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Mercy, a sonnet

Is this then all there is now, only me
And all there is now left for me to do 
Cry ‘mercy’ to the unforgiving sea
And bury all the love I had for you
Beneath the sorry roses in the shade
Of yew trees, in the graveyard, by the wall
Let tenderness and fondest feelings fade
Until the day there is no you at all
Within my mirror, only empty sky
And tumbleweed across the arid ground
No answer to the question of my cry
Just silence; oh my love, in you I found
A heat too sweet and gentle to forget
Have mercy on me, love, don’t leave me yet

© Gail Foster 2016


Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2016

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The Shanghai Sonnet

Congealed upon the banks of this
tamed dragon sprawl stacks of crude buildings.
Concrete covers all but two glassy kings,
thick smoggy gusts give them a grimy kiss.
Insipid pillars choke sunlight, endless
roads incise the very earth, wings
of apartments cram into ev’rything,
ev’rywhere stacks upon stacks of units.
Herein lies the future, our dystopia
has arrived through the hazy looking glass.
Perhaps a reminder, utopia
is not coming, or maybe the hourglass
has but some time left. Then the route is clear.
We must turn everything around. And fast.

Copyright © Ashley Casteele | Year Posted 2012

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Last Sonnet

Hither I stand, at crossroads,
And then I gaze, at the yonder end-
The vague horizon from where I began;
And all that I may ever deem
Is that- my days
Have been a waken dream.

Hither I stand, at the edge of my dream;
Then I wonder, at the depth of my trance-
An adventurous journey through the wondrous woods;
An idyllic stroll through the vicissitudinous meadow;
And from the final station as I depart,
All that I can ever say, is that
Perpetuation has been a rouge
Of fleeting phases of my life.

Suyash Saxena 
St. Stephen’s College.

Copyright © Suyash Saxena | Year Posted 2013

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A Proverbs 31:10-31 Woman (Sonnet)

I have tilled the soil Lord
brought forth manna for the world
dug trenches for young seeds
instead planted my little girl

she was just learning to sew
starting on her very first quilt
begged us for a proper education
my heart beats with guilt

how shall I understand
the message thou has sent
trying to remain strong and erect
my spiritualism has been bent

but my wife is steadfast and true
she's with the devil's parents glorifying you......

Bob Shank-Oct 10th, 2006
Dedicated to a pained Amish father

Copyright © Bob shank | Year Posted 2006

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Sonnet For My Father

He was my father, he brought me home.
I was his second son, not so alone.
Something was taken, not far, but long,
today I remember, this lifeline is gone.

Broken foundations, bridges and stones,
teetering traces of my tears on his bones.
Emptied my pockets, nothing but loans,
never again will I reap what he sows.

Hold up the truth to the light as he fades,
I am the bridge that collapsed from the waves.
excuse to apology, attempts to explain,
love for my father is all that remains.

Look up to the sun, crown for his last day,
watching it set as his soul fades away.

Copyright © James Fredholm | Year Posted 2013

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Sonnet of a Lonely Cup

Near or far wherever I choose to go
No river I come across no cool shade
In light or dark I find only grey snow
In velvet leaf enters deep a cold blade

Whether at home or outside it will come
Along with me a painful cup lonely
Despite the mob terribly noisesome
The dark and dull books still further empty 

Whether rain or spring it is always there 
The snow to lay its icy hands on mine
Dust in lynched lust in blue and black despair
In the vein of twilight a pain saline

Under the sun anywhere I seek rest
Feast of loneliness exults in its crest 

Copyright © Probir Gupta | Year Posted 2016

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Sing weeping heart of woe
Of something too precious
Never found that sonnet
Numbed this memory
Ensued much sadness
Towards twilight of loss

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2012

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My mornings smiled in the faint gleam of the moon,
while we sat together and held our soon,
the new water is cold but colder was my hand,
and the passion of your palms probed them in the sand,
you looked into my eyes and told me all about you,
the night slowly faded and the sky turned blue,
I hesitated to tell: oh! your gracious eyes true,
and I confessed the only girl I loved was you!

But those days were short,you spurned me through,
Oh! I rained to sow,prosperity and then flooded you!
Yet I am patient - patient like the drops of rain to wet,
counting-cherishing-concoting,the pattering on my breath!
The clouds if you bear me,there are volumes to share,
There will be rain again - no flood when we are together!!

