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Prose Poetry Moon Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Moon

These Prose Poetry Moon poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Prose Poetry |

Surrendered Dreaming

I knew you long before
    pursuit's intention shone,
felt you in sun's fiery warmth
       & shooting star surrender,
heard your voice on soft
  burbled whispers of sweet zephyrs
    and nectar'd songs of hummingbirds,
saw your depths of magnificence
        in sapphire ocean tides
     cresting 'neath effulgent moons
savoring breaths of crystalline
   snowflakes on crisp sea air,
I knew strength in your convictions    
   for it braved every fantasy's illusion
     acquiesced 'tween dulcet desires,
whilst the strong presence of your charms
     envelop'd every night's dreaming

Copyright © Paloma P | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

ben reine ny hoie

Supermoon picture: Manila, Philippines, on March 19, 2011 (biggest full moon of the year) The wind laughs softly The full moon with the stars In the sky, As I lie near the fountain Gazing at the Exquisite beauty Of the nature. It's the charm of the moon Opens so many thoughts And dreams. The moon Looks like a beautiful Ballerina Dancing with the troop of The professional stars. Twisting carelessly with the Elegance of a swan Through the lilac beauty Of the spring time. The sky seems a bandanna. A dewy freshness Fills my heart and soul. How beautiful is the night, I captivated, enchanted. Oh! Gealach, ben reine ny hoie. _________________________ "Gealach" means......Brightness, "ben reine ny hoie" means.....Queen of the night. The language of the Isle of Man. _________________________ The moon and the moon poetry in general seems to dispel the human centredness that we all suffer from. Thank you for reading. Chitta.

Copyright © Chittaranjan Dey | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

"Fearing The End With Broken Trusts"

I have died to see my life grow from this dark holes of endless torture, nothing is here to 
stay, I do not want the nights to fall upon dead eyes, sober the ecstasy the devil put on your lips, behold the end with embraced cold, this night will kill us all, fear the dead for been the ones to judge tonight, the clouds walk straight to grave, the moon shines bright in red, the sun dances under endless fire, we the child's have failed to acknowledge wrong, we have fought the war by ourselves, we don't feel the sun warm our face at morning shine by our behaviors, we don’t die for free, either vane, fear this hell to rise upon your shoulders, I fear the end with shattered dreams of desperation, cant scream either punch, walls are too strong, sweat blinds my eyes, sweat cleans my filthy soul, take down the moon tonight dear, I shall pay you with my blood, devils stealing souls, we cant sleep to lose it all, loosing my eyes to see beyond the horizon burning, the smoke makes the day die fast, I don’t want to live if all I feel is pain, either do many, my name is not of importance, but the feeling is the one to make the night, dancing upon the chest of the earth, tonight we shine with the moon dressed in red, tomorrow we rule the sky, for yesterday we ruled the grounds, underworlds are dying to see me arrive, I am welcome to this dinner, deals are broken tonight, we have sold what we don’t have to give the better plan, oh green threes, they still live inside a cruel dead state end, bring me the horizon, bring me the hells, that I know this will decay, that I know this will perish, oh my heart will stop the night of the red dance... Prayers are heard yester night, the song is loud, making the clouds tremble and dance, darken eyes, you see the sky full of darken eyes, you lay at night to line the clouds and you make pitiful devils out of the big galaxy above you, this is not the end, I am the man who writes down your prayers, who writes down each tear numbered by deceitful plague, bring my eyes to see the skies, please break me free from this night, from this cell, cold and chained, far away, we keep on trying, breaking the trust of our friends, no one will save us now, is not now, I don't need the time, I am dead to you and I refuse to be your slave, engrave my eyes in this decayed kingdom of fallen messiah’s, please give me time to fear your wrath, please give me the signs of victory, I want and need to know how much you feel for me, I feed you with my blood, now repay

Copyright © Derek Ortiz | Year Posted 2010

Details | Prose Poetry |

Calling Moon

Side by side we shall swim our sea of dreams,
float the waves and their caressing kisses.
Walk the stars holding hands, tip toe stardust
as it falls, answer the echo of beating hearts.
And in the land where rainbows span, the 
souls wish shall be sated by that gift of
eternity. The foreverness of you is my life's
desire, as your fragrance fills the boundaries
of my senses. For I was smitten by that first
touch, when eyes said and meant so much,
when this heart fell to its knees and I found
loves finest hour. When paradise could not
comprehend nor heaven compare to that
pleasure that filled this heart. Forever let
these lips taste of you, forever be the
morning view and sunsets fall, my warming
sun and calling moon.

