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Fallen Star

I tracked along a silver trail
carved out from Earthly dust
by rays persistent in the dark 
and midnight wanderlust.

It led me to a bubbling fount
of sulfurous mud and tar; 
whereupon I chanced a glimpse
and found a fallen star. 

An ancient from celestial realms
ensnared terrestrially
dimly glowing in the murk
I heard it sing to me:

Sojourner of the moonlit way
I sense thy beating heart
I’ve travelled from infinity
now hearken ere you part.

You roam upon this infant orb, 
you draw from it thy life, 
but I sense greed and evil scorn
and no land void of strife.

I beg you tell me how it came
that creatures such as thee
have found such hatred in thy souls
to punish endlessly. 

It’s not so bad, I said out loud
we know of love as well…
as to the fate of mother Earth
I simply can’t foretell.

The ground beneath my weary feet
gave way to empty space
then all around me in the void
I saw the human race.

Starving children, ill and gaunt
were kicked by wing-tipped shoes.
Females ranging every clime
in silence nursed abuse.

In darkness men were plotting war
in light their banners raised
it mattered not which way I looked
some evil met my gaze.  

Make it stop, I beg you please!
Why poison thou my mind?
What can I do to stop all this,
is no good left to find?

Sojourner of the moonlit way
I sense thy beating heart
I’ve travelled from infinity
now hearken ere you part.

You roam upon this infant orb, 
you draw from it thy life, 
and though you’re one of many men
love in thy chest is rife.

You must return to whence you came
you must confer abroad
the goodness that within thee burns
seek first to serve the flawed.

Think on the vast expanse of space
so empty, dark and cold…
and how despite the hopeless cause
star-light you still behold.

So too might thou, if you’ll but try
endure this awful plight
for in the vast expanse of hate
love is thy shining light. 


Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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- Two Stars Sparkle as One Soul -

They whisper their sonnets and surrender their thrones gracefully
Consuming tunes sweetly echoing and crowning a heart with love 
Your gentle words, your tender touch, so much divine beauty as
Our two stars sparkle as one soul with one golden smile of eternity

When the sun rises in the east and the sun sets in the west we know
While looking upon a dream holding the deepest vision awestruck
The new sun across the sky passes so the soul can reach its destiny
And you vanquished all doubts of me burning as one flame on fire 

Knowing the winds in Heaven mix forever in a powerful divine glory
With one angel standing before our eyes as destiny sparks its promise
That in God’s way it must be the message of love we feel so strongly
Embracing forever the alchemy of two stars blazing hot with emotion
Dreams and fantasies merge with this wonderful bliss ever so gently
As faraway rising is your sunshine holding hands warmly as a regal gift 
And a truth filled with blessing, deeply peaceful and complete as we pray
Under a bridge of hope with colors kissing the heart and soul of a dream

Love and devotion pervade our eternal desire of oneness with the Lord God
As His heavenly guard ushers our souls together with purpose before Him
And as a choir of angels sing their majestic paeans honoring this moment
We see now our dreams melding as one as our two stars sparkle as one soul 

Anne-Lise Andresen, Liam McDaid, and Gary Bateman – A Collaborated
Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved – June 11, 2015 (Unrhymed Quatrain)

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

The sun slips over the edge
where the horizon bleeds red.
And as night's curtain descends
I watch it fall from my bed.

Dusk becomes a twilight zone
as silence warrants a hush.
And everything slows right down
life's no longer in a rush.

Shadows pool in silhouettes
below dark ebony skies.
And a liquid moon shimmers
as the last light of day dies.

Heaven unveils sparkling lights
and I know just what they are.
Like diamonds in the sky
twinkle twinkle little star.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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The Crone

A warning breeze bore tale of a familiar and fiery rage;
in the dread of night, a crone hobbled, accursed of her age  
by smoldering orange glow, she took to an ancient black tome 
raptly reciting incantations from a frail and ravaged page.

A century past, was the last time she’d seen them roam; 
that cursed dark knight and his dragon with scales of chrome.
Overwhelmed by terror, she’d tried hiding herself in her bed
but the dragon knew…he could sense her, and lit up her home.

Scarred by the inferno, disfigured she looked like the dead.
The whole village feared her, and quickly rumors had spread,
“You’re a witch, you’re a monster, you’ll curse us, don’t venture so near…
stay away from our town, leave us alone.” they had said. 

90 years of solitude, the crone spent every night with her fear;
entrenched in lore of ancients, spells feeble and others severe.
She committed her life to mastering the forbidden art
and now to her dread, dark knight and chrome dragon, drew near.

