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Religious Holiday Poems | Religious Poems About Holiday

These Religious Holiday poems are examples of Religious poems about Holiday. These are the best examples of Religious Holiday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The True Meaning of Easter

The True Meaning of Easter! The true meaning of the Easter story, Is God’s Son came down to Earth from glory. Jesus really does love you and me. He was born to die that you might be free. For 33 years, he lived among sinful men. Then one day was to be an atonement for our sin. He who was born of the virgin Mary’s womb. Was to one day rise again from an empty tomb. So many people today have gotten into a bad habit, of replacing Jesus with the bunny rabbit. So please reach out to others and let them know, Of the lover and redeemer of their soul. The true meaning of Easter must forever be said. Of God’s son who died, but arose from the dead! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

Details | Narrative |

The Christmas Kiss

I was sitting in the crowded train station with time to waste, waiting on the train to take me home on Christmas Eve.  A very pretty, young lady, carrying a full backpack headed for one of the only open seats across the aisle from me next to a rather dirty and disheveled older man.

As she removed her backpack to sit down he glared up at her; she smiled a beautiful bright smile and said to him, “Merry Christmas”.

“I don’t celebrate Christmas”, he barked up at her.

“Yeah?  Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy on the day that I celebrate Christmas.  And I hope the day is merry for you as well.”

“What is there to be merry about”, he moaned, “A bunch of hypocritical religious zealots pretending to be nice to one another while the world goes to hell in a hand basket.”

“Well, at least for that one day, most of us believe the hypocrisy, and even for just a few hours, we practice the morals that our religion tries to instill in us.  At least on that one day, for us religious zealots, there is a glimmer of hope that we can save the world from going to hell and, I, for one, believe that is reason to be merry.”

“Terrific!  And, what does that get me,” he whimpered.
“Well, what you get is this one time of year, when a twenty-two year old college girl is not afraid to sit next to you; smile at you; and, wish you a Merry Christmas.  And, if you just say, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ back to her, she just may give you the biggest and best kiss you have ever experienced.”

She stood back up and started to put her backpack back on as he simply stared up at her.  Once she was situated and ready to move on towards her train, she stopped; smiled at him again; and, said, “Merry Christmas.”

It seems I was not the only stranger that was witnessing this exchange.  All of those around me were perched on the edge of their seats waiting to see what might happen.  The old man cracked a little smile.  A glimmer came to his eyes, and he said, “Thank you.  And, Merry Christmas to you, too.”

The girl leaned down and planted a kiss right on his lips for what seemed like ten minutes.  Smiles lit up the faces of all the men, women and children watching this take place.  When the girl finally pulled back, the old man was frozen in place with a big ole smile on his face.  She adjusted her backpack and started heading towards the tracks.  All the men she passed on her way who witnessed this exchange anxiously yelled, “Merry Christmas” as she passed, hoping for a kiss as well.

I looked back at the old man who was still in a dream.  Suddenly he caught me looking at him and barked, “What are you staring at?”

I just shook my head back and forth and said, “Merry Christmas”.

“Yeah!  Well Merry Christmas to you, too” he shouted.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2012

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Thanksgiving Special – Thankful
I wrote this poem this morning while I was selling newspapers like a hooker on the corner of Desperate and Pathetic.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!
Cherish the ones you love.
And if you don't have anyone to love, love yourself! 
If you lost a love, remember the good times you had and move on!
Life's too short to dwell on the past.
Be thankful for what you have     

Written by: K.D. Sanders - November 20th, 2012

Follow me on Twitter @MemoirBook

Thanks for reading!! God bless You!!

Copyright © K.D. Sanders | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |


I keep saying Merry Christmas,
Xmas just don't mean it.
Christmas without Santa Claus
is alright by me.
Part of your Christmas lights
are Jesus, and you and me.
He's in every Merry Christmas
You'll ever hear from me.

I keep saying Merry Christmas,
Xmas has no feeling.
I keep thinking Santa Claus
Should come another night.
Part of your Christmas lights
are Jesus, and you and me.
He's in every Merry Christmas
You'll ever hear from me.