Copyright © Daniel Cheeseman | Year Posted 2010

Details | Prose Poetry |

Dripping Moon

The moon dripped like wax through 
the canopy of the pines, light and 
shadow were scattered across the
ground like playing cards.
The air was still, the scent of danger
there but difficult to locate, yet the 
nostrils still twitched in mistrust.
In knowing that this is their time, 
time to forage, snout and graze this 
fertile floor, it is also realized that 
this is the hour of the hunter, he 
who walks with feet shod in death.
In the absence of scent sound is the
ally the startled bird a friend and the
passing cloud a closet in which to
Cloven feet tread the fern, in this
tranquillity all is fostering, caring,
the procedure of life has no pace 
but always achieves its aim, natural
progression achieved by time and 
adaptation, little gained by the ever
presence of man, more so the rigid
adaptability to the elements given.
Yes I walk the forest at night, not
with rifle or bow, but with my dogs, 
dreams and respect.

Copyright © Daniel Cheeseman | Year Posted 2011

Details | Prose Poetry |

One Slick Chick

There is an old saying....
keep your friends near, but keep your enemies even closer...

This is a poem about a very smart Chick...
Who was very resourceful and very slick...
Rumor had it there was a Wolf, and he had a way...
Of taking advantage of everyone on any given day...
He had terrorized the neighborhood for the very last time...
They had a town meeting , and all agreed...
That the only choice was a dastardly deed... 
Chick volunteered to take on the challenge...
And majority stated, he had to explunge...
“I’d love to have you over for dinner on Friday “ said Chick...
To which Wolf stated quite arrogantly, but quick...
It would be my pleasure...see you at eight...
There was a beautiful shining Harvest Moon, when Wolf arrived at the gate...
Come sit in my hot tub, said Chick turning on some tunes...
Dinner should be ready very soon...
The water is hot , said the Wolf...
Ahh , but your body will feel so much better...
Just relax and drink this wine, dinner will have much more flavor... 
Hours went by...then the doorbell rang...
It was the Pigs,  from town known as the “ gang “...
Quick grab a chair and please be aware ...
That I have slaved all day for this affair...
One which will change your perception of me...
I might be a Chick, but as you will see...
I have accepted the challenge, and done my best...
So do me a favor and please honor my request ... 
Use your best table manners, and please do not squeal...
And for everyone’s sake, try not to “ Wolf “ down this  meal...

Copyright © kj force | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

Planets of the Universe

Plant Earth, full of crystal clear waters
Blue as far as the sky can see
Land masses to hold intriguing life forms
Not knowing of its true power
Maybe its just innocence or ignorance
Greens poke their heads out of the ground to say 'hello'
Your not alone
Look up and you'll see the sun (king)
Hot temperament
The suns been worshipped and feared
A super powerful light source
But don't get to near or it'll burn you for life
The sun was bullied by all the other planets
When it was just a star starting out
Got ostracized for being a nosense
(To big and to damn bright)
None of the other planets wanted it around
Until Earth shook hands and exchanged conversation
Meteorites are just gossips
Flying to each destination on a full tank of gas
Not caring who it hits
Shooting stars are the ballerinas of the universe
They give off a mysterious flare
Make a wish and it'll come true
Just keep that image in your mind
The moon wanted to quit years ago
Felt that it had no purpose
Just a grey boulder that gets in the way

Copyright © Miya Fontaine | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

I Shall Wait For You My Beloved

I shall wait for you to come my beloved
For you are my white star of twilight
The moon in the sky’s far end

I shall rise up with thee
Lie down with thee
For in my dreams thou art always with me

Oh Great Spirit
When our time has come
Join us together as one in the wilderness of your sacred home
When you look upon us give us your peace and refreshing sleep

For you and I my beloved, are two halves joined together
Each others distant shore
The left and right wings of the bird
Two halves of a seashell

