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Details | Sestina |
When I first realized that I loved you
I became afraid, for I felt exposed,
surrounded by the broken-down fences
I had painstakingly built as protection 
for my fragile emotions and great fears
against a cold and indifferent world.

Suddenly, without warning, my safe world
was changed as I gave free entry to you
into my heart, and in spite of my fears,
I willingly my complete being exposed - 
seeking the nestling warmth and protection
and the safety of love's strong fences.

I found that love was not caged, and fences
were not needed to live in its blissful world, 
where affection was its own protection
and the sharing of life's journey with you 
could allow unknown joys to be exposed
and assurances could replace past fears.

As our love grew and flowered, and past fears
were eroded with abandoned fences 
I became strong, despite being exposed
to the changes of an evolving world.
I felt secure and contented with you -
In your loving care I found protection.

And through the years, love's certain protection
has shielded us against life's storms and fears
And as I have walked at the side of you
I found a paradise, without fences,
where we have built our own beautiful world,
filled with love, and our joy could be exposed.

Now we have grown old and by age exposed
our bodies frail, each limb needs protection.
As we  move slowly in a twilight world
and confront diverse and alarming fears
I seek strength in my memory's fences
recalling joyous times and days with you.

A soul exposed to true love knows no fears.
The protection of your love's strong fences
secure my world - I will always love you.

Copyright © David De la Croes | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sestina |
I am the center of raw and wild feelings.
Born from an ancient spirit of infant and child.
Falling back in a womb of darkness, myself I discover.
Hiding in an egg, I hear a whisper.
My shell is touched by a promise in the wind's soughing.
Infinite breath of wind caresses, I, who am little.

I am conscious of little.
A time before definition or feelings.
Warm, wild wind soughs.
Motion stirs the blueprint of a child.
God in every breath, every whisper.
Take form and discover.

A bud must open in order to discover.
Hesitation and fear cry out from a bud so little.
Inside a chameleon wears it's feelings.
Fright filters through the pores of a child.
Leaf and skin shiver in a dark wind's soughing.

The angelic songs of a river soughs.
Life's song for us to discover.
Along the riverbank runs the child.
Of the future she knows little.
Reflecting in water a spectrum of feelings.
Their sound is a scream, a laugh, a cry and a whisper.

As I grow the acceptable sound is a whisper.
My tears often mix with a shower's soughing.
Bodies aren't meant to cover feelings.
They should be naked dancers that discover.
Their steps are big and little.
Dance with the flow trusting child.

As I grow older, in my soul lives the child.
My heart is the room where she shouts and whispers.
It's a never-land where she will always be little.
Hope sings in a tear-river's soughing
With care and love we'll learn to discover.
We are courageous explorers of feelings.

The child, her voice a prayerful wind's soughing.
A soft reminding whisper not to fear discovery.
Oh little love I am with you always, experiencing together our feelings.

Copyright © Tamra Amato | Year Posted 2009

Details | Sestina |
Dim light shines through the widows of the old house
long since empty, where only dust dances in the air
and a lone mouse scurries across its scared and dirty floor
But sometimes at night, when a lonely wind moans and cries
faint echoes of the past are heard through out the rooms
as though while sleeping, the old house dreams of a lost time

In the parlor, a faint ticking from a wall clock as it counts time
while a childs laughter is heard as he runs through the house
chasing after the ghostly bark of a dog as it runs from room to room
and in the dark unused kitchen, the scent of fried chicken fills the air
recalling Sunday dinners and happier times, before the dying cries
the screams that echoed, and bright blood stained its polished floors

Now, all that is left is a faint red stain on its once prestine floors
broken and rotting from the wear of mother nature and passage of time
where the only true sound heard is a crows harsh and croaking cries
as it flies over the delapatated but once proud and stately house
leaving behind one black as soot feather floating in the warm air
to land on a window sill, as though looking in at the cold lifeless rooms

