreams that inspire my escape


Ah sweet is the flavour of the scent of escape

More than ever my being craves her gift of freedom

In my waking and in my sleep I see the vision of Eleutheria

Cast out I was a  victim of such cruel abandonment

Out of the depths I demand my release

The covenant of mine own salvation.


And to what do I believe the countenance of my own salvation?

Why of cause the success of own escape!

Is that not evidence enough of my worthiness to merit  release?

My sanity the key to my freedom

My insanity the condemnation of my abandonment

Together the answer to Eleutheria


Mine cause release and freedom

The spiritual escape shall be my own salvation

Total abandonment for the sanctity and protection of myself, my Eleutheria.

Copyright © julie Cottingham | Year Posted 2008