Though the breeze had granted her time, and a decent head-start,
the dragon had sensed her, and it wanted her heart.
Shaking, she whispered, casting spell after spell in the night, 
transfixed, she fluidly traced out a primeval star chart.

When she had finished, she took up a shawl brilliant white, 
hobbled out of her dwelling, and sang in the twinkling starlight.
Above her, the knight on his chrome beast made a dive
His sword in its sheath; he was expecting no fight.

The crone raised a finger, and with it, her will to survive.
Perseus, Prometheus, Orion, and Apollo did revive;
The lion, the ram, the bull and scorpion, from heaven crept
Beasts and heroes, gods and titans of ages past, came alive. 

The blanket of heaven descended, and all who had slept
marched on the dark knight and his dragon, to intercept.
The battle was fierce, but swiftly it ended.
The crone ended her song, and then finally she slept.

The life she had granted the stars had expended
what life she had left, though that was as she’d intended.
She’d committed her life to protecting her homeland
though they’d sent her away, still their lives she'd defended.

Now there’s a rare constellation of a gnarled old hand
choking out a chrome dragon which appears to be manned.
Written somewhere on a frail and ravaged page,
is a spell to summon her...though that book has been banned.

Submission for: FANTASY
Hosted by: Mystic Rose

Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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Sea of Dreams

She drifted on black starlit glass
beneath the full moon bright
captivated by the beauty of
the tranquil, lovely light
floating on the gentle waves
the stars kissed her goodnight
and rocked into her deepest dreams
she floated out of sight

By Morgan Mise
Written January 6, 2013

Copyright © Morgan Mise | Year Posted 2013

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Golden Oldies

 Remember the star I named after you
   The one that hung right next to the moon
 It was as mysterious as an ancient rune
   Casting its spell as through the  heavens it flew

 Now that star is but a distant  gleam
    Flickering in the shadow of a passing cloud
 But your smile still colors all my dreams
    For love slumbers not, it still shines proud

 When the moon is full on a breezy summer night
    And a wistful melody travels on for miles
I will look upon your star  still shining bright
     But it pales in comparison to the shadow of your smile
 And when the winter comes with caress of gentle snow
  Your smile will linger  even if we're apart
   And  when we embrace in passion's tender glow
 "Speak softly love and hold me warm against your heart"
 Songs: The Shadow Of Your Smile, Speak Softly Love. 

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2016

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Blushing ruby gem petals touch

I see the shadows soft inside starlight 
beauty illuminates one queen true
deep within the bones it dwells ashes 
a drunken spirit's kiss lives hot fire

Burns ultra violet turns blue heaven's 
colours of amazing grace's promise
white dove you fly deeply inside pure
rose you bleed into heartbeats crimson love

Crowning of the temple angelic gift
dawn awakening within jewels 
blinding beautiful I am held 
captivated by a vision of you

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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Retired, B%$#@ing Movie Star

Where's the point?
Why go on?
I've got no support,
to face the dawn.
The brought me lust,
the got me friends.
In them I did trust,
numbers to all the men.
They got me on the cover,
of every magazine.
Cindy Crawford, move over,
they were quite a team.
Those were the good times,
they were at their best.
Now at the age of 79,
their just two old sagging breasts!

Copyright © Ricci Hardt | Year Posted 2010

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Otherworldly Starry Sights

 In the universe, before a star dies
 It goes through implosive pangs
 In this realm a supernova lies
 As the star goes out with a mighty bang

 The resulting explosion causes a celestial storm
 And illuminates the galactic night
 And then a nebula is formed
 A beautiful otherworldly sight

 In our galaxy supernovas are rarely seen
 Within our realm the moon must suffice
 An earthly view much more serene
 With a glow to enchant and entice


Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2017

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She Gave Me A Star- A Tribute to F J Thomas

She gave me a star by my name
Just what I’ve dreamed of for so long
There by name, a shinning star
To PM Members I belong
She gave me a star...

She gave me a tiara for my hair
Sent messages for the “Queen”
She chased all my tears far away
A kinder heart I've not seen
She gave me tiara

She gave me a smile for my lips
Brought the sunshine right on in
It’s hard to fathom such sweet care
This friendship of ours is a win
She gave me a smile

I wish for something more to give
Than this simple silly old rhyme
I’d give her what she desired
Something that will last through all time
I’ll give her my love!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

I wanted to say a very humble thank you to F J for her stupendous gift of a PM Membership. If you only knew how long I've wanted it and the reasons why I didn't get around to it....Lots of reasons. Here it is...a gift....a star by my name...by a star in my sky. :) F J....you've been more than kind to me....First the tiara and queen title...now this....I will carry this in my heart....for as long as it beats. Thank you for your wonderful friendship. God bless you!

