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The Butterfly and the Drone

Part 3 to, Thunder and The Future Soldier, a Trilogy

A wee little boy
From the other side of the world
In the hills of Virginia
Where serenity and calm reign

He meanders home from school
Baseball was such blast
All boys should be sentenced to such enchantments 
He smiles, as his eyes gleam at father’s computer

Wow, a video game he sees
How I love those games he exclaims!
Curiosity has captured his imagination
As he plays with mouse and joystick

Far far away, in the land of ISIS
A jeep filled with soldiers
Whose only goal, is to fulfill their hatred
Allah they say, when it’s only narrow minds they worship

A drone fly’s overhead, surveilling these routes of ancient hate
Silently filming the movements below
Now we have an eye on the devil, from afar
Our heads in the clouds no more

The little boy is good at this game
He has played super Mario and more
So he takes his best shot
And KABOOM  the jeep of devils explodes

The drone fires his missiles
Obliviating those inhuman targets below
Command and control in shock
The drone was unarmed after all

The little boy jumps in glee
That video game was tons of fun
Through an open window
The Butterfly flutters overhead, 

A silent smile

Justice undone, now restored

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2014

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I long to write metaphors in shades mosaic 
Paint the peace that denies within 
In my mind harness liquid essence poetic
This conscience which now dances amidst a violent wind

I wish to empathize with the Monarch butterfly 
Landing quite inquisitive upon my limb 
Like it, withdraw from never asking why
Just to discover who I really am

Journey off from bustle to secret places
Where city sounds whisper so very dim
And words fall out of clouds picturesque 
It’s here; I know I can easily talk to Him

Form my thoughts, offer praising supplication
Let sail my soul upon His waters placid
Bringing back to life meanings of lost versification
Then my pen writes what afore could not be answered

And soon my pages fill as glaciers fall into warmer oceans
Overflow like the rivers do in rainstorms advent
Revealing purpose through myriad sacred revelations
Heaven’s door opens and I step through in… 
At peace evermore, I am

Copyright © Michael Smith | Year Posted 2013

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We need sorrow for our sins
Means turning away from evil and turning to Eternal God
Sins may be mortal or venial sins
Mortal is gravely sins
Venial is daily that pertain 7 Deadly Sins
Perfect Contrition arises from the love of Eternal God
This loving sorrow remits venial sin or mortal sins


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2014

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My Savior, O my Eternal God

As the deer longs for streams of water,
So my soul longs for you, O Eternal God
My being thirsts for Eternal God, the living Eternal God
When can I go and see the face of Eternal God?
My tears have been my food day and night
As they ask daily, ‘Where is your Eternal God?
Those times I recall
As I pour out my soul
When I went in profession with the crowd,
I went with them to the house of Eternal God
Amid loud cries of thanksgiving
With the multitude keeping festival
Why are you downcast, my soul?
Why do you grown within me?
Wait for Eternal God, whom I shall praise again,
My Savior and my Eternal God


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2014