I'll keem wishing Merry Christmas.
I'll keep hoping Merry Christmas.
I'll keep saying Merry Christmas.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

It is a song, but the lyric is still being worked on and I'll
have it done pretty quick and get it recorded for Christmas 2014. But I will
have my first Demo of it in just a day or two, on my own website, vbdosa dot com
and a video on YOUTUBE.
The best time to Plug a Christmas song is about late March or early April..

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2013

Details | Limerick |

Starbucks Song

There once was a company that brewed coffee
With lovely flavors like raspberry and toffee
     One year they made clear
     To remove all reindeer
Christians cry "Where's Holly Hobby?!?"

Copyright © Renee Kelly | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Christ Child

In eternity past, the Father asks the Son to go down.
Having equal Love for humans the "Yes" comes fast.
When Creation leads to time, the world waits for 4 BC
Marking the start of the end of Satan's long rule at last.

Did Satan laugh at the poor setting for Jesus' birth here?
A cry in a cave for animals pierces the night, changing all.
Shepherds worship; later wise kings give precious gifts.
Mary and Joseph marvel, yet Herod's rage soon gives a call.

A call to leave quickly to Egypt where they'll live as refugees.
Sparing the Christ child a merciless death of those under three.
When Herod finally dies, Jesus' parents head back to Israel.
Still not fully safe from mad rule, Nazareth is their destiny.

Here the child will grow to be a man, following His parents rule.
Surprising the Pharisees with His wisdom at 12, at 30 riling them.
Preaching with authority, healing the incurable, loving the humble.
Women weep repenting at his feet; one's healed by touching his hem.

Zacchaeus risks going into a tree and finds Jesus' salvation so free.
Nicodemus comes at night to ask and ends amazed he's met God's Son
The Woman at the Well gets far more vital water than the usual kind.
And many healed can't but tell others of the miracle God has done.

The babe in the manger now stills the storm and his disciples believe
Even seeing the dead arise, like Lazarus in the tomb for four days.
Foretelling a greater rising coming but not before immense suffering.
The sword Mary was told would pierce her heart is soon on its way.

For most religious leaders cannot tolerate Jesus' lack of respect for them.
Calling them whitewashed tombs and pointing pride out to Pharisees.
Not endearing Himself with the establishment, but following God's way.
Knowing soon He'd be betrayed, arrested, tried and tortured brutally.

Still, he calmly feeds them body bread and blood wine in a final feast.
Tells them the Spirit comes, and prays they'd be one like Father and Son.
Heads to the Garden, prays to His Father for another way if possible.
Your will be done ends and the soldiers come and with Judas kiss it's done.

The most pure, innocent Man who's ever lived is now in hostile hands.
A trial by dark without witness or any rights – and off to Pontius Pilate.
Then Herod then back to Pilate whose wife dreamed Jesus was innocent.
But the people's cries to crucify win over – Jesus caught in intrigue's net.

The child of Bethlehem now hung on a Cross between two criminals.
The Light of the World by darkness and our sins is being slowly slain.
Feeling forsaken by God, but then "Into Your hands I commit my spirit."
Reunited and soon to show the world that this Child was no ordinary one.

Risen as Jesus predicted, for how can death conquer everlasting, perfect life?
From childhood to adult not one sin, not once yielding to Satan's temptations.
Proving we can have life eternal if we confess and believe in Jesus as our Savior.
Calling His followers in risen form to await the Spirit and share Christ to the nations

Copyright © Scott Bronner | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |


On Roman ruled British isles,
   On a sunny morn
Forth century on the day of Ides  
   Our Patrick was born
To the deacon and his wife fair; 
   A beautiful morn
And priest grandfather who care’
   Their Patrick was born

He, young and bright as a button 
   This could be clearly seen
Was Patrick the lad and glutton
   Tall for his age at sixteen 
 Taken as a slave to nearby Eire 
   At tender age sixteen
by knavish raiders – this not fair
    Long time not to be seen

God visited Patrick in a dream 
    On this Emerald Isle
 When revealed to him to stream
   Patrick broke rank and file
He boarded a ship and set sail 
    left this unwelcome isle
In Britain to tell all the tale
   Then Gaul - priesthood and file

In 432, back to Eire to convert them 
   A land green with shamrock
From their polytheism to stem
   Worshiping even a rock
To explain the Holy Trinity 
   He used the shamrock
Enlightened them till affinity
   They accepted *The Rock

To explain the Holy Trinity 
   He used the shamrock
Enlightened them till affinity
   They accepted The Rock
They are wearing the Green
They are wearing the Green...