We are apart, yet connected by a greater love
I shall wait for you my love 

The sun and moon bless the union of our spirits
Designed by our Creator for life’s endless journey
Joined like a tree to earth, a cloud in the sky
You are a part of me, as I am of you
Bonded by the Great White Spirit

You are my love, my heart’s best  friend
Our love will never cease, never end
I know it is thou who moves within my heart
Now and forever my beloved - I shall wait for you to come
Ayor’ Anosh’ ni’ my love

"Ayor’ Anosh’ ni’ means I love you in Navajo"

Copyright © anne p. murray | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

In a burst of color and animal choruses 
Sovereign sun heralds in a golden morning –
The air was delicate with the perfume of cherry blossom 
Blown in from the hem of pink rows that lined the 
driveway on Grandpa’s farm 

I looked across at hay stacked verdant hills that were
Tossed with yellow daffodils, purple crocus and white snowdrops 
They danced to the baton of the breeze and the 
Hidden orchestra of lilting bird song of that fragrant spring morn

Grandma sang to me her songs of childhood 
As we walked arm in arm amongst beds of fragrant roses 
and budding fruit trees that whispered promises of full baskets  
that would soon be heavy laden with the Summer fruits, preserves, 
Pies and jam of a bountiful harvest, a few months from now

Summer came rich with its harvest, merry hearts
and long hazy, lazy summer days and nights scented 
with wisteria, frogs and cicada, chirping and croaking 
their melodious summer anthem of  ‘All is well with the world’ 
as we toasted to our full and wonderful life

Autumn brought in a more somber note and amber tones
though warm and restful, they soon told me - life is changing again
time quickly moves on - it prepared me for the winter and 
the chill mirrored in the face of the full moon as it lit a silvery path
to my next season’s change

The cherry trees glowed white against the dark night sky like iridescent bones along 
the snow covered driveway - they waved their bony fingers goodbye 
as I crunched solemnly down the long white corridor with slow steps and a  heavy heart that was beating to the mournful dirge of  hoot owls and creaking limbs – I blinked back tears under that star kissed sky and full moon that lit my path 
The moon reminded me- each season has its bounty that I can treasure -I held those memories close to my well seasoned but thankful heart.

Brenda V Northeast

Copyright © Brenda Victoria Northeast | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

The Wolf Within Me

As I look up at the sky I see the moon is high

I feel the wolf deep inside he is trying to come alive

As the pain begins to start It feels as through I am being ripped apart

My joints start to bend and break 

Soon the wolf will be fully awake.....

Copyright © Tiffany Flowers | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |


Close your eyes for awhile my friend, I heard there lies a moon far behind the black sky, I heard lovers were dancing beneath, can you hear them singing? I can feel their tipsy steps making rhymes on floor, and smell of perfumes filling the air, I heard a sun rises to brighten up their world, and birds do sing them charming melodies at morning, they say they have roses in colors and beautiful trees in the streets, and have they told you about the sea yet? They say it smells so wonderful and the delicate air of seas caresses their cheeks with soft wet breezes, oh my friend, what have we seen in the dark but the fragile ghosts that we are!

“Hush” whispered to me, “I lighted up a moon inside my heart and I smell lilies and jasmine in my nose, my dreams play tunes my heart dance on, they speak to me all night and there I see a starry night floats above, I feel the warmth of a sun in my soul as it hugs tight, whispering to me hymns of love and joy, lightening candles for hopes which had accompanied me amongst the dark, why have you closed your eyes my friend? Look through the colorful roses I painted for you with eyes wide open, let the lights off so you would see clearer, let the lights off so you can brighten up the world that hides with you, for my friend, what have we seen in the dark but the free spirits that we have become!

* If you enjoyed this piece, follow the link and share your thoughts

Copyright © Samar Saleh | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |


The moon is an envious thing
In a gulf of darkness
It circles the earth and ocean like a shark
It sees the beauty of the two
Jealous of the green and the blue
It shows its lighter side to them
Smiles to their face, but hides a darker half
It wants the ocean
Admires her
Desires her
Every night
It can see itself in her 
A thirsty thing
He would pull her off 
And make her his in the vastness of space
She feels the attraction too
A force tugging at her molecules
An inclination that pulls her 
But while being drawn she stops and says,
"I would come to you.
I would.
But I already belong to another."

