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Religious Baptism Poems | Religious Poems About Baptism

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Details | Tanka |


LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |


Sunlight trickles through stained glass windows.
She kneels, a little apart from her fellows
who also seek salvation in water.
Her gray hair slips from her circumspect braid,
and her Sunday-best thrift-store garb
stands out because it doesn't.
Shaking fingers tap the rail
Nervous feet twitch as she waits.
The water flows down the line of supplicants
till it reaches her, and instantly,she is transformed,
beautiful from scraggly braid to thrift-store shoes.
Can mere water cause this transformation?
Is this a message for me---
Another arrow into the heart of my agnosticism?
I don't know, but for now, 
there is sunlight trickling through stained glass windows.

Copyright © Mary Oliver Rotman | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

The Blood Of JESUS

The Blood of Jesus saved my soul
The Blood of Jesus
Made me whole.

The Blood of Jesus is
The means by which
I have become truly Rich.
I speak not of mere material things
But the Hope of Glory which it brings.

As we think of His Blood,
Let us not forget the Man,
Nor fail to realize that He has 
A Master Plan.

For us He has made the Ultimate Sacrifice,
And now, it is only fair for us to give him
Our lives.

There really is no doubt about it,
He is in control,
And He also has the power
To make you whole.

So won’t you seek him out
He is sure to set your life
On the upward way.

Copyright © Andrew Bovell | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |

US in JesUS

Before we were thought of or time had started, 
God put US in His Son’s name.. 
And each time we pray, you'll see its true, 
You can't spell Jesus without including US.  
Were a pretty big part of His wonderful name, 
For US, He was born; 
And His great love for US is the reason He died. 
Isn't it thrilling and splendidly grand 
He rose from the dead, with US in His plan? 
The stones split away, the gold trumpet blew, egospelexpress
And His resurrection was for US.  
As JesUS left the earth with His wonderful ascension, 
When He felt there was one thing He just had to mention. 
"Go into the world and tell them it's true 
that I love them all - Just like I love you." 
So many people are Christian brothers and sisters, 
Don't all the others have a right to know JesUS too? 
It all depends on what we do, 
He'd like them all to know, 
But it all starts with US. 

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright   2011

VISIT US AT; http:paladinnews1.blogspot.com

Copyright © Rev. Dr. Samuel Mack OMS DD | Year Posted 2011

Details | Haiku |

SK- 4

The silence 
In the roaring of those tides
God is a river

Copyright © viviane leite | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |


This is the day the Lord gave.
His blessing is guiding our way.
He has manifested the extraordinaire.
He is why we live.
His intervening in human affairs has brought forth humanitarian events...
Insofar, our episodic existence augments our intelligence.

Stated to be a poetic boon, god sent for sure.
Divine intervention scribe on our scrolls, we are pathfinders to fulfill our inner core.
Life formed to live, we are human beings.
Our footprints came long-ago via the Apostles and Prophets of the Lord.
Great Awakening took place and religion emerged.

No statue is limit in our theological presence.
We must keep company to our beliefs.
Therefore, a psalmist endurance becomes his or her poetic content.
We may write in prose, verse and flow, or both.
Our spirits will explore.
Our souls will be exposed.

Divine intervention is deification interference.
Interpolation defines our cause.
Wisdom sallied forth.
Pure utterance is a godsend.
We are scribes of history.
We are the writers of a holy scripture for humanity.
Verlena S. Walker

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Pastoral |


I go among trees and sit still. 
The river of awakening draws the peaceful laughter of sunshine, 
flowing in, and flowing out, 
until any distractive discontentment is all but nil. 
This is peace beckoning me as a warmhearted friend, 
cherishing the moments spent with me, 
telling me that I am loved. 
And then the soft whisper of God, 
"Awaken my child, it is the moment to embrace your destiny." 
and then hush..... 
the enveloping soothing calm, 
my heart breathes beating and drinking in the acceptance, of His Spirit filled 
identity for me. 
And then Peace.....

Copyright © stephen piercey | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

The Holy Spirit

Those gathered in the upper room
To tarry and to pray,
Were changed in an instant
When the Holy Spirit fell that day.

Fire from Heaven sat upon them,
And they all spake in new tongues.
The Spirit came like a rushing mighty wind,
And a new day had begun.

