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Details | Free verse |

To the lord’s holy house did I this honest man so go,
On this Sabbath day of rest, to praise the almighty God
In the ancient chapel of worship, but low if I’d only
Known what lurked in the shadows on that faithful
Morn, I’d dare not have gone?
By the graveyard stones of my ancestors I strolled,
On a pleasant spring morning, admiring the fresh
Greenery and heather, thinking, pondering you see,
About nothing except how lucky I’ve been to just
Lived a simpler man’s life, no wife or children to
Trouble me, just a bachelor living the high life of
Complete freedom!
After all of what’s happened to me, I’ve often
Wandered, if that’s what attracted this beast, this
Hell hound of the devil himself, she whom torments
Me, as I sleep or even now while I’m wide awake,
It matters not, to her, this she-devil of darkness!
On this Sunday like any other as I was tress-gressing
Unto you my maker, I first saw the thing, a beautiful
Maiden dressed in a crimson red gown, eyes of
Black ebony, and raven tresses blowing in
The wind!
So being the gentleman that I am, I introduced
Myself to the lass, being as she was standing within
The graveyard itself after all, I thought the poor
Creature might be lost, or paying her last respects
To a dearly departed relative, but no she of course
Was one of them, the undead, and a succubus!
The thing said nothing to me, just smiling in a seductive
Way, can’t you speak young mistress that's alright, 
You look so thin, would you like to come home with me,
Just for a bite of something to eat.
I offered only out of pity’s sake, being a Cristian man
And all, and this being the holy fathers sacred day,
What else could I do after all!
But this idea was her invocation, the things plan
Of action, to get my immortal soul, this seductress of
Evil enchanting, possessing and enticing me!
To take her within my dwelling, than to feast upon me,
Ever slowly sucking my living essence by any means
Of seduction possible!
I learned quite early resistance was futile, the thing
Kept me in a state of weakness, so I would not try
And escape, unable to move from my bed of the
Sinful, I decided to take my own life tonight,
When taken over by this creature of darkness!
This adulteress of the light, holy father I pray thee,
Give me the inner strength to do what must be done,
For I can no longer take this pressing foul temptress,
And the ill that she has done unto me!
As the trees blow in the wind, outside my small cottage,
I hear her coming, a hushed whisper I’m here dearest,
From under my bed I’ve got my small gun so cocked,
Upon me she climbs in a misty vaporous form,
What will it be tonight my mortal love,
And back I so say, death beloved, as one shot
Rings out disturbing the silence of the night!


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |
She was the crowned Queen of the darkness,
With her all fables and evil lore,
Those Halloween tales and madness,
And all that blood,legends,guts and gore.


T'Is the night for the souls of the dead,
Holy prayers on our knees are said,
As we share our pain, grief and our love,
We send thoughts to those who rest above.

Copyright © Faith Follower | Year Posted 2015