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

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Rock gently oh sweet precious child Hug your Teddy, the night aglow With my lullaby’s hum beguiled; “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, flow! Mommy‘s near as the skies blaze deep Everything’s right, let out that grin Till eyelids drop through folded sleep; In wonderland, a trance begins. When pixies lift their wings of gold Revealing a magical place; Watch ribbons of petals unfold Then on the lea, the fireflies race. Glitters blow on doves, on lakes green Beyond chuckles, elfin will play As stardust whiffs a blessed dream Twinkle, child, through heaven’s array! Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Contest Sponsor: Kelly Deschler 4/28/2015

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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While starlight peeps through frames of my window Adorning blossoms with graced loveliness; I swagger in the yard to watch a glow Luminescent as eventide’s caress, That my eyes wander like a rosy dream Captive by the dance of tranquility; Where jays skitter on blazed feathers, upstream Mirroring twirls from heart’s gaiety, While Summer’s reflects fiery skyline To touch this mystic heart of providence, As Orlons of wishful trail entwine This glint imbues a Magi's innocence ; For lustrous pleasures lift my cheeks, to rise To fall asleep, draped in starlight’s warm bliss; And trace moments of heavenly surprise Humming bird songs from night's lullaby kiss! For White Wolf's Starlight Contest Revised 4/17/2017

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Early riser, coffee in my hand
Watching the stars as they fade away
Yes, twinkle twinkle little star
Go, I'll admire you another day

Your light has come so very far
From a different time and place
A distance I cannot comprehend
Through this mystery called space

When I break this earthly bond
Perhaps the heavens I'll explore
Flying to see you face to face
And walk through infinity's door

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2015

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Their reflection in my eyes

For all the stars that shined their light
And found their reflection in my eyes
Not one could illuminate this cavernous sky
For their vision was constrained by sight

You peer into the depths of my galaxies
Without a word my heart falls to knee
So loving, piercing, so all consuming
Are your eyes when beholding me

Your touch like brilliant colors tracing the sky
You wrap me in your light while my old skin takes flight
Peculiar the way without you for hours or a day
My body feels naked my world in dismay 

A word with more power than loves been explained 
Is thee expression I seek yet fail to attain
It resides in the sound I hear in your voice
Or how it feels on my lips to say your name

No lyric or poem nor work of art
No celestial body that lingers on high
No beauty that lies where ocean waters hide
Describe how you search me with your eyes

You exhume a surrender I once buried so deep
From that first time my heart skinned its knee
Which taught me give only your soul to this point
Relinquish not your own needs... Quickly wish them Godspeed 

Yet you say without words in those sapphire pools
That you'll honor the treasure of my trust
My surrender is your prize the apple of your eye
Your bride and the love of your life 

Our dreams and our needs no longer be carried alone
For infinities love ever winds
My joy is your smile your crown is my throne
Your happiness is mine intertwined

Yes so many stars have shined their light
And found their reflection in my eyes
But only yours has shined so bright
it begs a loving surrender... known as a wife

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2013

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Mystery Under The Tree

They went to the manger that night,
those wise men who came from afar,
to worship the child by the light 
of Bethlehem's bright glowing star.

The animals, drawn unto Him,
soon gathered 'round manger to see
the holy babe sleeping within,
and shared in the great mystery.

And so was our dear Lucy cat
at Christmas time lost in her dream;
each day by the Christmas tree sat
to guard the Nativity scene.

She'd stare at the babe in the hay
and looked at each figure beside.
It seemed something drew her to stay;
for hours she'd sit there wide-eyed.

Like animals drawn unto to Him
that met 'round the manger to see,
our Lucy seemed led from within
to guard the sweet babe neath the tree.

Sandra M. Haight

~5th Place~
Contest: Mystery
Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron
Judged: July 6, 2016

~1st Place~
Contest: Cats and Christmas Trees
Sponsor: Mary Oliver Rotman
Judged: 12/15/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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When the northern star opens her gauzed veil
On clouds’ ladder, winged pixies arise
Where magic glides like a lucent trail,
A parade I watch with angelic sighs.

