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A Night Dance

Let us share our night in blood dreams 
where secrets of the moon prowl victims 
Blood red are the visions that we see howling
preys on innocent love bleeds 

Bodies join within a primal passion 
source of the last breath escaping clouds 
A night dance we share in harmony 
underneath the cloak of darkness
Let the velvet night enter your whispered silence 
born from the womb of creation 
Enfold us in the breath of a sigh 
falling into spiral caught within one bite
Love is the dance of angels in the heart of night 
holding on to the shadows of yesterdays 
We are ever the Demons in the night 
kissed under a blanket of stars held hostage 

They call me the queen of velvet dark 
creeping bats enslave a caged beast 
A Vampire heart does hold me to the night 
seduced by the midnight music 

Shadows dancing on a wall 
living mosaic moving 
empty matter comes alive 
rising from out of ashes 

Flickering by candles flame
sharing the warm tenderness held 
within a wisp of smoke a moment in eternity 
where silver gates open one treasured chest
Blood hearts soaring in a night dance 
drunken beams moonshine smiles on the damned
Drowning sorrows die 
upon a crimson tide of a lover's heartbeat

A Collaboration By
Liam Mcdaid & 
Michael P Clarke.
unrhymed quatrains

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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Cowboy Hoe Down

This long awaited date -
a hoedown it’s to be
shy smiles as we head in
we touch hands nervously

We allemande left and do-si-do
Then both head ladies chain
and breathlessly we meet 
in each other’s arms again

We swirl in sawdust on the floor
to the tune sweet Bye and Bye
Evocative is the patter
as the gold moon rises high

An anticipated moment
as the fiddle fades away
Your denim and my lace
soon lie buried in the hay

Sweet echoes of the evening
fill passion in the soul
Upon the amber straw
we both have lost control

written October 27, 2014 by Rick Parise and Andrea Dietrich
For Shadow Hamilton's Cowboy Hoe Down Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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The Indian in the Sky

Looking at the peaceful setting,
  I look up and quickly realize.
That an image is taking shape,
  Forming in a rather large size.

It is the shape of a grass dancer,
  Grass dancing on the clouds.
Dancing to the beat of the thunder,
  I hear his dance steps aloud.

As the lightening strikes,
  The thunder rumbles, and sounds.
His feet tap four times then he strides,
  Spinning and pacing around.

Full of strength, his dance is endless,
  Yet disappears in the blink of an eye.
I was treated to a dance of cloud stepping,
  By the Indian in the sky.

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2008

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Dance Of The Butterflies

I had received lots of love in years past I have felt all joys and pitfalls of it No pain seems to enter my simple life Love entertains me, that wonderful hit I know my life floats above tender hearts That which brings love, but sometimes avoids me I move quickly this way and that in air I have “dance of the butterflies” simply My life moves in all respects here and there Highs and lows of dance are of gratitude Love escapes my lips to my gracious love My eyes have passion that brings attitude
Contest: Dance of the Butterflies Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 6/5/2013 I know it's a Quatrain...a Rhyming Poem (I hope it's acceptable)

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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Come Dance

Come Dance

"Come dance with me", she said and smiled
And he fell off his chair.
He blushed and rose and all the while
He couldn't help but stare.

Prettiest thing he'd ever saw
Was askin' him to dance.
If he could only work his jaw,
He'd dern shore take a chance.

He led her 'round the floor with ease,
And fell in love right there.
She still recalls a gentle breeze,
But not a breath of air.

He gave up drinkin', runnin' 'round,
She filled up her hope chest.
He wouldn't lose what he had found,
She felt that she was blessed.
They bought a place just west of town
And filled it full of cows.
That ranch has never let them down,
They never broke their vows.

Now fifty years have come and passed,
They raised a crop of boys.
The grandkids all are girls at last,
They make a lot less noise.

He rocks upon the porch awhile,
Her voice comes from within.
He knows she says it with a smile,
"Come dance with me again."

