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Quatrain Grief Poems | Quatrain Poems About Grief

These Quatrain Grief poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Grief. These are the best examples of Quatrain Grief poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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There are so many doors
Which ones should I choose
Green, yellow, brown, purple
and many different blues

Some of them are rustic
Others modern and clean
Some lead to the future
others back where I've been

Some doors open easily
while quite a few are locked
There are some left open
and others that are blocked 

A few so enticing 
promise pleasure within
They are slightly hidden
so few will see me sin

I look through some keyholes
wondering if I'll be safe
I see rooms of plenty
and tables draped in lace

The doors that are daunting
they fill me with such dread
for I know there's sadness
in the land of the dead

Many doors are happy 
Friends and loved ones are there
those doors are the best ones
being with people who care

Behind some there's music
Pleasured time we can share
Moments of pure magic
those times are far to rare

Doors leading to adventure
Made me glad I took the chance
The sheer exhilaration
that caused my spirit to dance

Some doorways disguised as books
Yes they caused my mind to grow
They pointed to other doors
so I knew which way to go

The doors that I left closed
In the end I don't regret
They could have brought me ruin
or led my soul into debt

Of all the doors I'll walk through
The final one is the best
For there my Saviour waits
therefore, I know I am blessed

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2017

Details | Quatrain |

To Robin

You left me so sad today
I needed you to make me smile
I wanted to see you laugh
And forget my burdens awhile

Robin, you left me sad today
My heart is pained even more
That you're the one who took your life
Was there nothing worth fighting for?

Robin, what do you leave for us?
Who have struggled down this path?
What do you leave for us to think
If you couldn’t make it last?

You had it all, you had the fame
You had the glory too
But Robin, where was the love?
Where was the love for YOU?

Those who laugh the hardest
And make the tears come down
Are those with pain too great to bear
So they play the part of clown

I’ve also played that part, my dear
I laugh to hide the tears
I giggle and I joke around
But I’m consumed by fears

Oh Robin, I will miss you so
We’ve never even met
But I feel I know you well
No one sweeter than you yet

So like a robin, you flew away
Took your life to be free
Oh Robin, I’m left here to think
What will become of me?

Eileen Manassian

To Robin Williams, one of my absolute favorite actors. I adored that man.

Media vita in morte sumus – in the midst of life we are in death (Wolfgang 

Depression claims another soul. Only those who deal with it know the dark 
places that it can lead...yes, even to the valley of the shadow of death.

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |

Faith Amidst Grief

This barren night along dim street
where lamp posts hide drops of gold flakes,
and thorny weeds crack at her feet
to sift death's crumbs, throwing keepsakes.
Yesterday's thoughts scream much bolder
alone now, pinned by heart’s lesion
missing groom's compassionate flair;
as anguish sigh in procession.

Fractured mind plays a tortured game
that sorrow drifts without relief,
chasing lost hours in timeless frame
while bleak clouds linger like a thief.

And darkened soul pours acid rain
till beads of moonlight kiss wet eyes,
stars dripping bigger than tears’ stains
to wake faith’s songs, new quests arise.

Grief Contest of Black- Eyed Susan

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatrain |

The tigress' mark

She prowls the night
with clenched jaw and pride,
nothing able to smite
her remorseless stride.

The ominous reflection of moon 
shines forth from devouring eyes
of a nocturnal beauty spun on the loom
of the Creator's bid and sighs.

Grace moves her every limb
and she precedes an enraged scream
caused by ruins of a forest now grim
and held alive by all but one stream.

Her claws prophesy of vengeance 
though her heart yearns for reconciliation.
Yet now there would be no leniency 
for a soul's annihilation. 

Now on journeys through lush valleys and ashes
she will embark
until all that remains after furious thrashes
will be the tigress' mark.

