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Having been born in legendary Italy,a country
as old as the stones of the Via Appia,
made me recall the fiery image of Attila...
the barbarian from Hungary,
who dared to defeat the mighty Romans: 
by sacking their imperial city with clanking swords! 

Attila might have become the new emperor,
if he hadn't abandoned that land he came to conquer,
but golloped away...vanishing into the unknown:
remorseful or giving up on becoming great;
and some agree that he was as untaimed as a lion...
with a chilvalry to melt any woman's heart!         

Many great battles were fought on this soil,
fortified by faith,valor and blood:
an Italy immortalized by Vergil,
Dante,Davinci,Michelangelo and Verdi: a legacy continuing today;
and I, as her native son, like to lead the way...
to be among these and not vanish into nothing!

Where I walked as a teen, castles rose towards
crimson skies to capture my fancy and hold me in wonder,
until dusk came with the tinkling bells; and sweet mother
called me...her voice echoing,with affectionate loveliness,
amid the pine trees and a garden of blooming roses;
there, at the gate's entrance, she waited with flowers!

From a tiny spring, flowing from the snow-capped mountains,
I drank the purest water and saved some in my canteen...
while my companions threw rocks at each other and told jokes;
and none of us were older than seventeen!
O golden days,return to vivid memory...
when we are taken by reminiscence to renew vows of loyalty!

By a bright lamp,I'll write these memoirs 'till morning,
and whenever sleep comes...I'm ready to hop in bed,dreaming
to be in Amalfi or Positano along the rugged coast of emerald...
listening to the murmurs of the gleaming sea,so old,
overlooked by the immobile stars and hear a happy mandolin play
a serenade and to be taken into eternity! 
I'm finally there, retracing each footstep on a stony path, 
running through the streets of my fled youth;
wouldn't I be happy to stay and find a place to rest?

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2008

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I'm absolutely certain that it's only by God's grace 
That I could climb if I have to...that very high.. wall 
God give us life all thru His loving care and fresh air 
My God is really awesome, and He's loving and so very kind 
And my heart with pride with all His love just swells 
Because knowing and accepting His salvation makes me so happy. 

In God's loving care I am always happy 
Because I can depend always on His grace 
God protects us and shields us from ocean's swells 
And with Him we can ascend and descend any wall 
He's in control of everything and the very same air 
And my God is so loving forgiving and kind. 

Like God's love there's no other because God is perfect and kind 
And when I obey His Word and follow Him I feel very happy 
God renews my heart and my lungs each day with clean air 
He does it all for you and me because of His love and grace 
With God by our side we can never lose but win and climb that wall 
And living for God is better and my heart with all His love just swells. 

With God's tender love and care I can forever live and my heart swells 
Because I know without a doubt that His sweet love is one of its kind 
And with God by my side I can climb or descend any high wall 
Because God cares for you and me and that makes me really happy 
Just knowing I can enjoy forever His most wonderful grace 
I praise Him everyday for all the things I see,the sky, the sea... the air. 

I see God's love manifested all over the earth the sea... the air 
And all the creatures' hearts with God's shining love just swells 
And the stars and the moon sing praises for His Mighty Creation and grace 
Because of God's Love there's still Love Hopes and Dreams of every kind 
Thinking of His love makes my heart day and night happy 
Because God is my rock and to protect me He can build a wall. 

And with God by my side I can climb and descend any high wall 
He gives life to each of us everyday with tons of clean air 
And when I choose to obey His Ten Commandments that makes me happy 
Because with joy and serene peace my heart for God full of love swells 
Knowing that God is so real, true forgiving and kind 
And that I can always trust Him and enjoy forever His Blessed Grace! 

With God's Grace I can descend and climb any tall wall 
God fills my lungs with fresh air because He's so loving and kind 
And my heart swells with all His love which makes me always so happy. 

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2008