Copyright © Larry Bradfield | Year Posted 2016

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Magical Things

I think I’ll live forever
I think I’ll refuse to die
Plant my body in the ground
My spirit’s going to fly

Please come fly away with me
Once this journey is complete
Universe can be our home
Our own magical retreat

Two celestial bodies
Darling lets take to the sky 
Forget the why, when or how
This dream is for you and I

Gliding upon golden wings
We can dance from star to star
I would travel anyplace 
So I could be where you are

Angel’s dance like fireflies
Through trails of glittering dust
In heaven magical things
Exist for people like us

It seems we have come so far
Seems the limit is the sky
When I think of who you are
Tears of joy I need to cry

Everything is what you are
You are everything to me
Long as eternity last
My soul shall be one with thee

So let’s live on forever
We will each refuse to die
Plant our bodies in the ground
As our spirits take to the sky

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2010

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My First Ball

I've been waiting for this magical night
This year at last I'm old enough to go
The lights of the palace are oh, so bright
A sight that  sets my anxious heart aglow

The gowns, lovely hues, skirts gently sway
Whirling, twirling with the bowing, bending
The steps that delight and demand attention
Seems a kaleidoscope of color never ending

Just a small sip of wine between dances
A warm embrace and a quick stolen kiss
Silken words from  my handsome admirer
My unforgettable night of  youthful bliss 


Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2014

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Last Night I Dreamt

Last night I dreamt
That the world was all at rest
From vice exempt
Filled with songs of mortals blessed
And we waltzed to the strains of a song
'Neath the arbour of love and repose
Glad in heart at the absence of wrong
'Mid the lilacs and hedges of rose

Last night I dreamt
That I danced the night away
In some attempt
To hold back the morning's gray 
And we waltzed to the strains of a song
'Neath the arbour of love and repose
Glad in heart at the absence of wrong
'Mid the lilacs and hedges of rose

Last night I dreamt
Of an arbour filled with light
And then I wept
When it vanished from my sight
And I've naught but a memory dear
Of the dresses of silk and brocade
Of the moon and the stars shining clear
And the fond wish that I could have stayed

For the contest "Last Night I Dreamt..."
Catagory: Serious
Written 7/29/13

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Solitary Dancer

She reels and dances in the hall
of her apartment home.
Imaginary leaps and whirls 
on clouds of magic foam.

Exquisite movements to a song
expressed through one pure heart.
The music in the background adds
much feeling to her art.

She seems ecstatic, unaware
of those who view her show.
Bright eyes and smile reveal her soul,
a child of light, aglow.

That solitary dancer who
flies free within herself,
now occupies a cherished niche
on our own heart's top shelf!

                            Common Verse

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015

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The Dance Hall Girl

I'm standing here in limbo as 

I see him wander in.

That no townsman has warned him

is truly a mortal sin.


He slides up to the bar and 

takes a curious look around.

He orders a shot of whiskey.

No one else has made a sound.

The barman just ignores him 

as he has the others here,

and keeps on mopping up the bar

as I try to wipe a tear.

I still have strong emotions

with no way to express them.

I don't know about the others.

They all look like wooden chess men.

When that dying gunman hexed us

with that evil, malevolent curse,

he didn't doom us all to death's call

but with something even worse.

He said we'd stay almost forever,

exactly as we were right then,

until some day, some one would free us.

But he didn't tell us when.

I'm a dance hall girl who hasn't danced

for lo these many years.

I just stay as frightened as I was then

as I try to wipe my tears.

I see the stranger stiffen

as he searches for some cash.

He'll reach for it forever.

The spell has hit him in a flash.

So I know he's not the one

who can break the wicked spell.

We'll keep doing what we're doing,

but I guess its just as well.

For the only one who'll walk out

of this doomed saloon alive,

is the hombre who can break the spell

that keeps us in this dive.

When the spell has been broken 

we will all be turned to dust,

and be blown to Earth's corners

with the wind's first heavy gust.

For town of Rotgut contest.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Chinese Ribbon Dance

Chinese Ribbon Dance Ribbons fly in wide circles Flung by hands of maidens fair, As they dance with turns and twists, Satin ribbons fill the air. Loops of wonder, colors soft Like a rainbow, mesmerize… Music, synchronized, combine Gifts of art through ears and eyes. Ribbon circles rise and fall Twisting, turning high and low... Follow movements of skilled hands, Twirl in endless color flow. Round and round and round they go, Ribbons foster mystic trance Through the art of maidens fair… Dancers of the Ribbon Dance. © Sandra M. Haight 2015 All Rights Reserved ~3rd Place~ Contest: Chinese New Year & Celebrations Theme: Ribbon Dance Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi Judged: 02/15/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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God Makes Me Dance

God makes me dance;
Stand up and raise my hands!
Jump around His perfect lands;
God makes me dance!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Old Days Were Good Times

Oh to have tools to hold back Time!
To make the hours just stay,
And let the years stop in their prime,
Age held back in delay!