Copyright © Robyn Thomas | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatrain |

One picture at a time

A toddlers Crayola masterpiece marks the box
Where the story of our days now tarry
Passages tilting the axis of a bittersweet equinox
As photographs eclipse yesterday and today unvaried 

The plans we made for a life
After years of work and worry
Useless installments when your partner dies
The crumbling of everything you once held firmly

Riveted, uprooted with every slide
Scenes of "our time" bring you back to life
I step from earth, you from the sun, for yet another goodbye
And the dam finally collapses behind brave hazel eyes

But not the brokenness your death left behind
Still, though no more than ashes it resides
Like faded photographs etched in the mind
Fanning the embers... one picture at a time

Rage rises, for you left me alone
Without refuge for all life's trials
And our sons fatherless before they were grown 
Every step feeling more like a mile

I've grieved so long 
And tried to move on
Like river water never looking back
But it's motion sings the the words to our song

Leaving me afraid I'll never belong
Or live out the plan we devised
For all my days my efforts give way
Blundering, burdened and blind

How does one truly recover
When the mate of their soul is no more
Or pass from one realm to yet another
When the walls of your heart no longer have a door? 

Frustration builds like Lego towers
toppling to the floor under the weight of the world
Is it grief or something disguised by cowards
When a heart gets stuck from the pain that it's learned? 

This ode to a man 
Who in covenant took my hand
The marriage equator engraved a permanent mark...
For his death left a total eclipse of my heart

Crazy as a loon
But my God... how I loved you
My eyes fixed upon our favored moon
And I wonder... Do you miss me too?

Anniversaries used to be a joyous accomplishment
Marking years of selfless love made
Now it serves only an acknowledgement 
Of a life interrupted by a cruel twist of fate

Of ill trusted hopes 
And a future unmade
For us left behind to cope
With memories and photographs fading away

On this the 2nd anniversary...
            Of your passing away

In memory of my husband of 25 years
Charley Romani 
(My Beloved)

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |

White wolf, I bleed for you

Once upon a time
Distant memories 
Dawning of morning crystals
Glittering reminder of starlight tears
In sunbeam's brilliance
Lighting jewels shine
Songbirds break into chorus
The smallest fragment of a breeze alerts
The senses whistling
Melodies explode
Through the branches leaves lament
Observing nature's space hold in colors
Fruit of tenderness
Mellow your sunshine
Blossoms love supreme touching
Fingers raise deep golden feelings yearning
Addresses one's heart
Lonely dust remains
Breathing breathless light explores
In darkness echoes bounce off deep caverns
Cold howling shivers
Devouring warm blood
Into the bones whistling ice
Winds voice of the lost souls' eyes turn bright green
As the spirit leaves
Dark moldy shadows
Light of moon sources cravings
Beauties kiss eclipses rose bleeds scarlet
Immortal heartbeats
Life stops ticking bang
Seduced black velvet pleasure
Sinking fangs into the succumbing heart
Drum beats slow echo
Fallen unchained truths
Slithering lizards crawling
Underneath the skin a beastly vision
Storm roars through timbers
Translucent blood slime
Flowing toxic energy
Mutating hollers screech into wolf moon
Scalding hot flames breathe
When red embers burn
Into the lustful ashes
Born inside scarred remains breathing wounds
An itch that scratches
Onto the mindset
Greenish cornea expands
Opening curtains in a split second
Haunting prey on light
Affliction of need
Rasping rattle in the throat
Death yowls airless scream without sun visions

A Collaborated Poem with Liam McDaid and Angeline Lim

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

History Lesson

Crimson mist in the Dallas sky,
a frantic wife's mad dash.
The world watched us as we cried
for hope gone in a flash.

Brilliant poet with timeless verse
and enduring message of peace.
A murderous fan fulfilled his curse.
Does lunacy ever cease?

Perfect day in the city
until the towers fell.
Religious zealots who had no pity.
Their resting place is hell.

So look at history if you can
and learn from such hindsight.
As long as evil has a plan
we must not quit the fight.

Copyright © James Nichols | Year Posted 2012

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Little, Orange Ball

An orange little ball,
Tattered and torn to bits,
No longer does it fly straight,
Its course lost, its path in fits,

An orange little ball,
Sad within its cracks and in its creases,
Faded bumps, its lost its grip,
It now falls to pieces,

Orange little ball,
Come to death smiling,
Never live just to die,
Happiness lives in and amidst the crying,

Orange little ball,
Wipe the tears away,
There is peace to be found,
In and amongst the fray.

