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Never Shame a Woman

Never ever shame a woman for the fire in her soul still your fear that you're unable to give that which makes her whole Never ever shame a woman for the fierceness of her love when she wants to subjugate you she's an eagle, not your dove Never ever shame a woman for her raging burning need to take in that which inflames her bond and let her soul be freed Never ever shame a woman for insatiable desire use your all to give and please her be a man and stoke her fire Never ever shame a woman for her sensual appetite primal cravings that possess her give her reign at day or night Never ever shame a woman when she moans in ecstasy do not force her into silence let her voice her fantasy Never ever shame a woman for her wanton sultry way thank the heavens that she's able to bring passion into play Never ever shame a woman for the pleasure that she craves be a man and strive to sate her for this act her honor saves Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2017

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The stars bestowed your eyes
The moon, your cherry red lips
The sun, that light in your mind
Heaven, those gold finger tips

The oceans surrendered your hair
Your form, fashioned by tides
Rivers tempered the spirit
Where patience and love resides

Strength, came from the mountains
The wind, sweet  lullabies
Volcano’s forged the Passion
That lives in soul filled eyes

But where, oh where is completion
Makes the pulse race and dart
For this, woman must wait
Till a man, gives her his heart.

Written 7 Oct 2013

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2013

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Message to the Lover of the Poet

To be in love with a poet
Is not an easy thing
Try as you might, you’ll never
Live up to his dream

For the poet isn’t content
With love’s status quo
You please and you tease him
But it’s not enough you know

For living there in his mind
Is a picture of the divine
You know that he longs for her
For it's shown in every line

The woman of perfection
Who is not of this world
With raven tresses of hair
And slender arms unfurled

The poet “sees” this woman
And his senses just take leave
For her passion is intense
Her body rivals that of Eve

She is tender and she’s giving
Never asking in return
She waits for him night and day
And it’s for his love she burns

She nurtures his desire
Fulfills his every whim
For she is his possession
Remains faithful just to him

She sees in him embodied
Every single manly trait
Each and every need of his
She’s sure to satiate

Ah…mere mortal woman
Who must compete with this muse
You find that you fall short
And your love’s prone to abuse

For who can dare compare
With a poet’s romantic dream
The siren who sings to him
Who floats on clouds of cream

Poor lover of the poet
Sitting here alone at night
Waiting for him to see you
To turn on you passion’s light

Love him, my sweet, love him
For in the end he’s just a man
That silly muse of his dreams
Can’t caress him, but you can

So win him at this love game
Make the fires really burn
Try to captivate his mind
So that it's for YOU he yearns

Warn that charming seductress
That muse who tries hard to woo
That you have a jealous heart
And you've made him drink your brew

Your body, your soul, your desires
Bathe him in all of these
Not with words but your hands
Make him to do just what you please

For a poet is just a man
Just a simple man is he
Give him all he desires
Then watch his love set you free!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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A Dark Tale

I laugh as I think of it now, the dire warnings of hell
Nothing could scare me it didn’t matter, on this teaching I never did dwell.
I wondered why one dark night, again begging for sleep.
No fear of death of dying no foolish promises to keep.

It was then I found the answer as I slipped down through the floor
Could this be a dream or am I now no more.
Has death come upon me, I feel the air exude from my chest
Through eons of time yet seconds, maybe days or years at best.

Before me an evil thing but there are no brimstone and flames
“Now we will see this hell you mocked and you will know my name.
You never flinched about the hell threat but you are now here
Not only that I am your father and now you will know real fear.”

He breathed in deep; my skin scorched, it left my body in one piece
The agonies, I must be dead my skin floating in front just like a fleece
My muscles sinews and skeleton were all that I now had
“I thought you were my father I screamed you can’t treat me this bad.”

A thousand legions of devils all came round mocking me
Each breath they turned my way seemed to rip parts off of me
“You will learn to master them but until then you have to pay
You start at the bottom in this work.” then the hounds of hell did bay.

“To inflict the tortures required to give me the satisfaction
You must first suffer them all, that is my attraction.
When you have suffered them all you will know what to do
My work will be in your hands this is my legacy to you.”