To have the chance to dance again,
Laugh more and worry less,
Relish the music we had then-
All that sixty's goodness!

The jukebox songs and ice cream days
Bobby socks and barn dance,
Tears at high school graduation day,
Slum books and teen romance.

Although we cannot hold back Time
He simply runs too fast!
I hold him in my words and rhyme-
And write the things of the past!

Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~03.19.16 

Copyright © Cynthia Buhain-Baello | Year Posted 2016

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Dancing With The Devil

Dancing with the devil
Like I never danced before
Doing the fiery tango
On a fire flaming floor

In the crook of his arm
Our hips pressed together
Curving me round and round
Like I'm a weightless feather

Our feet move to Milonga
While forsaken souls watch
White cheek pressed to red cheek
His breath smells of age old scotch

My foot darts between his shoes
A fancy leg twist around his calf
Capturing the heat and passion
While trying not to hysterically laugh

If I can dance to perfection
Ironically I'll get to leave
Angels give me strength 
And let my soul win reprieve

For I was meant to dance
In paradise on a white cloud
Sent to hell for dancing the tango
In Heaven only waltzes are allowed


Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2013

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Mother's Dance

Our Mother steps light through this life then another.
Her dances, weave orbits of grace, stars and moons.
She gives birth to new love in heaven's full bloom
and rains prayers of peace on her sisters and brothers.

Quatrain for Mystic Rose's Fantasy Contest 
(enclosed rhyme scheme) 6/19/15

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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Dancing Trees

Rocking and swaying in the breeze Tree branches are dancing with glee Such playful action of the trees So joyous, unfettered and free Leaves are all rustling and sighing With a sound like waves of the sea Like a crescendo that rising And then subsiding gradually Leaves that fell to the grass below Perform their dancing in the air The breeze tosses them to and fro Making the show a grand affair The sun is shining in the sky Bathing everything in its light I'm feeling such a glorious high Gazing at this beautiful sight

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2014

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She blinks like citrine glazed along hillsides,
Dahlia of midnight flaunts without guilt
As palette of amber strokes lustrous glides ;
To waltz evening with her bohemian lift.

Flow, flow while petals spread their vibrant blooms
On April's mural , those lips dare to tease...
Her contours trailing with velour costumes
Wildly ablaze, to ride on spring’s trapeze.

This ambrosial drift which shines ,which glows 
From heaven’s mold granting dahlia's trance
Enchanting a whirl, my shade of yellows...
Like me, she curls into a floral dance!

Rick Parise's Contest:
Each one of us has His 
or Her own Flower of Attraction
~ A dahlia symbolizes spontaneity,
tender wildness, and adventure.

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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The Ballet

old post from last year.....

"Music Maestro," the conductor turns-
 The curtain rises and the ballet begins,
People sit on the edge of their seats-
Tasting the sweetness of the violins-

Dancers make not a single sound,
As their slippers touch the stage,
The audience, still, gazing forward,
Quite intimately engaged-

The music pitch is soft, then loud,
Creating a somber mood,
With cabrioles, jetes, arabesques, plies,
An ambiance of mystery, the dancers all exude.

Painting a captivating canvas,
Gracefully moving, white sylph-like silhouettes,
The "Prima Ballerina Assoluta" twirls,
Executing perfect en-point pirouettes-

This ballet tells the story,
Of how a peasant girl, from a broken heart, dies,
Her last dance - a spectacular performance,
Brings tears to the audience's eyes.

Nearing its dramatic ending,
Dancers complete their last entrechats,
Spellbinding, flawlessly done,
A standing ovation for them all-

The music stops - the Maestro takes a bow,
The curtain lifts, then falls,
The applause of the audience demands,
A number of curtain calls-

Ballerinas retreat backstage to celebrate,
Their "Prima's" last dance was today,
Inside, the dancers weep softly,
Outside, people praise the ballet-

Copyright © Genevieve Mika-Stevens | Year Posted 2015

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The Hostage

I dream beyond these battlements 
Of islands in the west 
Beyond the strings and sacraments 
That occupy the rest

My gentle sister, soft and pure 
Admires her silken sleeves 
A subtle breeze begins to stir 
The eucalyptus leaves 

And like the leaves that tremble so 
My mind will dance toward 
A distant archipelago 
Or ships that I may board 

And though the only ship I meet 
Is drawn upon a page,
In books or verses I repeat  
These thoughts I can't assuage 

I dance in sprays of golden flowers 
That sprout along a stream
I walk along the shore for hours 
Til night begins to gleam 

For I'm too young to marry now 
But houses will decree 
I ask the wind to try, somehow, 
to take me to the sea

-For Isaiah Zerbst's 'Edmund Blair Leighton' contest and inspired by his painting with the same title 

Copyright © Jeremy Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Halloween Moon

His seductive glow,
calls them without measure.
Covens of witches
must dance for his pleasure.