*Rock of Ages

21 January 2013


Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Another Year That Came and Went

This has been another year that came and went!
I often wonder, where has my time been spent?

It  seems like yesterday, we rang in the new year!
But, very quickly, it has all just “disappeared.”

I think about my accomplishments, goals and dreams.
Do they matter anymore?  Do they mean anything?

This life I have, is just but a brief moment in time.
One day, I’ll simply leave everything fast behind!

My relationship with Christ is what really matters!
Everything else in life, is just “empty chatter!”

I pray that as this new year comes and goes…
My relationship with Christ will continue to grow!

The older I get, I’m beginning to see!
I need much more of Jesus, and less of me!

He is what’s needed!  Whatever this year holds!
I need him more, as each year I grow old!

With each year, that comes and passes me by…
I want more of Jesus, until the day I die!

He is my friend, what is certainly needed!
With him in me, my life is completed!

Thank you Lord for this brand new year!
You are the one I’ll hold ever so dear!

By Jim Pemberton   

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

Thanksliving 2014

"Let us be thankful" Hebrews 12:28

Times are tough this year,
Seems we should cry.
Many lost their jobs,
Please Lord, tell me why.

The pain will not go away,
Doctors tried for months.
What can we do now,
We don't have many wants.

Foreigners flood our land,
The the few jobs that remain.
Want everything for free,
Bring us peace again.

Our leaders do not care,
Destroy our given rights.
Christians persecuted everywhere,
We are to weak for fights.

Sodom and Gomorrah,
The ancient days of Rome.
Lifestyles that destroyed these nations,
Now legal in our home.

One Nation Under God,
You gave this land to be.
Those elected do not believe in you,
We live in misery.

Help us find our way,
Top return to One God.
Then we will have Thanks-living,
Where your faithful ones once trod.


Copyright © Raymond Morgan | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |



Christmas trees eight feet tall,
Some bigger still.
Colored bulbs to warm the heart,
It gives the child a thrill.

Trees on both sides of the altar,
When altars were marbled art.
The tabernacle in the center,
Crosses not far apart.

Church ceilings were painted then,
A beauty to behold.
Angels, clouds and cherubim,
The holy story told.

Sometimes I'd sneak inside,
Lay down by the first pew.
The magnificence of a small town church,
Ceilings and walls with a view.

When the organ played and people sang,
A new world opened here.
This is truly Christmas,
I was so proud to be near.

No jeans or shorts or T Shirts,
Even children dressed the part.
Celebrating the Christmas season,
Amidst magnificent art.

Ladies wore pretty dresses,
Men with a suit and tie.
Praising God dressed in their finest,
Christmas music could make one cry.

Alas, it's but a memory,
Of small towns so long ago.
We still love you dear Lord Jesus,
But why it changed we do not know.


Copyright © Raymond Morgan | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

Days Of Feasting And Gladness


Today we celebrate,
History comes alive.
Purim arrives this month,
All people shall thrive.

Feasting and gladness,
The order of the day.
History shouts the story,
We live to laugh and pray.

We are tired of kings and leaders,
Who promise all the world.
But become tyrants,
When the banner is unfurled.

The walled city has come down,
The trumpet sound was heard.
God led Joshua,
He followed God's Holy Word.

Why is it throughout the years,
Evil men rise to power.
"Destroy this race", they say,
It will be our finest hour.

Esther faced the king,
Revealed his horrid plan.
The monarch suffered humility,
From Pur the humble man.

We remember Adolf Hitler,
Joseph Stalin and such.
The same godless deeds,
Soon they were out of touch.

Celebrate the season,
Give gifts and love your friends.
These are God's Chosen People,
We support them to the end.