“But how can you be my father?” I screamed as the hell hounds tore at me
“My mother was the sweetest woman on earth and all around could see.”
“Ha! I am the devil why would I want a whore,
 They are already down here; it was sweetness I searched for.”

“Your mother scorned me, she did not believe in all the hellish games I play
So I showed her my powers and you are with me from this day.
You should have listened to the teachers teaching of my home called hell.”
He waved his finger at me and the screams I could not quell.

Now I wish I had listened and taken an earthly fear
It could have made a difference, I may not now be here.
I take delight in dismembering and gouging out the eyes
Flaying the skin off the ungodly, yet I do it for a prize.

One day I will rule this place then my turn will come
I’ll leave this underworld one day and do what my father has done
I’ll take a woman for my wife the sweetest there ever walked
And pass on my inheritance to the offspring that hell balked.


Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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My Scarlet Woman

Amongst the oaks and the maples and shrubbery so green
Runs a translucent flow, a stream so pristine
It's meandering contours hugging the land
Takes me back to the day, we met unplanned

The sky was pale blue on this hot summers day
Cotton wool clouds in mesmerising display
It's as if you could reach out and brush with your hand
This candy floss coating ceiling our land

Many meadows I walked through capturing the sounds
Listening to her marvels in cinema surround
Technicolour rainbows so radiant to the eye
Such beauty in nature, understandably why

I reach the turn-style that leads to the forest walk
Listening to the breeze through the trees as if they talk
These pillars of stature, as old as grandfathers years
Many stories they could tell, that would bring you to many tears

As I stroll through the leafy lanes, mapped out over many years
Trampled underfoot by it's inhabitants, badgers and beautiful red deer
I now reach the stream as I follow it's meandering flow
To a pool at it's end where past maidens bathed in glow

My ears now pick up sounds of singing and a splashing
Resonating from the pool, a glimpse of pink now flashing
A lady stands before me, bathing in the stream
Scarlet clothing in sporadic lay, am I in some kind of dream

I call out to this beauty as she turns and looks at me
Towards the bank she walks, and invites me in with she
Knee deep in crystal waters our bodies close in touch
My clothing now drifts away, the two of us in clutch

Into our eyes we both now look as blood flows through my veins
Her touch is soft and gentle, my hands now stroke her mane
Deeper we edge out as she floats and hugs my waist
The two of us in join in this beautiful serene quiet place

Our emotion creates commotion as our undulations reach the shore
Ripples of joy they are as underwater hands explore
The coldness incites a reaction, in pert and firm caress
In delightful blend we release, two souls in loving press

Kissing we reach the bank, on her summer dress we lie
Sighing in breathless spoon, we stare at the green canopy sky
Many, many hours have passed, lying naked below the peeking sun
This is the day I met my scarlet woman, the day our lives began


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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                                 AND GOD GAVE HIM A WOMAN

When God first made the man,
He said,"What have I done?
He just sits there alone,
He's not having much fun.

I want all of My creatures,
To enjoy their life.
I know what I'll do,
I'll create him a wife."

So God set to work,
And He put him to sleep,
And as he slumbered,
The Lord dug down deep;

From his heart at the center,
He took the first part,
"She'll be filled with emotion,
She willl be his heart;

The thing in this world,
That he loves the most,
He'll love her and keep her,
In her will he boast."

From under his arm, 
He next took a rib,
From a place in his side,
Near the lungs where it hid,

Protected from harm,
And the wind and the rain,
"He'll lean on her,
Should he come up lame;

For she is his helpmate,
Companion for him,
When he's tired or sad,
She'll comfort him."

When Adam awoke,
And saw her at his side,
He smiled as God told him,
"Here is your bride."

"She's the prettiest thing,
That I`ve ever seen,
But it`s funny you know,
Of a sudden it seems,

I can no longer stand,
So I better sit down,
She can get what I need,
It`s good she`s around.`

                                     Judy Ball

(And that`s  the way it`s been ever since)

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2011

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Gilly, getting chilly,
for she has no overcoat.
She is wondering why you care.
Gilly starts to have a smoke.

Gilly looking curious,
wondering why you watch her.
She blows rings...
She wishes she had her fur.

She starts to sing,
to herself, and not to you,
her cigarette between her fingers,
while she sings a haunting tune.

