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Details | Sestina |
Longing for heart-quiet
in the inevitable fall
into Winter’s short days of sun
forwarding to Spring’s
longer days — a circling back
in the sameness of time.

Heart-and-mind-numbing time
with no respite. A longing to quiet   
those thoughts playing back
battle after battle. The awful
repetition. Mind and life wasting.
And, in the darkest season,

the conviction that the sun 
will only half-rise in this lifetime
of mine. Feeling that sting 
as from a bee’s disquiet
of green slumber. Swelling to a fault,
every damned day. Slamming me back,

season upon season. Holding me back.
Chilling me with doubt that sun-
shine can overcome rainfall
and that, invariably, given time, 
better times will come and quietly 
advance into Spring. Fast forward, past Spring 

to Summer, and onto Fall springing
back to Winter, and round again. Flashbacks
ever more glaring under the sun, then, quite
out of the blue — a glance, a nod. Overrun 
with fluttering, my heart paces in time
with fledging love’s free-fall.

And, with the passing of another Fall,
Winter heralds in the sweetest of Springs:
daffodils and Easter bonnets — a lifetime
of celebration ahead, no looking back.
Past risk and reason, I bask in the sun
that is love’s shine. Rain or shine, quiet

in the peace of it all, Fall after Fall, back
to Winter, Spring, Summer. Quiet as a Spring sun 
bursting through clouds. Love, for all time, requited.

Copyright © Ruth Sabath Rosenthal | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
Behind a counter in china shop sits a woman.
Between right thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers she holds an egg.
On the back wall are shelves with plates and fowl.
On the counter are eggs, a chicken, and a hatchling.
With all the chickens, chicks, and china her scene is surreal.
She seems enthralled by an absurd undecipherable task.

Making breakfast or baking cakes may be her task.
A pleated, tan apron and red head scarf are on this woman.
Again, her rural clothing and pale complexion make her scene surreal.
Between left thumb, middle, and ring fingers she holds an egg.
On the counter with wet feathers between egg shells lies a hatchling.
On the counter on a plate of brown eggs sits a large brown fowl.

On the shelves with plates are nests filled by various fowl.
Sorting eggs with her dainty touch may be this woman’s task.
On the counter walking through yolk is another hatchling.
A white shirt with black polka dots and ruffled shoulder sleeves is on this woman
Below her right hand in a coffee cup is a precariously balanced egg.
So many eggs and so many chickens horded into a china shop are surreal.

So many hens cackling and fuzzy chicks peeping in china shop is surreal.
On top shelf with beak opened wide sits a white fowl.
Busy with hands, this woman searches for place to put an egg.
She appears determined and perplexed trying to accomplish her task.
Blonde hair sticks out from under the head scarf of this woman.
Near two bluish, stacked tea cups are broken shells and another hatchling.

On a small plate with eggs, egg shells and yolk stands another hatchling.
With trimmed nails and clean clothes, her flustered appearance is surreal.
A braided blonde pony tail rests on the left shoulder of this frustrated woman.
On the middle shelf with a chick is a large grey speckled fowl.
Removing eggs and then chickens from the shop may be this woman’s task.
She may come back later to remove a more insecurely placed egg.

On the edge of the top tea cup is another precariously balanced egg.
Three more hens on the shelves each have a hatchling.
It could take her a long time to accomplish her task.
China plates, cups, and bowls with eggs, nests, and chickens are surreal.
The hens appear to be curious and territorial fowl.
Straight lips and narrow eyes lend a livid expression to this woman.

Many hens and eggs and a hatchling for each egg 
make for an infinitely long task for this poor woman.
It must be surreal emptying a china shop of reproducing fowl.

Copyright © Graphite Drug | Year Posted 2016