Copyright © Betty Butler | Year Posted 2016

Details | Personification |

Why Should I

Was it enough or was it too much?
Sometimes too fast but always too slow!
God knows that I come with these seeds that grow.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch,
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one that knows?
Stepping through time and sliding back so smooth so I go!
I say I can qualify!
Where was I and why was I there?
Sometimes too obvious but always with doubt!
God knows that I come riding in on a prayer.
I absorb every single touch inside and out,
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one that cares?
Climbing the highest mountains and sliding down so steep but on a dare!
I say I can magnify!

What did I say and what did I do?
Sometimes too quite but always too loud!
God knows that I come with a gleam that shines so proud.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch by you.
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one in the crowd?
Walking on water and walking backwards but at least I know how.
I say I can intensify!
Do I want to or do you need me to?
Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I simply don’t care.
God knows that I come standing on a higher sky of blue.
I absorb every single touch by you inside and out with this glare.
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one with this view?
Up in the clouds and aimless but always led by you!
I say, “I SANCTIFY”!

®Registered: 1997  Ann Rich

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2010

Details | Dramatic Verse |

The Silent Lamb

The silent bell rings in the night,
Calling the devils to kneel to the light,
What once was, becomes no more,
As the light breaks through the open door.

What you think and what you feel,
What you saw and thought was real,
Is now only dust on the road,
The desolate remains of your ancient abode.

The new light is rising on the hill,
The new song is singing down in the well,
The new souls are dreaming of your face,
The new hearts are beating at you pace.

The old ideas and reasons you gave,
Are buried in the tomb and in the grave,
The rotting bone and flesh are gone,
In the morning dew, in the morning sun.

The light shines through the open door,
Casts no shadow on the old dirty floor,
The ancient laws of reason and might,
Crumble to dust in the morning light.

What once was real and certain as rock,
Is now the dream the baby forgot,
The new light coming to wake you my love,
The silent lamb and the flying dove.

more of my poems at :

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

Remember God

 Remember God.

 Remember God as a gentle breeze caresses your face.

 Remember God as your day becomes hectic and you try to keep pace.

 Remember God no mater what you do in every place and in every space.

 Remember God so that one day you will win the race.

 Remember God so that you do not erase nor replace his Love that you have encased.

 Remember God as you find your True-Love and your souls become interlaced.

 Remember God as you hold every-ones Love in your embrace.

 Remember God and the Life he gave so that everyone should and could have his forgiving Grace..........
          By David Waldrop a drifter seeking knowledge in the Lord.

Copyright © David Waldrop | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |

The Son

I was once kissed by the sun
Caressed in oils my breasts bathed free
like growth in my womb
kissing the moon
Capturing my true essence
unmasked, plain, pure

Naked in love my insecurities 
gave birth to my esteem
But then I became free 
from the taunting and ridicule of 
socieity's template of me
by adopting a new personality
One that reflects the real me

I like poetry I like to sing
I understand my spiritual need
I like love
I like the breeze
I like rhythm and passion
and long lasting nights of 
random acts of sensual moments that 
awaken parts of me previously repressed
The love I feel  is so unrest

I was once kissed by the sun
It's power gave me light and enabled my writing to become
spoken words
leaving footprints on the ink in my pen
Some of thoughts escaped through actions of sin
Unspoken words just thrown away 
Never spoken, or written again

Awakened by the sun 
all drenched in it's heat
Praising it's soure of power 
and embracing humility
Giving what I have to give
Learned to let go it's easier to forgive
We strive for riches but lest we forget
the richness of the sun
Each day be thankful for his son

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |


His arms outstretch the sky, 
And the wind slips through my wings as I fly,
With the Midnight Sun.

Cities Sparkle below, 
Man-made planets leaping to kiss the feet of God.
Plank-filled eyes 
Hide truth behind lies,
In the ignorant minds of our Suns and Daughters.

Reaching heights I was unaware existed.
My confidence thins with the altitude,
But these wings of faith remain strong, 
In the face of adversity.
Even at the table of our enemies,
We cannot fail.