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

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The Huntress

Biding her time, stalking her prey;
Knowing that far he can not stray
The huntress has readied her bow
And just waits for his heart to show

She’s set a trap and, once again
The hunted bites finding naught within
But false hope and the fresh new pain
Of another dart’s bright red stain

Her aim is true, never missing mark
A shot through ear straight to the heart
Finding company amongst wounds
That haven’t killed but surely doomed

Satisfied hunt, the quarry alive
For pain is all the archer strives
The game stays up and keeps coming
The Huntress smiles and keeps gunning

Shot after shot from near and afar
Each creating a brand new scar
Save for the one that sailed over head
And only scrambled his brain instead

Battered and bruised, not giving ground
Wanting to scream, making no sound
The hunted feels warm but shivers
Waiting for an empty quiver

But more missiles fly, tearing flesh
Slowly putting out fire in chest
That once burned full of amour
Now growing colder by the hour

She could put end to agony
“But where’s the fun in that?” says she
So she fires on with bolts of guile
At helpless prey, sad, in denial

Feathered shafts always boring in
‘Til weathered soul was beaten thin
And arrows bounced and couldn’t mark
Soft warm flesh became cold stone heart

Copyright © Joseph Soper | Year Posted 2017

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Lament of a Battered Woman

Bruises disappeared, cuts and scratches gone
The scars inside will never heal
The roses are beautiful, your promises empty
You'll never know the way I feel

Self esteem removed, dignity stripped
Emotions drained, each day the same
How pathetic can you be to think
Somehow, some way, I might be to blame.

A horror story not fully told
Nowhere to run, nowhere to go
A love so warm, now so cold
To be so high, then sink so low.

The battle rages on, each day the same
Our dreams and plans have turned to dust
Why is the pain greater, also the shame
When it's someone you love, someone you trust.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2006

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My mind is in need of rest
just for a moment, brief,
a silent little repose here
will surely bring to me relief.

My heavy eyelids gently fall
and shut out the entire world,
my hair lays down and relaxes
even though it has been curled.

I breathe in slowly and deeply
my heartbeat settles down,
my ears can hear around me
the wind's soft whispering sound.

It lifts me to a far off place
where clouds become my bed,
I reach out to grab another
like a soft pillow for my head.

You can only imagine
what I can only see,
as I dream a beautiful dream
that was meant just for me.

Inspired by the painting, "Resting" by Victor Gabriel Gilbert 

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Loving a Woman

Foreplay starts hours before the bedroom.
Leaving a note on your car while you’re working,
As flowers are delivered in bloom.
Later, rubbing your feet to ease the hurting.

Over dinner, listening to your day.
Engaging every detail as your best friend.
Like when we first met, still the same today.
One of the secrets, don’t let the courting end.

Drawing a bath with popping bubbles.
Oils and a couple from the ice cube tray.
Solace for a night from life’s troubles,
Starting down through pleasure’s parfait.

My right hand sliding from your face,
Over the ear to your hair it grasps.
Our lips flowing together in a slow pace,
As my left hand massages your ass with tight clasps.

Laying you down under the light of the moon,
Candle’s flickers dance among our needs.
A cuddle making a fork from a spoon.
Hot wax drips the body’s tense pleads.

My tongue traces each of your curves.
To make them all mine this night.
Each part given what it deserves.
Knowing where and when to bite.

With the right pressure on every button,
Finding and keeping the perfect rhythms.
Loving you French, Greek, and Russian.
In and out of all the positions.

Two finger tricks in love and smut.
Just two inches in, then up.
Making a pea become a walnut.
While your hands hold your legs like stirrups.

Opening that box of our toys.
Black leather with whips and chains.
Clothes lines and collars employs
Us playing Asphyxia’s dangerous games.

From each encounter, perfecting my skill set,
And if your heart ever turns to another,
Your mind and body to never forget,
When once and still I be, your greatest lover.

Contest: Hotsy Totsy
Sponsor: Rachel Firmin
Written: 02.14.15
*Forever grateful to Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg (1881-1957) and every woman I’ve ever known*

Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2015

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A Crime of Passion

You wonder how our love has died
It’s murder...by MY hand
A Crime of Passion’s what it is
I hope you understand

I spilt the blood of dying love
Put sword in to the hilt
And now I wear my mourning gown
But heart is free of guilt

Audacious is that question, “dear”
Forgot my tears last night?
Embrace refused, you  turned your back
And said, “Turn out the light!”

