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Details | Sestina |
She remembers the night they met at the ball.
He asked her to dance by the Gatsbian pool.
She remembers the sight of women who tear
their clothes off to dive in, and she leaves
the thought of him for one of purifying water,
as she rips off her string of gaudy beads.

Sweat collects on his brow in angry beads
as he strikes at a painted, glossy ball.
His brains are a sack of amniotic water
secreting through his glands into a pool
and he drowns in his mind, which leaves
room only for a single, lonely tear.

Her heaving womb appears to tear
through her crop shirt- her blood in beads
gushes and drops like leaves-
a release of tension- her stress ball
drops- bounces- through a game- of pool ?
She fears- her bloom will die without water.

His turn is over, and he takes a swig of water.
The next player strikes, and the fibers of the cue tear
the threads of the felt, aqua pool
table. The liberated lint forms beads
on the moving stick that strikes the cue ball.
His heart leaps and he leaves.

The plants in her garden have leaves
that wither when she forgets to water
the earth and give each one a ball
of fertilizer, and now she even forgets to tear
out weeds that creep into beds and between beads
in the ejaculating fountain of her avian pool.

He remembers diving into her bottomless pool
on the blanket of her lawn abreast feathery leaves.
His maddened sweat mirrors her beads,
broken, like her emergent water
that announced the internal tear
making way for the ten-pound, screaming ball.

Their voices patter like beads of rain landing on a pool.
They can again have a ball together, even if it leaves
the white water of her breasts in one, joint tear.

Copyright © Alexandra Romanyshyn | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
Where light and darkness meet
That’s where you’ll find me. 
My voice is breaking,
But I know that you can hear
Every word that I speak.
My eyes are looking towards you.

I’m constantly thinking about how you
Would always want to meet
Me outside of church and the words you’d speak
Were too much for me. 
I was worried someone would overhear,
But there was only some strong wind around that would make the trees break. 

I don’t think you know what it feels like to have a heart break.
I will not accuse you, 
But I want you to hear
The wind howling and the trees breaking and think of the first time we met.
What did you first think of me?
I know you’d rather not speak.

The trees speak
And say that there’s only a matter of time before the earth will break.
I wish you would be like the trees and think of the earth as if it were me.
I always think of you.
Let’s go outside to meet
Because the wind begs to hear.

I want to hear
All of the lies you speak.
Where light and darkness meet
There my heart will break.
Why can’t you
Learn to love me?

The trees lean against me.
The wind always hears
All of my complaints about you.
The trees speak 
And they are telling me that you’re about to break
Right where light and darkness meet.

Every night the wind howls at me, and then I can hear the words you speak.
I wish you could hear me and listen to all of the tree branches break, 
But you can’t when all that you ever do is wait for the light and darkness to meet.

Copyright © Courtney White | Year Posted 2017