We soar through the depths of Hell,
The midnight sunrise 
Bathing the stars of a dark land.
The sea reflects our light, Defiantly,
But every second makes it harder to fight
The blinding force of this Love-Storm we create.

Slowly, Slowly
She begins to absorb rather than reflect.
Light overcomes.
And the darkness is recreated.
Transformed into a beacon of light to her lost sisters, 
Who have floated in false content.

The light ripples outward, 
An incandescent tidal wave of Love,
A Baptism out of which Hope is born.
His arms outstretch the sky,
And the wind slips through her wings as we fly,
With the Midnight Sun.

Feel free to leave any constructive criticism, thanks.

Copyright © Jessica Cooper | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |


 Sometimes in the country church,
 When they had no baptismal pool,
 Baptizing in a neighbor's pond,
 Was oftentimes the rule.
 They'd gather all the candidates,
 From all the months gone by,
 Those who'd made the sacred vow,
 To their old lives they would die.
 The ones who were to be submerged
 Wore white robes and white caps,
 They'd march up to the water's edge,
 Some quite afraid , perhaps.
 Prayers were said and hymns were sung,
 And the preacher waded deep,
 He'd call them in, one by one,
 To take that faithful leap.
 He'd raise his hand and say the words
 "Father, Son and Holy Ghost "
 Then dipped them in and raised them up,
 Witnessed by the crowded host.
 There'd be someone who would send up praise,
 And someone who would shout,
 And ,almost ,predictably,
 Someone would fall out.
 They'd fan the ones who'd "felt the touch"
 And greet the new converts,
 Then make their way back up the road ,
 To the country church .

 2008 Patricia Neely-Dorsey 
 from Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life In Poems
#country #countrylife #countrypoems #bapstismpoem #countrychurch  

Copyright © Patricia Neely-Dorsey | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Smile like the moon

Smile like the moon God created all things, for a reason He created the hours, the days to seasons Then he created sun to take our breathes away God loves you! Now, I only have but one more thing to say Live like the moon as she radiates whenever she sees the sun Because by nature the moon does not have a light of her own Whereas in her darkest of hour-she does not want to be alone In full majesty she lights up like wild-flowers in the meadows That even the stars cannot help but to glint in the afterglow While she’s only halfway lit-she doesn’t frown-she smiles Because she knows-the love she has stretches to a mile So she talks and she dreams with hearts… in need She offer whatever light she has left… to heed Her journey began to only end in a circle To her it’s more like a miracle Now I imagine how the moon is dipped into the sea, just as I was baptized, to have Jesus in me Imagine life with all of its many possibilities and then let us imagine living in that, for all eternity Wilbert Dela Cruz 6-11-16

Copyright © Wilbert Dela Cruz | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

It's Not A Cult

It's not a cult:
It's a Savior saving my life.
It's a Savior saving your life.
It's our Savior saving our lives.
It's not too late.
It's never too late!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

The treasure within

There is this pearl of a treasure that I longed to find Entombed inside the cobweb of my human mind My automated eyes have conceited to the ways of the world Frankly, I have doomed myself to the sins of the old There is wisdom in clarifications; that I’ve yearned to see That I’ve even questioned my lawful genetics to my own humanity And my reflections has spoken with so many different things It rumbles and tumbles down through the puniest end of a string There is a lot to be said when one knows not what to do Running around in circles over the things I never knew But the pathways have been paved and the seed has been sowed So it just amounts to discovering as to how much I’ve truly owed And so I found myself at the end, where journey was just beginning Faced to face with my soul and both of us just decided on digging To my surprise, the treasure was real and it was always there all along I just needed to open my heart, to see, the kingdom where I belong Wilbs-5-18-16

Copyright © Wilbert Dela Cruz | Year Posted 2016

Details | Classicism |

Living For Him

Being a Christian isn’t as easy as everyone thinks
Living right and living for the Lord
Has its reward
But it takes patience and the want to do for others
Yes I am afraid it takes more than picking up a bible
And going to church when you’re able
We have to praise him and please him
He is a loving God and gives us what we need 
Instead of what we want
But when you live a life for him 
And allow him to come in to your life
To be born again well that is just the most amazing feeling
That one can feel
The devil is going to temp you
And make you question your faith
But if you just trust in the Lord
It will all work out
And you will be blessed with more than you could ever afford

Copyright © Justin Shelton | Year Posted 2015

Details | ABC |

We found him

We found him!
Here we go,

is he lost?
or is he standing there,
Staying still

Who he be?
He stayed right there
He once was with me

An honor my friend

A will of gold
Mining deep

In a pit of disease
is he blind?
Will he see?