And did you ever question, “dear”
How this poor heart did tear
Those nights of passion you’d deny
Though heart and soul I’d bare

Some lukewarm love is not enough
this woman’s heart to fill
You think that only you have needs
Well, that prompted the kill!!!

It was a crime of Passion, “dear”
She really forced my hand
To live without her ecstasy 
Was more than I could stand!

I wanted more than you could give
My body’d throb and ache
To show that I was satisfied
Love making I would fake

And here you come and beg of me
To resurrect our love
We’ll it’s done gone and buried, “dear”
The spirit’s flown above

I walk right past the tomb and laugh
At all past misery
For now, you see, there is someone
Who gives Passion to me…

Eileen Manassian

;) Thought I'd try my hand at farce...

Here is a song that goes with this topic...Yes, an oldie...but a goldie....A woman needs love just like you do by Ray Parker Junior



A woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Don't kid yourself into thinkin' that she don't
She can fool around just like you do, hoo
Unless you give her all the lovin' she wants

Don't the mistake of thinkin' old fashioned [Ooh, ooh]
Times have changed from yesterday
But no longer will those old double standards [Ooh, ooh]
Be accepted by the women of today

So when you think you're foolin' her
She just might be foolin' you
Remember if you can do it
She can too

Because a woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Hey, don't kid yourself into thinking that she don't
She can fool around just like you do, hoo
Unless you give her all the lovin' she wants

When her eyes are beggin' for affection [Ooh, ooh]
Don't put her off, don't make her wait
Don't try to give her that worn out excuse [Ooh, ooh]
About being tired and workin' late

I tell you one day you'll come home
Early from work [Home from work]
Open up the door
And get your feelings hurt

Because she needs it, yeah [Just like you do, hoo]
A woman's got to have it, whoa, yeah, just like you
And if you're smart, mmm, [Just like you do, hoo] you better stop foolin'
around, hey, hey
'Cause she will too, oh

Just like you do, hoo
Thinking that she don't, hoo, ooh
Just like you, hoo
Now an example to you

Is by the time poor Jack
Returned up the hill
Somebody else
Had been lovin' Jill

A woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Hey, don't kid yourself into thinkin' that she don't
She can fool around [Yeah, just like you do, hoo], she will fool around so
You better take out some insurance and be sure she won't

Give her the love, mmm [Just like you do, hoo], yeah
That sweet, sweet love, she wants it just like you
'Cause she can fool around [Just like you do, hoo] just like she will fool
With you or without you, just like you do

A woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Hey, don't kid yourself into thinking that she don't, hoo, ooh
She can fool around just like you, hoo
A woman needs it just like you

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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To Love a Woman

You love the warrior woman
the one who's in control
you love the sweet seductress
who electrifies your soul

You love the teasing temptress
the woman who knows to please
you love the siren vixen
who makes you fall to your knees

You love the modern lady
who's full of class and finesse
who takes it all in her stride
knows how to dress and undress

You love the pretty woman
who graces you with a smile
the loving kind supporter
who makes it all seem worthwhile

Why can't you love the captive
who's imprisoned by your love?
The one who needs your kindness
to know what life is made of?

Why can't you love the weak one
who needs your strength to survive?
the one who clings to your heart,
for your soul keeps her alive?

Why can't you love the hurt one
who needs healing from your lips?
the "thirsty for love" woman,
who's only been granted sips?

Why can't you love her fully,
for all the good and the bad?
Love her in her sheer madness
Love her when her heart is glad

Be different from mortal men
Who desire what appeals
Be her hero of valor
who feels all that her heart feels

For I am myriad women
in the body of just one
Don't love just a part of me
or I'm sure your love to shun

Love my strong fighting spirit
Love my broken weakened mind
Love seductress and seduced
Love with madness that is blind

If you love in completeness
If you treasure all I am
You'll be my king and lover
I will make you feel all man!