Glossy dust bounces on cosmic array
To kindle thrills from a fancy dreamland
As elves gather a rhapsodic play
With choirs stylized by mystical wands.

Jiggling lithe toes beyond stellar frames,
More fays croon in my secret heaven
Till youthful imaginings proclaim;
I become Nyx of this orbit’s glen!

Nyx--Goddess of Night
Mystic Rose's Fantasy Contest

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- repost

Early riser, coffee in my hand
Watching the stars as they fade away
Yes, twinkle twinkle little star
Go, I'll admire you another day

Your light has come so very far
From a different time and place
A distance I cannot comprehend
Through this mystery called space

When I break this earthly bond
Perhaps the heavens I'll explore
Flying to see you face to face
And walk through infinity's door

For the Stars - OLD POEMS Contest

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2015

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Beauty In Imperfection

The rugged bark of an old tree
with imperfection due to its cracks
is a wondrous thing of beauty
and it's the imperfection that attracts

We know that a star-shaped flower 
does not make a perfect star
Yet it has a certain loveliness
that induces a sense of wonder

A hand-crafted ceramic bowl
because of its asymmetry
is a wonderful artefact
that is valued very highly

An old-time cobblestone street
has a unique charm and quaintness
due to its imprecise pattern
that gives it its loveliness

Perfection is not easy to attain
and even more difficult to sustain
Beauty lies in Imperfection
and they are a natural combination

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

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A Star is Born

Telescopes bring into view
A distant object found.
By delighted astronomers,
A discovery profound.

In the Taurus constellation,
An elusive star appeared.
Observed in utter elation,
A cosmic orb austere.
Remote in stellar space, 
A profusion of colors glow,
In wondrous striking splendor,
A fresh ethereal show.  

Beyond the Milky Way,
Many light-years transcend.
The star’s amazing birth,
A new galactic friend.

Copyright © James Tate | Year Posted 2015

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My star, my sun, my darkness

I sought a hot and blazing sun, 
a star to light my dimming sky
a heavenly form; though earthly bound 
to warm my heart, before I die

I sought a power, a pull so strong
an inescapable gravitation
one that'd own my weakened heart  
and safely guide my navigation

I sought a grand, magnetic pole; 
an axis which I'd turn about  
a bearing, constant and sustaining,
a truth of which I'd have no doubt  

I sought this sun, this wondrous star 
this beacon for my life and fate    
to lead my journey near and far
my guiding light; my one true mate  

I lost my bearings and my way
in seeking such a destiny
the journey took my heart afar
from where I knew that it should be 

I found a dark and empty place
one that lived in mine own soul;
a place that only I could fill
a void that'd kept me far from whole

I seek the light now, from within
an illumination that's granted me
courage that flows from grace and good
to walk a path alone, but free

Copyright © David Brown | Year Posted 2015

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I Wish I Were Nicolas Cage

Well, he's goofy and gangly and thin up on top
And his real last name once began with a "Cop"
But I don't give a hoot about all of that
'Cause his box office draw's made his wallet grow fat.

If you listen quite closely to how this bloke talks
And you then watch how oddly he lists when he walks
Why, you'd think to yourself he'd be good as a clown
But I'm not trying here to just put the man down.

He's admitted that comics were where he got "Cage"
And his movies have made that fake name all the rage.
I've not kept a close count on how many there are,
But I tell you, my brothers, his fame extends far.

See, he's got this charisma that can't be denied
Plus a talent for acting that's as high as it's wide.
And he likes to take risks, gotta respect him for that,
Using methods that sometimes will end up falling flat.

One is called, NOUVEAU SHAMANIC, a phrase all his own,
And, then, WESTERN KABUKI, at which you might groan.
So his style's informed by the books that he reads
And he'll work it to death, or until it just bleeds.

It's a high wire act but with no safety net;
His unwavering panache makes me jealous, you bet.
Though I've tried my damned best to perform like this jock
On the set I'm as lame as a bump on a rock.

See, I've wanted to act since I was in 5th Grade
But allowed time to pass, maybe one whole decade
Before trodding the boards once again on the stage
So far back in the days when there was no Nick Cage.

I was hamming it up before Nick changed his name
Unsuccessfully striving to get in the game.
But to date Central Casting is as far as I've gone;
About all I've done there is to camp out on their lawn.

So I've hatched me a plan, will you please hear me out?
Take the shillings you're saving for Nick's latest flick
And, instead of enriching that overgrown lout
Send them here to yours truly, and best make it quick.

