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A sad remembrance

I kiss her red honeyed lips
She allows the milk 
of my iniquity 
to wash over her
The pain of her sadness
washes away my cruelty
I leave my rifle at her feet

November 11, 2016

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2016

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Sad Sightings

today i saw what i feel what was real was not real neither was the idea. Brains shot down in the street like dogs because the veil is still worn on the face. No man know the time when it will all be real. You ever heard of people praying for worse days. As i sit in my maze wondering where the last step took the next, i begin to see that there is epoh some call it hope i see it as something else. i see it just like you saw that ferrari in your drive ways a few minutes ago. time flies so what does the past do? the future must not be too far from the present.  As the leaves fall from the tree, i sit and wonder if it will ever grow back.  now that i feel that im being watched, its time to return the stolen goods. people say take things to the grave, other leave it above. when i die all i need to do is just hold on because i know shortly i will be home. As you read the spaces between my words remember to fill up before you run out of gas in the worst place you dont wanna be with the night.....

Copyright © greg bell | Year Posted 2013

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Like a play upon the mind
Wandering thoughts of another time
Open sleepy dreaming eyes 
Now wide open with no surprise
Watch the curtain coming down
Smiles on faces that once frowned
What could be better you begin to think
When all along you're going to sink
Falling. Falling. All alone
Beg for the Gods to throw you a bone
Hiding just over there I see
The one who was made just for me
There it is just beyond the grasp
Of fingertips bloodied by broken glass
Tortured the victim has become
From happenings burnt upon the young
For those who choose to run and hide
And let it become a matter of pride
After the hunger there is no more
Watching and waiting for the close of the door
Oh to understand the blackened sky
Staring down that inward eye
Left wide open was the gate
But much too long was the wait
While watching it all turn to clay
Never to see the light of day
Forget to cry the tears of pain
Baptized by the chilling rain

Copyright © Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson | Year Posted 2010