Copyright © saket suman | Year Posted 2011

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Sonnet 1

 Lost to a stream void of stars,I in emptiness
 Behold myself as a relic cast beneath earth.
 The fool's tradition is to unearth,
 The warden has lost keep to love's pest
 Let the morn star stay vigil for time past.
 The fields are rosary black, they shall sing no more
 Are they struck by Hades and I cupid?
 Such as speak like men who never loved.
 Indeed devils are they who shroud love in laws
 Is love one's folly for that a man.
 From the heavens my judgment comes
 On an iron throne she looks at they in disdain
 Love is guiltless so let them free she spoke
 To depths with thy laws, not today for I'm no captive.

Copyright © Nana Yaw Ankomah | Year Posted 2013

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Sonnet 1

Love taketh my heart and soul
    it recaptured my trust
never again shall I stand sole
    for your love, is lust
I learned not to love
   Thy heart cast melancholy melodies inside
Thy love is love that is only loved by the man above
   For love isn't a vied
My heart seems to haste
   yet I suffered
Unquestionably your love can be replaced
   When love comes to push and shove, I defer
As lies come across my ears
   As much as my pulverized heart been through
I learned to put off love as it corker, belittlement, and depressed me for years
   Thy heart day by day grew

Copyright © Deneshia Bryant | Year Posted 2007

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Sonnet Of Sorrow

When first the world  as infants we enter
We must needs be shaped and  moulded for use.
Attention then does  upon us centre
Wherein we too soon learn our true selves to lose.
Wrapped warmly in constricting  prejudice
That is the time we learn to love and hate.
We march  blindly to confront and dismiss
Those outcasts whom we ridicule and slate.

When close to the  final end we approach
With clearer minds we can view our journey.
Then will our hearts be burning with reproach
At the pain wrought by our cruel army.

Pardon must be our ultimate desire
For all our flaws and faults ,ere we expire.

Copyright © denis bruce | Year Posted 2007

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A sonnet for Johnny

Your love is music to my soul,
It is more lovely than any 
melody that replays in my 
Notes fly through my heart that 
was once coal,
I was blind
Now I can clearly see since 
your rhythm set me free,
Soft wind hums through my 
As you sing to me,
Your soft voice drives away all 
my fears.
But love never lasts in one's life 
Pardon me as I lay down my 
While you walk a mile in pursuit 
of a heart breaking crime,
You played me like a card.
and I awllowed all of this pain
Never again will I play this 

Copyright © Leigh Nickolyn | Year Posted 2011

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Sonnet:To a friend

~Sonnet: To A Friend

It's sad that your love couldn't be true to you
And I know you struggled so hard and long
But life sometimes in the end can turn blue
And there are times when some things can go wrong.

But don't blame yourself for all of this mess
For you it wasn't just written in the stars
And some things are not meant to be for us
But don't lose hope for your dreams can't be far.

Today you cry for lost dreams and their cost
But I hope your tears are gone by tomorrow
You'll see that not all is completely lost
Pray you find in the night the light that glow.

Be strong and keep your chin high all the while
Smile and never stop dreaming thru your struggle.

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2008

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Sonnet: Amidst Optimisim And Pessimism

Pessimism is a perplexive fine phase 
Wherein orb-adversity reign the days
The darkest hours of the desperate gaze
Those evade to every pervading rays.

No option that he could, or can opt for
For everything seems futile to adopt
Where aspirations, stretched and left afar
As to no hope & despair, he could co-opt.

No desires can expect a ray of hope
It’s here; where ones looks grow sober & griever
Ak(in) the dark the vision strives severe 
The dim, dull, dark valley strikes sans a scope

Optimism; the breath you take or inhale
Whilst the other is the one you exhale.

Copyright © Laxman Rao | Year Posted 2016

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Whether Things Will Go Normal - Sonnet

Whether things will go normal
Or will happen the occult
But always happens universal
Dirt and dust will simply out
After day long wind and rain
From fields and farmhouse hay
Then, the night will fall when
Disappears gloomy, weary day,

Myriads stars are in milky way
Some looking at me will hark
My past, my present, anyway
And thus, I will stand in the dark

Some stars will fall on the ground
And flowers will bloom all around.

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza | Year Posted 2016

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Butterfly Sonnet

Spread your wings,
Then fly away,
You're more loved,
Day after day.
You're so beautiful,
But you're also strong,
If you're caught,
It's not for that long.
You're very brave,
Even when you're afraid,
Your passionate soul,
Will never be able to fade.
So go ahead and fly,
Leave without a goodbye.

Copyright © Zach Wilkinson | Year Posted 2012

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Sonnet #1: Why Do I Love Her?

