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Green bark a prism creates,
Feel the pull of earth, you must.

Rotates, a slime of endless hates,
Can hold me not, this world’s crust.

Friendship’s ties, isolation Deflates,
Succumbs, my spaceship, to bitter rust.

Mist, my soul forever permeates,
Lift-off, booms the rocket’s thrust.

My spirit when light returns, elates,
Swamps swell, swallowed hope’s swirling dust.

Trapped, I am, until student from fate
Arrives to learn; Cloud City or bust.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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When A Teacher Retires....

Beloved students they suffer a loss and feel deep regret..
For the loss of accumulated knowledge they can no longer get...
It pains me to pen these heartfelt lines when a fellow comrade...
Reaches the end of a long served career of teaching children...

Poignant memories of worthwhile moments are etched timelessly...
Making many a student and colleague shed a passing tear...
For in celebrating a distinguished career that come to end...
It too signifies the breaking of a new dawn for the celebrated one...

With much farewell wishes for golden years to come...
Suffice to include here some simple prose from students so dear...
Bidding goodbye is always tough, Words never prove enough...
Saying goodbye is never simple,  To a teacher who's so special...

To a learned friend, dedicated teacher and fellow colleague...
A new world opens like the proverbial oyster to you...
All the best for your future undertakings and may you well prosper..
Like in the Star Trek series, henceforth  go where you have not gone before...

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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Niithaar Perumai, the Fundamental Role of Ascetics, Canto 26 of the Thirukkural, the Tamil Classical Treatise on Ethics, Translation and Commentary by T. Wignesan 

[Given the scarcity of information (mostly conflicting even then) on the origins and times of the author of this classical Tamil literary masterpiece, I have selected the above decadal canto for treatent in order to ease some of the contention over the author’s weltanschaaung. The decade here also best illustrates some of his literary strengths and weaknesses, for not all his distiques stand up well to impartial scrutiny. His choice of elaborating on a topic through composing ten couplets a piece may perhaps have had other more elusive aims (on which I too have my own verifiable notions), but this canto should serve to illustrate both his ingenuity as well as his forte at spinning out an idea –at moments – simply, it would seem, for the sake of it. The question is why only ten maxims per topic? Why not twelve? Or even twenty?

Is the Judeo-Christian "ten commandments" a possible influence in the form and/or content? Christian Tamils would be the first to rally to this hypothesis, even if Europeans like Pope and Zvelebil would less grudgingly decline such an honour. In some cantos/chapters, one gets the feeling he is merely exercising his talents by approaching a topic from various angles without, in reality, having added fundamentally to the perceptions some few couplets had already convincingly contributed to the élaboration of the case. Only the overall picture is being served here, that is, the author like most of his counterparts in the South Asian continent has had the main religio-philosophic PURUSHA aims of ultimate spiritual development in life in view: aram (virtue), artha (wealth), kama(m) (pre-marital love, sexual and wedded co-habitation) and vidu or moksha (release from re-birth through renunciation), according to the purusha concept of the mainly Hindu aims and phases of development in life. Yet, even if a specifically entitled fourth book devoted to « moksha » is absent from the Thirukkural, there are many couplets which treat of the subject such as this section under discussion.

The poet, himself, has come to be described as an « eclectic » thinker, a label first mooted by G.U.Pope in the nineteenth century and echoed by others like Kamil Zvelebil and a host of others in the twentieth. The Jains claim him as their own, not without reason, but, on the same score, perhaps the Christians ought to delve deep into the Dead Sea Scrolls to see how the Buddha’s teachings seeped into their own.]

