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Animal Freedom

A Christmas walk in soft sun of winter
Across crisp fields of umber and green,
A sharp breeze blowing with freedom
On their faces, aglow with the hope
Of seeing one again – a bird; their bird,
Soaring and diving defiantly so.

The eagle. Powerful, swift and so
Free. Wings outstretched on currents of winter
Warmth, rising higher than any other bird.
It’s golden feathers shimmering over green
Hills and clear blue skies, in the hope
Of spying prey, running in a last bid for freedom.

They looked and walked and talked in freedom,
Enjoying the country lanes and paths in so
Carefree a manner; such a rich land of hope,
Bursting with creatures alive in the winter
Meadows: robins, rabbits, hares, a green
Woodpecker, and many a chattering bird.

They paused to rest and listen to bird
Song and breeze, relishing in the freedom
At the heart of nature, so fresh and green;
When suddenly, they saw a bush shaking so
Violently. They stopped and stared, the winter
Wind? Too strong. They watched in hope

Of seeing something curious, or in the hope
Of discovering if this at last was their bird,
Hunting untamed in the wilds of winter.
They approached, careful not to intrude on the freedom
Of the wild, but all they could see was a fluttering so
Urgent, flapping wings, a rubbed-raw leg, a thread of green.

A blackbird was trapped on a branch by green
String; frantic, desperate panic, yet hope
Shone in its eyes, pleadingly so.
They spoke softly, carefully untying the bird,
Which flew off to the wind in a cry of freedom.
They felt proud, liberated, in a wonderland of winter.

They ran home for dinner of green sprouts and festive roast bird;

Bred in darkness and stench, no hope of daylight or freedom.
Incarcerated, deformed, wounded so bad, in a long-hardened winter.

Spare a thought for your turkey this Christmas… 

Copyright © Charlotte Kingsfield-Blake | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
You've got time to book free
So, in two weeks you're off 
You've got time to pack up
You'll enjoy the travelling
Learn so much there
It'll be good for you to relax

We've got two weeks off 
A count down to being free
We should pack it all up 
It's stressful travelling
We'll unwind when we're there
We'll give ourselves time to relax

Today's the day I'm all packed up
I'm on my way two weeks off 
I've got some time to be free
I get motion sick travelling
I'll take some pills when I'm there
Then, I'll be able to relax

No more travelling
Clothes are all sorted and hung up 
What to do? I've got two weeks off
I could read by the sea in a hammock; free
I could wear sunglasses there 
Have time to snooze and relax

She throws a blanket here and there 
Catching the breeze as they're travelling 
The parasol sways where it's put up
It's about time we shared two weeks off
So, she can let her hair go free
Bask then tan quickly and relax

You said we had no more time to relax
You didn't want to leave there 
You said you were tired of travelling
You said you felt like throwing up
You'd enjoyed the time off
You said you were free

You are no longer free
We returned to a house with lights off
I say I'm fed up 
I say I'm miserable from travelling 
We share memories of when we were there
You say it doesn't matter where you are; just relax

Copyright © Zack Dicks | Year Posted 2016