Copyright © Alex Roberson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

Pink Moon Rising

Spring breaks river's icy grip,
rushing, waters, icebergs slip.
Upon the banks sprouts shoots of green,
bursting newborns, grasses glean.

Robin-ready, Earth comes alive,
melting waters, rushing tides.
Earth shrugs off its Winter dress,
and comes alive to wakefulness. 
Breathe in, sweet the southern breeze,
finches song, swaying trees.
Cardinals red on melting white,
songbirds sing the lambs' goodnight. 

Vermillion shades of roses bloom,
budding under new Pink Moon.
Milk-splashed calves dash for the fields
as velvet lips touch Springtime yield.

Copyright © Riss Ryker | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Let us Not Lose Sight of the Moon, While Counting Stars

Let us Not Lose Sight of the Moon, While Counting Stars
Sometimes we are so busy in our life with some unimportant things that we forget to give enough attention to our core and to the most important person for us.
The moon will never disappear while we counting the number of stars, and it will still remain more important than the star for our existence.
So moon represent those we dearly love and beloved, because we can always count on them when we need any support.
Deep in their heart, they will always be there for us in our daily life or whenever we have problem.
Therefore it is very important for them to be always involve in our life as a bridge between the stars and moon.
Received attention from others or give it back to them is a privileged in a relationship and it can give good feeling, so do not let the most important people in our life to suffer.
It may give a wrong impression which can cause jealousy or attention came out from deficiency and that brings us into trouble.
Because there may be disagreements come from the wrong flow and causing an unpleasant situation with mixed feeling.
That would turn our entire standard of living to be unbalanced which can give a different meaning for our life and we do not feel at ease.
If we really can think good about it and read into other’s people mind then we should have absolutely taken into account with it.
Because we ourselves were probably also not accepted it so we have to try avoid bad things from being happened.
But things done is done,  just let go but take it as a good lesson for next time.
As the proverb say “Don’t lose the moon while counting the stars”.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Copyright © Jan Jansen | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

Under the Moon and Stars

Camping in a beautiful green glade on a warm June night the darkness was total,
Every place and scene on this still and thoughtful night unlocked it's essence,
Every spot has its own sentiment and each one with a rich and peculiar perfume,
The leafy scent of trees the smell of forest turf an earthy odor  deep and rich.

Caught on a light breeze was the fragrant breath of sweetbrier natures perfume,
We had the delicious effusion from a clover or bean-field a lingering fragrance, 
At our canvas tent we had the warm rich smell of peat on a red glowing wood fire,
A smell that tells you that it is the end of the day so just rest, talk and enjoy,

We could hear crickets that singing in the hedge surrounding the dark leafy glade,
A night thrush in an old elm that over canopies our tent, silhouetted by the moon,
There is a balmy softness in the air and the other trees stand in shadowy masses,
These shadowy masses seem to listen to the still and musing black skies above them.

Near is a soft gloom beneath umbrageous hedges, how soft, beautiful is a June night,
What can equal this pleasant feeling in this dark camp the smell of burning meths's,
The moon beams down like a celestial creature the evening stars burns with radiance,
As I lay in my sleeping bag and shut my weary old eyes this moment will last forever.

Copyright © Terry Trainor | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |

The Moon Walker

A great man with a powerful voice – died mute-

Sold over a quarter of a million albums – died with records of debts-

Performed before millions and made them all happy- never had the chance to be happy himself-

Crown with dignity and prestige – buried with clay and dust. 

Copyright © JAMES B. MORRIS JR | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

Second Opinions

By Curtis Johnson

It seemed so clear and plain to me that those urges for repetitive behaviors and tendencies were hard to tame.

It seemed that there simply was no recourse from a life locked in “drive” on a one way street that always ended up the same.

Like a loaded locomotive headed across the plains, providing no great views of mountains or rivers; there too was a longing inside of me to stop and get off  this fast train.

As our lives approach the setting of the sun, and the evening star appears, it seems appropriate to take a little more time to contemplate, meditate, and rearrange.

I thinks perhaps it’s true that there is sometimes less to be gained from vain repetition; and sometimes, I think  that second opinions are required to relieve         more pain.

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

It's Great To Be Alive!