Copyright © Joshua Brown | Year Posted 2013

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Soul of Iron

I am a soul of rusty iron within a steel clad heart.
The tears I shed, the blood I've bled keeps me well apart. 
But when a lovely spirit bright with wings of lace and gold, 
lands upon my tarnished frame, my heart with love enfolds.
I hold too tight this tiny light with a gasp of interlude,
and far too soon the sweet commune becomes my solitude.
When this heart of steel decays to leave a soul of iron,
I fear no feathered wings will ever lift me from this mire. 

Written on May 21, 2016

Copyright © Francis J Grasso | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

Forgive Yourself

God has forgiven me. Myself I must forgive
if a life of victory is what I want to live.
This is essential. This is the key.
Myself I must forgive. God has forgiven me.

In the depths of the sea, my dark sins were cast
forgotten transgressions from my past.
I repented. God nevermore casts blame on me.
My dark sins were cast in the depths of the sea.

At times when you fail, repent , then forward go.
Shake off the guilt that comes from the foe.
In your life, let the Word of God prevail.
Repent, then forward go, at times when you fail.

God forgave your sin. You can bury it.
Don’t let satan convince you to carry it.
Lay the past to rest. A victory you will win.
You can bury it. God forgave your sin.

Inspired by a sermon from one of my favorite preachers, Elder Vaughn Morton

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017

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Tears of an Irish Clown

I shrivel 'neath a scorching sun,
Devoid protection for my skin,
An aching grimace, I'll show none,
Worse burning pain suppurates within.

I wander naked through the rain,
Although my body fully clothed,
This broken love ne'er to regain,
Only in dreams we join betrothed.

I trace her footsteps in the snow,
And further on discover four,
A melting tear I can't forego,
The hurt bites sharp as glinting hoar.

I ramble lonely in the wind,
And taste her breath on every gust,
The rose that on her blouse I pinned,
Dead petals fell, and blew like dust.

I fall thwarted on lush ground,
So soft the breast of mother earth,
From looming hills my cries resound,
She comforts me for all she's worth.

Dim twilight dulled the failing day,
The robin shared her even' song,
And as we went our seperate way,
I blew a kiss !.....but she was gone !

Copyright © Mick Mac | Year Posted 2017

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I love you Dad

So many things I want to tell you my Dad
But I choke up in tears feeling awfully sad,
I grew-up so fast since the day you died
Pledging urgently to do well as tears dried.

Don't recall listening to anything you said
Never took trash out, never made my bed, 
You asked me to study, keep up my grades
Instead I focused on video games I played. 

To earn my badges, we went on scouting trips 
Soon after, I stopped going to their meetings.
You will be proud Dad, now I have some clout
I honored your will becoming an Eagle Scout.

Remember the day when we played baseball 
You stole second base ahead of my fast ball.
Recalling happy times with love and might
We miss you so much at dinner every night. 

I have aced my grades in science and  math
Well on my way to choosing a career path,
I'm proud to tell you Stanford accepted me
On a full scholarship I'll complete my degree.

I was so self absorbed, always feeling mad
I never told you how much I love you Dad.
I wish to be just like you, but can never be
Standards you set are so high to achieve. 

I have taken a job to help Mom pay the bills
We watch every penny avoiding the thrills.
Mom will visit you soon, she's well as can be
Please let her know you're so proud of me!

Placed 2nd
September 16, 2017
Poems that paint a picture 2
Painting by: Mike Theuer
Sponsor: Silent One

Copyright © Vijay Pandit | Year Posted 2017

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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When The River Flowed

© 2011 (Jim Sularz) 
(Dedicated to my Brother-in-Law: William L. Browne III (1959-2011) 
who drowned in the Colorado River when visting family and friends
on a fishing trip.  Bill was found 4 months later.)

Let it be known, in memoriam, that he is loved.
And any earthly bonds that shaped his soul, 
is now a wide river flowing, 
to a distant Heaven bestowed.

He could have walked a much longer path, 
and would have paused again, with a hearty laugh.
But, when the river flowed, when the river flowed, 
– it marked this hour, for him to go.

Don’t cry for him, with welling tears upset, 
but celebrate his fulfilled years, instead. 
When the river flowed, when the river flowed, 
- it moved his gift of life ahead.

For loving sons, family, friends and beloved wife, 
he leaves cherished memories, a faithful man’s insight.
And when the river flowed, when the river flowed, 
- it moved him gently, to Everlasting Life! 