Copyright © Roderick Molasar | Year Posted 2015

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The Star Spangle Banner

History of the Star Spangle Banner
 Maybe idea of Major George Armistead
  The glory of Americans who scan her
   Of Mary Pickersgill she was begat

   The creation of the original flag
  Be still a subject highly debated
 Mary Pickersgill was not one to brag
Old Glory she made, beauty wind inflated

Armistead first requested it to be
 A large garrison flag for reason
  So the British have no trouble to see
   Good to see our flag has flown in season 

   Fifteen colonies equal fifteen stars
  Having eight red stripes and seven white stripes
 Red and white stripes run in parallel bars
She flows in glory apart from other types

Rumor has it two glories were first made
 For a small and a large Mary did charge
  A document exists a bill was paid
   Though small one be lost or is still at large

   The  varied small Star Spangled Banner
  Never made it home to the Smithsonian
 Would be nice to see displayed in some manner
In national museum the large is on loan!

For Contest Dazzle us with History
 For Carolyn Devonshire and James Frazer

The History of the Real Star Spangled Banner

The creation of the original flag is still a debated subject. 
However, the general story accepted by most historians is that Mary
Pickersgill was commissioned to make the flag by Major George Armistead
for $405.90. Following the victory at Fort McHenry, the flag was preserved
by Col. Armistead and it remained in the Armistead family. A smaller one
which was flown during the actual battle, and a larger one that was
flown as a replacement immediately after the British retreat. 
This was a common wartime practice of the period.While no one
can say for sure what really happened, documents exist that show that
Mary Pickersgill was paid for two separate flags, a small one and
a larger one. If the smaller flag exists, its whereabouts are unknown.
In 1907, George Armistead’s grandson, Eben Appleton, expressed
interest in donating the flag to the state of Maryland or to the city of
Baltimore. After discussions with Maryland’s governor and the Mayor of
Baltimore, Appleton eventually placed the flag on loan to Smithsonian Institution
and it was displayed in the Hall of History at the National Museum of American
History. The loan was converted to a gift in 1912 and can still be
seen at the National Museum in Washington, D.C.

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2011

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Black Diamond Night

                      Black Diamond Night

The rapier of light cut through the black velvet night
Two lovers looked up at the first star tonight
Look see, that star light above
But she could not see, the star was her love…

Bodies lying spent under the warm black sky
The rapier of light like a javelin poised high
His body glistening in the extending glare
Her eyes blocked by her lovers breath to share.

He stands and looks up to the gods above
You thought you could take me from this woman I love.
Thor looking down at his son now a mortal
Power he would give to his grandsons  through his portal.

His son once a demi,-god, now a mortal man
He vowed he would help, in any way he can
The light strikes his son from the black velvet sky
His back arched in pain his thoughts wondered why!

His lover lay replete on the damp flattened ground
Unaware of the pain and the light all around
Her lover stands his beauty abounds
In his hand a weight his fingers surround.

His heart is heavy, his father has cast him
As he opens his hand, his breath he does gasp in.
There in the palm of his hand he held tight
The most beautiful diamond from the black velvet night.

His heart is softened, he know it does mean
His father’s not forsaken him, his love he has seen
He takes his lover in arms, holds her tight
As they make sweet love under the black diamond night. 
© ~GG~ 18/08/2012

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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"Hope" - A Star For Me

When parents don't have a choice and die
And all alone survive the loss
As I lie down to sleep at night 
They send in dreams... A Star For Me...

When Motherhood gets disappointing
And all alone survive the loss
I borrow scissors from my heart
With trembling hands I cut... A Star For Me

When trains don't stop and soul mate's gone
And all alone survive the loss
I row my boat on lakes with moons,
I jump and catch reflections of... A Star For Me

When I am old, and years fly by
And all alone survive the loss
I won't be sad, would even smile
As I lie down, a final sight... 
                                  ...A Star For Me...               

For John Heck's Contest "Blink"                 


Copyright © iolanda Scripca | Year Posted 2010

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The Twilight

The time of day for romantic fancy,
Are those short moments between day and night,
When rosy glows streak in west horizon,
The lovely interlude we call twilight.

Somewhere between the daylight and the dark,
The remnants of the sun still hanging there,
Erasing heavy burdens of the day,
Removing all the weariness and care.

Mystic time the poets call the gloaming,
The lingering salute to end of day,
Just long enough to usher in the night
And welcome in the moon and stars' display.