That died with me

We found him!
There he is,

Where did he go?

Copyright © Sir William | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

I am born again

I’m a new creation; I am a brand new man My heart feels like Clark Kent turning to a Superman I have neither fear nor hate but instead found love, living in faith Whereas inside a silent voice; peace has empowered my darkest wraith So, now I have this, so called, a greater calling but with only one life to spare I thanked God, even more, for sending Jesus for He has already paid the fare And I know my journey is just beginning but the seed has already been sowed And as I visualize my future reaping’s; it helps in enlightening down the load A fruit that can make blind eyes see and let crippled understandings free Just imagine being lost only to realize; the first step towards infinity There are plenty of hopes to be shared; the choice is up to you Believe in the name of Jesus & that is all you got to do And in receiving that gift with an open heart You’ll see your life as a work of art By:Wilbert Dela CRuz 6-3-16

Copyright © Wilbert Dela Cruz | Year Posted 2016

Details | Classicism |


I woke up this morning with a thirst that no water could cure
The want and need to be pure
It was a thirst for knowledge but not of books
The knowledge and education I wanted was for the Lord
I know this is something I have to do on his accord
He seemed to be a stranger someone I did not know
But with everyday my love continues to grow
Though I have not considered myself a true Christian
I like to think I have been doing the lords work and mission
I have learned a lot about him and his intent in the last year or two
He has helped me put down the bottle and forget the bars
He has slowly helped me cure my anger and scars
Though I don’t give him the thanks and praise he deserves everyday
I make mistakes yet I like to think I am on my way
To a better life one I can live for him
A life free from worry and sin
I feel like I have a weight and a worry
That I can’t live this life the way I should
Every time I think about church there is no hurry
Though I know the end is near
I feel like I can wait with no fear
This voice inside my head and my heart
Keeps telling me he is knocking and it is time to do my part
Don’t wait another day get down on your knees and pray
This world won’t last forever
And if you don’t there will be no happy ever after

Copyright © Justin Shelton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse |



don’t understand me
no numeral of quantity
preacher lady looking
at accusations in a book
saying infinity is proof
of a mathematical sacrifice
that saved humanity
if only we could get back
to three and then zero
says quantum physics
is why we have clocks
and space shuttles
slipping through cracks
in the fabrics of blankets
claims blankets are white
masses, says I’m mass
the tree is mass, birds
are mass and a mass
is a spot that breaks
into a speck so small
my car is invisible to god
claims i don’t pray right
because i do it with my
hands and my speech
is imperfect, can’t talk
to god with a slur or slang
says i need to be prized
and perfect like a precious
moment figurine, demands
i stop calling him home boy
he’s not your boy, throws
a piece paper at me with
nothing on it but a squiggle
in the middle of a circle,
claims it represent life
and who i used to be
when i had a brain
and understood counting
was invented for more
than money, need to crunch
the numbers to understand
my sister is the same as me
though she died in a hospital,
tells me i’m better than nobody
but I act like a stranger hiding
my divinity code under a hat

Copyright © Lyon Brave | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |


I saw myself a dirty stranger, Lord
Not worthy of your glance
Ne'er deserving of the blood you shed
My sin --- your fatal lance!

You saw yourself a lowly servant, Lord
Washing my filthy feet
Teaching me and giving hope
Your gifts --- like honey --- sweet.

O Lord, my God, how new I am
My clothes are bright and clean
Glowing with YOUR righteousness
Not stranger --- now saint --- my name!  