Copyright © Jim Sularz | Year Posted 2016

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Nothing Left To Give

When despots buy bullets and guns
we wade through blood to deliver.
And take their cash without remorse
while victims convulse and quiver.

Big egos and pampered palates
impose subsistence starvation.
And enforced illiteracy
results in numbing stagnation.

Children suckle on bitter tears
scratching a living from the earth.
And there’s no escaping their pain
hunger's a penalty of birth.

Governments exploit their people
when they’re too weak to resist.
And their rights are an afterthought
to nations drooling to assist.

A weapon of mass destruction
fear undermines their will to live.
For they're stripped of everything
until there's nothing left to give.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Love Without Hope

The OB doctor had feverishly yelled orders in vain
only the nurses trying to save the last triplet remain
Laboring mom in agony trying to cope
Her heart bleeding love without hope

Copyright © Shirley Rebstock | Year Posted 2016

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Lost Hope

On the plight of this garden till when to grieve
Will this nest ever its glory retrieve

The companion birds are all flown away
O cyprus trees and roses! Permit me to leave

(Influenced by a Rubai of an eminent Urdu poet Josh Malihabadi)

Copyright © Mohammad Yamin | Year Posted 2013

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Eleanor Rigby

Rising out of bed as the sun peeks through the window
Eyelids are a fluttering as she looks towards her side
Another day to fear and what is she to make of it
She wishes it were night again, so easier to hide

Once when she was young she was playing with her dolls
Dreams of growing older with a family of her own
But the days went by and her reality became completely altered
To loneliness, despair, and no one there to phone

SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE and who is there to see
Visions of what could have been, her heart has turned to stone
No career, no wedding, no children, her world a tiny room
Gasping out her final breath, across her lips a moan

The hole is dug, the casket lowered, no one there to grieve
What life was this, what purpose here, as rain falls on the grave
Father McKenzie of the lonely, a tear rolls down his cheek
Eleanor Rigby, another soul his prayers have failed to save

Copyright © Rick Zablocki | Year Posted 2013

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Love Without Hope

Love without Hope      Oh, even the sunflowers could not cope,
for their precious petals long to be plucked, from your love-me-not touch.
Can you not hear their slender green stalks, sway so bashfully,
with echoes of that recess kid fantasy      Pick   Me      Pick      Me!

Written March 30th, 2016
For the Love Without Hope Contest Hosted by Sarah Kendrick

Placed 6th

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

Beautiful People

Beautiful people
Standing around
Eyes are closed
They make no sound

Beautiful people
Hurting souls
Ailing loved ones
Life's black holes

Beautiful people
Life gives and takes
Deaths door opens
A new existence awaits

Beautiful people
Sharing pain
As beloved kin
Aren't seen again

Beautiful people
They're gone for now
No rhyme or reason
No telling how

Beautiful people
Suffering loss
Lives are taken
By the coins wicked toss

Beautiful people
Never knowing why
The end has come
The time is nigh

Beautiful people
Friends are gone
To shores unknown
Led by the holy one

Beautiful people
Watching them die
Departing souls
The bodies last sigh

Beautiful people
It hurts inside
When they must go
Share sorrow far and wide

Beautiful people
The heart does love
Beautiful people
Watching from above

Copyright © Sean Taylor | Year Posted 2015

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Cancer Doesn't Care

                                 Cancer Doesn’t Care   -by Rick Sawyer (written in 2013)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Cancer doesn’t care…
About  the dreams you’ve had… or the plans you’ve made..
Or the tears that fall… on a loved-one’s grave..
-Of the hearts that break… of the songs unsung..
Or the friends that pass… with the setting sun…
Cancer doesn’t care…
About  who you are… or what you’ve seen…
-Of what you think you know… or where you’ve been…
Or the time it steals… from our longing grasp…
-Of the deepest wounds… that will never pass..
Cancer doesn’t care…
About a heart that’s free… in a life beyond…
Or the phoenix cry… who has found it’s song..
-Of a laughing child… in his Father’s arms..
Where there is no pain… nor fear of harm..
Cancer doesn’t care…
As he rages on… with all his might…
And his anger swells… in this stubborn fight
For he knows he’s beat… and we all know why..
For he cannot kill… what can never die…