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

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Tale of a Witch - Modern Day

When conjuring up visions of witches,
people might think of a broom or black cat.
The scariest ones, though, are b*$%#es
who wear normal clothes and not a black hat.

Here is the tale of a witch - modern-day.
She had two small sons, but life was a bore.
With other men she wanted to play,
for witches are selfish and always want more.

She made up a spell to meet a new guy
with more brains and drive than her own spouse.
She also required that he should comply
with all that she wanted - a guy like a mouse!

Maybe the one she found was a critter
she’d caught in a field and changed to a man,
but she made sure that he was no quitter.
Once he was hers, she began her grand plan.

She brazenly met with her new boyfriend
with her kids in the house, for she had no fear.
She magically got her marriage to end
and got her son’s father to then disappear.

All this she accomplished quite legally.
Her daddy, a warlock and powerful man,
made threats to the son-in-law so he’d agree
to give up his boys and not see them again.

The witch moved her boys away from her ex,
whose parents were left brokenhearted.
The grandparents’ hearts were crushed from a hex
that assured sons from father were parted.

The boys were raised with the witch in control
of their minds, and they could not recall
the life with their dad because their mom stole
their dad’s name from them too. She took all!

The witch’s new husband worked hard for his wife.
He obeyed her commands very well.
On the surface they seemed to have a good life,
but the sons had their own truths to tell. . . 

The years passed away; the witch became old.
Her sons have escaped her dark power.
She remains (even though her deeds have been told)
unrepentant up to the last hour.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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Three Among Us Named Sue

Bows in the pigtails, bows on the dress
swinging her arms, loving all the sass
bouncing and beautiful, rounding and rue
we flow into the coming days, of kissing Sue.

Sue is immortal, holding her babes,
loving her man, cooking her meals,
wanting for the beyond, entering her days
slowing and slowing until she sits more than swings.

And there you find her bowed back all alone,
waiting for a call, wanting everyone back home,
kisses so remote, we wonder how they disappear
until we find warmth with the one who calls us home.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2014

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Her Worth

There is nothing on earth like a mother.
No one compares to her worth.
None have done more for mankind,
Than mothers, who loved us from birth.

Who matches her steadfast devotion?
When all others flee, who remains?
Who picks up our lives and attends us?
Who rocked all our worries away?

No physician has healed more hurts
Or given more comfort or care;
Has tended to body and spirit,
Than mother, whose touch was there.

No judge has calmed more conflicts
Or settled more cases on earth,
Than mother who daily stood with us,
Always defending our worth.

No preacher has whispered more prayers
Or poured out more tears to the Lord,
Than mothers, before we were born:
Began lifting us up evermore.

No role that I know can eclipse this;
Save Jesus my Lord who before her,
Gave Himself, full surrender like mothers
Oh the crowns upon these He’ll confer! 

Thank God for the worth of a mother,
Unsung heroes who “make” our world.
All of heaven knows what many miss:
There is nothing on earth like a mother.

Copyright © Tom Valles | Year Posted 2016

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Holy Mother Mary 
Always close at hand
I see your sign in my palm 
You calm and understand

Holy Mother Mary
Never there to chide
You mark the hand of all
To still … to love …to guide.

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2014

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I walk on tip-toes in the dark
To take another awe-struck peep
A perfect, tiny, masterpiece
In blue pajamas, wrapped in sleep.

My best creation, born of love
Whose life my soul perchance reflects
And every nuance of his face
My joyous heart again inspects.

An artist with her greatest art
Whose work has only just begun
Each day will add a color, stroke
To this, my canvas, called "My Son."

And nothing else this mother needs
Not food, not shelter, or even rest
But to gaze upon my greatest work
This simple pleasure is the best.

Copyright © Cindi Rockwell | Year Posted 2016

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She is perfect, always perfect, in every way

She’s on my shoulder, my beautiful girl, 
Smiling, shimmering, wearing not much at all.
Tiny white shorts, tiny top, white hat, and little blue tie,
My little sailor against the wall.

She’s on so many other men’s arms, my sexy girl, 
And she’ll forever be with me always.
Always with all the men, giving love, with an innocent smile, 
Setting all their hearts ablaze.

She’s unlike any other love I have, she’s ageless, 
Forever young, always perfectly styled hair.
She’s perfect when I’m covered in mud, slimy grease and muck, 
She’s perfect everywhere.