Why do I love her? I can’t count on toes
And fingers like how Browning could not bear.
Nothing but Trouble- she seems not to care
About my Fatigue, my friends, or my foes.
Anxiety lurks- I shake when she goes.
Nervousness lingers- blankly not I stare.
She’s not here, she’s not nice; Life is not Fair!
Why do I love her from feet above nose?
Why? The answer scurries across the mind!
Pen I the insight: You’re beautiful; I
Love you is unsuitable. And those eyes!
Time, Space has seen none worthier than thy!
-Subfusc. Memories always can I find.
Cerebrum sees no snow; Heart holds all ties.

Copyright © Leighton Elliott | Year Posted 2005

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Last Supper – A Winter Sonnet

I spit the words you made me eat, and then
they land on you as there you stand aghast –
You cringe and stare at what you said; thick phlegm
bedecks your face, a white-hot, slimy blast.

They left a taste, a bitter paste of hate
and painful anger. Tongue to teeth, I fled
the room and slapped the twisted hands of fate
from off my neck as choking life-breath bled.

I tripped, you screamed and tried to grab me back –
Too late for that, and now we fall apart.
The precipice is yawning, grim, deep black
and down I plunge, my ending and my start.

The forge of stellar flame blows hot, then cold
as melting, sculpted frozen wings unfold

Copyright © Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson | Year Posted 2006

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Sonnet Pathetique


Why so sad Peter Ilyich? Such melancholy strife!
What is the tragic loss for which you grieve
An unforgot dark chapter in your life
So you must wear your heart upon your sleeve
That noble face that should exult your art
Betrays a tortured soul unversed with joy
In your music, minor key takes greater part
Do you fear that signs of happiness would cloy
Yet oft, light breaks the gloom of your dark dimension
The penumbra, pierced by ray of bliss, dispersed
And we discern the genius of your invention
Who bless the day you on this world emerged
That in our hearts it should have given gladness
For such sublime, exquisite beautiful sadness

Copyright © Geoffrey Brewer | Year Posted 2017

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Ah, Life! Sonnet VI

Ah, Life!


My Life, we both know I was born insane
to love so much the face of coming Death,
but He has sat with me when self-contained
and chantingly he counted out my breaths.

I cannot dine when hunger’s always sour
and gorge myself on someone else’s heart,
this time I’ll ride behind the darkest hour
and bid the burdens of my mind depart.

Fool Life, I'm sure you'll find a new someone
to treat you as a greater, blessed prize
than I who've never sponsored laughter’s son
and scorned the forked lights touching, night-paused eyes.

    Ah, Life, I never loved you from the start
    and yet you stalk my heavy, haunted heart!

Copyright © Jean Marble | Year Posted 2007

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Sonnet 4

How lonesome be the moon, our Lunar Queen
Depressed in gloom, darling of shallow light 
Bouts with the sun we doth not intervene
With Heaven's governess of the dire night

      Important be it may never to laugh
      Gesticulating her late-evening birth
      Her ways mores twenty-nine days and half
      Celestial swan revolving round the earth

Inside the firmament of countless stars
Exposed askew in constellations art
In vain she plays a game with moving cars
To substitute the pain consuming tart

What must it be to be what she believes
That to her one compareth dying leaves

Copyright © Johnny Sumler | Year Posted 2007

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Stewart Sonnet

Your green eyes, O! how they haunt me, 
You daughter of Persephone, you angel of night,
Whose silence bleeds mine heart, whose very sight
Entangles my limbs in a web, unfree
Without thee. Your cloudy visage I cannot see,
You Morpheus, intruder of my nights,
Of my dreams, as I climb after you to 
     unknown heights,
Heights that I slip upon and fall to the sea,
The flat sea of static, of hundreds of pixels.
But you lift me from the waveless waters
Before you vanish in white again,
Before I can taste your sweet morphine lips.
Kristen, Kristen, should I not bother?
Will we ever share blood, a kindred skin?

Copyright © Zachary Richardson | Year Posted 2006

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Ah, Life! Sonnet II

Ah, Life! 


Life’s sharpest sunrays pierced the sky each morn,
bright talons tear away my empty calm
and my dilated eyes resent the thorns
applied by cheer of golden, cayenne palms.

I wish the night would rise and still prevail
provide asylum for me in the dark
upon this bed of hopeless, dead entrails
amidst the rot of useless, meatless parts.

Let maggots make a meal of desperate pain
and mortal leeches sip while blood is warm.
My limbs are limpid and my will near drained
as your effusive feeders flock in swarms.

    Ah, Life, I never loved you from the start
    and yet you stalk my heavy, haunted heart!

Copyright © Jean Marble | Year Posted 2007

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Ah, Life! Sonnet I

Ah, Life!