This light often brings quixotic dreaming,
Lulling the birds and beasts to quietude.
This respite is God's gift for lonely spirits,
Bestowed on them to bless their solitude.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2016

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For old Star-Gazer Master Khayyam - a name like Shakespeare's for some other giants - Part Two

For Old Star-Gazer Master Khayyam – a name like Shakespeare’s for “some” other giants – Part Two


Is there an answer to this gaping question
       Will that something which follows on behave
Here at least we know death despises life
       What do you call that which you have

Do you die too after what length of time
       What do you do while you wait for the end
What space d’you occupy in our timespace
       Or does anti-self exist in a parallel dimension

Not that these make worrisome questions
        Nice to know we don’t quite disappear
Right out and that we go on despite reasons
       Or perhaps for nothing much after all

Here we are caught in swirling whirlwinds
       Of petty time-pinching emergencies
We give what we can of our might to those
       We care for reserving the best for ourselves

Sooner or later the world would just peter out
       First the sun would give up its nuclear fissions
Slowly fizzing down while its body bloats out
       Then the earth and planets would fry out

Would you be still around or would we be too
       And when the solar system freaks out
What will be the fate of your bodiless forms
       Or would you be hiding in some safe black hole


What good would it do to know the final outcome
       If you are caught in a terrestrial fateful bind
So do we all the ultimate spacial expanse become
       Locked into it all by no-backtracking time

Does what matters to you be of no moment to us
       Do we need to be wily to hanker after heaven
We’re either just alone or wholly naked forsaken
       Or fused in a mounting blinding swirling circus

Some may call this the ultimate form of Oneness
       Some the Godhead that directs all our wills
Some might prefer the wayward terror of ghosts
       Some just can’t bother one way or the other

Some who suffer ill the womb of common unity
       Decide to come together only to wreak hell
These harden without mercy for what they wreak
       They whose work you put down to devilry

So where lies the good of your worry-dispelling verse
      Long have we lost the feeling for your example
Yes at first yes repentance we experienced at parting
      Sorrow at what we might have wanted to curse

But all that jitterbug’s gone past by now
      We know darnwell better now the dance
No use bothering with what anxious selves see
      Over what will or will not after be

There is just this enormous monstrous engine
      It throbs on seemingly without and within
Who knows why or who deemed it must
      It simply rumbles on whether you think it just

Myself when young did dwell so long
      Upon your sweet O deep forbidden verses
Draughts in tankards quaffed I with song
      Dreams couched in nubile cascading tresses	

                     TAMUM SHUD 

June 16/18, 1996
© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2016, revised from: longhand notes (a binding of poems),

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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Star Crossed Love

You came, my love when it was night
With beauty from which none can compare
I held you when you needed light
I gave you all I had to share

When darkness came, the demons bid
No road of escape then could you see
Til you found God and all he did
Then demons fled and you were free

We then became friends very fast
We've shared our thoughts and dreams
We talked of present and the past
Now all I think of is you it seems

We're not much alike at all
Though I love you and you love me
I'll give my strength though I am small
If you and I could be a we

Though it's impossible it seems
Each takes a road that is so far
We'll pray and wait for precious dreams
Star crossed lovers without a star

Poem by Charles Reese 10/03/14

Copyright © Charles Reese | Year Posted 2014

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A Shooting Star

Is it real or is it magic This streak across the sky Is its just for our delight If so, I must wonder why Is there a hidden world Far beyond our mortal eyes The shooting star a symbol That it can be beautiful to die

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2012

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My Favorite Movie Star

Debbie Reynolds won my heart when I was twelve.
The Unsinkable Molly Brown, her role.
Her spirited acting did into my imagination delve.
Her voice and expressions shone on a grassy knoll.

Raw enthusiasm and dreams bubbled from Molly’s soul.
Reynolds portrayed her well; the character is woven in my mind.
Whether she was rich or poor, or burning up the bankroll,
I remember her well as through my memories I rewind.

She has played in several other movies over the years.
Choosing characters with valuable messages was her voice.
"A Gift of Love", the Daniel Huffman Story brought me to tears.
An actress with talent and values makes her my choice.

There have been many great actresses since movies began.
Stars like: Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandra Bullock
Brought in big bucks because of each supportive fan.
But with Debbie Reynolds, I remain awestruck.

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2011

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Star A star has faded in the light as morning brought an end to night. Now nothing there to mark its place where it lived its life in perfect grace. And when the day turns back to night without a star to shine its light, How will the earth learn to replace the star it held in warm embrace?
written 01.11.2017

Copyright © Francis J Grasso | Year Posted 2017