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Bombers Moon

Them and us under a Bombers Moon
By Steven Cooke

Making love to my demons
Under the flag of my country
Caught in between the never believer
And a pardon of angels,
Who bargain their souls for my redemption,
Empowered by a nation,
Glorified by heroes departed
My life sanctified by religious compromise
For tonight I fly, under the bombers moon

Nearer to God than most
I see the world differently,
This Earth orbits in a sea of cold
My plane hidden in its recess,
A place where silent screams dwell
And rainbows are sent to die.

Away from the gaze of my enemy,
A phrase worthy of the Devil
Away from the patriots sting,
These too, sanctified by a religious hand.
The History books dilemma
My run begins
My mind listens to a confess of whispers,
The engines my Priest,
The bomb doors open,
Horsemen of The apocalypse,
Released from their tethers
I am the Arbiter of Death
As in Nature, Chance will decide
The faceless will fall
And god willing I will return home.

In the scheme of things
A Cities worth is one minute, 23 seconds
The camera to record in slow mo for Posterity,
And to delight the victorious.
The Impact sweeps away the sweat of past generations
Creates queues of ghosts, waiting,
 To lay in row after row, of white marble.
Their silent screams absorbed into Heavens Gate,
A cold Hallelujah for God to judge.
Just another day on planet earth

But don’t worry,
Time, like, the brook of sighs, will wash away these sins
But not the seeds,
For we are the gardeners of sin,
Their germination, lovingly corrupted
In our differences, them and us
The Pillars of capitalism our advantage.
The fear of the Devil theirs

Our final epitaph in the circle of life,
We are conditioned to repeat the mistakes of the past,
As is the Wilder beast to cross the River of Death,
Or theologians using religion as a weapon of war
The devil and the Crocodile dines well, on such a menu 
We truly are, a blessed Race.

Copyright © steven cooke | Year Posted 2011

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Smile like the moon

Smile like the moon God created all things, for a reason He created the hours, the days to seasons Then he created sun to take our breathes away God loves you! Now, I only have but one more thing to say Live like the moon as she radiates whenever she sees the sun Because by nature the moon does not have a light of her own Whereas in her darkest of hour-she does not want to be alone In full majesty she lights up like wild-flowers in the meadows That even the stars cannot help but to glint in the afterglow While she’s only halfway lit-she doesn’t frown-she smiles Because she knows-the love she has stretches to a mile So she talks and she dreams with hearts… in need She offer whatever light she has left… to heed Her journey began to only end in a circle To her it’s more like a miracle Now I imagine how the moon is dipped into the sea, just as I was baptized, to have Jesus in me Imagine life with all of its many possibilities and then let us imagine living in that, for all eternity Wilbert Dela Cruz 6-11-16

Copyright © Wilbert Dela Cruz | Year Posted 2016

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The Moon

Slowly, silently now the moon
Shines in her silvery shoon

Ever since the creation of the world
The colour of the moon is always gold

An essential planet at the service of humanity
It continues to rotate for more than a century

Frequently the moon changes shape
From the crescent to the semi - lunar frame

Gradually it matures into full moon
Going around the earth  singing her tune

Whether young or old everyone loves the moon
For it is considered as a sign of boon

Together with the stars embellishing the sky
Through its illumination the bat will fly

With the help of divine light
It brings forth the traveler's delight

A common belief is that it influences the lunatic
Of which many are still sceptic

It's birth is based on a monthly apparition
Deciding the exact dates of festivals and celebrations

With its waxing and waning movement
High and low tides are under its command

Viewing the moon at night
Is indeed a splendid sight

Copyright © Azad Boodhun | Year Posted 2015

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How Mighty is the Lord Our God

The heavens declare His wonderful works…
The moon and stars testify of His omnipotent power.
The sun, that lights our days, in its race across the sky
Declares His glory every day and every hour.

The mountains and hills give honor to God
Majestically and silently, they speak of His great Love.
The trees, that clap their hands, as they’re swaying in the breeze,
Give praises to… Our God, in Heaven above.

The whole Earth speaks of the Lord…Our God…
What wondrous Love he had for man, when he created this place!
He formed man from the dust, and placed him in a garden.
A perfect world- created for our race.

How mighty is the Lord Our God, 
His wonderful works cannot be hid.
On the waves of the sea,
He is revealed to you and me.
How mighty is the Lord, Our God!

Copyright © Betty Butler | Year Posted 2017