The womb was dark and I was less than live
I often reveled in corrupted dreams
that I would breech the world but not survive
and save my guiltless breath from useless screams.

A mortar binds my lashes blacking days
so I might contemplate my wraith and sin.
So many seek a birth and righteous ways
but I would find more joy if you were dim.

My Life, what cause have you to plague me more,
When all I’ve ever wanted equals none?
What purpose is there trying to restore
a spark that never sought to be begun?

    Ah, Life, I never loved you from the start
    and yet you stalk my heavy, haunted heart!

Copyright © Jean Marble | Year Posted 2007

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Ah, Life! Sonnet III


I need release my heart has gown too thin,
I've fought so long I can't bear try again.
Depression drew me to Death even when
a child still dwelled beneath infernal skin.

Oh, wrest the earth back from my hollow bones
and press my spirit back into the dust,
please let my tides of pulsing blood alone,
become a stagnant pool in fleshy husk.

My ears are burned by merry, hopeful breaths,
my gut clenched within fists of Future’s grief.
I know you know I fancy joining Death
for he would strike my knowledge, give relief.

    Ah, Life, I never loved you from the start
    and yet you stalk my heavy, haunted heart.

Copyright © Jean Marble | Year Posted 2007

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Ah, Life! Sonnet VII

Ah, Life!


My Life! I didn’t choose to find your flaws
but you persisted and pursued my mind,
enlisting Men to write me decent laws,
demanding I leave questions far behind.

Weep not a tear when I have passed you by
for I’d not spare for you the same in turn.
Remember nothing more than how much I
resented lessons you decreed I learn!

It’s not a matter of dislike, but hate,
that I would die to claim my precious Wraith
Before I’d choose to live another day
in skewed illusions of your packaged Faiths.

    Ah, Life, I never loved you from the start
    and yet you stalk my heavy, haunted heart!

Copyright © Jean Marble | Year Posted 2007

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Ah, Life! Sonnet V

Ah, Life!


Cruel Life, I still await the constant love
of Him, an epic, Alabaster Wraith
to rise heroic on the still walls of
another midnight void of futile faith.

We've met before on dark and deadly nights
when every hopeful sap was sleeping still,
and when I wept for strength to try to fight
he sat ‘till Dawn intruded from the sill.

So many times I've come to die and gone
perhaps to him I seem a passing waif.
This time I swear I shall not see the dawn,
I will not leave my Alabaster Wraith.

    Ah, Life, I never loved you from the start
    and yet you stalk my heavy, haunted heart!

Copyright © Jean Marble | Year Posted 2007

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Ah, Life! Sonnet IV

Ah, Life!


Sun vultures circle fresher, greener prey
from shadows edged with Death’s esthetic claws
and yet, the break of dawn decrees I stay
and leaves me pinched in your cold, rigid jaws.

Too many hours it takes for me to waste
the golden coin that blisters my raw soul,
when all I crave is just one final taste
of nectar filling Midnight's lidded bowl.

Each night I know my truest dream is near,
for I can feel Him soothe my sunburned eyes
His lethal crowl and horse on Death's frontier
allows me to envision my demise.

    Ah, Life, I never loved you from the start
    and yet you stalk my heavy, haunted heart.

Copyright © Jean Marble | Year Posted 2007

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Sonnet 25

Should I tears be until my body`s death?
My sadness, what cruel axiom does it prove?
I do hate you quite much, Elizabeth!
I mean those things believed the mind they move.
Oh, heaven cruel, to whom? I think the eyes!
When hunger is cured, no food does wake the mouth.
So, paradise on earth, beyond the skies
In laws of minds its beauty`s a big drought.
Charm everywhere, the sight will sadness be.
The clamor in life only if at times.
So, here to you, what`s human mirth? A tree?
I swallow tears; my mind in labor rhymes.
  I had a dream the world nothing but beauty.
  My eyes got bored; my heart felt sad and achy.

Copyright © Luis Estable | Year Posted 2017

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Just A Sonnet VIII

The heart grows in a room -
A room of pain and gloom
Tears rain on the face, the taste of them is bitter
Walking in the deep valleys of death, where nothing seems to glitter.
Talking and talking about the diamonds
They shine, but no man shine them on violence 
Drink poison vomit gold,
Open ears remain told
Looks are deceiving mankind
Looks are leaving mankind blind
Saddens the heart, nature we found here
Today we cut it off, for it we don't care
Oh mother nature mankind have lost their way
Oh mother nature mankind learns the hardway

Copyright © Khazamula Mhlongo | Year Posted 2017