Copyright © Raymond Morgan | Year Posted 2015

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Lent vs Yom Kippur

Christians have their Lent,
40 days of atonement,
sacrificing something of enjoyment.
When those 40 days of atonement comes to an end,
if you have not indulged once your sacrifice of enjoyment,
all of your past sins get forgiven.
Yom Kippur, now that's a deal I could sink my teeth in.
One day of atonement and all your past sins are wiped clean.
"Some gentiles can be such putzs," some Jews must hail,
"Even for sin those schmucks will still pay retail."

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2016

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The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas! During this Christmas, let’s celebrate Christ’ birth. It was for all of us that he came down to earth. As we think about Bethlehem and the baby boy… We shout glad tidings to all! And peace and joy! This young child was to one day touch all of mankind. His message of salvation… Today… You can find! As we celebrate and fill up with holiday cheer… This same Jesus is alive today… And is always here! Though 2000 years ago, he was born in a manger... You can know him NOW! He doesn’t have to be a “stranger.” Won’t you spend some time and reflect on Christmas’ true meaning? It’s in the merciful arms of Jesus that you need to be leaning! The good news of Christmas can certainly be found… Across this nation. Every city… And town! This same Christ can bring peace to your life today! He loves you much more than words can say! May HIS love bring peace and healing to your weary soul… It’s only in him, that you can be complete and whole!!! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

Details | Couplet |

Christmas Time

Christmas is the time to remember
When the baby Jesus was born
Many Many years ago on a cold winters morn
It's a very special time
To give thanks for this time of the year
With children of all ages
Filled with excitement and good cheer
And to give thanks for all of our family and friends
That we hold oh so dear
And to remember that the lord is with us
Not just at Christmas time
But all through the coming year

Copyright © Veronica Aicher | Year Posted 2012

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What If Christmas Never Came

 UNSUPPORTED CODE What If…   Christmas Never Came???

What if Christmas never happened?  
What if Christmas never came?
Things around here would be different! 
It wouldn’t be the same!

What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger?
Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger!

If the baby Jesus wasn’t born.  There would be no nativity.
We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.”

It’s almost like this now! 
 It’s an “ever increasing business.”
It seems like nearly everyone wants
  “Christ out of Christmas!”

Why does it seem like Christmas is 
 losing it’s true meaning?
The very words; “Merry Christmas,” 
seem to be quickly disappearing!

Many say; “Happy Holiday.”  
They worry they may “offend.”
Having a “holiday” without Christ….  
Once again!

We need to put Jesus Christ back into 
our CHRISTmas season!
He is what Christmas is about!  HE is the very reason!

May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth.
May there be shouts of JOY!  From the corners of the earth!

Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration!
We need him so much right now! 
 All over this great nation!

May we bring to him a heart of love
 for everything he’s done.
As we bring honor to Christ.  God’s precious son!

May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise!
Not only at Christmas time…  But all of our days!

By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas

Why Do We Take Christ Out of Christmas? Christmas is the only holiday we often don’t call by name. We often forget about the true reason that Christ came. It’s the only holiday that we often call “a holiday.” It’s true meaning, is often, taken away! It’s more than the tree and all of the glittering lights… It’s time to think about the Bethlehem star so bright! It’s more than going shopping at the malls… More than, “Jingle Bells,” or “Deck the Halls!” It’s more than seeing how many people we can buy for. Or that clearance sale, you’re willing “to die for!” It’s more than buying the “newest in entertainment.” Or receiving a gift that may “cause an embarrassment.” Beyond all of the presents and all we truly believe in. Let’s all come to Christ Jesus and receive him! Let’s think about his birth, and his death on the cross! Without HIM… The true meaning of Christmas is lost! He brings the hope, joy and cheer that’s needed! Won’t you listen to his voice? That often goes unheeded? Christ is what’s important! And shouldn’t be left out! He’s what matters! And is what Christmas is all about! Let’s be joyful! It was for all of us that he came! And take this time to bring honor and glory to his name! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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An Early Holiday Poem

This seems to be my Poetry Soup way of life:
"Thank you for your wonderful poems. We only 
allow 10 poems posted per 24hr period so that 
more poems are read. Thanks again for your 
wonderful poety. In the meantime, please 
comment of the poetry of others." Look at
this Poetry Soup Comment and tell me what 
is wrong with it? How about poety and of
which should be on for starters? Don't
get me wrong. I am just trying to be a nice
guy. They didn't put any of my recent poems
on their recent email either. My jinx has
just been broken so here goes:

An Early Holiday Poem Part 1

I certainly must make a confession
She sure seems to have such an obsession 
About a glorious new star and it siting
Inviting an occasion for poem to be writing.