Copyright © Rick Sawyer | Year Posted 2017

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New Dawn

Collaboration with Mystic Rose
When the night claims you like a wayward leaf of old 
and it takes you to the caves where anything turns gold 
you don't ask any questions and you don't dare breathe 
you just follow her, like a light weight tumbled weed 

Down the passages of dark, down the staircase of rune 
every step a little deeper than the crevices of moon 
you can almost taste the air, on your tonguing clepe 
you can down the stars of heaven in one single leap

Taking you by the waist it shall dance you through
the elixir of happiness when your feeling down n' blue 
you just thank the Lord for the magic of this gift 
all you need is skin n' eyes to cross her lowly rift 

When night claims you like a wayward leaf of old 
and takes you to her caves, all etched with gold 
don't ask her any questions just go ahead breathe 
no, don't ask her anything at all, just breathe, 

yes breathe...
Mystic Rose

  New Dawn
When dawn unfolds before you like a mystic rose
And awakens all your senses from a deep repose
Arise unshackled from capricious dreams
Step as you dare on stairs of woven sunbeams

Along the once black tunnels where you learned to breathe
Forget the darkest stars that taught you how to grieve
Float on the air like a magic, golden leaf
Grieve for the day because it is so brief

Now with bright garlands woven in your hair
Dance  lightly on  a leafy,  forest stair
Your floating gown as light as clouds and sky
Your happiness as fleeting as a sigh

When dawn unfolds before you like a mystic rose
And awakens your whole soul from deep repose
Dance in the day because it is so brief
And sigh at the stars that taught you how to grieve.

My answer

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2016

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Sailing These Seas

Sailing these seas, right now the waves are rough.
The ship is hard to steer, and I fear we may sink.
My crew has hope, but they don’t see what I do.
The water’s looking troubled, just like the way I think.

Sailing these seas, the waves have settled down.
The ship is sailing smoothly, I believe we’ll be okay.
My worries are at the back of my head.
I’ll save them for another day.

Sailing these seas, I think we’ve struck something!
My crew is in a panic, and I was not prepared.
Captain, don’t you know you always have to be cautious?
Even the leader sometimes gets scared.

Arriving at the shore, the ship barely intact.
Most of my crew is gone, but a few knew how to live.
They saved me when I needed them.
I want to show thanks, but I have nothing left to give.

*side note*

To me, this poem sort of symbolizes depression, while indirectly talking about it.

The first verse pretty much says
"I am in a bad place, and I have supporting friends/family, but they don't see what I'm going through the way I do."

Second: "Things are getting better and I've decided to stop worrying about bad things happening and try to be happy."

Third: "Whenever I start thinking about good things and have hope, something bad always happens and I should've been prepared for it."

Fourth: "I made it through it, but lost a lot of the people supporting me because they couldn't handle me while I was down, and whatever I went through weakened me so it's hard to show gratitude to the people who stayed."

Copyright © Megan Devon | Year Posted 2013

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On the bank of oblivion’s river 
A soul hastily arrives   
Wishing to cross on the other side
Where eternity resides 

Has been preparing for the crossing  
Since the first day of her birth
But now that the moment is so near
She is afraid of her death

More few moments she is begging     
For much better to prepare 
Before the Charon with his boat 
Her, to perpetuity transfers   

Death however is adamant
Since to delay he can not
So he is reminding the soul
That it is her mortal lot  

With dread she is now boarding
For the trip of no return
But surprised she is to find
That this is of no concern

As the crossing is completed
And the soul disembarks 
On the land of sanctified 
This is now what remarks

All worries and all burdens 
That she carried all along
When imprisoned in the body
In that place don’t belong

For first time she is sensing 
Real freedom in her being 
Such amount of love and beauty  
This world has never seen

At an instance she turns holy 
And with angels she soars
To the heavens of the blessed
Where her creator adores!

© Demetrios Trifiatis 
  16 OCTOBER 2013   

*Reposted poem – in honor of our loving poetrysoup friend and a personal friend , Lucilla Charillo, who died on 27 th September 2014! Lucilla, we miss you already! You with God now! Rest In Peace!