I met her on a cold, rainy, winter’s day,
Two beautiful hours of a buzzing rendezvous.
I fell in love with her immediately, and her with me, 
My petite, sexy poster girl tattoo.

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2016

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A Fight for the Green

There passed amid the crowded fair a lady
All clad in stately gown of em'rald green
With golden trim and diamonds all a-sparkle
It was, I say in truth, a comely scene

Her hair was walnut brown and deftly braided
Her eyes the bluest June I e'er ha' seen
Her face was white as ever summer daisy
As she walked amid the fair in em'rald green

I wended to the lady through the milling
And sought if I might carry of her gage
She chained me with ther fiery diamond necklace
And sought a worthy foe upon the stage

Her eyes passed o'er the sport with sharp disdaining
Said she, These roughened fellows all are mean
I seek a fitted match against my diamonds
To win a crown of honour for the green

At length, she spied the master of the quarter
The stoutest wight of Herefordshire, I ween
And though I had no hope against this venture
I'd do it for the woman clad in green

His quarterstaff was sure and fairly whistled
His arms were strong, as well his eyes were keen
Yet still I kept my feet upon the platform
And prayed them still remain for fair Athene

This lusty fight went on for half the hour
A goodly crowd collected for the see'n'
Then stepped the pretty damsel to the staff-ring
And saith, You fairly won the lass in green

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Out of the blue

Out of the blue I searched for you,
Under yellow skies I walked,
With scarlet red the things you knew!
The black lace talked and talked

I found you thumbing on the road,
Drifting south for a change of pace,
Your suitcase was hardly a load,
My heart began to race.

A game was lurking in your eyes,
I wanted in to play your sin.
Fortune’s wheel did not disguise 
The roguish plans you held within.

You took the keys and off you went, 
With gaping mouth I stood 
My heart inflamed with discontent,
I whimpered all I could.

With bold resolve my feet did go,
Dust and sweat led the way.
What did tempt I did not know,
But hidden fires held my sway.

Marching like a highway man,
Of dreams untold to think about,
I tried to chart your steps and plan,
Whose saucy tease I had no doubt.

Feline ways invite soft prints,
Invisible shades eyes large make,
I saw the method in your hints,
By subtle fumes my nose did stake.

I tracked and looked and never quit,
To find your world and magic curve,
But at some point I had to admit,
I wondered if I had the nerve.

I hung my head, I sang low tunes
Echo’s hope was just a trace,
So I took to heed the passing moons
Oh your purring heart did I chase.

As though you saw my forlorn look,
My ears you tapped with engine fire,
Behind me came your line and hook,
Smiling in my car you took.
Get in you said with lips to bend,
With a grin that spoke of lazy miles,
To you my vows could but commend,
So sure were your entrancing styles.

I swaggered in next to fate,
Forever gone, here was now,
Praying for mercy on this date,
Still like a mouse hearing meow.

You throttled up and off we flew,
The wind and hair was just a blair,
If my better half only knew,
The forbidden things I would dare.

The ride was smooth and oh so cool,
Skin touched skin and all was one,
Kissed by heaven’s secret rule,
Ay there’s the rub, just have some fun.

Salvation’s road leads to crime,
Heat and sweat are natures beat,
Lemons aid the bitter lime,
To overcome what might defeat.

Out of the blue I searched for you,
Under yellow skies I walked,
With scarlet red the things you knew!
The black lace talked and talked.

Copyright © Yorn Called | Year Posted 2014

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In nightshade she rages in fumes
And  drives me to the edge  of  unrest
Inside coal eyes, my breath exhumed
Granting her to stew, I feel pressed.

Dark tresses of fire keeps burning
A passion that ignites a whirl...
This vixen’s scold reeks like a sting
But truth of her  words were sincere.

Enticed,  I drink the spiced potion
That bathes deep down inside of me;
Possessing a huntress’ grit, she drones
As my pride she melts, heavenly.

My woman is both river and sleet
Her quarter moon flushed with grace;
Eclipsing my will, my defeat
To accept a female's bold ways!