Canto 3 : « niithaar perumai » and a few translations to highlight the manner in which the poet Thiruvalluvar ensconced meaning in order to serve both literary and didactic

K21: olukkatthu niithaar perumai viluppatthu
         veendum panuvar runivu 

The settled rule of every code requires, as highest good,
Their greatness who, renouncing all, true to their rule have stood. (Tr. G.U.Pope)

The end and aim of all treatise is to extol beyond all other excellence, the greatness of those who, while abiding in the rule of conduct peculiar to their state, have abandoned all desire. (Tr. W.H.Drew and J.Lazarus)

The true worth of moral works ought to be judged by whether their teaching directs one to renounce all forms of possession through inner detachment. (Tr. T. Wignesan)

K22: thuratthaar perumai thunaikkoorin vaiyatthu
          thiranthaarai yennikkon darru

As counting those that from the earth have passed away,
‘Tis vain attempt the might of holy men to say. (Tr. G.U.Pope)

To describe the measure of the greatness of those who have forsaken the two-fold desire, is like counting the dead. (Tr. W.H.Drew and J.Lazarus)

If one were to measure the greatness of those who have renounced the world, it would be tantamount to totalling up the number of deaths on earth. (Tr. T. Wignesan)

K23: irumai vakaitherinthu iinduaram poondaar
         perumai pirangkirru ulaku

Their greatness earth transcends, who, way of both worlds weighed,
In this world take their stand, in virtue's robe arrayed. (Tr. G.U.Pope)

The greatness of those who have discovered the properties of both states of being, and clothed themselves in virtue, shines forth in this world (beyond all others. (Tr. W.H.Drew & J.Lazarus)

The highest attainment resides (in pondering and) rejecting both birth and re-birth [samsara], the ultimate achievement open to man on earth. (Tr. T. Wignesan)

                                                                     (to be continued)
©  T. Wignesan - Paris, 2017

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2017

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In one sense,
the Cafe CoOp
started as my therapeutic retirement dream.

in quite another
the CoOp goes back to when I was eight,
and I thought,
assumed really,
everyone indulged in Thought Experiments
about what would my optimal Eden Paradise.
restoring peace and justice across Earth
look like,
feel like,
smell like,
sound like?

And how are these
a response to what I do not currently prefer
to live with,
and without.

Perhaps in both ways,
I began seeing how cooperative aspirations
might become cooperatively owned and, coincidentally,
managed for mutual health care optimization
of all us CoOp EarthCafe residents,
supported by restoring therapeutic peace
and ego-ecojustice teachers
and polycultural outcome mentors 
and multicultural scripture scholars 
and WinWin systems analysts,
organic gardeners
and waterers of flowers and not monoculturing weeds,
and holistic cooks and preservers 
conservers and medicinal herb gatherers,
indoors and outside,

And, yes, of course 
Permaculture Designers 
and CoOperative Implementation CoInvestors
and ReStorative Justice businesses of and for healing,
projecting community health optimization incomes
for 2020 ReStorative Justice
as this healthy extending family 
polyculturing peace-filling outcomes.

All monocultural supremacy came quite near a boil
during 2016's Retributive Nationalistic Patriarchal Lose-Lose Selection
against Constitutional protections of multicultural Welfare pursuits
and against purity of, and loyalty to, democratic global Unity
for PolyCultural Outcomes of Freedom,
CoOperative WinWin Liberties for all species
and subclimates.

My ego's Yang longing for unity
belonged within Yin-Holonic Restorative Justice aspirations,
EgoLeft with EcoRight
cosmic cosmological consciousness
of CoOp Cafe karma
growing through self-other co-empathic 
creolization awareness.

In ZeroSum equivalent FourDimensional RealTime
bilateral Left-Right ecological history
of enculturation,
regenerative trans-poly-perpetuating sacred substantiation
we all live creolizing best
through Golden NonDual Appositional Rules
to empathize with each Other
within LeftYang and RightYin
as outside too Patriarchal RightWing
with Matriarchal NonZero-Sum WinWin LeftWing suppression
of all CoOp Cafe EarthTribe members,
Permaculture Designers,
ReStorative Therapeutic Justice Advocates.

Why would anyone in their right balanced mind
not want to restore healthy justice
especially while Trumpians and supremacist homophobic allies
rule our most nuclear-risk of climate permanent unrest?

The CoOp Cafe
and our after-school
ReStorative Justice and Peace YouthLeadership Project
in these ways and means
with middle school and high school
and community college students 
and performance and journalism teachers,

Then adding ReStorative Justice Parent Alliances,
and an early-afternoon crowd coming down the street
after their baked chicken lunches
at St. Vincent de Paul,
asking these same questions of hopeful life
v despairingly dissonant death,
engaging in similarly themed Thought Experiments.