But still the house stands against time, and listened to each of its rooms
hoping to hear laughter once more, hurried steps across its wood floors
trying to shut out the screams of terror that still hang in the stale air
the feelings of hate, and anger that never seemed to disapate with time
pushing at the heart and soul, the very timbers of the sad and lonely house
until each small breeze that swirled around it sounded like broken cries

It doesn't know why the last sounds within its walls where terror stricken cries
or why the sounds of childrens laughter are no longer heard within its rooms
it only knows that it took one single day to make of it a horror house
all dead and empty with blood stains upon its dirt encrasted floors
held within an eternity that seemed to stop within a tick of time
and lingers there upon a breath of stale and purtrid air

Not so long ago, it stood so tall with pride and stately air
but rumors stirred with tales of ghostly lights and muted cries
till none would stand upon its floors or stay a minutes time
for all would tell of ghosts and such that walked its haunted rooms
and blood that stained for all of time its wooden floors

Such a sad and forlorn air that haunts its each and ever room
that now wrings cries of sorrow from the rotted creaking floors
Where once apon a time there stood a loved and happy house

Copyright © Linda Rutherford | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
I have this story of the garden of evil I saw.
Darkness called to me, I was drawn inwardly.
Walking, a glimpse of beauty came into view.
She intrigued me as to why she was inside.
When I stepped in front of her she smiled.
Not an ordinary smile, one of pure wickedness.

She spoke to me calmly at first, as my eyes did view.
Transformation began as her beauty faded inwardly.
I swear to you that I felt like darkness had smiled.
Her shape changed and now a devil my eyes saw.
Beckoning me she said come with me inside.
My soul captured my mind knew now wickedness.

She told me that I was hers now as the demon smiled.
That I had to take my place beside her in wickedness,
Which the garden of evil was now placed inside.
That the evil call had embedded my heart inwardly.
As she took me aside to a mirror where I could view,
What happened to me, undeniable is what I saw.

I was changing outwardly, as well as inwardly.
My eyes were blood red and horns came into view.
I had become her male counterpart, we both smiled.
Within a couple of moments, I was lost in wickedness.
Then out of darkness other creatures came from inside.
More and more demonic creatures are what I saw.

She said, Meet our armies that mankind cast inside.
That she had waited for me, again her lips smiled.
Upon wave of her hand a mist came into view.
It was me in previous form, yes, you were evil inwardly.
Your whole mortal life you felt you had no wickedness.
Suddenly I knew she was right, this was a prediction I saw.

My destiny was sealed; garden of evil will keep me inside.
A consort I will be to her evil heart, fulfilling wickedness.
Thinking back in my dreams I could have changed what I saw.
Though forever and beyond, darkness grows inwardly.
As we held each other, a vision cast came into view.
We looked deep into each other’s eyes and we smiled.

What we both saw, within her womb something was inside.
We knew we shared wickedness, as the birth came into view.
Love, lust held inwardly, looking on, our baby demon just smiled.

Note. This was part of a dream I had and I feel it was a release to write this to help me fight my personal demons that have always plagued my mind and dreams, maybe I watched to many horror movies when I was younger, I have seen almost all of them more than once

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2011

Details | Sestina |
For so long I lived in fear,
Would often cower.
You gave me strength,
Made me alive.
I was unable to hide 
Such a magnificent delight 

My smile, your delight,
It washed away the fear.
I no longer needed to hide.
In the face of shame, I did not cower.
I was alive.
I found strength.

I thought it was your strength,
A gift, but to my delight 
Even in times of absence, i was alive.
Even when you’re gone, there is no fear.
No longer do I cower.
I have no need to hide.

Sometimes you still hide,
To prove to me my strength.
Remind me not to cower,
To feel the delight 
Of power over fear.
Make me alive.

Let me feel what it means to be alive,
This feeling from which you never thought to hide.
This world with fear
Conquered by strength,
Leads to delight.
You know not to cower 

Even when I would cower,
Before I was alive 
I brought you delight,
So you taught me not to hide.
You gave me strength 
And overcame my fear.

Never again shall I cower or hide.
Now,alive, I learned strength. 
I relish in delight, no longer fear.

Copyright © Ali Jay Parker | Year Posted 2017