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Religious Star Poems | Religious Poems About Star

These Religious Star poems are examples of Religious poems about Star. These are the best examples of Religious Star poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Our Mistake

Some years ago a child was born
Early on a Christmas morn
And in the sky a star did appear
Drawing people from far and near

Bethlehem the holy city the angels said
Some people were so afraid and filled with dread
But still they came to see him and by the star were led
To where the little baby Jesus lay his head

They brought him gifts in worship and crowned the new born king
They thought he was well worth it though not so Herod the king
He wanted Jesus dead for good and so he did decree
Kill all the little babies that should get rid of he

But luckily they missed him, the family had moved on
And when they went a searching, the baby he had gone
He lived to tell his story of his father’s kingdom to come
For this Jesus was crucified and on a cross was hung

He said forgive them father, they know not what they do
And then forgave us for our sins, can this man be true?
His family took him from the cross and laid his body down
Then wrapped his nail holed hands and feet, the laid him in the ground

So when I think of Christmas and of the infant birth
I often think of what we did through all the joy and mirth
So please enjoy your Christmas but try to spare a thought
And think of how we crucified the man who love had brought

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2012

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Star Light

Star Light

Imagine the light
from the stars that we see
were merely a glimpse
of what heaven will be.
The tiniest windows 
of light we are shown,
drawing our eyes 
to the place we call home.

Picture a vision
of perfect white light,
no sun for the day
or moon of the night.
Just cascades of light
of none you have known,
in heavenly form
only souls can be shown.

The glory of God
so great and immense,
the stars are like pin holes
for light so intense.
They glisten and sparkle,
like beacons we're drawn
piercing the skies
through the nights darkest dawn.

With only the faith
of a mustard size seed
We've claim to His Son's saving grace.
But blackness of night 
shrouds the light of the day
and faith's left with fear in its place.

Over glorious triumph
of darkest despair
His mighty hand scattered night skies
with glimpses of heaven
that we call the stars,
our windows of mustard seed size.

Copyright © Jeannie Minor | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |

Mind and Sound

Only light can penetrate the 
that resides in the default state 
of mind
I descend from beta to delta 
binaural beats; instantly caught 
between frequencies beyond 

I absorb amplitudes of acoustic 
and I learn to just be earth 
Since I am the earth 
and because I am of
the one that is the source of its 
I've owned the power of 

I realize now that I AM because
HE is since I am from that, a 
Created in the image of a 
and a feeling from the 
Universal Mind
I tune in to this vibration from 
pulse that manipulates 
subconscious minds

Immersed  between 4 and 7 
brainwaves halt to a conscious 
All  chakras are aligned shining 
crown energy 
and now my consciousness 
begins to reap! 
and light begins to penetrate 
the harmonious beams
that were already there
constant and always there 

is now flooded with sound 
that force brainwaves to submit 
to power
of omnipresent sound that 
always was 
and always will be connected to 
the Source from which I came
so I extend exponentially 
physical time and space

I long to embrace the intensity 
of gamma rays
I give way to the coded sounds 
that resonate from the inner 
and continue to connect 
through the binaural beats that 
remind me of before

Always familiar but ignored
until found by gaining 
knowledge of self
I listen with the intent to excel 
while reaping an abundance of 
benefits and rewards
It's already yours

Just reach out and grab it 
as long as intention and ego is 
the universe will correspond 
it will deliver a life to you divine 
and orderly
Just listen to the sounds that 
were there from before
They will guide to to the 
vibration from the core
and it will guide you to connect 
directly with the source 

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2012

Details | Couplet |

Perfect Star

Star of Heaven, come to earth;
lead us once again to our Savior's birth.

Speak the language from God's own lips;
grant us nectar in honeyed sips.

Invade our hearts with revealing light;
accept our praises this holy night.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

An Astronaut

I think I was an astronaut
Aimed for the stars.
They fill me up;
They refuel my tank.
They enable me to believe,
Telling me to never give up
As they follow me all of my days.
If only we could see the beauty
That they truly are.
They shout out dreams
That we can reach so far.
Climb into the rocket
And liftoff!
On a journey to discover ourselves,
We are taught so much more,
Learning our goals are only a plan away.
Even thought we must return,
I know that I will be back.
I am an astronaut,
And we always reach for the stars.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

The Seat of the Magi

With the right of messianism,
And the depth of free will, 
They journeyed to Bethlehem, 
To hear the parents spill. 

Zoroastrians true and ready, 
Ripe for the monologue bold, 
They offered gold and incense,
And on Mary’s story they were sold. 

Called wise men, magicians, 
They could interpret the land, 
Jailing’s, fishing booms and births, 
And so told people about their hand. 

They knew the power of the stars,  
The connection, their meaning, 
So followed one to that lively abode, 
Where Jesus lay with apparent feeling. 