Dr. Ram Mehta's Husbands Are In Heaven.. Contest
by nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2014

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Grandma's Legacy

My grandma had a green thumb
She loved to garden, plant and grow
Didn't matter where they're from
Snatching cuttings wherever she'd go

Her pockets filled with seeds from trips to and fro
Labeling the envelops with names as she was home
Plant variety was something she would know
She also knew specific times when seeds should be sown

Her garden was her solace throughout her hardened life
She planted seeds and grew her plants anywhere she stay
Always fed her family through depression and strife
Many rows of vegetables were planted in her day

Years have passed and she is gone her love of planting seeds
Was passed on through her family who now are pulling weeds. 

Jennifer Marie Oliver

Copyright © Jennifer Marie Oliver | Year Posted 2013

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Eve Gave Birth To Reason

Man was once content to stay
uncomplicated and free.
For flowers bloomed every day
and fruit hung from vine and tree.

God tested the soul of Man
forestalling self-awareness.
And for an infinite span
Man lived with this unfairness.

Only if Man disobeyed
could He gain free will of thought.
And when Adam wasn't swayed
a woman's touch was sought.

Woman came into season
because God thinks in abstract. 
And Eve gave birth to reason
though Man found sin in her act.

Man rose from ape to being
and found there was no way back.
For when God sent Man fleeing
angels helped keep Him on track.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Of Offices and Orifices

Sordid tales your eyebrows tell
Insinuations start to sing
Things we all know very well--
Say, did you miss my wedding ring?

You’d do you worst right here and now
A stealthy drink from your chalice
Want me to forget the wedding vows,
A mechanical bull with phallus?

Pursing your lips, parading your hips
All the while, I’m stifling quiet laughter
As if your fries and shake could eclipse
My seven course happily ever after!

Coworkers of giant ego
And undersized self-restraint
Have fallen prey to your libido
Flushed it all to taste your taint

But see, here’s the baseline reality
About my availability you’re mistaken
Unless my wife’s nonexistent bisexuality
You can magically awaken

Sure, maybe you can be a roast turkey slice
Between our marital sandwich bread
Or our fresh sushi covered in rice--
I shouldn’t joke; now you’re being misled…

But seriously, there’s nothing to discuss
What you’re implying just ain’t happening
Further coquetry is simply superfluous
Back to the regularly scheduled programming

And in closing, here’s what I’d do
If you’re looking for lifestyle enhancement
Instead of looking for married men to woo
Perhaps try some legit career advancement.

© Thomas W. Quigley

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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Im Thankful Im a WOMAN- Womans Day Celebration

I’m thankful that I’m a woman
With the power to beguile
With charm at my fingertips
And bewitchment in my smile

I’m proud to be a woman
Of genders the fairer one
With a silken soft beauty
And aura to match the sun

I’m glad to be a woman
Of creation the very best
The epitome of all the finest
By whom mankind was blessed

I revel in being a woman
Full of such delicate grace
The one to woo and dazzle
With passion etched on my face

I relish being a woman
For I’m able to dominate
To conquer and subdue
With one motion to subjugate

I celebrate being a woman
To have voluptuous curves
Not angular and muscled
But supple, with gentle swerves

I jubilate, for I’m a woman
Made as a help meet for man
To console and nurture him
Add my wisdom to his plan

Yes…oh yes, I am a woman
I know what I’m capable of
At times I am a tigress
At others a gentle dove

A woman is the essence
Of beauty and all that’s good
Men, I advise you to be careful
And treat them as you should

For women are little girls
Made of sugar and of spice
Now do be good little boys
If you want them to be nice!

YES, I’m thankful I’m a woman
I embody pleasure sweet
To be found in my presence
Is a never ending treat!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

OK men...take this with a grain of salt...C'mon! It is the International Women's Day. Show that woman in your life a little bit more love today, for where would you be without her! ;)

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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A New Woman

Barefoot and pregnant,
Scrubbing pots and pans;
Supper's on the table,
I must submit to man!

No formal education,
My place is in the house;
Silent, without emotion,
So loyal to my spouse!

The laundry's neat and tidy,
The kids are off to school;
Here I go to the market,
Never will I break your rules!

Well, marmalade and poppycock,
Have I got news for you;
The 18th century's over,
I'm not your crawling fool!