Contest: Halloween Moon
Sponsor: Eve Roper

Copyright © Arlene Smith | Year Posted 2015

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Country Line Dancing

The most rewarding thing I've done
Difficult to do, but loads of fun
In my old age, I've learned to dance
Come and join me, take the chance

One Step Forward, two steps back
No one gets anywhere like that
But it sure is fun out on the floor
Once you're hooked, you'll want more

Slappin' Leather, Watermelon Crawl
As you turn, please don't fall
Waltz Across Texas if you dare
Name a date, I'll meet you there

Two Step, Ten Step, Cotton Eyed Joe
Sweetheart Stroll and away you go
Stationary Cha Cha, looks so fine
Bumping those hips, right in line

Improve your mind, reduce your size
You're better than you realize
Join Silver Games when you're old
Give it your all, go for the gold!

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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Reflections Epode - TROCHEE

music's turning little dance								                     sing the sonettos 										          cabriole a turning stance										          ballerina's toe	                                                                                                                              ~												               tops cheval bureau a glance								           songs of little strophe    											 on look the spiraling chance									          day dreams étoile's soul                                                                											

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2012

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Summer Fun

Summer Fun
Summer was not much fun in the teenage years
In fact there was very little of it but lots of anxious tears
Then the summer disco started in the village hall
We couldn’t believe our luck we were gonna have a ball.

But who would come to a village disco not on a bus route
There were only about fifteen teenagers, and they were all related to boot.
Oh what joy, the army camp, sent in the boy cadets
We were all allowed to mix with them and this we did you can bet.

But there I was wallflower self- conscious feeling dull
Not asked to dance by any boy no one to give a thrill
Until the tallest most handsome boy, his smile lit up the room
Came and sat with me you should have watched me bloom.

He was the catch they all wanted, but none could catch his eye
Just me sat in the corner, and he never passed me by
At the end of each dance night, we walked home hand in hand
His kisses they were magical, I was in some promised land.

We only met once a week through the summer of seventy-two
What a summer it was full of fun and happiness and never blue
I often wonder about that boy who kissed so well at age thirteen
What a catch for some woman, and of his kisses I now just dream
© 09/09/2012

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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Iridescent gossamer Dragonfly
Sparkles vividly in a haze of sunlight
Reflecting lucent pools and streams
Dining on frog spider and termite

Colorful transformations glittering
Decisively emerging in lakes or marshes
Zealously protecting her territory
Equilibrium balancing harshness

Copyright © Jane Bowen | Year Posted 2011

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The Concert

The ambiance was charged with excitement 
As captivating music impregnated the air
The urge to boogie beyond their control
Grooving to the beat, dancing truly unaware

Lost to the music, all inhibitions departed
Harmony pulsating through their veins
Singing along with the entertainers
When the band belted out refrains

Meeting of eyes in mutual appreciation
A ballad crooned with remarkable grace
Skin flushed and kissed with perspiration 
Magnetically pulled into a sweet embrace 

Arms wrapped pleasantly around each other
Melody inspired, moving in dreamlike states
Comfortable like they been dancing for years
Except for matching accelerated heart rates

Existing within a moment totally in tune
Blaring music only enhancing their elation
A memory made worthy of storing in the banks
Mutual passions on which to build a foundation


Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2015

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Ask Her to Dance

Her hair was matted in a clump
Still she was pretty all the same
Getting water from the pump
I asked her to tell me her name

"People call me the Queen of Krump"
"yet Jezebel is my real name"
"I love music and love to bump"
"When I dance I feel no shame"

I placed a beatbox on a stump
She danced like a consuming flame
Arms flailing and gyrating rump.
Like a wild beast I could never tame

As I watched in my throat a lump
Reckless abandon was her game
In my chest I felt my heart jump
She danced for pleasure not for fame

For Kelly Deschler's "Not just any old Quatrain contest."
This was harder than I expected.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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The Morning Dance

Enveloped in sheets woven of the very fabric of eternity
I turn my waking gaze upon the serenity of your countenance.
Never has a sunrise known such striking resplendence,
nor such fragility, for all, I fear would vanish should I exhale too deeply. 