Tamera liked to run in the cold, on a whim she stopped by Woolworth and bought a package 
of hot tamale candies to eat after her run.  She loved having a reward for everything.  
Wearing her golden sweatpants Tamera decided to run laps, which she loved to do on the 
track alone late at night as the moon tipped his head and winked at her. She started this 
shortly after her divorce.   It was cathartic for her to watch her warm breath rise in the cold 
air.  Running in the winter made her feel alive to be so cold, to run and beat the elements. 
She loved the feel of the wind in her hair as she ran.

She didn’t notice the man that joined her, until he passed her.  She hadn’t seen him before.  
He had a Florida Gators jersey, orange sweat pants and a blue ski hat on. She liked his 
strides, they seemed fluid.  She had only been running a few years herself.  It was a hobby 
that she enjoyed.  Having company on the track felt good, normally she had the track all to 
herself.  She usually left after running three miles.  Tonight she felt like running more laps 
than usual.  She kept running.  Her new friend kept running too. Tamera was always 
competitive. Who knew maybe she could outrun him.

She found her rhythm and felt the adrenaline rush of the endorphins finally kick in. That's 
what she like about jogging, the endorphines. It felt freaking out of this world!  
Her heart was beating fast, her breathing was steady.  Her strides were growing wider and 
longer.  It felt so good to Tamera to be alive and one with the track.  She almost felt like 
she was flying over the Grand Canyon.

She kept running and running, until she could hardly feel her legs.  They felt numb, she heard 
the crowd as they cheered for her.  She saw every handsome man that she had ever known 
standing on the sidelines naked as they were cheering for her.  She smiled at them as she 
passed them by like a blur, for she was so fast.  She imagined her ex-husband lying on the 
ground rolling around in sheer pain as she ran all over him to win the race.  She saw herself 
jumping over the highest hurdles with the grace of an agile deer.  She was in her runner’s 

After a while, she noticed she had the track all to herself once again and her handsome 
gentleman, Mr. Moon had also moved along.  When she checked her mileage counter, Tamera 
had run eleven miles.  It was a great run, the best she had ever had. It was a great night to 
be alive!

Copyright © Marie Harrison | Year Posted 2010

Details | Prose Poetry |

ReGenesis Peerage

If MoonLight frames GrandMother,
and GrandFather radiates SolarPower of Synthesis
then Mother emerges as Earth’s BiLaterally yin-yin
win-win FlowingSpinning Rivers
baptizing embryonic holonic ecosystems,
and Father emerges as Universe’s DNA-Yang AnthroLanguage PolyEnculturation.

If TransMillennial Children of Elder Trees
have regenerated PostMillennial Children of EcoForesting MindBodies,
with nondualdark (0)-soul NetWorks 
within interior landscaped EgoYang,
designing and incarnating and recomposing
Cooperative ClimateHealth NetVocations,
with (0)-sum WinWin Exchange EcoSystems without,
Exterior Earth/Universe MetaPhysical Landscapes of Eco-YinSquared
rhyming PolyCultural EgoEco Bicameral Balanced Yang 
as YinOptimized MidWay,
wu wei,
Tipping Point Harmonics in toward (0)Mega Point
of TransMillennial Children working HealthyForest Octave-Open-Organic Networks,
fully invested in mutual-cooperation financial and sweat equity 
ecopolitical loans and borrows,
transactions captured within relationships of mutuality-intent.

If PostMillennial Children of Network Forests,
then active love for ecotherapeutic climate-revolution,
positive polynomial polyculturing polypaths
activating PostTransGender neural-temporal harmonic health outcomes,
EarthTribe ReGenesis Project.

If ReGenesis Design Political and Economic-Ecological Revolution Project,
incarnating endosymbiotically decomposing bicamerally primal relationship 
of Time as BiLaterally CoGravitating Light Revolving Waves 
with YangPoint Label DNA-Fractal Metric Dialectic 
Temporal-Relational Prime PermaCultural Values,
we are from what we have embryonically absorbed,
as we are what we Ego invest in
and divest of,
regeneratively speaking peer-to-peer networked
across polypathically environmental
(0)-Ego-soul economic research investment in cooperative networks,
polynomialYang as polyculturalYinYin equi-valent dialectic,
language paradigms and iconic measures
for health as notnot pathology 
RNA/DNA solidarity-syntaxed information trends,
optimizing health-as-love-as-truthful beauty
BeLoved Climax 
PolyCulturally BiCameral-EcoConscious 
EarthTribal Community.