Compared to other ones, this star outshone 
Appearing like it was standing there all alone
Way up high in a completely dark sky
While we on earth were wondering why.

Some people were making and declaring an edict
About somewhere in Bible were people predict
A great, huge star someday will soon appear
Signifying the Christ Child was close and near.

Yet, they didn't have a recorder called a cam
But I believe it was in beloved Bethlehem
Cute Christ Child was cuddled in a big barn
So everyone could start spreading a yarn.

Three wise men met Jesus with their presence
With all of their real, actual pleasing presents
Which created quite a stir with their demure
With some perfume, frankincense and Mir.

After perfectly planned party was finally done
Christ Child's glorious life had now begun
Outside many people started to toil and tarry
And rebuilt barn into a Romanesque Monastery.

Why did they pick a Romanesque style of all things?

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

Details | Verse |


I watch the neighborhood light up their houses
   in colorful displays
   of white and multicolor marvels.

Decorations blink and glow
   brightening the night
   and illuminating the darkness.

For some, lights are not enough
   and along the grass and walkways
   are santas and snowmen and reindeer
   elves and candy canes, to many more to name.

How easily we forget
   the very cause of the season.

Just a few set the record straight
   revealing a mother, father, and child in a manger
   with shepherd and kings standing watch.

A child’s birth remembered this very day
   celebrated with joy and gifts for all
   save the child which made it possible.

Set the lights, wrap the packages,
  decorate a tree with garlands and ornaments.
  but pause a little while.

Remember for a moment
   the birth and message of that child.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

Part II of Holiday Poem

On elegant earth, Christmas and Thanksgiving
Are perfect, pleasant days for us to be living
And of our Christian faith are a true confession
Regardless, of all of the current aggression. 

Why be full of foolishness and pulling pranks
When we should be giving God our thanks
For our great, loving world we all live in
And His Son who saved us from so much sin.

Oh come on now and I mean really no way
What we have to say is "Have a Happy Holiday,"
And of all, these have become lesser and fewer,
To me, this makes for many piles of manure.

Arguably, Congress has started a new session
While the population is in a state of depression;
Being all of the members have become a bore
Second coming, we should be searching for. 

Congress always has answers for everything,
But hay wait a minute.... "The Second Coming."

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

Details | Senryu |

Easter Paradigms

the triumphal cross bunnies, eggs and fluffy chicks schism of festival --------------------- 5-7-5 (howmanysyllables.com and syllablecount.com) 16th April 2017 For the "Easter Haiku or Senryu" contest sponsored by Laura Loo. (First Place)

Copyright © John Michaels | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

Love in Its Purest

Author Dana Redricks
February 14, 2017

Although I do not have 
A Valentine I have peace
Of mind
For a long time, I had been
Seeking the love of my life
Never realizing he had been
There all alone
Giving me courage
Giving me strength
Yahushua is that steady love
That unconditional love
Love in its purest form
So although I do not have
A Valentine
I have a love that binds
And a love like his is 
one of a kind

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2017

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Religious Christmas Card Idea

In a manger He lay
In this world full of sin
The purveyor of peace
The Son of all man

From the womb of a virgin 
Came forth the light
Which guided the shepherds
To the miraculous sight

Gifts from the wise
Fit for a King
From meager beginnings
To omniscient being

For swaddled in cloth
In a manger that night
Came the gift to the world 
Of eternal life

He shed of His blood
For the sin of all man
So with Him we'll walk
When He comes again

So remember this season
And what it's about
Go forth with His light
May it never burn out

Copyright © M.P. Shaudd | Year Posted 2017