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Cross Species Awareness

Beneath a calm ocean, man watches a shark.
They are same in size, but one has advantage.
Man is wearing a wet suit and long swim fins.
Shark is naked and is not bearing its teeth.
Water passes silently through gills of stealthy predator.
Bubbles rise from apparatus of explorer.

A camera and lights fill hands of explorer.
Teeth and cunning fill front of shark.
Black tiger stripes and dark eyes of predator 
intensify beauty and exclaim an unrevealed advantage.
Locked behind its inquisitive nature are rows of sharp teeth.
It circles the diver, dipping and bending its fins.

A menacing fin on its back and long pointed side fins, 
the shark does not appear as clumsy as explorer.
A man clamps on to breathing device with his teeth, 
watching effortless movements of a curious shark.
There seems to be some wariness in the predator.
Its large dark eyes seem to measure any advantage.

Any threat to the sea’s occupant is from surface advantage.
The wary man’s feet rest on white sand trapped in fins.
He could kick and flap beneath waves, but is no predator.
He is either a very brave or very stupid explorer.
If the sea is a playground or battlefield it belongs to the shark.
If it decides, the king of the deep can bear its teeth.

It can open its gaping mouth and expose rows of teeth.
It can clamp on to soft flesh with an easy advantage.
Such things happen often in the life of a shark.
It swipes its tail side to side and climbs and dives with fins.
The only help for the diver is another explorer.
A spear gun or repellant may offend the predator.

There is not much comfort offending such a predator.
It will only find another place to sink its teeth.
It is a distracting thought for an underwater explorer,
to learn and gain knowledge under this creature’s advantage.
It may not speak; it doesn’t have hands, but does well with fins.
Ruling the depths, it is a majestic presence this shark.

A vicious predator with acute senses and sharp teeth, 
the shark patrols oceans riding currents with strong agile fins.
The explorer has the advantage of meeting it at peace.

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Copyright © Graphite Drug | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sestina |
I saw him coming, my old friend Death 
His eyes were not wrathful but also not Kind
He simply looked up at the sky so Blue 
Asked me if I was doing quite Well
I told him I wasn’t ready to be Dead
He said to be calm and step onto the Ship

I stepped onto the dock of a large white Ship 
Behind following closely was the figure of Death
I asked if this was a ship for the Dead
He told me this vessel was a different Kind
One humanity knew all too Well
And I should watch the great expanse of Blue

We sailed out further enveloped in Blue
Was it ocean or sky? I couldn’t tell from the Ship
The size seemed to fluctuate from sea to Well
I tried to get some clarity from Death
But he simply said watch, his eyes now Kind
It was time for the flashback given to the Dead 

Funny, he told me I wasn’t Dead
Made this seem like a joyride in the Blue 
I guess he was trying to be Kind
Luring me with lies onto this Ship
But I guess I saw through Death
I know him all too Well
I know he only means Well
I knew deep down I was headed for Dead
I focused my attention back to the face of Death
He told me once more to look into the Blue
I watched my life pass from the dock of the Ship
I took solace in knowing at least I was Kind

I watched my memories, of every Kind
I think in life I had done Well
I was ready to leave the Ship
I was ready to join the Dead
I was ready to dive into the Blue
I was ready to embrace Death

Death sent me off with a smile quite kind
With a well-executed jump, I abandoned Ship
And joined the dead in the peaceful Blue

Copyright © Anna Nomaly | Year Posted 2018