How do we know 2016,
or even worse,
will never happen again?

In the U.S.,
most climate urgently,
but also across Earth
in our Cafe CoOps,
wherever we can find and build them together,
on-line, indoors, and outdoors
sharing EarthBound 4D SpaceTime
fractal and seasonal DNA ReGenerative Health Values
informed with RNA bilateral nutrition Root Systems
providing true and faithful and just EcoBlossoms,
YangReasoned--IntuitiveYin Seasoned 

I just assumed,
when I was eight,
that these are the ways
others would co-define Paradise
as both Interdependent Earth
and nondually dipolar EmptySet EgoIdentity interiors
because how could we possibly be anything at all
without OriginalMother Sacred Intent
becoming anything more or less
than PolyPathic Yang = Not(Not PolyPhonic MatrioticYin)
because +1 Yang must always double-bind notnot (0),
just as uracil's form
cytosine's notnot-folding-unfolding flow functions
of bilateral heuristic waves.

If notnot (0) First OriginalCause,
then no possible way
to doubleBind 4D SpaceFractals
through BiLateral Strings
of ReStorative-ReGenerative Justice

Not not what and when and why Lose to Lose
when each is free to choose
Win economics to Win ecologics
notnot (0)Sum bilateral ego-eco-consciousness,
when speaking trust within multiple multicultures
and transacting cooperative therapeutic business
nutritional sciences
and performance arts
and writing,
and singing fair and true and just and beautiful lyrics
and dancing lyrically,
standing with vulnerable comedy and tragedy stories,
sweeping in chi gong co-op circle sessions,
breathing through yoga stretching circles and squares,
triangles, maybe,
that would be good;
could feel healthy
for cooling internal climates.

Our Cafe CoOp
started as a collective dream
about where we might feel and be safest
in restoring vulnerability of co-ownership
with each other,
co-responsible interdependence
between consumers and producers,
between suffering traumatic past investments
and offering care-giving and -receiving therapies
for parenting and healthy childing,
for teaching and wealthy studenting,
for mentoring and menteeing grace
as healthy gratitude,
positive karma attitude
for mutually cooperative multicultural restorations.

So, less mutually competitive mistrust,
bad faith,
negative fear-mongering lifelessness,
depression and repression
and suppression
of all Matriotic ReStorative Wisdom Circles
and ego-eco balancing nature-spirit practices
of bilaterally empathic praxis
for basic enthymematic 
co-empathic development
of maturing GoodFaith CoOp Cafe Management.

In one multiculturing sense,
our EarthTribe Cafe CoOp
started as everyone's therapeutic retirement dream
coming together
for mutually restoring economic health 
and community safety purposes.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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(for M.T.) 

Some days you wake up
You look in the mirror
You’re afraid of the fire
Afraid of the furor
Your heart skips gaily 
Over each error
Like the bumps that curb your speed

You’re waiting for Friday
Waiting for June
That plan ‘round the corner
That golden moon
Cracks in the leather and grease on your spoon –
You’re the last of a dying breed

I used to know what
To say to my friends
Dusting off jokes
Or making amends
What do we care
which language offends?
The garden should welcome its weeds

But they’re retiring jerseys 
And burning books
TV won’t age you
If you hold on to your looks
You’re a man called Horse
Swinging from their hooks
Yes, the last of a dying breed

Isn’t it strange?
We were here just a short while ago
The petals of sweet innocence
Immune to the wind

Isn’t it strange?
You forget everything that you know
And the altar of experience 
Demands a list of your sins

Time’s a tilted table
Time’s a thrown fight
Time would have you go gentle
Off into the night
But time don’t bear in mind
Your deep appetite
And the force on which you feed

In the Army of Stagnancy,
It’s “don’t ask, don’t tell”
Just think of those ladies
at the poisoned well
And greet the humid weather
And bid fond farewell
To the last of a dying breed.

Copyright © Keith Dovoric | Year Posted 2017