God did not appear to them,
By a star in vocality, 
But they just gave cerebral relevance, 
To that asteroid motioning entity. 

The gifts they offered and gave, 
Did not signify the incarnation, 
But were considered gestures, 
Of the magi’s visitation. 

Their religion let them speak about, 
The predicted life of the babe; 
Prediction was their position and seat, 
As at semiology they were abe. 

Christianity did not come from Judaism, 
Zoroastrianism was its predecessor, 
As its followers searched for a messiah, 
Every day, with such earnest vigour. 

Christianity centres around a messiah, 
A cultural saviour from social retardation, 
Which Jesus was back them, 
In a world of poor folks’ isolation. 

Jesus was a Jew, a temple boy, 
But proclaimed his own religion, 
To follow him and not just the Torah, 
Which was in no way old and gone. 

The impact of these Zoroastrians,
On Israeli life and society, 
Can only be understood,
As Christianity’s modernity.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Pastoral |

The Second Star of God

The Second Star of God
a.k.a. The Unpublished Alleluia Symphony

I have seen a star rise over this land
I have seen my Lord sat on His Throne
I have seen the beauty of this Earth, it's splendour
I know my God's powers are His alone.
....yes I know ....
Yes I know of all the pain ...people suffering
I have heard of the wars, and the rumours of war
But I know that my God - His people He's watching
And I know that we'll pass through Heaven's Doors.

I shall learn the teachings of my Lord forever
Bind them round my neck, wear them with pride
I shall teach the children of His Love, His Passion
And show them that in Christ they can confide.
.....I'll fear not .....
I shall fear no wickedness that tries to snare me
I'll fear no evil beast, or Spirit unkind
I shall fear not even death and all it's sorrows
I'll fear just my God, and not Mankind.

(orchestral piece)

	(Choir ensemble refrain)
	Did you know that Jesus came to save us?
	Do you pray for peace with each remark?
	Do you feel the presence of the Lord around you?
	Can you not see the brightness through the dark?
	Are you scared of dangers in the deep night?
	Why be afraid when Christ is your light?
	Don't you know He'll scatter your foes with His might.
	Do you not see them turn and soon take flight?

Have you knelt in prayer in times of trouble?
Have you felt the 'Love' rain down to Earth?
Have you dealt with sorrow through Songs of Praises?
To hear the Angel Chorus lift your heart.
....let us sing ....
We shall sing our praises to our Saviour
We'll sing to the Father and The Holy Ghost.
We shall sing of all the Works, the Wonders
We'll sing to the Angels and Heavenly Host.

....sing Alleluia
Alleluia to The Lord our Saviour
Alleluia to The Almighty
Alleluia from on Earth - to Heaven
Alleluia for Eternity (repeat from 'sing Alleluia)

From an Orchestral Piece first produced in 2008 by FnS @ BABEnts.
Reproduced by: Robert Amure

Copyright © Robert Amure | Year Posted 2016

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A Shooting Star

Love who you are;
You are a shooting star.
Shining high above the sky,
Your heart reaches out so far!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose |

Peace Is An Evening Star

Peace Is An Evening Star

Peace is an evening star,
In Bethlehem so bright.
Guiding the wise,
Both day and the night.

Noah sent a dove,
Searching for God's land.
"Peace to all" he said,
The Lord is in command.

"Seek peace and pursue it",
David sang with love.
The world was in turmoil,
This message from above.

Peace is like a prayer,
Only good can return.
Seek the Son of God,
This lesson you must learn.

The people had no hope,
Cruel leaders in control.
There was no place to turn,
Only peace could make them whole.

Shepherds in the field,
Angels sang so clear.
Peace be unto you,
The Son of God is near.

Tonight you rest with hope,
Contentment in your heart.
The promise is fulfilled,
He brings a brand new start.

Many people search for God,
Jesus came to you.
Praise Him dear friend,
This is our prayer for you.


Copyright © Raymond Morgan | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

A Star and a Cross

A bright and shining star 
Heralded the birth of our Lord,
And wise men followed its path
To come and bow before His bed.

A Saviour was born that night,
In a lowly, humble place.
He left all of Heaven’s glory-
Came to Earth to save our race.

A star led the wise men,
Laden with gifts of great cost.
Little did they know His Destiny
Would lead Him to a cruel cross.

A Star and a cross-
Both were symbols of God’s Love,
When Jesus came down to Earth to die,
And left His glory up above.

Copyright © Betty Butler | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |

Star Light

is the great Star
that leads the wise.

a kiss on the lips
for those who prize
her favours.

But love
sees beyond the truth
to sprinkle 
the star light
on dull earths.

Copyright © Jennifer Phillips | Year Posted 2014