Copyright © Barbara Attaway | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatern |

For Truth

For truth, his head got lopped off
John the Baptist, prophet of God
He wore raiment that was not soft,
his voice was as an iron rod

It gave the wicked beat down blues
For truth, his head got lopped off
Preaching to the people good news,
but the unbelievers did scoff

He did not suffer on the cross,
but his voice cries out from the grave
For truth, his head got lopped off:
he said the Messiah would save

Woe to the wicked, he declared
in leather girdle and sackcloth
Baptism of faith was shared
For truth, his head got lopped off

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

Oh Dear Lord

Oh Dear Lord
Written 8.9.10

Oh dear Lord
Thank you
Oh dear Lord
You have answered 
My prayers
My dear Lord
You hear me
And I pray to you
I love you
You listen
To my prayers
When I am humble
And repent
Oh my dear Lord
We are one
With the force
We are part
Of this Universe
The Universe
Is inside of our souls
My dear Lord
Forever and ever
In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Copyright © Nina Aromea | Year Posted 2017

Details | ABC |

False Churches

There are so many false churches, and its hard to say,
which one is true today.

All churches do say,
they are true in everyway.

A church that says Jesus resurrection was spiritual on that day,
then that church is false in everyway.

A church that  puts Mary equal to Jesus,(as some do say)
then that church is false in everyway.

A church that says baptism is by sprinkling, (as some do say)
then that church is false in everyway.

A church that says Jesus resurrection was bodily on that day, ( as some do say)
then that church is true today.

A church that puts Jesus above Mary, (as some do say)
then that church is true today.

A church that say baptism is in the name of the Father and The Holy Ghost,
and the body is fully emerged in the water,(as some do say)
Then that church is true in everyway.


Copyright © conley murray | Year Posted 2017

Details | Classicism |


I love to please thee, dear lord.
              But two worlds in my heart,
                  Fighting wars…
                       Daughter of babylon with mini skirt,
                         Compassed me blinking eye,tattoo on their lower part
                                 Close my inner eye ,less I look at their laps and stumbles,
                                                                                                                      so I prayed.

  I love to be with thee
       Lucifer the traitor,finding ways,
             Pointing fingers on my soul,
                   Diverting my attention on needless things,
                        Closing the eye on the deepest true
                            Running after Babylonian treasures.
                                  Guide my heart to live alright,

          So I prayed..

Copyright © ANIEMEKA NATHANIEL | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

Thats Work

I use to drink to kill the pain, I'd overeat to kill the pain.
But I couldn't explain why I couldn't maintain, outta my mainframe
And I couldn't reboot at the push of a button for nothin'
I kept trying but my mind was holding back from somethin'
Heart was stuntin' a million miles, but where was it going.
Like becoming blind at the end of a book, I was never knowing.
The end of my story, my destiny and no glory, God before me
Screaming from dusk till morning but the world ignored me.
Poor me, sorely being muted without my tale being told.
Feeling so old had a bitter heart gone Cold, mouth didn't hold.
Outta Control, but yo, now I'm ready to spit this venom.
I'm betting the world will go silent when I speak his lessons
This blessin' that he gave me, a talent to twist up my speech
In a way that each with blasphemy can hear me teach
I don't preach, I hope I reach, cause this real talk should be heard
His word is the truest literature we can put to work.
For what it's worth I ain't never been a Bible thumper
But it's saved me from going crazy in the midst of a slumber
Now I know my number, where it is that he's got me headed,
In debted, he's prepared a room for me and I won't forget it.
I get it, that times get hard, but oh my Lord I'm holding on.
Keep me moving along when my mind is gone keep me strong.
Cause along I'll come amongst those vipers and serpents
Not deservent to be his servants, I'm a move with the currents
Move with a purpose cause I'm hurtin' to be what he made me
Thanks be for me to be a child of God, call me his baby.
It's Biblical safety that he gave me, to be walking on gold
And oh, the gates made of a single pearl as he told,
So behold the glory that nonbelievers can't comprehend
For all of them, trust in science that changes without end
Amen. God's words consistent and science can't disprove it.
Call us dumb cause they don't understand how to use it.
They refuse it, the power of the Holy Spirit when it thrives.
They can say that we're fake but my faith won't be denied
Catching vapors off this paper, high off the Holy Scriptures
Painting a vivid picture, you'll feel his gospel when it hits Ya.
Did it getcha, I pray that it did, there's reason behind it
Cause it's not for the pure at heart, but those in sin.
And let the church say "Amen"

Copyright © Nicholas Henderson | Year Posted 2017

Details | Prose Poetry |












Copyright © Jerry Wells | Year Posted 2017