God of Fire
Goddess of Flowing Rivers,
within Ego/Eco CoArising 
without Earth’s revolutionary RNA/DNA 4-seasonal dialectic
ReGenesis Interior/Exterior Network Forest Landscapes,
RealTime as 4D Ego/Eco BiCameral Balancing Nutritious Cooperative
WinWin TaoTime,
emerging PolyCultural Polypathic CoArising Nonduality 
of Time's Nutritious EarthTribal Becoming.

If intrinsic nutritional value of yua (Yupiit of Alaska)
is also Laotse's yin of primal holonic relationship,
mutual dipolar balance within EarthTribe's cooperative ecology,
then this Spirit of Time's ReMembered
polyculturally revolves toward WinWin cooperative economic politics,
personal through EarthTribe's Climax (0) EcoConscious ReGenesis.

As Earth's revolving MoonLight
speaks in GrandMother's gratitude
for creation's continuing prodigal story.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

The Caravel Moon

The Caravel Moon with its dark grey sails on the high seas of a stormy dark blue sky

on the flickering eve of Candlemas. I watch from a light house those sweet enemies 

querulously contest on the wharf of the Stade de France on a clear Parisian evening.  

The man's game was won by Les Blues, yet only England of the northern hemisphere 

sides have won the Rugby Union World Cup with The Kick of History in ancient 2003 AD. 

Copyright © Peter Dorr | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |



is the rising 
and setting of the sun;
the coming of day and night;
the changing of seasons;
the curvature and light 
of the moon and the twinkling of stars.

If only peace could be as so;
rather than the timeless wars.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

the moon

The moon is so high.
the moon is so low.the moon is dark.
 the moon is light.the moon is blind.the moon is not.
the moon is great.the moon is whiled. the moon is with in
so look at the moon and say youll never change.

love jamie

Copyright © jamie turner | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

The moon, a golden doubloon buried in the midnight sky

The moon, a golden doubloon buried in the midnight sky, amongst a billion diamond 
speckles, shimmers in the warm summer night’s air, as it slowly climbs to its zenith. The 
lake reflects the scene back a thousands times on a thousand different ripples as oars 
silently part the dark waters leaving star trails in their wake. In the small boat a girl lies 
on the bottom, her long dark tresses hidden beneath a dark woolen cloak. Her sparkling 
green eyes squeezed closed tight. Her full lips hold no emotion in them only lay still, 
betraying nothing. Her delicate hands clasped behind her back bound there by a coarse 
rope which winds its way around her small soft breasts and makes its way down to her 
bare tender feet, trussing her up as neatly as a pig on its way to market. Yet there is no 
fear in her eyes. No tears running down her smooth pale cheeks. No breath quickening in 
her chest. Yet when she opens her bright green eyes, out emits what can only be called 
faith and hope, like sunbeams through holes in the clouds, as if she knows someone is 
waiting for her just on the other side of this moment, waiting to rescue her from a peril 
she knows not what. Yet no one does. She is now laying on a cold gray beach. The girl 
turns away. Not caring about the pain that tears through her hands and feet. Tears run 
down her cheeks in torrents. Her body convulses silently. And there in the first of the 
morning light, lying on the pale white sand, she fills utterly alone for the first time in her 
life. And as the waves crash on the shore, the suns rays burst forth filling the world, she 
lets herself go. Her hair is plastered to her face, she doesn’t notice. Someone has undone 
her bound legs. She didn’t even feel it. Slowly a strong calloused hand pulls her to her 
feet. She lets it. Empty now she lets them gently push her along a narrow trail that leads  
farther away from the place that use to be her home. She sags to the ground. Let them 
kill her. She would welcome it. She would beg for it if she could only find her voice, but 
she lost that when she lost her heart. Her heart, somewhere back on the sands, at the 
edge of the lake. Somewhere where the waves are crashing down on top of it, crushing it, 
slowly dragging it out to a dark watery grave, where it wont have to bare the light of day 
again, where it can dwell in the darkness that it so desperately wants to consume it.

