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Details | Sestina |
You will be born and adored,
you will scorn your parents,
for making rules you break,
just prior to idolizing friends,
and yourself,
without knowing God.

One day you meet God,
and you feel adored,
even when you are by yourself,
He lifts your distaste for your parents,
He gives you new friends,
There’s just one habit you cannot break.

If this one habit you could break,
you could find peace in God,
like your friends,
this habit you once adored,
this sin hidden from your parents,
it fosters a hatred for yourself.

You are stuck with yourself,
or else you’d make a clean break,
you’d confess to your parents,
you’d show your face to God,
and be once more adored.

You fall back in with old friends,
the demons bore holes inside yourself,
in the mirror a face that can’t be adored,
your habit no longer takes a break,
you have sworn off God,
you’ve been kicked out by your parents.

Like an orphan with no parents,
Like a loner with no friends,
you call up in desperation to God,
and surrender yourself,
you are full of heart break,
and you are once more adored.

Then your parents take you back in and you are adored,
your friends make amends but you’ve found a friendship no one can break,
it’s between God and yourself.

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sestina |
~In His Grace~ (sestina) I'm absolutely certain that it's only by God's grace That I could climb if I have to...that very high.. wall God give us life all thru His loving care and fresh air My God is really awesome, and He's loving and so very kind And my heart with pride with all His love just swells Because knowing and accepting His salvation makes me so happy. In God's loving care I am always happy Because I can depend always on His grace God protects us and shields us from ocean's swells And with Him we can ascend and descend any wall He's in control of everything and the very same air And my God is so loving forgiving and kind. Like God's love there's no other because God is perfect and kind And when I obey His Word and follow Him I feel very happy God renews my heart and my lungs each day with clean air He does it all for you and me because of His love and grace With God by our side we can never lose but win and climb that wall And living for God is better and my heart with all His love just swells. With God's tender love and care I can forever live and my heart swells Because I know without a doubt that His sweet love is one of its kind And with God by my side I can climb or descend any high wall Because God cares for you and me and that makes me really happy Just knowing I can enjoy forever His most wonderful grace I praise Him everyday for all the things I see,the sky, the sea... the air. I see God's love manifested all over the earth the sea... the air And all the creatures' hearts with God's shining love just swells And the stars and the moon sing praises for His Mighty Creation and grace Because of God's Love there's still Love Hopes and Dreams of every kind Thinking of His love makes my heart day and night happy Because God is my rock and to protect me He can build a wall. And with God by my side I can climb and descend any high wall He gives life to each of us everyday with tons of clean air And when I choose to obey His Ten Commandments that makes me happy Because with joy and serene peace my heart for God full of love swells Knowing that God is so real, true forgiving and kind And that I can always trust Him and enjoy forever His Blessed Grace! With God's Grace I can descend and climb any tall wall God fills my lungs with fresh air because He's so loving and kind And my heart swells with all His love which makes me always so happy. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 December,2,2015

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sestina |
A vortex of wind dancing, with drums of thunder
Waltzing, plunders the lands it turns
A partner revolves around the twister
Thunderous beats escort the funnel clouds
Darkness split by flashes of lightning,
The music and tone are set, for the cyclone
Calm eyes in the storm amidst a lethal cyclone
as in the tune of another drummer, this thunder,
Thunderstorms of awe, so this dance turns
Beholding beautiful hues, of an intemperate twister
Red with dust this wonder, from the clouds
Darker still at night,from fright of lightning,
Nightmares clash with the lightning,
so goes a chaotic song, of the cyclone
On the hills, spinning to outbursts of thunder
Winter dreams as the snow white whirl turns
Ironic sisters are the natures of a twister
Before the aftermath of the disastrous clouds,
after beauty does cease, from benevolent clouds
Masters of destruction, with cracks of lighting
Etching the land, as upheaval follows the cyclone
like locust and frogs, now plagues do thunder,
as if, showing its true colors, when the tornado turns
Once a beautiful sight to behold was this twister
but destruction and misery follow the proud twister,
Righteous job found out, from the passing clouds,
Angels of light fall like the lightning
Nations are overturned, by the deadly cyclone
but as God’s love changes the sons of thunder,
Tribulation and patience take their turns,
The world continues, with all of its turns,
The sun blisters, fire whirls like a twister
Awaiting true beauty, from the clouds
Suddenly, shining from east to west, like the lightning
A world without death and a deceptive cyclone
We dance in the clouds, shouting victory like thunder
Beauty turns as fast as lightning
dancing clouds reveal the twister
A deadly cyclone roars with thunder

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2017