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Details | Sestina |
There’s a nip in the wind,
so into warmer clothes, I’ll change
the coming storm, they say, is a beast,
but rain won’t start, till after light;
all night, the rain will pour;
I must bring in the cat.

Storms terrorize my cat,
so do rattling windows, in the wind.
Around here, rains that pour,
nring drastic temperature changes
and the raging lightening,
is a formidable beast.

Though the beast
terrorized my cat,
I await the daylight,
to view the damage from the storm’s winds
and lightening that change
Our ground, with the deluges that pour.

As it storms, I will pour
over my utility bill-beasts. 
I must also change 
the litter box, for the cat.
The raging, lightening and wind
sends her streaking, like greased lightening.

In the morning light,
orange juice, I pour.
I’ve lost another tree, to the wind;
the storm did beastly
damage and not just, to my cat;
the landscape of my town, has changed!

I will change
Into clothing that’s light.
I’ll go outside with my cat
And begin to pour
Over the debris, from the beastly 
Storm and its tempestuous winds.

They say that, change, is good, but they haven’t see a frenzied cat.
By morning’s sunlight  she’s a fur-blown beast.
Still, she’s survived the pouring Rain and the terrors brought, 
by unforgiving winds.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sestina |
I waited in the foam, alone on the coast.
You were who I waited for. Give
me songs in every key,
pining and desire; be a messenger
bringing love, and I will empty
my heart of everything but you. Skies rain

pleasure when I am with you; the colors drain
away, melting into hazy wetness. The coast,
that brink, stretches in my mind, empty
miles lacking everything. I forgive
the distance; I will send a messenger
to deliver parts of me like ivory keys

on a piano, and you will press the keys
with velvet fingers, you will strain,
letting the music ring as a messenger
to your love. My words coast
across time, floating confetti. I can forgive
the distance. This love won’t empty,

but fills like a warm mug of chamomile. I will empty
my heart of everything but you. Your keys
clink as you leave, as you forgive
my sleep, as your kisses fall like rain
pattering the distant beach, that coast
I left behind when you, a messenger

came to me and I let you in. A messenger
sent your love, filling empty
spaces in me with golden joy. I coast
into slumber, my worries now too clunky
to carry. I let them go, free from the reign
of nervousness, insecurity. I forgive

myself for being afraid, for giv-
ing into a kiss. Words are my messengers,
drenching you in a refreshing rain
of my love. I am giddy; I empty
my heart of everything but you. Your keys,
I hear them jingle from the far away coast.

I will forgive the miles, empty
of you. A messenger retrieves your keys,
while on the coast, it rains.

Copyright © Robin Lane | Year Posted 2010