In envy, the sun looms achingly opposite the window drapery,
casting golden morning hues of a deep intrinsic beauty.
Yet the rays in comparison, a mere lux, delicate and unearthly
by thy visage, spectral and sallow things in the dim periphery.

Thus, lay I suspended, basking in a twilight void of space and time
falling ever inward to be imprisoned by my heart’s affections.
There, nothing knows consequence save tender reflections
of devotion and yearning expressed in ancient passions divine.

I’m hanging on the precipice of madness, just shy of transcendence,
helplessly entangled in an ever-enduring moment of ecstasy.
In earnest, I catch my breath and, through the looming haze I find thee
eyeing me with a crumpled brow and a yawning stretch, we resume the dance.

Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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Thine Love And Mine

Art thou my one true love?
Then let our hearts entwine;
allow our souls to dance at will
and I shall call thee mine.

I claim thee as my only one,
thou knowest this is sure,
my heart hath finally found a home,
my love for thee is pure.

Tell me dost thy heart exist
to beat with mine forever,
and through the years that yet to cometh
will our souls still dance together?

Will our lips still grace a kiss
when age hath left its mark,
and will thy love still hold a flame
like a candle in the dark?

When time dost sap our vital force
thy love I'll still behold,
for I shall seeth in thine eyes
a love still young and bold.

Copyright © Emma Mantle | Year Posted 2011

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Memories of the Dance

I couldn’t believe the truth
We were dancing...you and I
The world stood by and watched
But they couldn't hear me sigh

My heart was so elated
It seemed a dream come true
I was there in your arms
I was there dancing with you

Our rhythm, simply perfect
Our bodies just seemed to flow
All the dancers stopped and stared
They were basking in our glow

You arms made me start to twirl
When it finished, you were gone
You left me on the dance floor
And all my dreams came undone

The lights and music played on
As I stood there all alone
I couldn't leave the dance floor
My feet had turned to stone

I heard the jeers and whispers
As I stood there in my shame
You had held me to your heart
Had it all just been a game?

You had asked me to the floor
You enticed me with your charm
How was I to ever know...
That my heart would come to harm

I rushed out of the dance hall
My mind in a numbing trance
It’s been a long while and yet
I still cannot bear to dance.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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Acting My Age

“You’re not a giddy teenager
So why can’t you act you’re age?”
I looked at him heartbroken
Then my body shook in a rage

“Being passionate about life
Means I am acting like a child?
You demand that I be demure
Does that mean being meek and mild?

No, no, my dear, I want to shout
I want to be crazy and mad
To stick my head out the window
Belt out love songs that make me glad

I want to let my body move
To a belly dance drumming sound
I want to feel young and alive
Make love without hushing the sound

On days when I water the yard
I want to get wet to the core
As I point the hose to the sky
The wetness makes me crave for more

I want to see my sun catcher
Make the rainbows dance on my wall
And have multicolored sweet dreams
I want to wander through them all

When you take me for a long ride
I’ll let the wind dance with my hair
I want the music to be loud
What if people just stop and stare?

I want to laugh till my sides hurt
And the tears are just streaming down
I want people to be happy
So I play the part of the clown

They say life begins at forty
Now I know that it does for me
Don’t you dare try to bring me down
You know this 'girl' needs to feel free

Peter Pan’s not the only one
Who will stay forever this young
He’s got me for good company
You know, we have songs yet unsung

So…please, if I am eccentric
And acting a little insane
Remember that I’m passionate
So please, I beg you, don’t complain

And when I want to be ravished
Or to play a naughty love game
Don’t say that was for way back then
Don’t you dare try to make me tame

I desire to ingest life
At a mad and frenetic pace
I am desperate to feel the rain
Splashing down on my upturned face

You know that I must be sun kissed
And to spray on coconut spray
To do handstands in seawater
And to bask in this sun drenched day

I want to cry when things move me
I want to feel, to taste, to touch
I want to giggle like a girl
When something does please me so much

I’m sorry I disappoint you
Sorry I don’t act forty five
But before this life is over
I want to feel vibrant…alive!

Yet, I will try not to shame you
Try to tone it down just a bit
But my dear, this fact you must know
In your box, I surely don’t fit

Yes, you may think I’m 'immature'
And I may act much like a teen
But I’d rather be wild and free
Than captive to rules like a queen."

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013