Here is Lucilla’s comment on “ THE CROSSING”     
      Lucilla Carrillo
Date: 10/16/2013 8:28:00 AM  
My friend Demetrios; I have been sad for the past few days, but this really made me cry. This is very heartfelt and touching to the soul. A - 7 and I loved this poem. Thank you so much and God bless you always.... Lucilla

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2014

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The child within

Beyond smiling lips
carrying the sorrows of the past,
behind the eyes' sparkle
concealing the darkness of horrors still to last
stares a stranger, young and kind.

Yet she shows not her face
for the stroke of death's caress
extinguishes the aroma of her heart.
Not for any sin, but tenderness
so pure. For survival's sake, she died.

Now her corpse haunts the corners of thought.
Her laughter echoes throughout the years
like the singing bird clipped of wings.
Steel nerves creak with the rust formed by her tears
and audibly a cry from her coffin screams.

Perhaps her ghost will someday rest
when justice to her grave is done,
her tombstone placed to mark her existence  
and known in my reflection...

Yes, I killed her. I murdered her in cold blood still flowing.
Now she is vengeful, her dead heart still pounding.

Copyright © Robyn Thomas | Year Posted 2013

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The Time of Us

You said my eyes tell my story 
That they lead right to my heart
You believed we had a purpose
The time of us came from the stars
My how we would laugh for hours
All those stories you could tell
You wanted to know all about me
And never forgot one detail
The time of us started changing
We had to live our lives apart
You never once gave up believing
I knew I had broken your heart
Each year you would call me
For birthdays, summer, Christmas
Time and distance never mattered
We both were missing us
Then came the day your life ended
My whole world was torn apart
You were forced on a new journey
Leaving me with a broken heart
Did you know how much you meant to me
Did you know how much I cared
Did you know you are always in my heart
The time of us was special and rare
I pray your spirit has found peace
I feel you're watching from above
I look for signs that you're still with me
I feel blessed to have known your love

Written 12-1-15

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

Born: 1980 - Detroit, Michigan

Our old Plymouth wagon sits junked in the yard
Collecting pine needles and rust
Ten years of abuse and driven too hard
Now an eyesore, the neighbors might fuss

Chrysler Corporation was not at their best
Before Iacocca, I think
"Car lot got flooded but we did a road test."
The salesman said with a wink

A knock on the door, 'Wanna' sell that ole wreck?
I live down 'ar  right crost the creek'
"How much?" 'Thirty bucks!' "Okay, what the heck?"
(He stuffs some more Skoal in his cheek)

"Whatcha' do with 'em?" I ask. 'Crush 'em!' He hacks
And spats on a flat balding tire
'Front 'uns look good, we'll haul 'er from the back
Now what did I do with my pliers?"

'Anything in 'ar you might wanna' keep?'
(The door handle sticky with sap)
A moldy child's baseball glove on the back seat
And a faded old little league cap

Slowly the wrecker-hearse jacks up the rear
It snaps and it groans in protest
"Thirty pieces, that's all? Please let me stay here
I'm tired and I just need to rest"

(It's backwards I tell you, something's not right
With the way that old car's being towed
So lonesome it looks, its hazy headlights
Staring sadly down at the road)

N/A in contest 'Pick a Title' judged on 11/13/2014

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2009

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Twelve Red Roses

This Mother’s Day I brought you
flowers tied with a black bow.
And amidst twelve red roses 
I placed one as white as snow.

You gave birth to thirteen souls
yet one passed on before you.
And I recall how that pain
nearly tore your heart in two.

Here’s a bouquet of kisses
to let you know we’re alright.
And that each red rose lives on
while the white shares heaven's light.

Just a mute salutation
to honor you on your day.
And show you that you’re still loved
in my own intimate way.

When angels took you from me
I placed roses on your grave.
And not knowing what to say
I promised that I’d be brave.

I miss your smile in my life
and no longer feel quite whole.
For your light lit the dark and
brought happiness to my soul.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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That's Life

Life is not always fair,
Nor has it ever been,
This is the one thing we all share,
The fact that, sometimes, we won't win.

Getting angry is never the answer,
In fact, it makes things worse,
Like a creeping fog, or growing cancer,
Anger is a vile curse.

When shit starts to get serious,
And life starts to beat you down,
It's hard!, but don't get furious,
Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.

Samual Ronthorpe
a.k.a 'Sam I Am'

Copyright © Samual Ronthorpe | Year Posted 2015