Barefoot and pregnant?
It's only because I can;
If you want your supper,
Get up and lend a hand!

I have an education,
I'm free to leave the house;
Emotions conquer silence,
I'm a woman, not a mouse! 

Laundry's in the hamper,
The kids are off to school;
Come go with me to the market,
Only games are played by rules!

A new girl has risen,
With force and contemplation;
Someday she'll run for president,
Make way for a brand new nation! 

Copyright © Milton Toran | Year Posted 2013

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Mirror In My Pocket

~Mirror in my pocket~
Many years ago my Nana gave to me
A little pocket mirror, and she told me I would see
“See what Nan” I asked looking deep into the smokey glass
“You will see yourself” she smiled, and called me her "lovely lass"

It is a mirror so what did she mean, yet my Nan was very wise
And looking into the mirror, I didn’t recognise my eyes
Is this a trick I asked my Nan, while looking deep into the glass?
No trick lass, just a mirror but take heed of what comes to pass.

I slipped it in my pocket, thanked her and said goodbye
On the journey home I looked into the mirror, and it made me cry
Deep into the smokey glass I peered, but nothing I could see
No reflection of myself and I wondered how that could be.

 A woman then looked out of the glass, tears pooled in the saddened eyes
A face that was not my own, it was my Nan to my great surprise
She smiled and disappeared, my own reflection replaced hers there
Shocked and surprised, I replaced the mirror, with tender care.

I reached my home sixty miles away and lifted out the glass
A woman that resembled me smiled, and I wondered what had come to pass
Weeks did pass my mirror became a treasure never left behind
Because when I looked into it, it was of my Nan it did remind.
Then the day, I saw the mirror so grey and full of gloom
I peered into it knowing there was some impending doom
My Nans face appeared, and with tears she mouthed goodbye
That was the day she died, and the day the mirror cried.

The mirror, I keep close, as she did,it means so much to me
I will pass it onto my son when I think he needs to see
To the woman i loved and miss, my reflection changed slow-ly
It’s now the same one looking out, as when my Nan gave the mirror to me.

Time has passed the years have gone, my mirror is smokey grey
I’ll pass it on to my son so he can be ready for the day.
I took heed of the mirror over the years and what comes to pass
I saw that we all grow old and my Nan showed me, with a looking glass.
©1/10/2012 ~GG~

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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I found hidden beauty
In a heart of nobility;
Belonging to my dear duchess
Having a body ringed with luscious.

With solid character merged with simplicity
In her I found charm, grace and felicity;
Her story is not in a book to read
But in my heart which she freed.

Possessed by a benevolent mind
Gentle, pure and kind;
My heart and my soul continuously burn
Until the moment corporeal passions turn.

Only one solution to sanctify my soul
To make her heart totally mine and whole;
With this beauty the yearning too strong
Hidden, except from me, as our passions prolong.

This is a lady full of hidden grace
Forever imposing never out of place;
A once in a lifetime beauty of my life
Fortunately she’s is going to be my wife.

January 18th 2015

Copyright © Nehpets Gnik | Year Posted 2015

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Tubby Girl Remembers the Glory Days of YORE

I used to sashay into a room
And see all the guys just stare
Now when I waddle in a room
I get cuddled like a bear

I reveled in the very fact 
That I was just sizzling hot
Now I feel rather lukewarm
Marilyn Monroe I am NOT!

I used to have a tiny waist
That accentuated my breast
Now there are lots of tiny rolls
That go right up to my chest

People like to touch my arms
They remind them of a pillow
And when I walk, do watch out!
My bum does jiggle like jello

Although now I am not streamlined
Unlike Angelina Jolie
I’m still happy with who I am
Cause there’s beauty inside of me

I don’t think that a woman’s meant
To be merely some skin and bones
But rather curvaciously soft
Or her pokiness will bring groans

And yet I confess to moments
When I wish I could turn back time
I want to be drop dead gorgeous
Not skinny… but full and sublime

Well, this lament is getting lame
So I'll start the exercise craze
I still want to make men go weak
So they’ll stare at me in a daze!

But Belly Dancing won’t be fun
There just won’t be enough to shake
So maybe I’ll just stay this way
And be good...for heaven’s sake!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013