Copyright © Jeremy Moore | Year Posted 2011

Details | Prose Poetry |

fading moon

I can still see you
Stop hiding your face

How could you forget the fun night?
Your appeared in might
I loved you
You loved me back
My beautiful might
Bright and handsome
Wide and awesome
Surrounded by your star cousins

You lit the way for me 
As i danced in your mightness
In your brightness

I guess those nights arent meant to last

Next time i see you, will your be half or full?
Will your love be half or full?

Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

August Crickets

Dark moon day of August
I stepping on a nail
hospital tetanus shot
I draw Kenaz from my Rune bag

Sitting out at night
First time crickets sing
Starry sky's Milky Way
Two shooting stars see me

My black cat runs by
Dog howls down the road
Forest spirits are afoot
Really too much magic

Copyright © D. C. Jordan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |


Every night, we take the moon home. 
Split it in half,
and tuck it away beneath our ribs
for safe keeping. I always wince,
because of bruises that never 
heal but her smile kills that pain,
and when we get home
we get to dance under the same
light that led us to each other,
fashioning our love to the 
ceiling above, so it’s shine
can light the only world that
matters to us anymore. 
When we get home,
the rest goes dark,
and Earth’s rotation
adapts, forced to synchronize
with the steps of our feet
across the only real living room.
She says she’ll give it back 
when I decide the pain is
no longer worth walks in the
shade of rain.
t  e a s 
             ing   me with 
the zap of lightning’s charm.
But you see, 
this burdened cage of love’s misery
is a metronome’s swing to the 
beat of infinity. 
And so I press play on the 
heart of this, my favorite song
and once again, hold out my 
hand..and wait for her to
take my pain away.
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

Copyright © James Kelley | Year Posted 2014

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Blood Moon

When I saw that blood red moon
I saw it once before in a dream where
I felt you near me, the angel of death, I abhor.
Never have I feared you since I knew you'd come
someday to claim my gruesome body that has flown astray.
A thousand tears and pleadings is why that moon is red;
it tis a living symbol of all the blood you've shed.
Add me NOT I ask you, for I don't plead you see,
God sent you here to take me and with him I do agree.
For I have toiled and tarried and crawled upon life's road
and all I've found is falsehood, a despair I've always known.
And now the light of heaven has finally seen my frame, beaten
worn and tired of this pathetic game.
Spare me angel of darkness and fear not my disdain,
for adore I do that you have come to end my life and pain.

Copyright © Aime Ailean | Year Posted 2010

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A Dance Before The Moon - For Vienna

We hear the soft playing of many strings
In heaven we both do alight
Heart’s singing in the dead of night
Standing in the moonlight’s glow how we do shine
The heart beats to angelic song
Come into my arms for the dance of romance
We shall waltz before our lover’s moon
Your body held in love’s embrace as we twirl
Our personal spotlight fills our hearts with joy 
Your eyes hold mine enraptured as we dance
I always drown within their reflective beauty
You are an angel in heaven’s domain
I dance with you through the star filled fields
Moonlight falls upon you and you are alive with light
An angel holding heaven’s glory this you are
We shall dance through night ‘till morning breaks
Forget all your worries and your cares
In our embrace you shall know only joy and peace
Our shadows ever play across the moon
Love’s embrace held within a dream always
The mystical rays of life ever caress you
Forever remember A Dance Before The Moon

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Shall we e'er be one like the moon

My love I know not where you be
nor if you love me verily.
I only know you like me now
for the moment, this present time
till we part ways like loving clouds
that drift apart in the wide sky.
Shall we e'er be one like the moon,
our hearts firmly together, our boon?
I hope so, for you are my dreams.

Copyright © Victor Chavez | Year Posted 2014

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The Moon Shiniest Bright

The full moon shiniest bright inside its double ringed circle as I hoped to see the blood moon meteorologist talked about all week. 
Sad to say I missed the moment so many gazed with their telescopes and cameras. 

I pulled back the white sheer curtain to see the full moon shining its soft shine into my dark room. 
A brown curtain is all that keeps prying eyes from peeping in the sliding glass door at midnight. 

The wooded area so close behind my house hides much. 
No animals roaming, vertical or upright, can see me sitting, watching TV or on my iPad late into the wee hours of the morning. 

October 8 2014 sees another blood moon, but I missed it all. 
Maybe the next one will grace my eyes with its beauty. 

Copyright © Barbara Washington | Year Posted 2014